• Publisher: Sega
  • Release Date: Sep 3, 2013
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Generally unfavorable reviews- based on 3452 Ratings

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  1. Sep 4, 2013
    Well for me and all my numerous friends who were hyped for Rome 2 this game is huge disapointment. It looks and works worse than shogun 2. Looks like half trough development phase. Shaders not working, AA not working properly, performance is horrible at i5,i7 and to date GPUs while shogun 2 looked much sweeter and FPS high and smooth. The look of this game doesnt look at all, not even 20% of how its shown on "screenshots" from producer. On top of that numerous game braking bugs, broken AI, horrible placeholder interface, bugs, battle speed silly fast, awkward camera, awkward units behavior, fights looking far worse than shogun 2... well i dont know where to stop, but this game is just cr... compared to predecesor. No fun at all to play... Ah, and btw. shaders seems to be broken aswell no difference which one i choose at system that can handle them all it all looks like if there would be some cr.. shader on. Expand
  2. Sep 4, 2013
    Have a 780 GTX, i7 3770k, 16GB RAM. Can't run on extreme/ultra at all, in battles it drops to 10 FPS. I put it between medium and very high and I manage stable 30 FPS in fights. Disappointing. Campaign map has FPS drops consistently also. Using Xsplit I was above to see that after an hour I'd dropped over 10,000 frames. Without Xsplit I have the same FPS issues.

    Tried all fixes
    configurations possible, doesn't work and the game has no release SLI support. New UI is bloated, pretentious and non-informative. Non-decipherable Egyptian icons for every button leave you hovering over every button to know what it does. Lack of information bad space management leave it frustrating.

    In battle UI, unit cards take up 30%+ of the screen and use the same bad Egyptian art-style, makes the game unplayable.

    Also false advertisement, the two game play YouTube videos released compare nothing to the game, highest settings don't reflect what you can pull even with a 780 GTX or a titan. Perhaps with SLI support you can but dual SLI titans to run this game on highest settings? I can max out any other game on the market...

    Shambles of a game, suspect it's still in beta and we're just doing mass testing. I've played nearly every other total war and the UI is just a game ruining feature, Shogun 2 kept all the information correct while having their "Stylistic" UI that they wanted. They should have kept the same thing, nobody complained so why fix what isn't broken.

    I'd recommend you save your money if you can, they've claimed they'll patch the game but that doesn't excuse releasing and incomplete game.

    0/10: Avoid at all costs.
  3. TNT
    Sep 4, 2013
    Piece of junk!!! Looks nothing like the quality of the game we see in the trailers. The game is clearly unfinished. The textures look absolutely awful even on extreme settings, the AI is even worse.
  4. Sep 4, 2013
    The fail of Rome: A strategic map without strategy... A tactical mode without tactics

    Skip it. Shogun II is better in every respect, as are several mods for the original Rome: Total War.

    Very bad strategy game!
  5. Sep 4, 2013
    A bit gutted really, I obviously as others had been waiting for this release for quite some time. Initially I found the game unplayable due to the unlimited video memory option not being ticked in advanced settings. Once I had done that I could play on extreme though still a bit laggy on the campaign map. I also found the campaign to be extremely shallow... What happened to the cut scenes from medieval total war, they were great. It seems in general the serious has begun to degrade. The battlefield quality isn't anywhere near as good as I had been led to believe. I suppose I shouldn't have bought on launch day so partly to blame. Game is a bit rubbish as it stands. Expand
  6. Sep 4, 2013
    Full of bugs and multilayer is a joke when compared to shogun 2, I have been looking forward to this game for a year and I have now lost all confidence with the total war franchise now.
  7. Sep 4, 2013
    I'm a huge fan of total war series I played this series from Shogun total war which was relished in 2001 and I played this series non stop since than. So I thought I would write MY OPINION on this game!

    I just want to say that Rome 2 is the disaster iv been waiting for this game for a long time and its a huge disappointment. Simply to say this game is NOT FINISHED! I would say that
    this game is between Alpha and beta stages.

    1) Bad optimization (I think Arma 2 was better optimized than this game )
    2) Stupid Ai Medieval total war 2 had better AI)
    3) Bad UI Just my opinion )
    4) This is my PC Specs i7 4770k 3.5 8gb corsair vengeance Nvidia 770GTx 4gb ssd drive 500gb, and I could not enjoy this game at any graphic settings if you lower the settings, like say medium the game looks worst then medieval total war even on the extreme settings the game still looks bad! and it lags a lot! on any graphic setting!

    5) The units move unrealistically fast when the combat starts and two armies clash at each other you won't be able to make out what is happening with your or enemy units because they just became a large moving blurb on the screen!

    6) Loading times are extremely annoying

    And the list of goes on..............

    I don't understand why people are giving a positive review on this game? this game has a big potential but at this moment it is far away from been finished. By giving it a good reviews you guys are encouraging the game developers to publish the unfinished products!
  8. Sep 4, 2013
    This would have been a great game if they'd finished developing it. Buggy, crash prone, and utterly unplayable. Don't buy it for at least a few months the fact that they're apparently using fans of the series to do play testing rather than doing it themselves is frustrating, to say the least.
  9. Sep 4, 2013
    Sorry to do this CA but I feel I am obligated, now I'm not going to whine about all the bugs/AI/UI/Graphics/diplomacy/all that other crap since everyone else has that covered. I have to say that the game fails for me in some of the things it tried to do and make the game much worse. For one there is an annoying army cap and to try to transfer units between armies requires both being next to each other making it a huge hassle. Also the generals all have the same stats and even if one dies he gets replaced immediately so there is no worry if your heir or entire family for that matter gets slaughtered as they will be quickly replaced by people out of thin air equally as good. Next sieges are a huge pain as the attackers take attrition loses (and sometimes the defenders, huh? so your besieging units overall are weaker and then the enemy's garrison force which is usually quite large. All of that would be okay if it weren't that when they come to attack you have to defend a flag out in the middle of a field and you can lose a match that you'd otherwise win (as you routed 90% of the enemy) but lose just because of a flag. Which in turn creates an arcade style game with the force with more people usually winning. Additionally with as fast as units move battles are over within 5 min or so usually, and your reinforcements rarely make it in time to help defend that flag. Now enough of my the game does succeed in having cool land/sea battles, the capture points in cities are cool, and I like the diverse factions all with really different units, but with all the other faults and half -baked ideas I just don't much care for it. I would personally give it a 6/10 but to more impress the point and to counteract the 10's (you can't give a ten to a game with glaring bugs even if you know they'll be fixed, you're reviewing it as is). So please CA I still believe in you, make a game I would like to play...

    P.S. Just a little thought if you want another strategy game that actually is good out of the box and definitely will get better, try paradox's EU IV, it's sad when paradox a company known for half-baked games latest game came out so much better.
  10. Sep 4, 2013
    Rome 2 is a dumbed down version of Rome 1. The UI is a mess and the whole game feels gawky to me. Sure the graphics are nicer but I prefer original Rome gameplay.
  11. Sep 4, 2013
    Terrible not even playable, i get 4 FPS and i was able to run shogun on ultra. The game badly needs optimizing and the limitations on armies is stupid and a step backwards for the franchise
  12. Sep 4, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. It's very simple...the game simply doesn't work for a lot of people! Currently more than 7000 people seems to be unable to even launch the game (based on the amount of views on this thread in the official forum). CA seems to be in the woods as they have not posted a single reply or comment on this thread yet. Not even a confirmation that they are looking into it...It's like buying a car that doesn't start and then being ignored by the car saleman...would you put up with this?
    I just want my money back....
  13. Sep 5, 2013
    This 0/10 is for the price of Rome II and for exploiting the DLC-concept far beyond the point of shame. At this point it doesn't even matter what the game has to offer.
  14. Sep 4, 2013
    Fails of the Year 2013.
    What a disappointment, I really have nothing good to say. Worst game design. Looks worse than Shogun 2.
    Horrible UI, AI, textures, unit cards.
    Patches will not help.
    Poor game.
  15. Sep 4, 2013
    I have enjoyed a lot of the TW games in the past, and I have some very fond memories of some of my campaigns. The battles were always exciting, and I felt like every decision I made had a huge effect on the outcome. At times, I even won battles where I was outnumbered 10:1 with tactics and luck.

    Rome II takes that all away. The battles are chaotic, and controls seem sluggish,
    unresponsive, and ultimately pointless. You fair just as well by sending your troops on a full frontal assault as a tactical skirmish.

    Multiplayer... it's broken. Desyncs, problems with spectating, and save game problems.
    I have a beast of a PC and this game is so badly optimized that my gpu jumps 20 degrees C on menu screens, and runs at 97% load during the game in any screen. Meanwhile, I can run BF3, Crysis, and Metro and stay under 30% load and not have any heat spikes. Not to mention rome 2 seems to like tormenting cores 1 and 7, but refuses to use 2,3,4,5,6, or 8 for more than 2-5%

    The gameplay doesn't save it either: spend 30 seconds managing your empire through ugly buttons in the clunky AI, then end turn and wait 4-10 minutes for the AI to finish up all the turns for the other nations. (Keep in mind, that's 4-10 minutes on a top of the line machine I don't want to guess how long on a mediocre or aging system)

    Spend your money elsewhere hell, buy a nice dinner, you'll enjoy that more and longer.
  16. Sep 4, 2013
    This game need serious patching and modding because at current states its just a garbage. I don't understand what SEGA and CA were thinking releasing it now.

    Zero score for such poor performance. Sorry guys but I cant give anythyng higher than this because it is not the first time. Empire was same crap.
  17. Sep 6, 2013
    They released the first patch and that made things a lot more worse. Shame on you CA, shame on your heads.
    I mean you cant be serious... Red Skies? WTF
  18. Sep 5, 2013
    I have played every Total War game since Medieval. My favorites are Rome and Medieval between which I logged in over 1000 hours (including mods) of gameplay.

