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  1. Dec 2, 2013
    Fun game, nice graphics, well optimized but let down by expensive pay to win content (crew training, qualifications) which are a must-have in higher tier games. Good for maybe 20-50 hours, any more and you will need to choose between paying or losing. Pretty abusive community/staff too.
  2. Aug 29, 2013
    The game is still in beta phase and about 33% completed, there are dozens of bugs and shortcomings, Gaijin is a terrible company that won't listen to feedback and won't implement a way to turn off chat completely, even if asked by the users, with Gaijin systematically censoring any dissenting opinion found within their own forums.

    Inside the game, the game masters are non existent and
    it is a fest for trolls and grievers, balance is hopelessly broken and alternative inputs other than mouse do not work well, interestingly enough, Gaijin thought the most precise aiming device, the mouse, requires aim assists, putting anybody using a controller or a joystick at a tremendous disadvantage. Expand
  3. Sep 12, 2013
    I was mislead in thinking that this game was a simulation when I read it won a 'simulation of the year' award. So I gave these people a good chunk of money thinking that it is a good simulation. It is not. It is a terrible simulation and a poor game.
    There is nothing historical about it as they claim you end up in a battle with a Spitfire MkI in the Korean war fighting Russian
    pilots and planes.
    If you like to play with a joystick don't get this game. You are outmatched by their mouse aim system, that is accurate but wobbles all over if played in Historical Battles.
    I asked the developers when they are finished with the beta and was told that War Thunder is a perpetual beta.
    The Gaijin company is a very poor company with a bad attitude towards its customers. They are rude and dictatorial. They censor the forums heavily.
    This game has or had potential. It is about 33% of what I would like to see. I therefore give it a solid 3 out of ten and the graphics are very nice. Otherwise I would give it a zero.
  4. Nov 24, 2013
    No way is this the best war flight simulator. I bought the Steam package to get access to the 2 campaigns offered there. The "campaigns" are just cut scenes from a movie. "Cut scene" before mission. Take off, "cut scene", before engaging target "cut scene". Tired of having my flight interrupted by this nonsense.

    To be able to fly certain aircraft for a side such as the U.S You start
    with a lower tiered aircraft such as the P-26 Peashooter. You gain "XP" as you successfully complete mission etc, When you have enough xp
    for a level you gain a new level, unlocking a few new aircraft you can fly.

    If you want to fly for the British, Japanese or Russians you have to start at level 1, just as above, and gain
    xp one level at a time until you unlock all the aircraft.

    If you want to fly full real battles, be prepared for a wait.

    If you want to gain xp faster, you can pay to get premium account usage which will gain xp faster for you.

    When I logged on to write this, there was maybe 35 people on, mainly in the arcade battles. If you want
    arcade action this is the game for you.

    Had this been a paying mmo, with all the cut scenes taken out of the campaigns, xp done away with, and all the planes opened to the player base, even keeping the arcade, historical and realistic aspects of flight,
    maybe I'd have subscribed, but I'm forever done with this frustration.
  5. Nov 18, 2013
    Pay to win, got robbed, stopped that stupid game.

    For some reasons I though this one was different when free to play tries to become less pay to win and for some reasons WT decided not to listen... Like they do with their community...
  6. Aug 24, 2013
    The keyboard/mouse flight controls are dumbed down and frustrating no matter which scheme you choose. Even trying to tweak to a custom scheme does not satisfy. Attempting to play around with the controls in tutorial mode was a no-go since the tutorials quickly restart if you do not achieve the objective within a set time. The UI is a cluttered mess. I had absolutely no fun trying to get into this. Expand
  7. Sep 21, 2013
    Another Russian pay to win game just how freaking fabulous is that?

    They simply copied the greedy wargaming games down to a tee business model and all even nailed the website it really is pretty hilarious and make no mistake about just because there's no gold bullets or other insane whale extravaganza this time around does not make it any less of the same old pay to win core mechanics
    to the bones so this will without doubt make the pay to win crowd a bunch of sad little whales.

    The imbalance between tiers nations gold planes premium accounts is at the very best incompetent at worst it's the same old you'll get so frustrated getting owned by horrendously overpowered whales that you'll pay up in the hope that the game will even out for a while or get better sometime down the road but it wont I promise you as it is in fact broken by design as generating maximum profit is what pay to win games are all about while hiding out under false pretences.

    It's quite funny how they get away branding these games as MMOs when all they are is first person shot em ups only close resemblance they ever had to any MMOs is the massive grind and the price point is straight up fairytale like now take Guild Wars 2 a real MMO that you can do for like 40 bucks which is a very fair price point while you'll have to pay infinity more for this half baked copy pay to win title if you don't like to waste double infinity time as whale fodder that is and yes you the player happen to be the actually game content remember thou it's just a money game in the end and that's no fun.

