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  1. Jan 1, 2011
    The stronger points of the game are that it has a fantastically dark atmosphere, believable and often intense characters (something which alot of games lack), and a solid storyline that does the game justice. Also, you choose at the beginning which bloodline (faction) you are part of, which will directly affect your relationships with the characters in-game, offering variation and replayablility, if you don't mind already knowing the storyline the second time through. Finally, the level design is very well done, giving varied and interesting locations that will keep your interest, no rampant cookie-cutter design here.

    On the down side, it is a dated game, having been released in 2004, so you will probably only get the most out of it if you don't mind the avatars looking a bit blocky compared to what you might be used to. I'm sure it was 'fairly' close to cutting edge graphics in 2004, but if you can look past it, the game will suck you in and you won't notice.

    It was mentioned that the game doesn't feel finished by one reviewer, and while I disagree, I can see why that might come up. The game is completely set at night, so far as I can remember, so you won't get the bustling city feel that daytime would bring, and also it doesn't have a huge amount of side quests that seem to pack into games these days (to cover up lack of original content), but there is plenty to keep you occupied.. you won't get bored.

    Also, apparently the game was quite buggy at release. I'd used the official patch when I played it, and didn't come across any problems. I certainly didn't come close to checking on forums, as one or two others had, but everyone plays a game differently, and it's becoming standard practice to check forums rather than think a problem through, or work around it. Regardless, apparently the unofficial patch made by fans is the best, from what I gather.

    Overall I greatly enjoyed the game and thought it to be underrated, definately a pleasant surprise. At no point did I get bored, even though there are many areas, nor did I question whether I'd see it through to the end, unlike quite a few games which get churned out. The storyline was interesting, and I found myself carefully watching the behaviour of all the characters, not quite sure who to trust, as it should be in a vampire underworld. The hotel level was especially spooky, I might add ;) good job on that. I only wish that there was a sequel.
  2. Dec 26, 2011
    For roleplaying translated to video gaming, Vampire Bloodlines appeals like no other game out there.

    I start with its one flaw. When it first came out reviewers more or less panned it because of its bugs which made it unplayable for many. I personally never experienced any bugs that destroyed my gameplay experience, but no doubt, it had a few glitches that forced me to save frequently
    to be on the safe side and be a little patient with it, like a wild animal - wondrous but unpredictable. That said, there are many free user-created patches which solve this problem, easy to install and find. I found them almost ten years ago, well-before I started using mods.

    But why bother with Bloodlines if there are other newer games with professional support? Well, there is still no game out there that captures horror cyberpunk in video gaming so well. It matches Deus Ex for crafty grit and conspiracy. It horrifies while pulling you in. Several stories play with zombie survival, even subtly introducing a George Romero-style character. Other stories feel more like the movie Session 9. Most stories, though, put you in the shoes of a capable investigator who's in way over his head - think Blade Runner, with less cyborg and more vampire. You rifle through drawers, question strange personalities, occasionally run for your life, sneak down hallways, fight notorious killers, meet a variety of damsels in distress which put Witcher to shame, and maneuver between gritty Chinatown Tong. There's simply enough style to cover 5 games and yet they cohesively run together to present you with "the World of Darkness."

    Aside from the stories and mood, the music supports the general atmosphere (with all its turns) with songs from artists like Collide, Massive Attack, Chiasm, and Rob Zombie, as well as some more ambient tracks. Bloodlines immerses, if nothing else. But what about the gameplay ask modern players?

    It's well-conceived but nothing spectacular. It will feel much like Deus Ex yet again, but with the graphics those fans wished for. True, by today's standards of fps, Bloodlines doesn't amaze. There are relatively few gun choices, relatively simple combat effects, and you don't get a ton of fancy moves or smooth-as-butter controls. What it gives up in combat play it makes up for in choices and character build: just like its runner up in rpgs, Deus Ex. Comparisons here are unavoidable since the controls can seem a little clunky compared to modern games, but the variety of choices balances this. Few games offer such variety in character building though, except for maybe Fallout 3. And few games emphasize those skills as well through multiple routes to solve almost any confrontation. One might sneak past guards, persuade them to allow you to pass, seduce them with a wink, intimidate with the help of some vampire glamour, find a back entrance and pick the lock, go in guns blazing, or even charge in with a katana like Musashi himself. There really, really, is no game out there that rewards attention to character creation like this. Between the quest options, the clan choices in character creation, the character build choices, and your influence on factions, possibilities are endless. It is literally the only rpg or fps Iâ
  3. Apr 8, 2011
    An excellent vampire RPG. Its dark, gripping and often humorous setting makes it the perfect palate cleanser for those of you foolish enough to watch Twilight . Just remember to download the unofficial patch, otherwise, the game is almost unplayable.
  4. Jul 30, 2011
    In a time where "role playing game" seems to mean either Star Wars-esque space RPG or Tolkien-esque knights, wizards, and elves, this game stands alone as a genuinely unique RPG experience. The game is a little opaque at first, since even veteran RPG enthusiasts will find themselves scratching their heads at at skills and classes they've never met before, not to mention becoming accustomed to the bloodpool/feeding system (which is essentially a more complex mana system) and a non-traditional but pleasantly simplified experience system. Nonetheless, RPG enthusiasts who investigate this diamond in the rough are sure to be surprised at how deep and rewarding a game VMB turns out to be. It's full of unique characters as interesting and fully developed as any you'd find in an RPG from Bethesda or Bioware---if not more so! The game also goes above and beyond the RPG call of duty by rising above mere fetch quests and combat, sending you on a variety of interesting missions. Don't be surprised to find yourself playing action one minute, mystery the next, and horror the next. (Not just horror in the sense of "look, there are vampires in this game", but the game has some truly scary situations, ranging from merely creepy to nail-biting.) Finally, even when you're killing time in between quests, the game will charm you with its originality and atmosphere. When you find yourself sitting at your desk in your safehouse, checking your email on your computer while laughing at the hysterical "frickin' chicken" commercial on the radio for the hundredth time, you realize that this dark world is simply a place you like to be. VERDICT: If you're thirsty for a rewarding RPG campaign but are getting tired of swimming in an ocean of Star Wars and Tolkien, you should definitely pick this up. It's worth every penny of it's $20 price tag, but if you see it on sale, you'd be a fool to pass it up. Expand
  5. May 3, 2013
    True to it's reputation, one of the best true RPG games ever. From an RPG perspective, an absolutely perfect experience. Perhaps the nicest thing was that this is an RPG that is actually something other than sword&sorcery or cyberpunk. Based firmly in the well-established pen and paper game, which guarantees rich background and tried and tested game mechanics. Darkness, corruption, huge depth and variety. Side quests galore. I actually snuck hours of game time in my office I was so sucked into this game!