    I feel compelled to share what I have experienced playing Rome II. What follows is a short summary of my 19 hour-long campaign thus far from installation (steam) through my last turn (85) playing on HARD/HARD mode as Rome, the
    House of Julii. The game installs without a hitch. I'm glad given how anxious I felt after having read so many negative reviews. The optimist in me feels vindicated. The intro plays and while I feel underwhelmed I do not care. After all, I want to play a strategy game and not watch pretty rendered videos. I jump into the campaign as the House of Julii and then I see the campaign map with Roma at its center in all its glory. I get giddy with excitement at what's to come. Everything looks good but it lags a bit, running at 20-22 fps. I look at video options and the graphics are set at “Extreme” by default. Curious, I think, that this would be the default. I dismiss it as a quibble and proceed to change it to “Ultra” just so that I can get 30 fps. I still get the same performance despite lowering the settings. Even if I lower the settings to "High" (And I have a semi-monster rig) the fps in the campaign map remains at 20-25 fps at best. So I keep it at "Ultra". Oh well, it's not a big deal. I decide to accomplish the given objectives by taking out the Etruscan League. I proceed to attack one of their cities and a battle ensues. My first battle in Rome II. Oh, the anticipation, the excitement, the folly of hope! It happens to take place at dusk and everything looks very brown and very dull. But the my army is amassed before me and I must lead them. So I look at them. Maybe I drank the Kool-Aid for too long, but I am shocked to see that the models still look like clones of each other. It doesn't matter, I think to myself, let's see them march. Interesting, the sound of marching is not in-sync with their motion. Oh well, not a big deal. I look at my control options and I see that I cannot set them to "Guard" which I find odd. I start the attack and follow my units with the new cinematic option just so that I that I can take it all in. I await the fruit of a "40% higher budget than Shogun 2" and "50% more animations" with joy. One minute and 34 seconds the battle is over. Say what? Yes, Rome II's battles give a new meaning to Caesar's famous remark: I came, I saw, I just paid $60 for this! I'm getting ahead of myself. There was a full minute and 34 seconds of glorious fighting to describe. Two perfectly formed and organized armies make contact, disintegrate into a blob of hard to distinguish clones each attempting to perform a ridiculous animation that in no way relates to what each unit is doing. And this at an incredibly fast pace where it is almost impossible to appreciate the nuance of the bloated animations. I decide to auto-resolve battles as much as I can from now on, although from my experience with other TW games I know that is not very smart, especially early on. In fact, on Hard mode it was impossible to get anywhere in past TW games if you just auto-resolved battles before the mid-game. I'm on turn 85 and I have auto resolved every single battle except 4 including that first battle. If this fact by itself is does not prove that the AI is ridiculously bad then I don't know what does. But moving on. I like the campaign map despite its low fps so I stick to that. I quickly overrun ever Etruscan League city in Italy without a challenge. Their last city is in Corsica so I worry about building a transport. No need, my troops can just walk on water a la Jesus. They have 2 large armies stationed there and I think to myself, "Well, I think I'm gonna have to fight this battle. This is too important to leave up to auto-resolve, however effective it's been." I land and then during their turn the Etruscans move their entire 2 armies into the sea. Oh well, I take over their city with, you guessed it, auto-resolve. They then suicide by attacking Rome with ONE ARMY at a time. Man, no wonder no one talks about the Etruscans --history is written by those who are not mentally challenged. By now I am very frustrated with the game, but I keep playing. Why? Because I am a true fan, I set aside this week to do so and I still believe in the glory that is Rome. (Or maybe the hype machine really did a number on me, who knows?" So I keep playing. I get acquainted with the UI which is a bit frustrating because the Encyclopedia which explains the building orders is not user friendly. Nor in some cases even helpful. For instance, no where does it say that you have to build a Training Field in your Province Capital. Nor is attrition and food explained in detail anywhere. Eventually you understand it but you cannot read up on it like you used to. I actually like the concept of attrition and food a lot and I think that it was a good design choice. The fact that all your regions' food supplies are linked into one unified supply is clever. Also, linking your army's replenishment rate to your food supply is intuitive and makes it important to maintain a good food supply. This is one of the few things in the game that matter because they have actual consequences. Around turn 30 I lose of my men due to attrition. It feels good because it hurts. Now, let me talk about public order. Never mind that it is a complete mystery knowing why it goes up or down (I don't feel like qualifying this statement but if anyone challenges me on it, I will), it has no consequences and it's therefore thrash. Now this I must qualify. So there is an imminent threat of a slave revolt in Magna Graecia despite my attempts to avoid it and the next turn a cinematic comes on. Oh it's Spartacus(not really)! is about to get real! Unfortunately, the slaves driven to cast off their chains by the cruelty of their masters get ready to bring about a Mexican standoff lasting 10 or 12 turns, until I decide to attack them just to raise my general's stats. I have since experienced 11 slave revolts and they never, ever attack my cities. Nor do they have a measurable adverse effect on my economy or diplomacy or anything. They just stand there. Endlessly. When I do crush them I get this other video. I actually like both videos and I guess I better because 85 turns in they are the ONLY in-game cinematics I've seen. So by around turn 40, I start to ignore public order altogether. It is broken and it means absolutely nothing. I also face many, many non-slave rebellions and only once was one of my cities attacked. Of course, it would be more accurate to say that only once did the rebels suicide against my impregnable walls. I cannot emphasize how disappointing this is. When playing Rome, that masterpiece which now shines brighter by comparison, I used to dread rebellions. They could undo your conquests, they could outright end you. They definitely meant something. Now they mean nothing. They are a joke. By the way, let me take this opportunity to address something else. AI turns take way too long to complete. By turn 40, they can take up to 3 minutes; by turn 80 they can take up to 5 minutes. And campaign fps even at HIGH” on a great rig lags down to 7-8 fps. Ultimately, that is why I stopped playing. I couldn’t put up with it anymore. There are other things to address such as diplomacy a joke) and internal politics which has to be the single most disappointing thing about this game. In a few words, it's not a feature to speak of, it's a whole lot of nothing. It's a pre-alpha concept that was not developed. It's a slap on our collective face is what it is. I'm too tired now. I'm going to bed. Perhaps in my dreams I will play the Rome II that I envisioned. Maybe I'll just play Rome I before going to sleep. A sad day, indeed. Expand
  19. Sep 5, 2013
    60 bucks? For the copy of this? Really? Terrible performance, insane battle speed, it feels even faster than in Shogun2, same casual-oriented primitive campaign, now with a new CA`s top decision as ridiculous 1 turn 1 year. Crappy dlc politics, with cutted greek states, expect a of others. Thats the first impressions.
  20. Sep 5, 2013
    Shame on everyone involved in the production of this game, and shame on the publications that were obviously paid handsomely by Sega to give it positive reviews. Charging 60 dollars for what amounts to a game that could barely be considered to be in its beta stage, and THEN throwing in day 1 DLC on top of it is absolutely reprehensible. A GTX Titan, which will run you 1,000 dollars, is barely capable of running this game. Unless you've got a NASA supercomputer, avoid this pile of trash like the plague. Expand
  21. Sep 5, 2013
    Honestly this game deserves 4 out of 10 but I will give it a solid zero. Why? Because I am tired being CA beta tester which pays 60 euros for unfinished product. I am tired that developers from CA make each new TW more simple and casual than old games. I am tired of terrible AI which is absolute embarrassment. SEGA and CA are big fat liers!
  22. Sep 5, 2013
    I want to start out with: This game works fine on my system. The sad fact is they took my favorite title in the franchise and turned it into a shambling patchwork abomination of bad ideas. They have added nothing to the original franchise. They have only stripped everything great about a total war series game and replaced it with a game that looks like it could be played on facebook in flash or a web browser.

    Without going into major detail the game has been simplified into basically a really bad RTS game. No longer will you weight the consequences of capturing a settlement with a lacking economy or raiding outlying buildings of your neighbor. Everything has been lumped together and simplified without any thought to the imbalances between factions this could cause. The battles themselves (which is all you'll be doing) end up as a blob of troops fighting where the opposition breaks and runs early regardless of odds. And like running your enemies down for xp afterwards? Hope you enjoy scanning the map for each individual troop because there is no mini map. I could go on and on but I will sum it up as this:

    Even when this game works flawlessly (which it doesnt for many), it is still an incredibly simple and boring game lacking all the details that makes a total war game unique.

    This game is a crime against nature only to be enjoyed by 12 year olds on their parents ipads.
  23. Sep 5, 2013
    I can tolerate problems such pathetic AI on sieges, worst UI of the series, fast and arcadish battles, "WTF" diplomacy, because these things can (hopefully in several months) be modded or patched.

    But what i can't tolerate are the lies of the devs and the false advertisement made before the game release: they advertised the game to be optimized and playable on every PC, and they
    declared those very low requirements: complete lie!! You can't play such a huge game on a single core or on a weak dual core (i have though a way stronger PC), there are many people that have been fooled of that, go and see on the support forums! They are seeking help because the game (CPU intensive) run on 10 FPS! They can't be helped with that hw, they have been fooled by the minimum reqs.

    They showed totally different "alpha footage" than actually is on the game (go and see the old carthage walkthrough and compare with the actual one, it's depressing!). And what about day one DLC? They said that they were making them because the core game was finished and there was time to make them!! WTF, "finished"????

    Let's not talk about the performance: no matter what settings i choose, when the melee start the game becomem unplayable due to lag and low FPS (and i can play B3, C3 and Shogun 2 on high/ultra). Turns take 3 minutes to finish, and the campaign map lags as hell.

    CA was my favorite game company. With this score i feel like killing my father. But my father has raped me with Rome II :(

    I'm so sad, so sad about the current state of the game that you can't imagine. I followed its development from the July 2012 with very high hopes. Now all is lost.