    One XP point granted for single player missions.
  8. Aug 30, 2013
    It is visually nice, but there are some flat out game breaking bugs that they refuse to fix. They have good ideas, But poor implementation. This game needs alot of work and has great potential if they do not get greedy. It's clearly in beta phase, perhaps only 20-30% done. I still hold out hope that this can be a great game, right now it is subpar and would not recommend it to my friends.
  9. Nov 30, 2013
    i have spent 25 minutes, just trying to get into the game. 13 minutes went to waiting for the stupid thing to download the patch. 10 minutes went to some stupid thing called an outdated video driver. 2 minutes went to being speechless.
  10. czg
    Mar 10, 2014
    This game is a ripoff. Micro-transactions are actually rather 'macro'.
    If you want to get your crew a bit better you may try to gain experience, but that comes so thinly that after days of fights you may at best progress 1% towards one fully upgraded crew. And you need more than one crew to play. Then there is the experience where free XP can only be used for progression after you pay
    Golden Eagles, which can be obtained for cash only. (unless you are BFF with the developers)
    So I thought £50 would get me neatly ahead. Wrong, wrong, wrong. It was gone in a level or two; I was still stuck with crap planes. But, hell, you can get an F-86 on the end, and I'm no quitter, so I've payed again and again... and I ended up on blowing around £200 on a game that was actually a crappy flight sim.
    Okay at this point you will say that it's just because I am a crap gamer. Which could be true, however the crap community, the returning frustrations proved otherwise. After 3 months one supposed to show some progress after all, shouldn't he? But then, after getting really upset at the game I have uninstalled it. Then, after 4 months I thought I would give it a last try, I would just log in to check my account and see if anything changed for the better. And this is what put me off of this scam forever.
    My crews plane skills were gone. Basically all the planes that I purchased were suddenly non-flyable, unless I spend another £50-100 on purchasing new skills. Due to the constant modifications and 'perpetual beta' all the progress I had were annulled.
    I've learned my lesson. Coming from Hungary I know it's a well-established Eastern European ripoff. You'll end up paying thrice. The 'perpetual beta' is the perfect excuse to constantly hinder players in any progress and rip them off with the promise of better content that will never materialise.
    Do not spend a single dime on this game. It is a ripoff and a scam. Rather try Guild wars 2 or SWtOR; or buy Flight Simulator, X-Plane, or Lock-on Modern Air Combat; all of them way cheaper and better both as games and simulators.
  11. Dec 20, 2013
    The most negative thing about the game is it's developer's team. It seems they accidentally managed to create a really nice and interesting MMO, filled with great ideas, and then started destroying those ideas one by one.
    The bugs are being kept foe ages. New patches bring pain. No, PAIN! The planes' characteristcis are being revised all the time, and not only the flight model, but also
    the amount of money they earn you. Even the premium ones. So if you buy a plane with your money be ready, that one day it'll turn into smth completely different.
    Ah, and the community management! Zero criticism tolerance.
    Enjoy the "Wargaming products killer"!
  12. Dec 20, 2013
    This game had a lot of potential last year, but the developers have ruined it.
    +good graphics
    +different game modes
    +a lot of planes
    +really nice mouse aim
    -no end game content, just endless grind
    -grind again with new economics and progression system
    -matchmaking and balance
  13. Jan 26, 2014
    This is a game that makes me want to cry with frustration, because every fiber of my being WANTS to like this game. To get some perspective, I am a long term flight sim fan who has played everything from Air Warrior to Aces High to IL-2 Sturmovik to the old Jane's sims and more. I LOVE flight sims and at first glance this one looks to be everything I could ever want. Healthy stable of planes? Check. Wonderful physics and plane handling? With one or two low-tier examples, checkaroo. Well-detailed? Holy mother of heaven this makes IL-2 Sturmovik look like a mod of the original source engine and runs amazingly well. Mission structure? While I'm not a big fan of furballs, it does them well and I can respect how it has it set up, so call that a check. The levelling system, while in need of tweaking, is still a decent enough system that takes the general World of Tanks/Warplanes formula and makes it a little less unpleasant when an un-liked vehicle stands in the way. They had literally everything going for this game, but it slips up on one little detail but one so vital that they basically slipped and fell into a pit of poison tipped spikes: the camera.

    I am utterly convinced that deck chairs have gained some semblance of sentience, because sweet mother of Heaven, there is no other explanation for how atrocious the camera was designed here. See, the issue here is that the camera was designed for a mouse and keyboard interface, which is nice and all but you need to also have a system that functions for the joystick and game pad crowds--the former of which will be HUGE groups attracted to this. So why it is that they've been given the cold shoulder BAFFLES me. Your common flight sim uses a hat-switch-based system to turn your pilot's head in each of the forward directions with the forward hat button being for up and forward and another button to act as an upward modifier and--if you really want it--another for down. This is a simple system that covers all of the appropriate directions and gives you a perfect spherical view within your cockpit, barring any obstructions that the actual plane would have had. So instead what joystick users have is a bizarre thing that tries to make a hat switch mimic a mouse, removing the entire rear-right quarter of your view, a fair chunk of the left rear, severely limiting the up-left/right views, and most criminally of all, doesn't even have a forward-up view. I sat down and compared it to IL-2 Sturmovik's camera (which eschews the direct rear just to show that it's your character looking over the shoulder) and it is missing seven head directions! Seven!