    Get the community patch

    Cons; a dated graphics engine.
  6. Apr 6, 2012
    It seems that every time I watch the ending of this game I can't help but to roll up another character and march right back into the World of Darkness. This game is not without a collection of flaws (hit-and-miss combat, skills that fluctuate wildly in usefulness), but none of those things matter in the face of its strengths; no game can be perfect in everything, and this game (when patched, and thus no longer very buggy) succeeds marvelously in everything it aims to do; tone, story, conversation, and other such things that are the hallmarks of the World of Darkness. What more can you ask for in a game? Expand
  7. Sep 13, 2013
    There are so many fantastic things about this game that I don't know where to start.. ..for the first half of the game. The game then deteriorates to a semi-boring shooter. I've read a rumor somewhere that the development team was fired and replaced. I don't know if that's true, but it would certainly explain why the game halfway through suddenly goes from being the best rpg ever made to a half-arsed shooter with rpg elements.
    Still, the first half of the game is so good it deserves 10/10 even in light of the second half.
    The modding community have also made rather good mods, that changes game-mechanics and makes available sabbat bloodlines.
  8. Nov 2, 2011
    Vampire the masquerade: Bloodlines isn't a roleplaying game! i would say it is a FPS adventure with dialogues with NPC characters that make the game experience more rewarding. The character development system is well sorted out. The combact system is based on real time even if you're accuracy and both damage with melee or fire weapons are determined by your skills. The musics are really good and well chosen for the game dark atmosphere. A game well done produced by Troika Games (that has also produced Arcanum). The mission in the hotel was really creepy and one of the best level in the game! Sure a game that has to be bought! Expand
  9. Mar 7, 2011
    The most atmospheric game I have ever played. Voice acting puts even games like Mass Effect to their knees (and I'm a huge fan of ME). Soundtrack fits the theme perfectly. If I was a billionaire I would propably fund the studio to remake this game with new engine and plenty of time to refine it and big marketing so that this masterpiece would get the attention it deserves.
    This is the only
    game that has scared me even with my big brother in my room and sunlight coming inside the room. Those creepers without torso coming jumping at my face really haunt me in my dreams still! I think this is a classic that unfortunately won't be matched in a long time when it comes to atmosphere and story quality. If you like good stories this is your game. If you hate bugs, download unofficial patches. If you want to get immersed in the best world yet made in the industry, buy this game. Expand
  10. Mar 28, 2011
    This was probably the only hybrid between RPG and a first person action game done right. Versatile character system enables different character builds and styles of gameplay. Skills and powers are well utilized in non-combat gameplay. Writing, story, setting and atmosphere are superb. Bugs, which were a major flaw of the game when it was released, are fixed by Wesp's unofficial patch, confirming the old adage of "Bugs can be fixed, but (good / bad) design stays forever". Too bad that the endgame was combat only, thanks to the rushed development. Expand
  11. Mar 25, 2011
    This is easily one of the best RPG games I have ever played. The voice acting and dialogue is extremely well done, and the choices in the dialogue are smart and interesting. The level up system is easy to understand, and the classes are all interesting and unique. Beating the game will take a good 35 hours easily, and beating it again is very with another class is still fun.
  12. Nov 1, 2011
    The absolutely best RPG I've ever played to date. Many modern games have done a few things well, but VtMB is still he full-package greatness. Let me boil it down in 3 points.