    Why this?? WHY!!??
  24. Sep 6, 2013
    Very poor optimisation, AI is poor and siege AI is just non-functioning with issues like enemy units just standing there or even more bizarrely wandering off in random directions until they just run into archer fire and die, simplified mechanics and game functionality when compared to Total War: Rome (seems to be the trend, would have like to have seen it broken for this game) but this does not make the game more fun, punchy or exciting. Slightly updated graphics but nowhere near what I expected. I can forgive releasing with a few bugs and issues as this is normal but there are just such a large amount of them. This is why people pirate games, you don't deserve my money for this and you won't be getting it ever again. Expand
  25. Sep 5, 2013
    Are you FUKIN kidding me? this is a absolutely disgraceful game, this is daylight robbery. why? well... 1) no refund, have fun with that. 2) This is beta...100%, people say total war games are buggy on release, well it's true but not a good excuse at ALL for a business. Especially since this game might very well be the worst of the series. 3) Bad performance period. (in all aspects)

    4) A.I is abysmal, THIS right here is what broke the game for me. (campaign, naval and battle A.I) even on legendary!

    5) completely misleading information about the game including the pre rendered screenshots(claiming they were in game footage) and the video's claiming they were "pre-alpha"

    6) Day 1 DLC (red flags)

    7) completely ignored the fans.

    8) patches DO NOT COUNT. they released a beta period. (People rely on patches WAY too much)

    9) 60$

    10) graphics on extreme look like shogun 2 but worse.

    Biggest over hyped game of 2013

    final) do not buy this, if you own it, try to get a refund if you can immediately.
  26. Sep 4, 2013
    As a player of the TW series since Shogun1, here is my opinion. The good: - beautiful campaign map - nice soundtrack - lots of factions (though only a few playable) - smarter AI (still not smart enough) The bad: - no balance at all - battles are over in 3-5 minutes - no bit of realism whatsoever - very poor optimization - Multiplayer minimalized compared to Shogun2 - Interface
    - Drop hacking in MP still an issue
    - bugs/glitches
    - very hard to mod
    - turn timers

    Overall the worst TW release so far, this tops even the Empire TW disaster.
  27. Sep 4, 2013
    I am very disappointed. It seems they removed many things from the game:

    - missing wonderful Avatar mode from Shogun 2

    - economic system very simplified and lacksdepth

    - testudo also missing, it was in Rome 1

    - no family tree means no atmospheric roleplay

    in addtion to this: tons of bugs, poor optimization, really bad AI, very poor unintuitive UI.

    Not worth $60. Poor game.
  28. Sep 4, 2013
    I've played it for 8 hours before uninstalling it but I really tried to like the game. It should be called Total Wait: Rome II... Seriously, ending turns takes somewhere between 30 seconds to 2 minutes. Terrible AI, boring gameplay. It's got nothing to do with Shogun 2. I've actually played all games, since the original Shogun and it felt like Activision bought this franchise (Blizzard someone?). This game has disappointed me as much as Diablo 3 did. Total Waste of 60 bucks... Expand
  29. Sep 4, 2013
    I'll start out by saying this game will most likely disappoint the majority of people who play it whether old fans or new. Beyond that, I'll just stick directly to the point when stating SOME of the problems. Key word being "SOME."

    No MSAA compatibility anymore despite having it for ages in Total War series. Terrible graphics options. No DX11 options found in Shogun 2. No SLI/Crossfire
    support for you PC enthusiasts out there. AI is more mentally handicapped than they were in Shogun 2 without mods. Units do not hold formation pretty much ever once they clash with an enemy. Just try the Spartan Phalanx. It's a joke unworthy of the name Phalanx. I imagine the Roman one doesn't fare much better.

    All the unit cards are terribly close to identical in appearance and name. Most of the stats for said units are too close, making you wonder if they just ran out of ideas or were lazy and simply duped units, slightly changed stats and then changed the suffix to their unit name. The new lighting effects are a joke and glitchy as all hell. I've seen children in the comfort of their homes make better lighting effects for existing games with post processing effects. Creative Assembly is pitiful.

    Back to the problems though Crazy broken bugs like ships sailing right onto land, skating across the landscape and running over your troops. That last one might actually be hilariously entertaining, but it won't distract you from the fact this game runs anywhere from 50% to 30% of the frames of Shogun 2 despite having 20%-25% the graphics quality of Shogun 2 in DX11. It's pitiful that this is the best they could do 2 years later. It literally resembles more so Empire or Napoleon graphics. in some cases Napoleon looks better than this game when it comes to texture work.

    If you think you can have a high-end PC, buy the game, and have it look like it does in the trailers, your optimism will quickly be crushed by the reality of it all. The only way to get this game to look that way is to lower certain settings in the game, or turn them off completely, downsample a higher resolution than the game supports like 1440p/1620p (Good luck keeping fluid frames with 1 GPU there) and then tweaking a SweetFX setup for it on top of that to get some better HDR/Bloom/AA/and shading overall. Even then you'll still find jaggies riddling everything, and inferior graphics quality for what is a game released in 2013. TLDR? "Shameful display." That's all you need to take from this.
  30. Sep 11, 2013
    If one would somehow extract the residue of gold atoms in the sweat of my arm pit and make a tiny gold nugget out of it, it would be worth more than the value of this game right now.

    I am a sweaty man.
  31. Sep 5, 2013
    I would like to get my money back because of false advertising. Shogun 2 was a great game, but this one is crappy mess. So many things are missing: family trees, walls in minor cities, old building system and population numbers. UI is terrible! Worst game of 2013!
  32. Sep 5, 2013
    i would love this game if only the price would be 5 dollars. No way I will pay 80 bucks for this glitchy crap.

    This horrible game has serious problems:

    - AI is not working properly

    - UI is retarded

    - Optimization was lost somewhere in CA office

    -Only 4 historic battles. WTF? Lazy developers!

    -Graphics are awful

  33. Sep 5, 2013
    Quake 2 like graphics due to untweakable bugs, dummy AI, strange stuttering? (Benny hill sensation).
    Seems a bit rushed to release but it could have good potential if improved. Lot of tweaking/optimization needed.
    Maybe it will be fixed someday, i'd suggest waiting on buy, you could have a better experience at a lower price.
  34. Sep 6, 2013
    I have bought and played all TW game including expansions except the Alexander one. I have tested most mods for MTWII and RTW and a few for the other ones.

    I have a mediocre gaming rig, but the game runs perfectly on ultra for me. 15 hours of play logged. Not one hickup. Its beautiful, with good framerate and lodsa eyecandy, even if i HATE the BIG! user interface and the UGGLY BIG unit
    cards. So this rewiev is not biased by technical performance on my system.

    The game sucks. A huge leap backwards. Instead of writing the same thing over and over again, read the other 0 score reviews out there to se why. But to sum up:

    Its a dumbed down, arcadey, eye candy wrapped console port with way better marketing budget than the testing and development budget put together. Calling this a strategy game is just laughable.

    I am now done with this series. The good times of playing TW will not come back. TY CA. In total, you have provided me with countless hours of great fun, even if i got a bit sad in the end there, starting with NTW and ETW. Good luck on your expansion into the console market and i hope your new costumer base is as faithful, forgiving and naive as the old one.
  35. Sep 6, 2013
    As the old saying goes; Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. I'm not sure what might e said about the fourth or fifth time.

    Total War: Rome 2 was probably the biggest "Not again" moment I've had in recent years. While the series was hit and miss in general depending on what time period was offered and how that changed overall gameplay Total War: Rome was generally
    considered one of the best in the series.

    Total War: Rome 2 had a lot to live up to and unfortunately it didn't. The fact that Creative Assembly hasn't exactly reinvented the wheel as far as combat mechanics and tactics over the last what, ten years(?), should make for a very rich and refined experience now. The problem is the same UI issues, A.I. issues, overall poor performance that plagued previous installments are back. This time around there are so many bugs and issues that the game is almost laughably broken.

    The whole "wait for the patch" mentality has worn thin for me, especially on a big budget game that clearly was shoved out to meet a release window. This was an utter disappointment to a series I was once a big fan of. 3/10
  36. Sep 5, 2013
    Poorly optimized.
    No guard mode.
    Clueless AI.
    The battles are over too quickly.
    No family tree.
    You can't change to loose or tight formation.

    Stick to Rome: Total war or its mods.
  37. Sep 6, 2013
    The game as it stands is unplayable for the following reasons:
    1. UI
    2. UI
    3. UI
    4. UI
    5. UI
    6. Camera
    7. AI
    8. Lag

    Back to europa barbarium. Sigh.
  38. Sep 9, 2013
    This is not what you do to hold your customers. I will not pre-purchase ANY game in the future, after this experience. CA, your board of directors should be held responsible for this you should not get a decent job in the future even if you escape CA...
  39. Sep 4, 2013
    I have been waiting this game for a while but what i get Broken game, i have super rig and my FPS is 15-25-fps i luv total war series but why release buggy game i don't wanna play low settings or medium because i know my rig can do better than that and EVEN medium settings lag is terrible..
  40. ers
    Sep 6, 2013
    Great series of games turned into casual wear for school children. Do not be surprised if the next game will be released on consoles. This is not a strategy, it is not total war
  41. Sep 13, 2013
    Rome II is proof that the current system of "professional" reviewers is utterly broken or corrupt. As commercial magazines and websites (who rely on advertising money from game makers) pass out 8's and 9's to this newest entry of the Total War Series, long-time players and fans weep tears of sadness. Gone is the tactical depth the series was famous for. Gone is the strategic depth that the series was famous for. This game is a step backward in almost every way, and fans know it. Dumbed down, and made into an arcade-like casual game, Rome II may sadly mark the end of the Total War Series. If consumers keep buying dumbed down versions of previously awesome games, and reviewers keep showering them with fake praise, then the industry as a whole is spiraling down the toilet. If you haven't played a Total War Game, and want to know why they are beloved by fans around the world, try Rome I, Medieval 2, or Shogun 2. Farewell Total War Series. I will miss you. Expand
  42. Sep 5, 2013
    I'm changing my score, at some point game turned out be unplayable. I'm getting such a low fps' it's annoying. I played every game on ultra until now. Even at lowest settings game still manages to lag.