    For those who are not privy to flight sims, this basically leaves you wildly open to enemy attack--you don't know where the enemy is coming from and as such can not react quickly enough when, say, an enemy is diving on you from an angle behind you. And these are COMMON situations. Hell, I have a hard time keeping track of planes that I'm chasing at times. As such, I am utterly incapable of effectively fighting because I'm always getting mulched by assorted pilots hitting me in one of my far too numerous blind spots.

    There are a few other little problems, such as the sort of 'advisor' in the radio chatter being a touch grating and some of the early biplanes being a bit heavier-feeling than they should be, but all that pales in comparison to the simple fact that this game should have been glorious, and instead found itself murdered by such an easy and proven portion. All they had to do is throw in a hat-based system alongside the mouse-based one, that's it! I have nothing against mouse pilots, there are some good ones and I respect anyone that can do it, but as a game designer you need to think of all the factors! I'm not about to relearn how to fly for one game and when the people playing tell me that that's the only way to properly experience the game, then my response is that I'll find somewhere else to fly.

    I hope to God that someone gets their brain in gear over at Gaijin Entertainment gets their brain in gear and fix this, but as of right now my only emotion around this game is pure exasperation and rage. This game should have been one of my favorites, instead one tiny aspect has shattered the whole thing. It is a very good thing that this game isn't a physical copy, otherwise I'd have to explain to my plumber why there's disk parts in my garbage disposal.
  14. Dec 10, 2013
    Some good elements but the fun ends quickly when you are constantly getting destroyed by your own team-mates or suddenly have your pilot knocked out without any apparent reason. Needs a lot of polish to controls, menus, and general game play.. Too often will you rage quit this game because sudden death that occurs without explanation or without any apparent warning.
  15. Pbs
    Dec 20, 2013
    Version 1.23 War thunder was a really promising game.
    Version 1.27 Things getting worse
    Version 1.29 Beginning of the End
    Version 1.37 Rest in peace, WT. Rest in peace...
  16. Dec 24, 2013
    War Thunder started in 2012 with good intentions. Great graphics and clouds lots of clouds. I played it through 3 major upgrades(patches). Each patch version has degraded the original game. Lately they have consolidated the competition levels and increased the dollar cost of playing while nerfing plane and bomb performance. What was a fun game has suffered a greedy makeover. Players are up in arms. If you haven't already bought into this game avoid it. There will be better games soon. Expand
  17. Mar 4, 2014
    This game f-ing horrible, from the ridiculous grind (where even worse than WOT, the only way to use "free experience" is by paying), the obnoxious russian bias both in air combat and ground combat, it feels like the developers are compesating for something, with russian planes that were a piece of crap in the war being the most undertiered, over armored, best armaments, best speed,climbing and turning compared to other nations and the developers could care less, they will just ban you for stating the obious bias.What else we got, oh right, an cannon centric game where mgs are the most useless weaponry out there, 7.7 feel like BBs and 12.7 even with incendiary ammo fail to do any damage to fighters ( God forbid bombers then) while cannons tear wings and tails in one salvo at best ( unless you deal with horrible networking where all you get is sparkles from hitting an enemy).

    Then we have bombers being **** carrying small loadouts ( unless american or russian), vulnerable, slow and incompetent AI that even with maxed crew can't hit a plane 100 meters behind it and don't forget that if they fire, from the constant "gunner unconcious" to reloading a mg which take more than one minute( even more than BOMBs!).Then you flight models and damage models, some planes downright suck at flying, can't turn, climb or throttle, you are easy picking while there are plenty of UFOs out there (especially russia) that also have a generous DM, granting the ability to soak ridiculous amount of bullets and sometimes cannon shots( just take a look at youtube, it is filled with evidence on it), for instance japan has piss por armor and equipment, can't dive well, can only turn fight good at low atitudes with Zeros( their fighters also suck, with exception with the first one with its UFO nature), can't take one shot from anything and have guns constantly jamming while the glorious slavs with their wooden planes can take any punishment, have miniguns that hardly jam.Another point, this game is very anti-german just like WOT, germans have horrible planes that can only BnZ if you dare try making any turn your plane loses all control( not only that but germans have horrible early tiers, if not one of the worse) while any one faction can with no problem BnZ and turn fight ( lets not count the Stuka and its paper mache tail).

    There is far too many to say, but to resume, this is a scam game, you pay to progress( sometimes it is the only way to get good planes), you pay for "backup" planes( the same op plane can be used twice), you'll suffer at the frustating mechanics as g-force in every turn making your scream go black and losing your target, you'll be ramed all the time by friend and foe, but the worse part is the without a doubt the before mentioned balance, it is just so bad you'll start to see every slav( count WOT with its "Stalin was benevolent" crap) as some sort of brainwashed loony.

    Do a favor, stay far away from this time consuming, frustating scheme
  18. Jul 24, 2014
    I have been playing since version 1.27 (circa March 2013), and so far the game went from great to horrible.