    1) Absolutely UNIQUE play style between many bloodlines (races) way beyond simple +1 to melee or +2 to spell damage. The extent of which is still unmatched in any game to date. Ex: One bloodline have you hiding
    in sewers, making old lady faint from the sight of you. Another bloodline have you manipulating people's mind with psychotic hilarity. It's a step-up addition to the traditional persuader, gunner, slasher, sneaker, hacker approaches that this game also has. Except this step-up doesn't just play different, it FEELS different.

    2) The more outrageous the character, the more difficult it is for the writer to maintain the suspension of disbelief. This game has some of the wildest characters in video game and I never blinked. The game is so filled with great nuggets of excellent writing/design that if you keep exploring, you constantly keep getting amused for many playthrough.

    3) FULLY voiced game with some of the most convincing voice-over in video game. Combine this with the most effective facial and body animation to add body language. The characters feel so alive and believable. Compare this to the character animation and voice work of Half Life 2 (original) and Knights of the Old Republic, and you can see what a technical marvel this game was. Play the dialogue scenes of this game, then switch to "modern" titles like Fallout 3 or Mass Effect 2. The game was not just ahead of its time, it's still ahead in our time. Today's games like LA Noir experiments and sell it off like a gimmick, VtMB had VO and animation working just fine in a real game long ago.
  13. Aug 8, 2011
    This is an often overlooked game which is easily one of the best RPGs ever made. The game combines the typical RPG settings with some survival style action. The result are an amazing, complex story which you get to experience through a very dark atmosphere, often reminiscent of the older Resident Evil games ( although this time you are the monster ). There is a good variation in how people respond to you based on your clan and the extra options available based on your talent selections. There are some clear bugs and occasional lackluster enemy AI, but these issues don't really hinder your enjoyment of the game. Expand
  14. Aug 26, 2011
    This is probably one of the games that has the most bugs, the most glitches, and the most crashes I've played in the past ten years. It is also one of the best games I have ever played. The theme and mood are perfectly put together. Most of the quests are both exciting and interesting, without any filler whatsoever. It is incredibly fun to experience the growth and development of your vampire. The only aspect that will bore you and aggravate you will be the bugs, glitches, crashes, and sometimes sub par AI. Even the voice acting is well done. Easily, one of my current top five favorite games of all time on the PC. Even with all the glitches, bugs, and crashes. Do not miss out on this one! It took me about 43 hours to complete. Expand
  15. Nov 9, 2011
    story! gameplay! atmosphere! the best vampire game I've ever played. they should make a movie franchise on this stuff instead of twilight. can be buggy but its still worth it. they aren't as bad as people make them out to be.
  16. Dec 9, 2012
    This game sets a high standard for RPGs, if you can get past the shoddy dull combat and outdated graphics and enjoy the dialogue and the choices you are given then this game is an amazing experience. You have different factions and two sides, your decisions result in factions having different opinions of you which results in different quests and dialogues throughout the game. How you choose to go about quests will affect what others think of you. There are many memorable characters in this game and it is full of charm. Not only that but it provides amazing atmospheres and realistic locations. You also get certain races with certain traits and it allows for great role-playing unmatched by most other games. This game has tons of re-playability and has an amazing immersion experience. The only real flaw is the combat. This is one of those games where combat is simply unnecessary and might as well be removed but because the other aspects of this game are so great I can overlook this. Without a doubt one of the best RPGs of all time. Expand
  17. Mar 25, 2012
    A Legendary game let down by its publisher (ACTIVISION) and a variety of other issues. Unpolished (especially gameplay) but yet somehow it still deserves a 10/10. In reality it deserves a 9 but crap like Mass effect and Halo gets 10/10 these days so it would be shameful to give it any less. A heavily flawed masterpiece.
  18. Jul 24, 2012
    The game is certainly good (one of the best out there, and certainly better than most this days). You can play it on any OS (I use Ubuntu and finished the game already 4 times thanks to Wine), it has an active modding community (mods keep games alive). It's true the game was released before time (thanks to producers, not to developers), and it's a shame Troika broke after the first (and only) patch, but the game is fun, specially with the community patches, and mods. :)