    Battles are impossible to play, your army loses it's formation the moment you give an order. Campaign is much more better than former titles but i can't think another game which is poorly
    optimised as this.

    A game needs to be playable first to even get a rating!
  43. Sep 4, 2013
    Beware the mindless drones are striking 10/10 for a halfsquezed on a platter. This game is not worth a green rating, its way to unpolished to receive even a yellow one unless youre a fanboy cretins ofcourse. how about some of you actually buy the game first and play an hour before posting this terribly uncritical comments that sound like diarriah in a kindergarten.
  44. Sep 4, 2013
    They messed it up, the AI is horrible, the interface sucks and the pc opt is just terrible, and the graphics looks like they took a step back, and what's up with the 1 general cap
  45. Sep 26, 2013
    So I've selected "Very High" graphics just to make sure game runs smoothly and hoping to increase it later but I was incredibly surprised seeing graphics equality of Rome I with lags. My specs are: X4 955/6950 2gb/8gb ram. I'll wait for a patches but for now this isn't how surprise fans Creative Assembly!
  46. Sep 6, 2013
    I WAS a big fan of the total war series (played every game since the first one), but unfortunately although I'm not an expert, I have to admit this game is really bad. AI is no AI at all, multiplayer simply doesn't work, coop campaign neither. CA has released this game far too early. I would have waited another year to get a good game, but THIS game is just UNACCEPTABLE. Goodbye CA.
  47. Sep 7, 2013
    Game with decent potential, but the once epic TW battles devolved to incoherent, chaotic blobs where the victor is determined in ca. 30 seconds by a total routing of the opponent without any TW atmosphere being created (great idea to insert brilliantly detailled battles when you never have the time to actually watch them), game lags where it shouldn't, 1 turn per year in a slow-paced campaign, no family tree, poor soundtracks, problematic unit cards, professional navys being screwn against transport navys, programmatic errors running havok in your RAM causing the whole system to freeze without any remarkable reason, the capture points on open-field battles that ruin any sense of tactical or strategical deployment all this just ruins it and makes the game unenjoyable for now, so to balance out the undeserved top ratings, I'm giving this a 2. Although if CA fixes most of the current crucial game breakes, I will come back to correct my rating, but for now, the awkwardness of Rome 2 is unacceptable. Expand
  48. May 24, 2014
    I've had enough of this game. It does not work due to it's shocking habit of corrupting its save game or its third party redistributables. Crashes on launch. Forum users try to help with a long 'fix' list of things to do, which are well intended but can't help all users, since it can be very difficult to navigate amongst the files of windows. The launch was pathetic. The patches improved it a lot, but at the heavy price of corrupting the installation. My final experience of this game has been rage and frustration. The DLC is a rip-off. The one way I have found that repairs the game is to uninstall steam and the entire steam library and all the redistributable files and start from fresh. A Major pain! Thank you CA here is your well deserved 0/10!

  49. Sep 4, 2013
    As a long time Total War fan, I'm very disappointed with this mess. The developers have managed to mess up almost everything from their older titles and replace it with something worse.

    The UI is unintuitive, uninformative and difficult to use eg. the old Shogun2 tech tree was a full page where you could compare options, now you have a little box that shows 1 option at a time. Unit
    cards are not as clear at a glance as in the past. Numbers of troops in each unit is now only shown by a mouseover.

    Diplomacy on any level above Normal is absurd, friendly factions wont even accept your help when their last settlement is besieged. Trade agreements are rejected because no reason.

    Developers are clearly obsessed with fire, you have flaming arrows, flaming javelins, horse archers have flaming arrows how Artillery has explosive ammunition what ).

    I don't even want to go into the battles, suffice it to say that what everyone is saying is true. They are ridiculously fast, with no formation holding within the unit Magical abilities are annoying, luckily you probably wont have time to even use them. No skill whatsoever appears necessary to destroy enemy even when outnumbered ).

    I'm fortunate in that my machine is not one of those suffering from major lag running most on High/Very High ).

    I still give it a 4 because hidden under it all is what could be a good game, but it looks like serious work is going to be needed before it measures up to previous Total War titles.
  50. Sep 5, 2013
    This is what happens when you decide to forsake your fanbase for the console kids. Rome 2 isn't a worthy successor to Rome 1 by any stretch of the imagination. Creative Assembly deserves to be shamed and Sega deserves to lose profit for releasing a casualized, unfinished game.
  51. Sep 5, 2013
    The games should never have been released in its current state for the following reasons:
    - Poorly optimized
    - Removal of popular features for no good reason e.g fire at will for infantry, guard mode, tight/loose and no family tree.
    - CA have simplified the game for the masses in terms of game play and UI, it looks like they have consoles in mind e.g tech trees and less facts and
    - AI is useless, armies made up of skirmishers and the AI has tactical awareness above rushing the flag or standing still
    - Game play is arcadey in terms of 2 minute battles because of game speed, also stupid magical abilities and the units lose all tactical cohesion breaking formation and forming a large blob
    -Worst idea is the frustrating capture points which remove any strategy in battles as I'm forced to defend an open field and can lose a battle despite having 20units left to the AI's 1, IMO this addition is just a cheap way of simplifying the AI path finding as it forces both armies to a single spot
    - Many many glitches on both campaign and battle maps
    - Most annoying aspect is many of the problems are clear to gamers within a few hours of playing so this shows CA are either completely inept and haven't tested their game or consulted their core fan base or they knew of the problems and released the game regardless either way next time I wont be buying the game on day one or per-ordering as I'm not interested in paying CA to be their game tester.
  52. Sep 5, 2013
    we all know the issue by now. the game is a stripped down console version and total war is dead. the critic reviews are total garbage and flat out lies.

    how can you mark a game so highly when its literally a broken game that's unfinished as well as missing all of the series features.

    shame on you all for that. shame on you.
  53. Sep 6, 2013
    Thank god I played this at a friends rather than buy it right away. tedious to the point of boredom mid-late game. 30 60 second turns followed by 5 minute AI turns. AI is terrible in every way. CA hit the nail on the head with the provincial and building system, but EVERYTHING else is just wrong. The 'faction' system for the Romans is something you can nearly ignore completely and it won't affect your game in the slightest. There was no point where I had to do anything with the diplomacy system other than declare war on small neighbors, rinse and repeat. There were no big enemy alliances to stunt my growth. It was a slow, boring, monotonous game. A long wait for this game, and a large disappointment. Expand
  54. Sep 10, 2013
    I have been a fan of the Total War series since the original Shogun. Every game have had its share of problems (AI problems being at the forefront) at launch, but they were salvageable through patching and modding. Rome II however is such a huge step-back on pretty much everything except scale and graphics that I have little hope of seeing this game ever measuring up to any of the previous titles. In fact I would prefer to play the original modded Rome. The game is essentially a beta to the shame of CA and Sega. I will not be buying any more Total War games on release. Expand
  55. Sep 5, 2013
    Beware, the game is a flop. I tried to like it, but I just can't. There's nothing in it that makes it worth playing. The UI is inefficient, awkward and provides too little information. The turn times are extremely long. The AI is dumb. The tech tree, unit upgrades and the like offer no real advancements, just tiny increments, like +3%, to some attribute which makes them feel pointless. The strategic layer is shallow, almost primitive. Battles tend to revolve around capture points which eliminates any strategic freedom. Indeed, battles is what the game should be about, and they simply aren't fun nor interesting. The game feels like a Frankenstein game in which different game elements are haphazardly sewn together. I could go, but I've made the point sufficiently clear: somehow this game turned out really bad. Expand
  56. Sep 8, 2013
    After playing for 44 hours, here are my conclusions:
    (-) Very poorly optimized (low FPS and mini-freezes in-battles and on campaign map, especially after hitting End Turn);
    (+) Relatively good loading times;
    (-) Relatively average intro cinematic in terms of epicness and actual showing game mechanics and battle, at least when comparing it to the Rome TW intro (or BI intro);
    (-) Long
    time waiting for other factions, after hitting End Turn (4-5 minutes);
    (-) Horrible UI and menu design you can actually take these menus and put them in any other game, they don't have anything special or related to a Total War game; they don't contribute in any way to the atmosphere;
    (+/-) The unit cards are neither bad nor good, in my opinion; it's just a matter of taste;
    (-) Creating fleets is useless since your troops "transform" into fleets anyway (very bad design here);
    (-) Totally unesthetic and unsuggestive building card images; absolutely NOT contributing to any kind of atmosphere;
    (-) Lots of bugs everywhere: graphical corruptions outside of the world map, provinces that don't show they are conquered (happened with Baktria), units which stop after you send them to attack or pursue the enemy, units blocked in buildings, etc. etc.;
    (-) Core gameplay design flaws: battles lasting 10 minutes at most, really bad AI, no Guard stance, no Fire at Will option especially for melee troops with pilum/javelins, overpowered fire missiles, overpowered cavalry charge, broken phalanx, illogical unit abilities, useless siege equipment (since you can just burn the gate much easier and faster), javelins on fire used by all factions, wrong testudo formation etc. etc.
    (-) Researching just about everything and seeing all units long before actually winning the game (at least while playing with other factions other than Rome);
    (-) Passive campaign AI with no diplomacy improvement from the previous titles;
    (-) Stupid Steam achievements (play for an hour? fight a battle without auto-resolve?);
    (+) More historical accurate factions and units;
    (+) Pretty good sound effects;
    (-) Not working coop multiplayer due to very long turns and desynchronizing;
    (-) No avatar campaign, just a really boring versus multiplayer (a return to RTW and a downgrade from Shogun 2);
    (-) Incoming DLC fest
    (-) Asking for buyers to test all incoming patches.