    First of all, Gaijin's development circle is bogus, for almost 2 years since the game went into "Beta" (the term Beta is used for marketing purposes here) the game only added around 150 planes, most of which are versions/copies of others. So whenever you hear about all the
    numerous planes in this game, it's a lie.

    Second of all, the updates are a nightmare, every update brings 1 or 2 useful features (that should have been taken care of during the conceptual stage, but whatever), but will always break something for sure. Multiple examples since March of 2013 to now would be, increasing place costs 10 times while reducing income by 2, making bomber gunners irrelevant, making bombers either structurally similar to pillboxes or paper kites, changing increasing rank of a plane while nerfing its performace at the same time, introducing JIP (Join in Progress) system that wasn't properly set up and brought chaos to the game, introducing new physics that cause tanks to fly over the skies, etc, etc, etc. A lot of "ninja" changes too, and those are big as they usually affect plane performances in a huge way, but they aren't mentioned in the patch notes, so you have to test every plane before figuring out what they did. Some planes even get broken, possibly on purpose. Several times some planes' flight models were altered with over performing ones, exactly when the game introduced premium models of those planes. By the way, B-17 was a flying pillbox for over 1 year, only in July of 2014 it got fixed. Horrible.

    The third major problem is their balancing in the game. Apparently they are using some sort of statistical plane performance system in the game, what this does basically, is increasing price and matchmaking rank (BR) overtime, if the plane does really well in the game. This would sounds like a good idea, except it doesn't work. Me-262 (1944) has matched against Sabres and Mig-15s for years now, and they don't want to fix it, and trust me when I tell you this, 262 doesn't even come close in terms in performance to Korean jets. Some post-war props with amazing performance are tiered lower than 1944 German fighters, even some jets are. They don't seem to fix that, as some of the issues has been around literally for over a year.

    The forth major problem is how Gaijin is treating it's customers. Silent post removal, ban hammers, forum bans, and so on, apply to everyone who dare to criticize the game. This is almost as bad as Infestation: Survival Stories in this sense. They don't want to listen to the people, simple as that. There were multiple non-trolling threads on the forum by people who are familiar with airplanes, and who offered to fix the balancing of the game for them, but Gaijin doesn't seem to care. In fact today, July 24th 2014, they introduced the new update that made the game even worse. All the problems with the balancing, and all the problems with plane tiering got multiplied, as planes that were under-tiered and over tiered got tiered even lower and higher respectively. How is this even possible? They reverted the changes 2 hours later, after a huge backlash on the forum that even they couldn't hide.

    Overall, the game started great in 2012, got better around March-May 2013, combined with web-ads that they got running at the time, the game had huge player base of over 70k when I started playing back then. By the time 1.35 arrived in mid summer of 2013, the player base got reduced to only 30k. With the addition of ground forces, the game was able to jump to 100k at peak time, and was able to hold that number for a wooping 2 days. Right now there's only 50,000 playing daily during the peak time, and according to Steam data, the number is on downward slope.

    As of now the game is history, only players who invested too much time and money like me keep playing it, it has nothing to offer to the newer players. Games like IL-2 Battle for Stalingrad and upcoming Armored Warfare might have a better chance. The developer is trying to push for the Naval combat now, but I seriously doubt they can beat Wargaming. I wish they would focus on problems that the most players (the air force players, the original crowd) are concerned with, as they are still the core of the game, but it just doesn't happen.

    Right now, I will score it a 2, for old times' sake. The game still has fun air combat gameplay, but it's just not worth getting into with all the frustration the developer gives you.
  19. Dec 18, 2013
    Don't like this game at all. Arcade mode is poor and others are complicated for me. Interface is awful!!!!! Girls would not like this game.............
  20. Dec 26, 2013
    Recent patch has turned a once fine FTP game into an horrendous grind Broken matchmaking compressed tiering systems and very miserly reward for effort have turned it into a strictly pay to progress exercise.
    Blatant greed on the part of the developers have turned this once brilliant game into a cynical money making exercise
  21. Jan 17, 2014
    This game has nice graphics yes but the gameplay is terrible. It is so unbalanced and such a scam. Its not f2p its p2w (pay to win). Even after this its a graphically nice game but the logic and balancing is just terrible and they just make it worse. Not to mention such a waste of time. The amount of time you have to put into it, its not worth the "fun" your supposed to have...

    love ww2 era history but this is just a big money scam and a waste of time.

    There is no ingame options to change graphical settings and not much towards any hardware configuration in game. Even for a beta phased game this is a must have instead of closing it down and changing settings on the launcher.
  22. Feb 14, 2014
    This game will forever be in "beta". Developer Gaijin relies on funding by an impossible grind where you are forced to fly certain planes in an esoteric order, and to do that you will either be stomped a lot or pay. The more they patch it, the more bugs get introduced, could have been a good game. Get Wings of Prey instead.
  23. Jul 15, 2014
    The perfect example of a potentially excellent game killed by the Devs. Every patch the developers delivery a worse gaming experience and increase the grind. Bugs are left untouched for months or never fixed. Community is largely ignored. Moderation deletes any post critic whit the game or the Devs, even constructive criticism is banned. FM and DM are a joke, the majority being placeholders who never get realistic FM. Expand
  24. Jun 16, 2014
    Once a very interesting game that continues to get worse and worse.