    The game has good graphics (for the time it was released), good music, awesome ambient (it's the most important feature in a VTM based game), the characters are different, and you can play the game in different ways, to reach different endings (it has 5). Certainly, the game deserves the overall rating. :)
  19. Jul 29, 2013
    My favorite single player RPG of all time... very possibly my favorite single player game of all time. It's got it's glitches... Troika was shut down before they could be fixed but thankfully an awesome modding community not only stepped in to fix the game but also to improve it. Get this, get the unofficial mod, get some more content, and let your inner vamp run wild.
  20. Aug 1, 2012
    A classic game for fans of RP's a little buggy at times, but considering its a tabletop rp made into a video game it's an impressive conversion. The graphics are good for the era of it's release, and the customization is impressive. While not official there are mods one can find which expand on some of the lore.
  21. Aug 4, 2012
    Truly one of the greatest games ever made and brilliant for its time. this game creates an amazing atmosphere and is very entertaining and ven though it does take a while to get moving through the game its also like watching a movie and the games freedom of choosing what missions to complete first really make it easy for the novice player. this game is recommended mainly toward teens but is a game anyone will love.... hope to one day see this re-released back in stores... for more information you would like to know about this game from an experienced person who has completed this game... contact me on Expand
  22. Oct 10, 2013
    Look, I hate Sparkling Edward, I despise those wimpy "vampires" known from books and TV screens, I keep away from anything that touches the subject. Real, demonic and frightening vampyres can be found only in the Lumley's "Necroscope" series books. Every other "vampire" is a pathetic, laughable Period.
    However, encouraged by positive reviews and the World of Darkness system employed in
    the VtM:B, I decided to give it a go. And I was awed. Yeah, finally somebody made a game in which vampires are what they should be!
    A very interesting plot, wonderful game system, astounding (and well optimized! Remember that the game was made by undermanned Troika they must have worked on it 24/7 with glucose IVs attached to their veins, respect, guys!) art assets and game system, memorable characters, awesome voice overs and dialogues, a nice and perfectly balanced mixture of grotesque, horror, black humor and gore, very high replay value... I do not give 10 just because some bugs managed to ruin certain aspects and moments.
    I play RPG games for the same reason I read books. I want Adventure, Emotions, want to be taken away from the mundane reality and experience something epic. And this wonderful game gave me a real trip to the fascinating World of Darkness, fulfilling all my expectations and hopes. Thank you, Troika!
  23. Oct 31, 2013
    This is a wonderful game with several acts and different characters that change up the game allowing for interesting replays that are different. The dark atmosphere of this game is great. I replayed this recently and I have to say that this game holds up very well despite being nearly a decade old. Try it with the unofficial patch and enjoy!
  24. Aug 5, 2014
    As much as I truly loved the first Vampire: The Masquerade - Redemption. I must admit, that this is probably even better and definitely more replayable. The sheer variety between different clans, their playstyles, using different skills and various approach to your quests is fantastic. Speaking of quests, man, this is the good stuff, that's how you do quality writing for a game, engaging, captivating, the story, dialogues and the overall atmosphere and feeling you get from this game is incredible. If I boldly say the best vampire game ever created, I don't think I am too far from the truth. Kids, forget the Twilight, True Blood and crap like that, this is the good vampire stuff right here. 10/10 Expand
  25. May 2, 2014
    Simply said, it probably has the best plot in any video game that I have ever played, the combat and gameplay are also unique and more or less decently implemented, the only reason it's not a 10 is because of the bugs and the unfinished look, which is due to the "drama" this game's development experienced, and even so it still ends up being one of the best games ever made.
  26. Jul 28, 2011
    This is a totally unique first-person RPG experience. Troika did an amazingly job crafting a believable vampire world full of interesting characters you can meet and get to know. This is truly a game you experience rather than just play. Even though I played it years ago, so many scenes are so fresh in my mindâ
  27. Apr 8, 2011
    Vampire Masquerade Bloodlines,This game is HUGE,and ROCKS my socks off BIGTIME,If playing ISO-files or the original cd `s : I`ll recommend for smooth playing on XP/Vista/win7-players the unofficial v.7.3 patch (64-bit ready as well,) ,also recommend the Respatcher installed for widescreen-mode playing..But If purchased the game through ,my experience is that the official patch v.1.2 or the unofficial v.7.3 patch wont run the game,I haven`t found a useful patch/fix or working tips to run it so far. (got the Engine DLL error,Less than 15MB RAM available) ..

    Back to the game: A huge RPG-game with long playtime,It blends from First to third-person-view..Great graphics (still today) I`ll think a bit like a "blood-drinking Grand Theft Auto3" ,Do a main-quest,or take many side-quests all over the city for different characters from different vampire-clans.

    Excellent storyline,really awesome soundtracks,cool characters,black humour,plenty of different type of weapons,really creepy,fantastic and also among the most fascinating levels I`ve ever seen & played in a PC-game,Play as silent stealth,or play as a sword-swinging "give-a-damn-Rambo",you choose..Hack computers,lockpick doors,crawl inside buildings using vent or sewer-systems,manipulate or seduce people for blood and info,buy & sell items you come across,Build up your character`s strength,stamina & personality,This is fun fun fun..

