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  • Summary: Trine is a physics-based action game where three characters allow clever solutions to challenges created by hazardous puzzles and threatening enemies. The gameplay is based on fully interactive physics - each character's different abilities and tactics can be used to invent new ways to overcome obstacles and save the kingdom! [Frozenbyte] Expand
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 43 out of 50
  2. Negative: 0 out of 50
  1. Trine's got the gameplay and the looks to make it well worth your time and money.
  2. Trine proves that if you have an original mix of ideas, even old school gameplay can still work great, especially when paired with incredible visuals and extremely polished code. So, it is a bit short and lacks long-term replayability and gets scored accordingly, but don't let that stop you - Trine is definitely something special.
  3. Trine is definitely worth spending some time with. It doesn’t bring anything new to the table, but what it does it does well.
  4. Trine isn't as new and exciting as current 2D platforming king Braid was on its release, but its combination of tight controls, exiting action and physics-based puzzles makes it easy to recommend to platforming fans. It's a shame the multiplayer isn't more interesting, but when played alone it shouldn't be hard to get many hours of fun out of Frozenbyte's impressive looking title.
  5. A tactile, inventive and lovely platform adventure.
  6. Trine is a near-miss attempt to revive the 2D puzzle platformer of old.

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 66 out of 79
  2. Negative: 2 out of 79
  1. Jan 10, 2013
    I just checked a couple of screenshots before getting Trine and thought about having it as a resting game from some heavy time-consuming titles I was playing.

    Still when I started the game and saw the story and the amazing visuals... felt so happy to have bought it. Not to mention the collaborative approach that makes you think that one skill is never enough but is team work what can make things really really work.

    I completely congratulate the company and developers for this game that gave me some really nice hours of fun. You can see in every aspect of the game that the people were putting their heart, from the visuals, to the gameplay, the story to the puzzles, its a game designed and developed with passion.

    The only downturn is that the "Very Hard" difficult only unlocks when you first beat the game and I am the kind of person who would like to play a game only once and in maximum difficulty, besides being only slight difference among them.

    Thumbs up for this amazing game!!!
  2. Jul 6, 2011
    This is the kind of game that is often overlooked in the sea of games but it's a real gem. My game library consists of every other type of game but this one and let me tell you..... I can't put it down now. It's very pleasing to the eyes and fun for the brain. I've got fast paced racing and ultra violent shooters .... but this game has gotten a good chunk of time since I got it last month. It's like a sweet little escape into a pretty world with fun physics puzzles and a little old fashioned combat. Expand
  3. Feb 12, 2013
    great game, great platormer gameplay. the graphics are pretty good for a side scroller and i dont know of many games like it for the pc. maybe rocket knight, but that one is a bit different in gameplay. trine uses three characters that combine their skills to get past each level. its really fun to play with another in co-op mode. the story revolves three characters a wizard, thief, and warrior that come together to save their world from evil unleashed. anything less than 9, is saying there are platformers better than this on the pc... Expand
  4. Jun 14, 2011
    Trine is a short and sweet physics platformer with great visuals and music. Controls are intuitive and it never gets overly difficult. It's definitely worth its $20 price tag. Expand
  5. Jan 6, 2012
    Trine is a charming fantasy platform with fantastic 3D visuals despite only being navigational in two dimensions. The canvas of the game is vibrant and glowing with true fantasy which draws in you in and keeps you continuing this pleasant and humorous tale. The puzzle elements aren't overly taxing and never angered or had me stumped for too long to discourage me from the game. The developers have cleverly combined three unique and individual characters into the players hands that can be switched between to fulfil specific challenges and tasks though the player is never given a concrete solution to each obstacle and can complete each encounter in their own way. The game is not too short nor too long and has replay value via Steam achievements and finding all the secrets within the game.
    One annoyance I did find was that if I had to quit the game mid mission then I would have to start from the beginning of that level when I returned; despite having passed numerous checkpoints I still had to begin from the start even if I was within footsteps of the finish.
  6. Jul 9, 2011
    Trine is a very cool game from graphics to music, and with the classic fairy tale story it's a can't miss. Very gorgeous too look at and to sum up in one word the graphics are wonderful! Everything is put together so well and very pretty i might add. Music is great wonderful fantasy themed and is perfect for the atmosphere of the game. A downside is a not very long campaign, or very much variation. The puzzles are simple but yet there are at least 3 ways to solve each one depending on who is left alive in your party. If you can get this game for $10 or less, do it. Its a fun game that will give you around 5 hours of once-through game play :) Expand
  7. Apr 25, 2013
    I picked it up on a Steam sale, along with its sequel, looking for a good platform game. Graphically is just great for a platform game, cool sound, and cool characters, each one with his own specialties. Sadly, the games has many flaws that make's it really boring after just a couple of levels. First is the physic engine, which makes really hard to jump to small areas. The puzzle were just to easy to deserve that name. And the levels feels repetitive almost immediately. There is no sens of progression. The story is average, but you will hardly see any connection with the gameplay. And the worst part, what will make you want to quite the game after less than 30 minutes of playing THE COMBATS!! First of all, the enemies are EXTREMELY REPETITIVE. Basically bats and different kind of skeletons (knights, archers, flame throwers, etc) and I can't describe how boring is to fight them... Avoiding them by jumping without being cut is really hard, and you will be in many situations were as soon as you kill a skeleton, a new one spawn. And fighting them is also terrible, the archer can't throw arrows in the air, and has no defense. Basically stay away and throw as many arrows as you can. The wizard only can crash skeletons by levitating stuffs, has no defense skill, and has no way to kill bats!!!. And finally the knight, the combative one, you basically stay cover with you shield, wait for the skeleton to hit you, and then just click many times until he is dead. Compare this with the old DOS prince of persia combat system, and this is just patetic.... So in the end, a boring, yet graphically beautiful platform game to soon be forget. Expand

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