    The worst problems are:
    Completly messed up matchmaking. The system that used to be clear and simple got replaced and now we have MM based on BR (battle ratings) of each plane. The spread is way too big and on top of that we have ridiculous modifiers.
    For example players that perform really well in a couple of games
    in the row will get matched against opponents with better planes. No, you won't get matched agains more skilled players, but rather vs more powerfull planes. Similarly, after a few bad games you will get enemies in weaker planes.
    The system is basically rewarding bad players and punishing good ones.
    It's not unusal to see players crashing their planes on purpose to eventually get matched against really bad opponents and dominate them.

    Secondly, money-grabbing system.
    It gets more and more ridicculous. The grind keeps getting worse and playing without premium account that speeds up your progression gets pointless after a certain level. We also have premium planes. Those can only be obtained with rl money. Way too often when they get released they offer incredible performance with low Battle Rating. The only downside, seems to be their price. Then, a couple of months later, their stats get significantly nerfed. But don't worry, there's new premium plane available - limited offer - great performance, great cost.

    Russian bias.
    Russian developers work really hard on making russian airforce the best one available. Realistic approach towards plane's stats is only used for other nations.
    Some tech trees (Japan) aren't completed and require a lot of work, but devs keep on adding new overperforming russian planes. It's been like that since the game got released so it doesn't seem like anything's going to change.

    Lack of communication between devs and players.
    Appearently devs have a clear vision what they want to achieve with this game. Player feed back is irrelevant. Positive feedback is allowed, neagative one - not.
    Mods go as far as removing posts, editing them, bannig people and locking+deleting threads that contain the posts they'd rather not see.
    Latest bigger patches (1.37, 1.39, 1.41) that brought many negative changes caused a lot of pople posting it on the forums. Needless to say, all of the official topics where ppl discussed changes got deleted because there was a lot of negative feedback.
    Asking (politely) why my posts got edited to the point where no longer made sense got me a warning - without any explaination.

    I strongly advise to stay away from this game.
  25. Jan 12, 2014
    +physical model of flight and damages, +quite realistic airplanes performance [in realistic and historical mod] (specific for each plane, it makes player closer to real, historical technical specification of each plane) - some mistakes are still there, but I hope they will be solved during game progress. +graphics/sound, - bad research model (after last patch), - bad economy model - it is still beta and it seems that it will stay like that for a long, long time...

    I'm giving low rate only because of research/economy model which is very annoying now.
    Anyway, it is F2P game so all of us can check it and decide if it is worth of playing and paying for premium content or not - that is positive side I guess.

    Thank you for attention
  26. Dec 25, 2013
    patch 1.37 destroyed a good game.

    It cost over 500% more to get a new plane. It takes over 200% more time for a new plane

    i had a lot of fun in the game and i paid premium account, but now they are like day time robbery
  27. Apr 7, 2014
    Game is decently redundant. The staff are horrendous, to the point I would not advise spending one dime on the game. Unless you want to risk losing everything you purchase if you espouse political views that differ with the Game Moderator staff. Only one of the seven staff-members responded to my questions professionally. I actually was threatened to back off of a question for "my own good". What? Now they threaten me with a blanket statement of possible harm? Ok, done with this game! Do not recommend for anyone pro-US. Expand
  28. Jul 6, 2014
    Bugs galore!
    This is what happens when you don't test software or have an extremely low bar (don't care).
    I give them a point for graphics, which is typically for these days, graphics don't overtake game-play, controls, (story & characters in other cases).
  29. Jul 14, 2014
    Only OK as a casual game. It is BETA (yet people still spend money). They tank portion is not too bad. The flight portion leaves much to be desired. It should only be marketed as an arcade level game. There is absolutely nothing "realistic" or "simulator" about the game. The physics are completely made up. They use a plug and play model to set aircraft capabilities. There is nothing in the game that even remotely resembles a flight model, or physics engine. Could be worse, but definitely not anything like they try to claim. Expand
  30. Apr 28, 2014
    Updated review from last year:

    This game had potential but the Russian developers completely skew and distort reality and are biased against every other nation. If you complain in forums, you could be banned. They have also reportedly banned german accounts from german IPs because they hate germans.

    So, if you want to participate in fantasy land air combat where the communist rats
    are the best airforce EVAR, then this is the game for you. USA - sucks. Japan - sucks. Somehow a paper mythical airplane like the I-185 is better than all german and british planes at the same "rank". Somehow the Yak9T turns like a spitfire, dives better than a p47 (widely considered to be the best diver in WW2) and climbs better than a bf109. somehow the Germans dont "discover" the bf109 until after barbarossa, based on ranks, even though the bf109e1 was used in 1938 in Spain. They should just put unicorns and elves as the pilots of russian planes because they are Mythological.