    This game got everything for everybody..One of my 5 best all-timers still today! This game really should have deserved a international blockbuster-title if Activision had time to repair all the bugs on the original-game,before the release back in 2004..But today there`s patches (fixes) out there,And people really should give this game a second try.! :)
  28. Apr 7, 2012
    I'll begin by saying that prior to trying out the game I've barely known anything about the World of Darkness or the tabletop RPG, yet the game's setting and story immersed me fairly quickly. Once you get past the mediocre 45 minutes of a tutorial, that's when the game truly begins. It starts off more like a crime/noir style story with vampires, but eventually you get to try out all sorts of missions, ranging from full-on action, to stealth, to horror. The RPG elements are very good, because in the beginning you get to choose to play as one of 7 clans, all possessing different strengths, weaknesses, and special abilities. And as you progress through the game, you can choose to level up any of the available skills, and there are many. The story itself is pretty good too, many of the characters are memorable, and many of the locations are pretty atmospheric (even though some missions are really bland, like the sewers level). I'd say the game gives off some Deus Ex and GTA vibes, except with vampires. Now then, the game has aged quite significantly over the years and you can quickly see that the combat mechanic is nothing special. However, since the game is not all about combat, this is not a big flaw. Overall, if you've tried to explore and do all the sidequests, a single playthrough should last you at least 30 hours, and since you can play as up to 7 clans, the game has a good replayability; and although the story is very linear, the game has lots of sidequests, and of course multiple endings. So I'd say it's one of the better RPGs I have played. Expand
  29. May 27, 2011
    RPG with vampires, can you ask for more? :) Amazing story, characters, dark setting, quests, graphics (at the time, good even today), horror atmosphere. This is one epic game.
  30. Jul 29, 2011
    NOTE: YES, You can play this game on Windows 7 32 bit and 64 bit. Just select the .EXE for the game and click on Run in XP Mode with Service pack 3. So far it's a unique game. I waited until Steam had it on sale for $4.99.
  31. Aug 25, 2013
    An underrated, unpopular gem. Use the latest unofficial patch and get into the game it's worth it. Probably one of my favorite games of all time and it was released in 2004!
  32. Aug 19, 2011
    Couldn't even get it to work after paying a full $20 on steam, I'm a little upset to be honest, I heard great things about this game from my mates and I can't even play it. Thanks.
  33. Nov 20, 2012
    Fantastic RPG. It's unfortunate more RPGs like this aren't made anymore. Games like Skyrim excel only in their open world aspects. Their RPG aspects are few compared to games like this and Deus Ex. Just don't forget to patch it
  34. Aug 27, 2013
    The game is one of the most immersive RPGs' I have ever played, I connected with it's dark atmosphere, gritty settings, well developed characters and the White Wolf License. This game faced disaster when it first came out on the same day as Half-Life 2 back in 2004. Firstly releasing it against one of the most influential games was obviously going to side-line it, but, secondly the game wasn't finished by the time Activision decided to push it out; as a result it went into the wind, unheard of.

    I must state that I play games for their stories' and immersion, while some people may find other mediums of entertainment such as TV and Film to indulge in better stories; this game did not disappoint. The story of the Vampire clans vying for control in L.A and the underlying plot about a certain object is well thought out and crafted, supported by top-notch voice acting; all thanks to the Source engine.

    Graphically this game may look dated now that we are in 2013, but don't be fooled it still captures the gritty setting perfectly. The gameplay may also be dated, however as stated I mainly play games for their stories' and as a result tend not to focus on 'high' graphics and 'great' game-play. (I'm not saying it isn't integral of course). Speaking of the gameplay, the amount of variations that are found in the different vampire clans is fresh. For example if you play as a mad-stricken Malkavian, this may open up specific dialogue options and immersive events; and that's not even including the different powers and abilities.

    The game design isn't open-world, but boy it is fun to explore! The side-quests may not be as numerous as the ones' found in Skyrim or other top RPGs'. However the quests in VTMB are rich, immersive and are genuinely fun to play.

    Overall I find this game to be in my top 20, and would recommend this game to anyone who likes fresh, original, and immersive stories coupled with vampire fiction and good but not revolutionary game-play.
  35. Apr 23, 2014
    If you love games like Fallout or Skyrim, you will probably get some enjoyment out of this. There are some key differences though that really bring this game down, and only a few points that bring it up. First off it's not open world - at least not really. You are stuck in a city for each chapter and there aren't many chapters. Skills aren't very well done - some skills are straight up better than others and some are almost useless. This results in very similar characters each time you play.
    Equipment is mostly a joke - you don't really get much say in the matter each chapter has a better piece of equipment and you wear that for that chapter. Either that or you wear your weaker armor just so you can feel like you had some choice in the matter.
    Combat is a bit of a mix. Sometimes you feel like your really struggling and have to get the combos just right, other times it's a simple button mash. Mostly the latter.
    Last of the negatives is that the game is rather buggy at times. I once had a game breaking bug where I killed someone before the cutscene and couldn't progress.

    The positives are few but good enough to make the game stand out.
    It's much darker than something like fallout or skyrim. It's bloody and some characters really made an impression of being evil. The characters in general are well done - well except the main character, he/she is a bit cliche. Everyone else though felt like an actual person with believable motivations.
    Races do feel different from each other, though because of the skill systems flaws - some races also feel straight up better than others.

    Don't expect something quite as good as the other titles I mentioned, but I was pleasantly surprised by this little gem.
  36. Oct 30, 2013
    True to the gaming system it emulates. Lots of different powers/options for character creation. A very indepth story that is done well. It really does create the feeling of a separate vampire society. It is a bit more linear that I'd prefer and the random bugs also took it down a nothc. Still a solid game well worth the money.
  37. Oct 30, 2012
    This is definitely one of the best games I've ever played, easily the Game of the Year back in 2005. Story and gameplay are amazing! On todays machines, this game is playable on most laptops, I highly recommend it.
  38. Jan 8, 2013
    Incredible storyline, great gameplay, great soundtrack, I love this game. It is an excellent RPG and a horror game, no game has ever created such a feeling of fear and despair. It feels real and the atmosphere can shift in a second. Enviroments are incredible and well designed just like every part of this game. All the characters are interesting and unique and they all have phenominal voice acting. Gameplay is great although sometimes the combat can feel a bit clunky. It has the perfect difficulty - not too easy to cakewalk through but not too hard to feel frustrating. Vampire: Bloodlines does not stun the player with incredible visuals, instead opting to impress with storyline, environments, well thought out game design and aesthetics all nearing perfection. Numerous bugs can be forgiven because Troika didn't have time to finish it and since there have been many community patches that make the game as excellent as it is today it is not a problem. The A.I is not great and some of the animations feel off and some are just downright bad. There are also some annoying probles with gun sound effects being way too loud. Still, an A + game absolutely and it truly deserves the praise I gave it and all the good things anyone has ever said about it are true. Expand
  39. Feb 12, 2013
    story- the overall story involves you becoming a new vampire and joining their society. what type of vampire is up to you to decide. and then the story involves you trying to keep the vampire society secret and at the same time protect humanity from destruction.