    I will rate the game accordingly.
  57. Sep 6, 2013
    I've enjoyed the Total War series immensely through the years: I even enjoyed Empire at release as I didn't really encounter any of the crashes others did, and the bugs that were there were play through-able Rome 2 on the other hand, is a half finished game; I hope they realise their mistakes and patch it relentlessly to get it up to scratch as I want this game to be a success but right now, as it is, it's not even deserving of a 5/10 average score Expand
  58. Sep 6, 2013
    Sadly a disappointment. Poor performance, Poor AI, Late game turns take 5+ minutes waiting for the AI to finish their turns, Naval battles are a failure. AI does not know how to attack, i have seen indie games that are more polished and entertaining than this, Overall a poor effort for a AAA title, QA should feel bad, because they are bad.
  59. Sep 4, 2013
    I never did this before but I've had such a horrible experience with this game that I could not help myself. First and the most infuriating of all is the AI. The units are often unresponsive to your commands and when you do manage go get them to do what you want they usually have terrible pathing. Next is the optomization. I don't know if it's just my computer or what but it lags as hell. I have pretty good rig. This game was rushed out or something but it feels unfinished and it is almost unplayable in it's current state. I will not be buying any more total war games in the future. Expand
  60. Sep 4, 2013
    Really big disappointment. I don't have any of the graphical lag problems that many people are complaining. It's not like any Total war game from the series... the campaign map is actually pretty nice and an improvement on Rome 1 but the battles really let the game down.

    Firstly the AI is really bad and predictable... secondly the strategy element it gone as you just charge your men in
    and hope you rout the enemy army and thirdly the battles don't last more than 6 minutes most of the time and 3 minutes is your men marching which means (like point 2) there is no time for any flanking moves etc, armies don't hold formation anyway so it all ends up in a big blob of fighting.

    Won't even go into the customizing generals part because they die in 20 turns (because turns are yearly and not seasons anymore). You find yourself just giving your next general the same stuff and not really caring because he will be dead soon anyway.. rinse and repeat.

    Co-op campaign? Great idea.. sadly me and a friend waited 3 minutes after each turn for the AI to run its course on the 114 or whatever factions... over 300 turns that's a lot of time just sat there staring at circles.

    Advise: Save your money until CA can fix the game or play the Superior Medieval total war
  61. Sep 6, 2013
    When I first played Shogun: Total War, I thought "Damn! How is this game possible?" Shogun was well ahead of its time in terms of ideas, scale, quality... every aspects! It was just GREAT!!! So great you just cant believe it...

    I became a fan, played every games in the series... I think Rome is truly the pinnacle of them! Cant remember how much time I spent in that game, but I'm sure it
    was plenty...

    Then came Medieval II, which I thought was great too. I just wasnt captivated by that era as much as by Rome's.

    Napoleon disappointed me, but I still believe that CA will come back with another masterpiece to revive the franchise!

    When they released Shogun II, I thought to myself Well, back to Japan is not half bad, though I would appreciate a new place to wage war though"

    And now, Rome II... Ok, I loved the first game and that era, just improve the graphics, the gameplay and I will spend countless time again in this game.

    But what have they done???

    - AI sucks
    - Graphics bugs
    - Gameplay lacks depth and options
    - Music and sounds is many steps backward
    - Multiplayer gone to (I play Steam version and let me remind you that Steam is argue-ably the best multiplay-experience provider out there, but it still sucks big time!)

    To sum it up, let me quote a comment some guy here said "CA put crap in a box and we spent 60$ for it"


    **** YOU CA!!!
  62. Sep 5, 2013
    To start with all of these 10s and 9 voters saying that we are all angry children or computers are no good or whatever other excuse they make for the horrible thing called TW Rome II. They are just sad people or their expectations are very low while most of us TW players had huge expectations but even then we knew there might be bugs etc. Even performance issues. Most TW games have bugs but and performance issues at release if that were the only problems I would not write this....

    However, the problem with this game will not and cannot be patched and fixed they have dumbed down the core of the game so drastically that I suppose they are going for the kid market on Consoles. There is no challenge what so ever the AI is dumbest ever but those things could be fixed generally sometimes. However you cannot fix ripping the heart out of TW Rome II without rebuilding it I don't even think Modder’s can save this one as they have saved most TW games in the past.

    The game is heartless and soulless there is no connection at all with me I can't even be bothered to care. I have no connection with this so-called Total War game it is more like a console game for the masses! It has been dumbed down to a level of a game like going back 15 to 20 years in AI and core game play. Hell I had far more connection with the original Shogun in 2001.

    All other TW titles I had a personal connection too even Empire with its problems stuck to the core of the TW series and I could survive the first growing pains and I still play it to this day (especially now Rome II is such a failure). That doesn't exist with this game I don't think they can patch this POS to any level that Empire rose to and several would claim Empire was the low point of TW history (not me but several).

    So for all of you Rated 10 reviewers here saying we are wrong and we are just dumb or computer sucks... Or my favorite we don't understand that game. Let me assure you I can almost promise you all these 0s and 3s and 6s are the people who have always played and loved Total War. However they know those days are over because this is not going to be fixed they took one of the greatest strategy games franchises in gaming history and destroyed it for the masses and dumb people on consoles.

    CA must have gotten rid of all their talent because whoever designed and lead the creating of this POS needs to be fired.

    -Ugly Graphics
    -Dumbed down Game play
    -Ugly confusing Unit Cards
    -Units are all the same ALL the ones I ran into in over 10 hours of play
    -Naval Warfare is badly broken units will not respond to orders
    -Land Battles are so pathetic just use Auto Resolve how sad I have come close to losing a battle
    -Battles the enemy will just charge one unit at you constantly and run away until you attack
    -Campaign is the worst ever in TW I have seen suicides 1 unit armies against cities and then I have seen the AI just watch me take their cities without any resistance. I have never been attacked.
    -The one year turns are stupid. It takes 2 years (TWO YEARS) to sail to the backside of Sardina really? Really?
    -The immersion is totally broken by 1 year turns and the fact that the Family Tree is gone all the little things that made it personal are gone from the game. I could careless who my Generals are they have connection to me and die every other turn. I don't get to guide them I just add redundant and totally useless cards that add useless skills that mean nothing.
    -Factions are totally waste of time I have no connection to my factions or even know why I am gaining more and more senators every round. There is no known reason or care of how I gain them and I can't like make new laws and sway the senate so who gives a damn?

    Anyway it is a lifeless soulless game that is sad and will miss TW if this is the future.
  63. Jun 28, 2014
    this is my second review. I've reviewed this crap when it first came out. This game is absolute crap. AVOID it. Its not even worth 5$. I mean its so bad it makes you wanna cry
  64. Sep 5, 2013
    Though I love Total War games and believe that they are among the greatest games of any genre ever made, I can't say that I was impressed. The battle graphics are horrible, especially when you zoom out, and the diplomacy is also terrible. The custom battle maps are also very bad, with the fact that there are barely any buildings, and the AI players are absolutely horrible! Quality of the game is very low. Expand
  65. Sep 5, 2013
    Perhaps the worst game in the Total War series. Poor graphical optimization combined with weak, campaign mechanics and real time battles signal a major step back for Total War.
  66. Sep 5, 2013
    So disappointed.

    I dont care about graphical issues or anything like that first up. Mine is ok.

    I do care about the worst AI total war series have ever had. And i mean terrible. It charges Cav front on to spears. Lack of armies mean i cant expand without leaving settlements unguarded despite having more money than i can spend. There are so many contradicting ideas here which detract
    from the 'fun' of 4 minute battles with dont need any tactics at all.

    Autoresolve is so broken its untrue also. Clear mis-weighting going on here. Slingers are useless, do no damage at all. All you want it heavy infantry and charge and grind.

    I have played over 500hours on Shogun 2 and even more on RTW. I have played 12 on Rome and have uninstalled as i find it so terrible.

    I cant explain how let down i feel on this game. I dont understand where the 10x budget or whatever went? jollying around europe looking at weapons to make textures for most likely.

    Most of the 10/10 reviews have prob played it for about 2 hours and dont see the glaring flaw in this very poor game. Ill be asking for a refund. Off to play RTW1 again for good gameplay and decent management system.

    Adios CA. Rome 2 was a waste of 10 years ''work''
  67. Sep 5, 2013
    This is not a TOTAL WAR GAME
    this is a crap arcade console game released in the PC market just to make profit
    from people expectations.

    After this release any company could sell poison on refresh bottles and simple say
    "this is our vision of a proper refresh" drink and die.
  68. Sep 6, 2013
    Total Casual War: Rome Beta 2 Graphics poorly optimized for my high end rig with an AMD card. Running absolutely terribly when it should not be. User interface is terrible. Battlefield AI is a huge step back beyond Shogun 2, how is this possible? The battlefield AI developer should be politely be asked to take his coat and find another job. Capture points on a battlefield?! Why should we care about an innocuous bit of dirt on the ground?
    Removal of family tree. This was the BEST part of the RPG element of total war. Why would you remove this?!
    Addition of far too many "special" abilities. Come on. This is total war, not Skyrim.
    Naval battles are completely broken. Buttons don't work, units don't do what they are told to do. Glitchy crap.
    Cities and sieges are completely underwhelming; I understand the point for having less regularity with sieges, but why no great big city in the background, or a small settlement outside of the main city with a fantastic city in the background? Where is the scope and imagination?!
    Unit control is now beyond awful. I never used to have to make hotkeys in order to control my army, now I feel I have to because the control element is terrible.
    Skirmishing units still can't skirmish. How many years have we waited for this to be fixed?
    Phalanxes, oh look they are not working again.
    Ridiculous load times on the campaign map, I don't really want to have to make a sandwich and cup of tea after every turn thank you.
    The loss of seasons and one year per turn. Less atmosphere, less RPG element with characters, no tactical planning around when the right time is to fight. The campaign map just looks the same ALL the time. Where is the variety?
    Tech tree is broken in its current form. Technology should take a LONG time to acquire, to make it more interesting when you actually get it. Right now, getting legionnaires by 250 BC is frankly, ridiculous.
    Battle speed, most battles are over within 2 or 3 minutes! Where is the strategy? Where is the tactics? Another point which proves CA are now targeting the casual gamer who are the completely wrong target audience for these types of games.
    No zoom button on the campaign map?
    The units are interchangeable pieces, with different skins. Some of which are pretty, some of which are distinctly uninspiring.
    Less of the wardogs, flaming pigs, flying elephants, and scuba camels. Can we just get a game that works pretty please?
    The lethality of units is so high everyone just dies within 30 seconds. Was this even tested?
    The audio is boring and lacklustre. Where is Jeff Van Dyck?! The horrendous monotone voices make me want to disable my audio. I've never had this in any total war game.