    Considering how unprofessional and insulting the russian players and developers are for this game you should NEVER pay these scumbags a penny.

    Heres how they word events:

    Today we pay tribute to our veterans and honor the memory of the victims of the Second World War. This war threatened the very existence of the Soviet nation, it claimed lives of almost 27 million of Soviet people. About 5 million of which were killed in action, with the rest 22 million being civilian casualties and soldiers killed in captivity. Allies suffered about 1 million combat losses.

    translation: "GTFO USA, UK, Anzacs, France, Poland etc"
    My translation: Take your russian bias and shove it up your borscht
  31. Jul 21, 2014
    This the worst free2play game ever.

    I know a few people say that the game isn't pay to win and i was able to agree with that (last year).
    But now you can buy everything.
    You can buy Silver Lions, you can buy Premium Planes, you can buy XP boosts and you can buy all upgrades for the planes.

    So if you want to play this crap you should remember, if you don't pay you won't have fun play...
  32. Jul 19, 2014
    Communist propaganda game made by terrorusian stalinists where all russian machines are so OP that funny. if you like to see you every plane ripped apart in 1 hit by Yaks and pay more for repair than you can earn being killed in 10 seconds go for it. And if you really want to see magic go to terrorusian servers when every single player is cheater...
  33. Jun 1, 2014
    This is a good game and its very addictive, but STAY AWAY its a money grabbing cash cow. Don't even consider playing you will end up spending far more money in a few weeks than you would normally spend in a few years on computer games. These types of games should be banned, what ever happened to paying an up front £39.99 for a game then play for as long as you like. Something should be done about this very worrying trend of paying more & more to play.
    People will argue that its free to play but what they don't tell you is that if you want cool things in the game and to be able to compete with other players you will have to start regularly paying money to the developers & they constantly bring out new missions & campaigns that have to be paid for.
  34. Jun 8, 2014
    A great game but a terrible f2p model. It could be much better if the microtransaction system was less blatantly greedy. Personally I found it very frustrating trying to get into, and issues with matchmaking ensure that you'll feel it if you havent spent any cash.
  35. Jul 7, 2014
    I tried to like this game. I really did. But there is so much rubbish you have to deal with, I have a hard time believing anyone can truly enjoy this game without spending a bucket-load of cash into it. Including investments for joysticks and a 3d visor to make the first person view have any viable elements of enjoyment.

    To begin with, the matchmaking. You level up a certain faction and
    the higher rank you get, the more planes you unlock. And on these ranks they have built the MM to be 2 ranks each tree. As in, 1-2, 3-4, 5-6, 7-8 and so on. Sure, it may be a bit of a pisser to know heads on that you are gonna meet people that are one higher rank than you.. But the kicker here is you have a possibility to meet people from other ranks as well. Including a tier above you. Say, you're level 7. That makes you eligable to meet planes in the ranks of 9-10. And the same goes for lower planes at 5-6 being able to meet you. It would be an acceptable pool bendage if this game had some problems with the MM waiting time.. But it doesn't. The longest I have EVER waited is about 35 seconds which begs the question as to just why they allow imbalancement like this to exist when It is very clearly not necessary?

    The second disappointment is the balance. There are several factions/teams that are essentially just different countries which you gain rank in by participating in battles and gaining XP to unlock planes and for some reason, there are these huge gaping areas of designment neglect. Just an quick example would be the fact that the faction Japan got about 20-25 planes whereas Germany has about 50-70. This creates some pretty big gaps on how faction players in Germany have to pout out 5 times the amount of cash of constantly buying new planes in order to reach the ones they want whereas Japan's player hoard so much money, they can't possibly spend it all unless they jump to another faction. The overall stat balance of all the planes is down the toilet too.

    At most early stages of the game, England has an absurd amount of more superior planes in terms of everything be it manouverability/turntime, firepower/mass per second or raw speed/max rise and nowhere does this grow more apparent when the waiting time for US is 4 seconds, and the wait for England pushes at 35+ seconds around the ranks of 2-7. It has been like this for months and I fail to see any design philosophy that justifies it. Especially now since these problems have persisted through-out the beta and onto the official release.

    Third fault that personally lets me down the most is the neglect of Bomber planes. They are huge, clumsy, downright impossible to do ANY kind of dogfighting in (Manouver to hit enemies with the front guns of your plane) and they are designed to do one thing and one thing only. Go from A to B and drop bombs. Why is this a let-down to me?

    Because the developers figured a couple of months ago to majorly nerf not only the explosion radius of your bombs (rendering any load below 500lbs to be extremely unreliable/requiring needle-precision or close-range dive drops) but also neglect their overall ability to function by nerfing their gunners (Guys sitting in the back fending off planes on your tail). They are now almost completely useless except against straight-flying very light enemy planes that are almost at blank range behind you. The decision to seal the crate shut, effectively burying bomber planes when they were already at an underwhelming position with massive outcries by the community in protest will be a developer standpoint I'll never be able to understand.