    gameplay- the controls are solid. its preferred to play in first person since the 3rd person is a bit hard to control when
    aiming with guns and other things. there are lots of side quests and doing them will let you know more about the happenings in the vampire world. it has some nice dialogue choices and depending on what type of character you choose to play, it reacts to you and vice versa.

    video- the graphics are great, using the source engine. i believe the first game to do so. and you know how the source engine has become popular with lots of new games after. audio- music sets the mood and the effects are great. the voice overs are also well done. overall- the game is one of the diamonds in the rough type games. not many know about it or its really underrated. and not many games revolve around vampires like this so its special in its own.
  40. Nov 3, 2013
    I really like this game. Sadly it is unfinished, but I knew this before I started playing it, so I got the patch recommended on the Steam forums have experienced relatively minor issues, such as: a rat that didn't drop after drinking its blood, 2 unimportant AIs getting stuck in a corner, and buffering in a conversation every now and then. But I can ignore them because of the depth and immersion this game has which really gives you the terror of living in this mythological world, then contrasted to how fun the combat is, which provides a challenge but doesn't make you want to hit your head on the wall until one of the two breaks. Oftentimes I find myself much more afraid of breaking the masquerade than myself dying, which gives the game a unique fear not like other games. Expand
  41. Apr 25, 2013
    A strong 9. 9.5 if possible. Held down by it's glitches and the constraints of the Source enginge, this role playing vampire Game is quite frankly one of the best ever made. This is the benchmark for all Vampire and role Playing games a like.

    If your tired of the Dishonored and BioShock Infinite, I'd give this one a try.
  42. May 3, 2013
    IMHO, it's the only true inheritor of first Deus Ex. Yes that maybe sounds strange..hope you understand me. Anyway, VtMB just makes you fall in love with it the atmosphere, characters and dialogues, decisions and actions, music and visuals all is mixing into the masterpiece.
  43. Feb 17, 2014
    This game is becoming a cult hit. The basic elements are a solid goth vampire storyline and Deux Ex action-rpg play style. The voice acting is excellent and you'll have a lot of fun just exploring the richly detailed world. There's tons of overt and covert humor and references to gaming culture. If I had one minor criticism it's that it could use a bit more action.
  44. Aug 8, 2013
    Amazing game, great story, absolutely love it! The release version was buggy but with both the official and unofficial patches it's the best vampire game out there. For just 20$ you get a lot of fun, side quests, good graphics and can replay it with another clan Malkavians are sure different from the others. 10/10
  45. Sep 2, 2013
    Single player game that goes far with a good environment and great potential for replay. Cheesy dialog and a bit buggy, but can these can be overlooked considering what else this title has to offer.
  46. Nov 10, 2013
    Like Deus ex with vampires is one way to put it, good atmosphere, challenging boss fights. Defiantly recommend downloading the unofficial patch though otherwise bugs are common. went into this game expecting a cheap bare bones rpg realized quite soon its very deep and full of character involving you in vampire politics one complaint is i prefer to play in third person however gun play isn't very easy to do this way. Expand
  47. Ume
    Nov 3, 2013
    I should start by saying that it's impossible for me to review this game as if I had played right after it came out, "vanilla". I am aware of the buggy state of the game at release, but by the time I discovered this great game Wesp had already done a few unofficial patches. Therefore, I'm judging it from an objective point of view but take into account that I did not come across any bugs or crashes because of the community patch and so "buggy" is not factored into my score.