    The terrible thing is, I could go on! There are so many issues with this game.

    I was going to give this a four of ten if the first patch actually fixed some of the issues above, HOWEVER..the first patch does nothing to fix anything I have raised. Therefore a buggy, unpolished, uninspiring, boring, beta game which should never have been released this early gets a two out of ten. Its just an unplayable ball of frustration and mess. What a disappointment and HUGE step back in the series after the fantastic Shogun 2.

    If your a hardcore Total War fan, do not be fooled by all the positive reviews.
  69. Sep 6, 2013
    This game is full of bugs (zombie faces), errors (Egyptian obelisk in Greek town), and the AI is absolutely atrocious. You can literally capture cities without any resistance just by having your armies stare at each other while you run cavalry around the back to the "capture point".

    Don't buy this game. Your money is better elsewhere, supporting companies that actually release a
    finished product. Expand
  70. Sep 6, 2013
    Its slow even on most power full PC(low fps, frame drops, lag, freezes), buggy to the point of being unplayable and full of glitches even using latest drivers and patches. It's sold as full game but its technically a beta. You are paying for early access to beta version of the game.
  71. Sep 6, 2013
    I was really looking forwards to this game and it has been extremely disappointing. For a start, the graphics are shocking. The very vast majority of users are going to have to play on low and even on extreme is looks absolutely nothing like advertised. The vegetation isn't even finished, it is still in alpha. The UI is far too big and confusing. Unit AI is absolutely shocking. There are bugs everywhere.
    Do not buy this game until these issues are addressed, it is not worth the time or effort.
  72. Sep 7, 2013
    Cash cow pure and simple.

    Total war shogun 2 is far better.

    dumb down UI and campaign.

    No mmo multiplayer mode.

    no campaign combat multiplayer mode.

    Bad graphics.

    THE STUPIDEST AI EVER at high speed u can see it just randomly moving in any direction to look like its alive.
  73. Sep 8, 2013
    Totally disappointed in the buggy casual game that rome 2 is, they have removed previous features much loved by the community for no reason but to make the game easier for braindeads, UI has gone backwards for ease of use, trade information for example are simplified, diplomacy is broken for example you will need to pay 3000 for a trade agreement with a faction worth 60-120 per turn, AI is extremely passive even on the hardest difficultly allowing you to basically expand with ease, land units can magically turn into a naval unit and sail around the seven seas without actually needing to build ships, the game is not optimized even i have had graphics problems with a 770gtx which is one of the best cards available on a fresh install of windows 8, multiplayer is still capped at 2 player and has desync issues and crashing like shogun 2 did previously, unit balancing is awful, you can spam foot companions with macedon for example and rape a full army within 2 minutes of battle. AI bugs in battles and get stuck in sieges and open battles due to bad pathing. CA are pumping out DLC factions you have to pay for on day 1 which should be in the game from day 1 anyway and its just pure greed of them to charge for them. Currently i have no movitation to play the game even though i only owned it a few days and was waiting for it for years, its like total war has been consoled ported, i can only hope the modding community is given the tools to sort out this mess out and i doubt i will buy another total war game even with preorder bonuses. Expand
  74. Sep 8, 2013
    The only people who like this game are the same type of people that liked Star Wars: Episode I when it came out.

    ::Greek States are DLC ("free" if you pre-ordered). That right there is a huge warning sign seeing as Greeks were very relevant in Roman history, but are sold as a DLC faction.

    ::Unit card art, although a cool concept, are not varied and small enough for the player's
    peripheral vision. This is especially important seeing as they placed great emphasis on unit abilities; which feel more like activating abilities for your MMO character.

    ::I press enter to chat, but nothing happens. You have to open a separate chat box which takes up the already limited space on your screen. It should be easy and convenient.

    ::The battle flow doesn't feel right. The walking speed and double time speed don't match up. Units also rout too easily, but the rout doesn't affect nearby units enough.

    ::The graphics scale horribly. The lower settings for Rome 2 will look much worse than Shogun 2 at max.

    ::No guard mode or loose formation.

    ::No faction intro or agent videos.

    ::Terrible online balance. They made it way too easy to acquire powerful units, making for boring army compositions. Players who try to bring something different to the table will get punished. Army compositions usually consist of heavy melee infantry with cav, no ranged or specialty units.

    I could go on and on.

    Save your money. This isn't a kick starter project. I put a score of 2 for the cool animations, which is pretty much the only enjoyment I got out of this beta mix alpha.
  75. Sep 10, 2013
    Waited a long time for this game and havent been this dissapointed since Orion 3. The strategic part of the game is way too simple. Technology is too simple. Diplomacy is too simple. AI is far from good enough. Too bad i didnt read the reviews before actually buying the game. Im a huge fan of the Total War series, but this is the series low.
  76. Sep 4, 2013
    I have waited years for this game ever since it's announcement and i am surly disappointed we have the modern version of empire total war it sucks. Where to begin they have taken out core features of the total war franchise i can't move army's and units independent of generals on the campaign map anymore. Therefore i can not leave a garrison force in cities to protect them i have lost 2 cities to this already. You have a max number of armys and they all need generals the new imperium system sucks. As-long as my economy can support them i should be able to have as many army's as i dame well please. Also not mentioning the Ai is not effected bye this system at all i found myself the roman empire only able to have 4 army's while a 1 province county is sporting 6 massive army's. Now lets get to the technical stuff the game is poorly optimized. I have a 2600k i7 quad core a gtx 660 ti and 6 gigs of ram pretty standard mid range build. The optimization is so bad that i cannot run the game on anything higher than low without getting under ten frames. And get this on low i am lucky if i hold 20 to 25 frames not to mention constant lag spikes. I have had units run through enemy units and not engage there was one battle were i could not get my units to engage they were not routing they would not move. I have also experienced major texture issues and before anyone asks no my graphics card is not having artafacting this only occurs in Rome 2. Overall i am extremely disappointed and this game was over hyped and is not worth 60 in it's current state. Most of the technical issues will be fixed after a year of patches. At this point i am so fed up and want a refund. I will now go play other strategy games that surpass this like erurope universallis IV and Hearts of iron 3. Also on a side note i am a vet to the total war series i have been hear since shogun total war the first one Expand
  77. Sep 5, 2013
    DONT BUY THIS GAME!!! The most anticipated game for 10 years now... I have played this series since 2004 and i am shocked this game is so bad. Horrible optimization and miserable graphics, first Rome looks better if this . Graphics are nothing like the Siege of Carthage video even on max settings, millions of bugs, Ai is very stupid, the multiplayer experience has been entirely ruined in this latest offering from Creative Assembly. They removed the Avatars, the veteran units and vet progression, the leaderboards, the clan battles, and much else.

    Was quite impressed by shogun 2 total war battles fast with energy with a good feel on what your armies is doing, there is nothing, men full of bronze equipement run faster than ninja and kill so fast you hadn't any time to appreciate it seriously.It is essentially a reskinned Rome1 that manages to run worse,look worse and feel worse even when they had a massive amount of money which seems to have went on PR and false reviews.
    Developers cheated players, it's basically a cash-grabbing rehash. Also, pre-order DLC? Really? I can't imagine the amount of pointless DLC they will add in the future...

    Rome 2 is a big step backwards. Like, 10 years backwards. Honestly, Medieval 2 had better graphics. Actually, I think they may have re-used the same graphical engine from the original Rome: Total War. It looks about like that!
    I'm done Creative Assembly you guys have pulled this crap too many times, finish your damn games, this game 4me is a waste of hard disk space and you just lost a customer!
  78. Sep 5, 2013
    My concerns with this product are not technical, they are functional. Whilst the game does have it's bugs, they are easy enough to fix with patches over time the deeper issues with this game lie in the fact it is essentially a prettier total conversion mod for Empire Total War.
    Gone are the little quirks that made Shogun 2 a charismatic foray into the world of a Japanese warlord, instead
    we are back to a campaign mode with as much charm and tact as a Syrian politician.
    It feels like a gross afterthought, there's nothing to do other than for it to serve as something to look at between battles and the latter aren't that great either. A rock/paper/scissors game where the AI has the intelligence of a PE teacher.
    Seriously, a huge step back for Creative Assembly.
  79. Sep 5, 2013
    The 2 if for potential.

    At launch this game is not good enough. The bugs are bad, the optimisation is worse and some of the design decisions are, in the game's current state, fatal.

    In some ways this game improves on the formula, but for each step forward there are several back. There are some good ideas in there, provinces (limits the time spent managing an empire), limiting the
    number of armies (so the armies are bigger leading to bigger fights), agent use and recruitment.
    But for each good idea there are several bad ones.

    Battles are over absurdly quickly (means you spend more time on the campaign map, which is streamlined too, so you spend all your time pressing 'end turn' and the end turn process takes forever), the battle AI is all over the place, capture points don’t add anything positive, some formations don’t work, naval battles don’t work, loss of guard mode, all add up to battles with no need for or use of tactics.