    But the nerf wasn't just global. There are several specific plane models have been made incredibly vulnerable, like, take 5 shots to your tail (the most attacked direction from behind) and you will crash & instant die from not being able to steer, leaving the rest of the plane useless.

    Another example of this pure neglect would be how one of the game tips at the loading screen prompts bombers to fly high (achieve great height) to avoid enemy planes. Great philosophy. .Just one problem. A rank 7 bomber can have a maximum height of 8500 meters. Pretty impressive, right? Wrong. There are level 1 fighter planes that can reach up to 9000 meters and 5-6 rank fighters that go above 12000 meters. Once you take a stern look at the situation bombers are in and people that spent so much to try to be helpful to their team get smacked across the face so hard, It's enough to make you depressed.

    Fourth and last. (Yeah, I can keep going but the character limit prevents me from doing so.) Manouverability in this game. Even the most nimblest of planes utterly STRUGGLE to shake off very clumsy enemy planes off their six and nowhere does this get more annoying when you are playing with a couple of beginners, leaving any situation where someone fires at you from behind a death sentence due to teamwork neglect (no wingman) because of all the new players Steam are pulling in.

    RIP War Thunder
  36. Sep 26, 2014
    DO NOT SPEND ANY MONEY ON THIS GAME!! I had a name that was offensive to the Russian moderators and they decided to ban my account. They gave me instructions to update my profile and send the a PM indicating I changed my name and to ask to be reinstated.

    After changing my name I discovered they also banned me from all forum privileges, so it's impossible to get reinstated.

    In 3 weeks
    time I had spent $160 US dollars. I had had the account for just over 3 weeks. My name from day 1 had been "commie_bastards". They took my money on 3 different occasions with this in game name.

    After they felt they got enough money out of me, they decided to ban me and prevent me from logging in or posting.

    It's like going to a store and buying something. Right after you check out, they take the items back and keep the money. When you complain, they stuff a sock in your mouth. That's the best way i can describe it.
  37. May 19, 2014
    War Thunder, I've been around since before patch 1,25 and I came to learn more people (Alpha testers, Mods, devs, Gaming masters, users, historical consultants etc.) than most people in the game. Initially when I stumbled across War Thunder I instantly fell in love the with idea of an all-out combat 'simulator' and as such I signed up and was surprised by the small user base. I learnt why it had such a small user base really quickly; Gaijin's inability to tackle problems and find solutions in a sensible amount of time.
    Where should I start? Let me do it at with the current existing game modes (Patch 1,41), currently there are 3 game modes; Arcade Battles (AB), Realistic Battles (AB) and Simulator Battles (SB). Tanks have gone into OBT and now all are free to play them, however currently tanks are separated from planes (Why? In the CBT you could play both tanks and planes together) however both tanks and planes have the same type of game modes.
    Let me start with the positive sides of War Thunder, nice graphics (For both planes and tanks), detailed tank/plane models, mostly accurate tank/plane models, some real life based settings and the massively improved Custom Battles. However right here is where I have to stop, there are just too many negatives that plague this game as of late. Currently the Battle Rating (BR) system (The MatchMacker uses the BR to fill games) is completely messed up, a Meteor F3 has a BR of 6,7 whilst it's German counter-part the Me262 has to enjoy fighting Korean era Sabres. You can see this across all the tech trees of all nations, e.g. the F4U Corsair (Late war plane) is rated at a BR of 3,3 and it enjoys fighting early war planes, am I the only one that finds this ridiculously stupid? Then there are other things such as repair prices of planes (My God take a look at the N1K2 for Japan and it's BR whilst it's US adversarie the F6F enjoys a low repair cost and low BR) as well as the damage output of all cannons of all planes/jets. Things like these, the fundamental of the game are broken, they broke it with this patch, previously it worked half fine however now it's simply broken which is just sad considering how much time I invested into the game.
    Now there is another glaringly obvious problem (Not the rotten community) but the corrupted, underage and childish moderation team. One might ask, well how do you know that they are corrupted? Can you show us evidence of this? Go and ask some of the older players that stopped playing the game (Guys from A01 for example) and they can tell you all about the lovely PayPal payments that some moderators received (There are even YouTubes videos about it). The Mods and GMs ban based on the players they dislike that is always fun is it not?!

    So how do we conclude? Well it's rather simple, don't touch the game until its major fundamental flaws have been ironed out and the moderation team has been subbed out for a more mature one.
  38. Aug 3, 2014
    0 ingame balance. Epic fail matchmaking.

    Everythin "op" from nation A gets swiftly nerfed, everything "op" from nation B remains the same no matter what.

    Critisism earns you a forum ban.

    It looks pretty and that's about it.