    The strongest element is the amazing atmosphere. The intriguing WoD setting contributes to this, as well as the incredible soundtrack. This game really does side quests well, better than almost all cRPGs and has two of the best levels/quest lines in gaming: the Asylum sisters' quest line in Santa Monica with the creepy/tense Ocean House Hotel and the Malkavian Primogen Mansion. It is a hub based experience, so yes it is linear, but there is so much to do and so many interesting characters to interact to in each city that the game world feels bigger than it is. Each bloodline can offer a unique play style whether it be sweet talking, persuader, stealth, magic, guns or fists. There are different ways to solve most quests, with some solutions being quite interesting. Most characters are very well developed and come off as believable and unique. It has great replayability, not only with the different bloodlines but certain choices and way to approach situations. All fans of RPGs should give this game a try. There's just no other game that compares; VTMB is truly unique.
  48. Jan 14, 2014
    Out of all the games I have played this takes the cake for having the best world and atmosphere. Everywhere you go and everything you do in this game fits very well in its perfectly crafted world
  49. Aug 2, 2011
    At first glance, Bloodlines is repellent; cutscenes, animations, sound effects & environs are glitchy and of shockingly low quality, character models are hideous and it's hard to believe this thing uses the same engine as Half Life 2. Post tutorial levels, the game finally gets going and whilst the above grievances remain there are exceptions; thankfully most major characters are well crafted with excellent voice acting, some even have half-decent models & textures. Vampire has the bare bones of a playable and even addictive game, it's just a shame it's such a damned unfinished mess. Expand
  50. Dec 21, 2011
    The story is good, the gameplay is ok too but the game is full of glitches... having promised MP and then scraped in the end, low replayability value but still a good game.
  51. Jul 13, 2014
    Initially a negative experience felt the game was dated and with too many issues. Found a unofficial patch made by a gamer/modder named Weps 5. This mega patch fixes and modernize the game to make it a competent and enjoyable experience. No other game lets you action/rpg as vampire like this. As for Dark published by kalypso and produced by realmforge that shovelware gimmicky crap doesn't even come close to this retro classic. Expand
  52. Jul 13, 2012

    First off, I bought this game years ago and it was fun, but a real challenge to get working on vista. Now that I have windows 7 on all my machines, my daughter came to visit this summer, I can't get it working with any of the patches, on any of my windows 7 rigs. One of the patches non-official patches gave us a virus (at least the
    website that we downloaded it from did). Be careful when downloading patches from outside sources, and the ones we got from steam didnt work fix the compat issues.

    All in all this is an old school game with dated graphics with some bugs. It plays like a "B" movie if you can get it to play at all.
  53. Aug 21, 2013
    A flawed, truncated but engrossing game, carrying hints of the greatness of later FPSRPGs like Fallout and Mass Effect.

    But ultimately disappointing, even with massive mod support from the community.
  54. Jul 27, 2013
    The bugs ruined this for me. Far too much time spent trying to chase down fixes and implementing them rather than time spent on the game itself. Enough of that and it's more tempting to go load up another game instead.
  55. Jul 11, 2014
    I'm just putting my two cents in. I can't really top what has been said, this game is the perfect mix of everything we love. Add in the community content. It's slowed in recent years, due to the anticipation of WoDO. When that got cancelled, I hope to see the community pour themselves back into modding this, with some crazy guy who will mod it and host it as an MMO, somewhat like what SWG did with SWGEmu.

    One can dream.
  56. Jun 14, 2014
    This is THE GREATEST RPG of All Time..Bar None.... The level at which this game literally "sucks" you in and holds you is amazing. There are (3) major Mods 1. Camarilla Edition 2. Clan Quest Mod
    3. Final Nights which provide additional enhancements to this Gem. The Clan Quest Mod adds additional Clan specific Quests (Amazing integrated).

    With this game, obtain the Official Patch 1.2
    and the unofficial patch 9.0 both found here and easy to install www dot patches-scrolls dot de/patch/4647

  57. Nov 23, 2014
    Pretty much Deus Ex with vampires. Real vampires, not some **** shinning on sun **** Every character you encounter is either a psycho or manipulator, trying to drag you into some **** or at best just wants to ask you for a favor. Additionally there's a strong atmosphere of the end of the world being about to happen.

    The game gives you loads of options when it comes to dialogues. You
    have 3 skills exclusively related to dialogues (seduction, intimidation and persuasion) and additionally in some conversations you can use some vampire magic (aka disciplines). A lot in the game depends from your stats - some people will react to you differently if you belong to certain clan (one of them seems to have the whole dialogue script replaced with his own), some of your choices might affect stuff that will happen later in the game etc. Huge replayability.

    There's also not a single classic RPG quest: bring me 10 of X. Every quest has some sort of story behind it

    Sometimes you will have to fight. It's not Planescape: Torment. Near the end of the game you will be forced to fight almost constantly. You are warned about that by one of the major characters, but a lot of people don't listen and end with no fighting skills. It's not a good idea. Battles can be seen from first or third perspective, depending on your current weapon. They aren't bad, but you don't get any experience for them, so you don't feel any satisfaction from taking part in them.

    Graphics look slightly worse than in Half-Life 2. It's the same engine, but in Bloodlines it actually look as if it was about to crash at any second. To be honest, crashes are rather rare, but minor glitches are almost constant.

    Sound is awesome. Both soundtrack and character voices are incredible.

    Despite flaws regarding glitches, it's one of my favourite games and I've played a lot of them. The atmosphere, sound effects, replayability, nice dialogues, multiple ways of dealing with things on your way all make playing this game very nice experience.

    If you haven't played it yet, it's high time to do it. I have finished it 3 times, I'm in the middle of 4th and I already know that I will play the game for the 5th time as well, because I'm currious how would people react to nosferatu character.
  58. Oct 23, 2014
    This game is a cult classic.

    You should be warned that this game is broken and will not function on most modern machines. There is an Unofficial Patch made by Wesp5 that fixes nearly all issues with the game and also adds new content.