    On the campaign map, the loss of a family tree, faction intros, one turn per year, difficulty in getting diplomatic agreements (and the inability to trade regions) all break immersion and make you feel that side of the game has become too streamlined.

    Fundamentally, CA didn't release a demo and seems to have failed to do adequate beta testing, either could have solved many problems. They also got caught trying to satisfy two opposite camps, the casual gamer who wants something easy to pick up and easier to master and the strategy gamer who wants something believable, deep and nuanced. Problem is they'd done neither and have ended up in no man's land.

    There's a great game in there, but there's far too much work still needed to get it out.
  80. Sep 6, 2013
    In a nutshell, this game overpromised and underdeliver. Hell, even that is an understatement. I'm not gonna touch on the AI/FPS issues, nor the multiplayer component and just focus something so fundamentally wrong with the campaign. Here's the thing, if the game needs 1 min 30 secs to complete a campaign turn during the opening stages of the game on a Intel i7-3849QM 2.80GHz, 16gb ram, something is very wrong.

    Simply put, it is far too ambitious for its own good. There is far too many minor factions to process and when it is finally your turn, you find that there is very little to do apart from moving your spy or pretend that you have something to build in your province. The kicker is the more you explore which you kinda have to do if you want establish more trade routes, hence more gold in your coffer the slower the turn gets! The total war series used to suck me in with me telling myself that my next turn will be my last one(which is obviously a lie) and when I finally dare to glance up at the clock, it is 5am, Now, I don't even want to click the 'end turn' button any more, I just don't know what I am supposed to do while I wait for the AI to finish their turns. Read a book? I probably can play a movie on my iPad as I wait. Maybe I can even walk the dog when I am about 75 turns in.

    The worst part is I don't think this is something patch-able. Sure, you can improve the framerates issues, maybe even inject a smarter thought process for the AI in a later patch, but the cutting down the waiting time for a campaign turn? That is bit rich all things considered. Unless they trim down the amount of minor factions or limit the size of the map(what are the chances eh?), I don't think any number of patch is gonna help. And that makes everything sad.
  81. Sep 8, 2013
    Just have to add here after seeing 34 positive "professional" reviews to only 2 negative... well, just goes to show you what gaming "journalism" is all about nowadays, I've come to expect no less from these hacks.


    Agents are better than in Empire where they were no doubt terrible, but far, far worse
    than Shogun 2, in which they worked fantastically.
    As for the long wait times between turns, this was an issue that used to be solvable by switching off "watch AI turns"; now, that does very little.

    For the AI, it has not improved one bit since the first Rome. That's 8 years. In 8 years the graphics have improved dramatically and yet, despite promises for every new iteration, the AI is equal to if not worse than the AI in Rome.
    Shogun 2 and its expansion Fall of the Samurai improved AI somewhat, but it's back to square one now, it seems.

    Auto-boat armies are a problem indeed, they totally negate the need for a navy.

    Another issue is the fact that every turn is one year and generals age as such, meaning that general that you need to create and move your army, the one you spent time giving upgrades and experience, is often dead from natural causes within 30 turns. It also makes no sense that it takes 7 years to travel from Rome to Sicily by boat, and longer on foot.

    And WHY OH WHY has how we raise/use our armies in a TOTAL WAR GAME been limited?! Seriously, 3 general limit at the start? That means 3 stacks only (which contributes to passive AI). What happened to scouting parties? Did they not exist in Roman times? How about skirmishes? Why can I not garrison or move or even recruit troops without a general? It just seriously limits player choice and freedom and I think that this is perhaps the most egregious offence committed. Sure, raids by a few measly units were annoying, but nowhere near as annoying as having to have a general who will die in a few turns in order to do anything with any of my troops. Really, what was the point of it?
    I used to have light cavalry units as scouting parties, actually I think that was a hint that CA gave for M2TW. I also used to use captains to lead small armies around low-risk areas, send small stacks to replenish my main armies and do all sorts of things with my unlimited number of stacks.

    On the battle side:
    - I think that the removal of tight/loose formations and guard mode are unforgivable

    - Pila-wielding units can now only throw them on the charge and MUST throw them on the charge even if that means hitting their allies. It's incredibly stupid (as opposed to Rome 1, where pila-wielding units could be ordered to fire at will/hold fire and could throw their pila even whilst stationary)

    - "Victory points" totally negate any kind of strategic or tactical thinking, it is just a mad dash to the arbitrary points on the map

    - Even "super heavy" infantry run at speeds that would make Usain Bolt wilt and they fatigue far too slowly

    - Units no longer maintain formation (partly due to the removal of guard mode), so even the most hardened, disciplined Roman troops descend into disorganised mass-brawling when engaged by an enemy, and will not move even if their allies are being hacked to death right next to them or they are being pelted with arrows from a few metres away, but will also pursue any enemy that engages them to the ends of the earth unless stopped (another result of removal of guard mode).

    That is along with battles being way too short. Top-tier units, entire battle hardened armies will rout in under two minutes. In a game famous for its epic, real-time, 3D battles...

    All in all, the bugs and graphical issues may be fixed, as with previous instalments. However, I feel that unlike the previous games, Rome 2 does not really feel like a Total War game, it lacks that certain something, the soul of the Total War series. It feels like a cheap imitation from some two-bit company on a budget trying to emulate Creative Assembly. Except the graphics, which are good... when they work.

    This is not the game we were promised, and after years of waiting, it is such a huge disappointment.

    The UI is also, in my opinion, way too large and obstructive; you can't even reduce the size of the mini-map any more, only remove it. The unit cards are confusing and take up a lot of space. Information is too hard to easily discern and the whole campaign map aspect has been horribly castrated.

    I'm giving this horribly disappointing, sterile, bloated mess of a game 2/10, the 2 purely for the nice visuals.
  82. Sep 9, 2013
    I for one am so disappointed with this release, how any one marks this game up is beyond me, where do i start, for one there are about 100 factions, in my game egypt and carthage were destroyed by some desert raiding parties after 10 turns and now all i have to fight are tiny tribal factions so the challenge has completey gone, the fps is so bad i can't bare to attack settlements so just autoresolve most battles, i have no idea who is even the leader of my faction half the time, naval battles develop into farce and are impossible to control when you have more than 5 ships. The battle speed is horrendously fast and the flag is probably the most ridiculous feature i have seen in a computer game, gone are the days where you could fight with a small army and lead them to victory against overwelming odds due to clever manipulation of the terrain aka MTW2. The units are boring, graphics and textures look worse than MTW2 and RTW, how can that be possible!! For some reason land armies can move the same distance as ships in open ocean??? I was so excited for this game and its a complete let down, i adore this series i even liked ETW and STW2 but this is a complete let down, i'll keep plugging away hoping for fixes but only half my issues are surrounding AI and FPS the rest is surrounding the diabolical "improvements" they made wich i'm sure there far to stubborn to remove or amend so i think i might have to just chalk this up as a waste of time, money and excitement. Expand
  83. Sep 9, 2013
    This is Rome Total Mess. They managed to fail in all aspects of the game: strategy, tactics, even technical (which is probably the only aspect that can and will be fixed). It's so not fun and so disappointing! Do not expect epic tactical battles, TW has become just another arcade with quick-button-pressing 1-minute fights. Being a TW fun since the first(!) Shogun, I pre-ordered the game, and I feel stupid now for supporting the product that does not deserve it. Avoid buying it, and if you do buy it, do not complain you were not warned. Expand
  84. Sep 9, 2013
    A completely watered down, stupified version of a classic series. This game has gone wrong in so many places for me personally. Nearly every aspect of Total War that I love is absent from this title. With patches it will be "playable" i'm sure, but it will never be a true total war game, stop trying to say otherwise. No functioning diplomacy. No family tree. Every turn is a year. AI is somehow more dumb than in previous titles, including Rome 1. The provincial system is atrocious and lacks explanation, tell what what these new "features" are without making us go through the obnoxious encyclopedia full of useless information. I could go on, if you're looking for a game that feels like total war, and looks good, get Shogun 2 if you haven't already. Otherwise, ignore this title for now ,at least until it's priced accordingly to the quality of the game. Thoroughly disappointed in the Creative Assembly. Thanks for making this title for people who don't play the series.... Expand
  85. Sep 10, 2013
    This game is only slightly better than Empire Total War, in that it is actually playable. That doesn't mean you'll actually want to play it, though. The game is full of annoyances: graphical bugs, bad computer AI that will literally run in circles around the battlefield and use almost nothing but slingers in battle, constant crashing during siege battles, and an bad unit cards that are hard to tell apart from other unit cards. At the beginning of the game the time it takes to load a new turn is maybe a minute for me. After about 50 turns, I'll be lucky to have the end turn cycle done by the time I cook and eat dinner and enjoy some time with my family (you know, if the AI doesn't interrupt the end turn sequence with constant begging for money).

    On the plus side, it is pretty compared to the graphics of previous games. However, this doesn't make up for the atrocious game play. All in all, I would suggest that if you have to purchase a total war game, don't make it this one. Go back and buy the original Rome Total War or Medieval 2 (I can't vouch for Shogun 2, because I never played it).

    To sum up, this game was a disappointment. I regret buying it.
  86. Sep 10, 2013
    Everything is horrible about this game.
    I LOOOVED Shogun 2, and i had so many dreams and high hopes for Rome 2 (Even though i did not expect it to be better)
    I just wanted Shogun 2 but with Rome.. But no.
    It feels so different and many things you know from Shogun they have removed. My score is low, and some may say that it is too low. But I have horrible FPS especially during anything
    with water eventhough i have a good build, with low to none problems in any other game. Ran Metro Last light on highest with no problems.. In Rome 2 it's nearly impossible for me to play.
    AI is... Not even worth mentioning. I have no idea how they thought that it was an improvement from the others. Damn.