    Based on the board game, and sequel to Redemption, you play as a fledgling Vampire in California. The story starts as you create your character.
    Here you choose your background, bloodline, and gender. Backgrounds change your stats slightly and your powers as a vampire will differ depending on your bloodline. Some bloodlines have some side effects, however.

    The best examples are Malkavians and Nosferatu. Malkavians are insane and schizophrenic. You'll talk like a crazy person, hear voices in your head and see things other people don't see. Nosferatu are cursed in a different way as they can't be seen by humans without violating the masquerade. This does not make it impossible to beat the game as a Nosferatu, because the main quest NPC's will still be approachable.

    The masquerade is a system in the game where if you get 5 bad marks it's game over and you'll be executed by your peers. You earn bad marks by displaying certain powers in public or are seen feeding. You can redeem yourself if you have bad marks by protecting the masquerade. This usually involves killing someone who is speaking too much or who isn't playing it safe like all other good little vampires should.

    Graphics are decent and passable. The game is an older game, so don't expect mind blowing visuals. City hubs are fairly small but there's a lot to find if you set your mind to it. There are some nice facial animations that you won't even see in games nowadays which adds to the immersion. There's also several mods for the game to add atmosphere and even more depth to the classes.

    Gameplay is basic. You shoot things, you smash things. You talk to people, you kill people. There are extra dialog options if you level your seduction, intimidation, or persuassion skills. These skills can be vital to completing some quests perfectly. You can also recieve bonuses from certain NPC's for having them at the required level at certain points in conversation.

    You gain experience from doing quests and you level up to gain strength, wisdom, guile, skill, and become more attractive. If you're sexy enough you get free hookers! Just like IRL! =P

    The beginning of the game will mostly be fetch quests, with a few baddies to either slaughter or let live. It's a game where you can put the fate of nearly everyone around you in your hands. Being good is rewarded with extra perks like your very own slave ghoul girl, or an extra item/money/experience. There's also a decent but easy stealth system that's based on how many points you have in stealth. If you max out stealth, are in the shadows and crouch you're pretty much invisible. There are also assassinations you can do with each weapon while stealthed and behind your victim. My favorite is the baseball bat. :)

    Audio is very good as well. Just make sure you turn Environmental Effects off or there will be a constant echo. Voice actors are all top notch and AAA grade ones that you'll know if you've heard them before.

    There are some very good mods for this game available as well. My favorite being the original Unofficial Patch Plus, but there are other that increase the difficulty of the game and add new quests and bloodlines to choose from. When installing these big mods you need to remember that they aren't compatible with eachother. E.G. Final Nights mod will not work with Camarilla Edition nor with either work with the Unofficial Patch. Both mods have an Older version of the Unofficial patch that come with it, which still fixes a lot of bugs. There's also several mods that are still being produced constantly by fans. Every now and then you should check up and see what new mods are out to keep you coming back for more.

    All in all, if you are in need of a good RPG that's open world with a lot of freedom and are tired of Fallout 3/NV, Skyrim, etc. Then you should definitely check this game out. Especially if it's on sale. Well worth every penny spent.
  59. Jul 24, 2014
    Roleplaying games set in the present times are rare. I found that game in used games cart in my local store.

    I didn't even bother to read back of the cd. Went home, downloaded some patches I found and started the game, well, that was simply amazing, I was playing like mad for few hours straight. Everything was great, the dark athmosphere, plot, quests, huge amount of stuff you can
    interact with I felt again like I was a kid playing Neuroshima with my friends.

    This one is my top #3 games of all time.
  60. Oct 3, 2014
    A pretty decent game overall, but rather rough around the edges with its numerous glitches. The game's strong points come from its masterfully crafted setting and dark atmosphere. Each hub has its sinister secrets, and much of the enjoyment of the game comes from unveiling these mysteries. Most of the side quests are well thought out, and the level design is varied and interesting, The Ocean House comes to mind.

    On the flip side, the combat is rather clunky and doesn't get much better as the game progresses. The enemy AI is severely lacking in my opinion, and overall just isn't particularly satisfying. Fortunately, most of the game is preoccupied with dialogue scenes and elements of exploration/investigation rather than combat.

    Overall rating - 7.9/10
  61. Nov 22, 2014
    Wonderfully dark, cheerfully witty and surprisingly heart-warming is what I expect when talking about a World of Darkness game. Vampire: The Masquerade lives up to it.

    It's a perfect vampire RPG and while I am disappointed another did not follow, perhaps it wouldn't have lived up to it. Now, at a much later time after the games' release, there are almost no bugs and there is a patch
    that is still going strong. It's one of those perfectly made games that remains in everyone's memory. I cannot even talk about it without someone saying " I have to re-install it".

    I might just do that right now...

Generally favorable reviews - based on 61 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 51 out of 61
  2. Negative: 0 out of 61
  1. If you were disappointed with the recent FPS titles and their somewhat lackluster plot and linear storylines, then you will probably find Bloodlines to be a refreshing change, however on the other hand, a few technical and design issues let it down.
  2. 88
    A game that has one of the strongest single-player campaigns to ever appear in an RPG and it possesses a world so lush that you will literally want to sink your teeth into it.
  3. Easy to sum up: Game isn't finished.