    You dropped the ball on this one.
  87. Sep 8, 2013
    This game was rushed. Abysmal optimisation, cardboard IA, first grader UI, broken replays, and totally lack of features such guard mode, chat lobby, multypler modes, family tree etc. We are lacking at least 6 to 12 months in development.
  88. Sep 6, 2013
    Wow, i'm a big fan of the total war series, i have played hundreds hours on every game since Rome 1, on every DLC, and i wanted so much to love this one! here were so much announcements, but it appears it was mostly false advertising...
    The AI was never very good in any total war, but at least, if you played "fair" and don't used and abused of some tricks, you could have great challenges,
    especially in napoleon and shogun 2 You could enjoy from time to time some epic battles if you played in very hard or legendary, be it a victory or not, that was something quite unique in my video game experience.
    Rome 2 was advertised as putting that at another scale.

    But the problem is... the AI is dumber than in any previous total wars i played, even Rome 1.
    On the campaign map the AI can't build balanced armies, balanced settlements, and on the field, it's worse...
    Either they storm you and try to outnumber you by throwing everything in a big melee (clash of 12000 men's, i dreamed of that... i had 2200 mens against 10000... and i won with less than 500 losses because the AI just throw everything in a big mass, you flank that mass, and they almost instantly routed... not fun at all... no strategy involved, it's absolutely not "epic"...) or if there is a wall between you and them, you can just take a break of one hour or fast forward the battle, because either they will not even try to approach the walls, they will not use their siege weapons, and if you kill the unit trying to ignite the door (yes, you can take Rome or Carthage just by putting a damn door on fire with some torches your soldier throw at it, like in shogun 2.. )
    Well, i'm very disappointed, there is many little things i don't like very much in the game, but they are often design choices, and well, i have to do with that until someone mod them, and there is also some things that are well thoughts, like the province system, the nice campaign map... but the AI!! It's the meat of the game! How could it be possible they never realised there was such a big problem before releasing that game (and advertising that it was the best AI ever...)???
    Until the AI is not fixed, i can't rate this game over 0, because it's supposed to be a strategy game, and there is obviously no strategy nor fun at all in the solo campaign (i don't play multi, so i can't rate that)

    And sorry for my bad bad english...
  89. Sep 10, 2013
    Cons: Game-breaking bugs. AI terrible. UI unintuitive & weird. Battles supremely disappointing. Alt-tab seizure-inducing. Pros: Graphics better. Prologue decent DO NOT BUY. The game gets worse the more you play it. The Prologue is a nice start. I liked the way it walks you through most of what you need to know for the Campaign. However, even here there were glimpses of trouble. I gave up after bugs prevented me from finishing the Prologue 2 times. The thing with the Prologue is that you can't finish a turn unless you finish the objective they identify, and sometimes a bug prevents you from fulfilling the objective until the next turn...yeah.

    Then you get to the Campaign, and the bugs just multiply like, well...bugs. Even the proper "features" that were supposed to be newly-added into the game are terrible, almost to a fault. Battle objectives suck, and are totally irrelevant to any kind of strategy and yet can still decide the outcome of battles. Agents are arbitrarily grouped into 3 for no real reason that I can comprehend. The game's encyclopaedia is slow, not really informative, and if the game had been done properly, almost entirely unnecessary anyway. I could keep going, about the AI, the UI, the performance issues, the interaction between armies and navies, the interaction between embarked armies and the coastline, the graphical glitches, the collision errors, and so on. Turns take several minutes (due to 117 in-game factions), random frame hangs will occur for no apparent reason, and

    One particular category of failure that should be mentioned is with regard to cinematics. The intro movie is low-res, low-texture, low-polygon, and feels like low-setting gameplay rather than a beautiful, inspiring pre-rendered piece of art designed as a fitting intro to a wonderful game. Though I guess in its current state it sort of fits. In-game, cinematics are almost completely lacking. As opposed to the original RTW, where cinematics were in every construction card, and Shogun 2, where agents got beautiful, varied cinematics depicting their actions, the only cinematics I have seen thus far have been for family deaths. Even here, it is hugely disappointing. The cinematic is a short clip, maybe 10 seconds long, with no sound and having almost no meaningful content whatsoever.

    I'm giving this a 2/10 because despite its flaws, it has SOME redeeming qualities. The graphics are decent (not spectacular, but decent), the campaign map is far more reflective of reality, the cinematic view, so far as I've used it, seems a welcome and interesting addition, and at least it has few of the bugs in the original Rome: Total War. Unfortunately, they seem to have been replaced with a completely different, much more debilitating set of new bugs.
  90. Sep 17, 2013
    [comment no longer applicable, removed by the author] [comment no longer applicable, removed by the author] [comment no longer applicable, removed by the author]
  91. Sep 10, 2013
    This game is good when it works. However the bugs and gfx issues are crippling, and its a step back from the rich strategy tapesty of history and battle I expect from the Total War series.

    Biggest issues for me? Battles are too fast to really enjoy. I want to feel like I'm in the thick of it, not having to panic zoom in and out to micro-manage my units.

    Also day 1 DLC so -2 points
    automatically. Expand
  92. Sep 5, 2013
    The game is laggy and ugly even on my relatively good computer. I'm not going to play it until it is patched and hopefully optimized and I can't recommend it to anyone. I feel sorry I preordered this unfinished game.

    At the moment it is the ugliest Total war game ever. The graphics look like they are 10 years old.
  93. Sep 5, 2013
    I'm changing my score for now, because of obvious reasons - 1) AI 2) UI 3) No connection to faction no family tree 4) Diplomacy needs rebalancing 5) The sea battles are terrible, transports are op 6) No blood seriosly, in a game about warfare?Grow some balls. 7) Battle pacing is terrible 8) Too many too fast reloading magic abilities 9) Pushed out before the GPU drivers were created terrible optimization
    10) Even on extreme graphics are blurry and lack proper AA
    11) is it not enough?
  94. Sep 4, 2013
    Rome 2 is unfortunately a disappointment. Essentially the battles are a disorganized mess and over in 5 minutes. I don't feel I am a general in this game as victory is assured by simply clicking attack, with the scope for strategy and tactics severely limited.

    The strategy map on the other hand is quite easy to deal with, and the strategy AI certainly has improved over Shogun 2. However
    the user interface is a bit clunky.

    The game as a whole is fairly bug free, however it is poorly optimized. My computer exceeds the recommended specs but still struggles to run this game in the lowest graphical settings. Overall, if you are looking for a good Total War style/strategy game, don't buy this game!
  95. Sep 10, 2013
    Unoptimized even a high end PC cant run it more that 15 fps...
    **** AI.
    Buggy as hell.
    Alot of missing features....They should of not released it at this stage its a kick in the balls to all TW FANS
  96. Sep 10, 2013
    Such a disappointment since there was so much hype I paid full price, in fact pre purchased and they just over complicated the UI. The new mechanics are horrible. what happened? If you played Shogun 2 this would be considered a big slap to your face. All of these dishonest reviews that hide the fact that it's obviously bugged a lot. No cut scenes to make it immersed like Shogun 2. Creative Assembly said they had 40% more of a budget in this game. I wonder what they spent it on definitely not the game maybe instead on the photo editing they used on the pics they released. Or the trailers maybe even for their hotels or casinos. Everything they said that built up our expectations are lies, ALL OF THEM!!! Well I know these bugs can be patched but they should of known when they released it. It seems Creative Assembly used their interns to do the A.I. Well... "Rome wasn't built in a day," but it seems this game was made in a day. Expand
  97. Jan 2, 2014
    Gamers please, do not listen to paid off "reviewers!"
    Notice the latest trend of "big name" reviewers (gamespot, gamefront,pcgamer,IGN etc) are LYING right into your face with their bought and paid game reviews. They are corrupt and they are not telling the truth. It seem to become a trend now, forcing thousands off their websites who doesn't agree and keep lying! They are paid off by
    the companies, who release a mess of codes and call it a game! You are buying trash! You are buying unplayable trash! It's time to punish these companies and their paid off reviewers by not going to their sites and not buying the games! One of the sites just about the name Rome Total War Rome 2 as "Game of the Year" while 4 patches ahead, the game is still unplayable! Expand
  98. Sep 5, 2013
    Terrible release, full of bugs and incredibly questionable game mechanic decisions..Diplomacy and battles AI are broken, game code in unoptimized. they removed several features from previous games and dumbed it down for no apparent reason.Some stuff will be fixed by community and/or CA but other things (like flag points in battles are not possible to remove and they are killing the game.

    Wait till it's fixed and in bargain bin, not worth full price att
  99. Sep 10, 2013
    I know its not a real review. But just warning to people wanting to buy this game, Im pretty sure 90% of the critics on the left side there have been paid off. 100/100, really?
  100. Sep 6, 2013
    If you are expecting Total War Rome 2 having played the first one then you will be disappointed. This is some new game based in the same era without the complexity or depth of play of the old one.

    The information you require to make your decisions is hard to find thanks to a bad UI but that's OK as there are no real bad decisions in this game. During battle you can and you can spend
    your time watching the game play rather than worrying about playing it and use your magic abilities like fast reload for your missile troops with infinite ammo.

    They have taken away a lot of the realism and management completely and introduced pretty graphics.

Generally favorable reviews - based on 71 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 49 out of 71
  2. Negative: 7 out of 71
  1. Nov 18, 2013
    The game is far less polished than Shogun 2, and a few more patches will help, but Rome II is still a flawed game that is underwhelming when compared to previous titles in the franchise.
  2. Nov 6, 2013
    And here’s the rub: every addition, every sub-system, every mechanic is subservient to War. War is what Total War is really about. Everything else not directly related to conflict comes across as ancillary. Rome II is a game for warmongers, on both the campaign map and, obviously, on the battlefield. When peace is happening, nothing is happening. When war is happening, Rome comes alive.
  3. Oct 28, 2013
    If you will play literally anything featuring Total War and Rome in the same title and don't value your time, this is for you. [Nov 2013, p.80]