    Nothing else needs to be said.
  39. Aug 24, 2014
    Normally I would of given this a 10/10 but the Moderators and the creators Gaijin have ruined this game to the point that it is sickening. Secret police style banning and removal of anything not praising the game, the sickening bias towards Soviet arms and the slow nerfing of germany. A constant lock of Russia/Germany, nothing else.
  40. Oct 31, 2014
    Because the jets are so expensive it take literally months to earn 1 jet and months to get all the mods.
    So people ignore the objective and concentrate on getting the most kills - sometimes shooting through allies to get a kill.
    In essence Great game/Awful Developers and community.
    What makes the game even more of a grind is if you don't get a lot of kills in a game, you actually lose
    points to fix your planes.
    I've been stuck 600k now for ages. so whilst a might have a couple of good games if I have a few bad games I basically don't advance. SO even in a few years where I earn enough research points to get a new T5 plane I sure as hell wont be able to afford it. Well Done Gaijin; you turned a pretty good game into a grind fest that really isnt worth playing anymore.
  41. Nov 1, 2014
    War Thunder has a fake free to play system where if you dont pay you are worst than the pay to win players. This is dont by adding fake non realistic planes with overpowered stats and secret boosted multipliers that make them invincible in combat. Also the matchmaking is tricked, if you play as a f2p you will always have the worst battle rating of the match and enemies will have the higher. This make planes battles very difficult to win but impossible for tank battles as you cant pierce the enemy. Expand
  42. Aug 10, 2014
    This game is fine while you arte running around in the reserve vehicles. However, as soon as you earn enough to get another vehicle you are suddenly plunged into games against tanks you cant penetrate and planes that are faster, turn tighter and are better armed, with no clue as to why the maps are suddenly huge, taking hours to get anywhere. Add to this the crazy long wait times and the unexplained research and crewing systems and you have something not worth persisting with. Expand
  43. Aug 6, 2014
    There is no proper editor when I could make for example 2 vs 2 with choosing airplanes for me and enemy. I cannot make mission where I would have to destroy for example 4 tanks.

    Missions for single player and dynamic battle are just retarded. Enemy see only my airplane. They act like swarm. That is the worst **** in this dumb game. Maybe for multiplayer it is playable but then there is
    controls that allow to use mouse with lots of assist so even worst retard can play. This game is made only for MP and is forcing to play MP and allows uneven combat where only simulation can be played in MP with decent fun. But as for me there is no fun in this game because I wanted to create my own missions and have fun and develop my skills. But no this game is forcing players to go into MP straight to boring battles.
    Biggest turnoff is lack of proper mission creator where player could build his skills instead game forces everybody to go and play in MP and any SP modes are retarded making AI swarm player.
    It is retarded when on my tail I see all enemies while my wingmens and other airplanes try to destroy that swarm AI. This looks simply retarded and that game is worth 1/10 just for good engine and good simulation in simulation mode.
  44. Aug 26, 2014
    Makes no sense. Tells you to land for ammo and what have you if you land its a automatic crash and fail... No tutorial of any kind? Completely confused in this entire monstrosity of a **** things on the ground in the air nobody knows whos shooting what. It's a globby mess... I would advise something more organised.
  45. Sep 1, 2014
    As one of the few fellower of about 2 years, I'm heavly disappointed in the current meta game. No promises were hold, no improvements were done to fix the broken balance related match making. No
    critical and constructive feedbacks are welcomed.

    Gaijin is really a terrible company.
  46. Oct 14, 2014
    Game is Pay2win
    Game is Slow and have no point
    You need 100000000 years to achieve something
    Mods have no idea what they doing and don't know EULA
    Game is bugged as hell
    Gaijin ignore what say players
  47. Nov 12, 2014
    My score should probably be high but I don't believe that the developers deserve anything positive anymore. Before 1.37 the game was very well balanced and fun showing the new approach and the company that cared for its users unlike World of Tanks/ Warplanes/ Whatever they have now. In 1.37 they basically turned the game into a massive grind (in hope that more people would spend real money on the game). When the update came out, everyone was outraged and there were tons of posts showing this. Gaijin decides to start locking lots of posts and many were ignored. I actually stated that I was unhappy with the way that Gaijin and the forum moderators responded to this and made a topic which discussed this. Then, I am told that I am not allowed to criticize the moderators. The game is still fun when playing a battle of 2 but it is too time consuming to get further in the tree. The ground forces was supposed to bring hope back to the game. The arcade of tanks was actually reasonably fun but the promised combined battles (planes and tanks) were bitterly disappointing. Another tool, the CDK which was to bring custom missions to War Thunder was another hope that became a disappointment. Gaijin attempts to block every single attempt to circumnavigate the grinding, requiring you to have a plane to fly it in a mission. The poor explanation and instructions of the tool are another drawback. Whatever you do in this game, don't spend money (real money) on this game as Gaijin needs to be taught a lesson. Expand
  48. Oct 31, 2014
    This game has nice graphics and thats all. It is probably excellent for beginners or kids, but for experienced gamers I recommend: Rise of Flight, IL-2 Battle of Stalingrad, DCS or Cliffs of Dover with Team Fusion patches.

Generally favorable reviews - based on 6 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 5 out of 6
  2. Negative: 0 out of 6
  1. Aug 14, 2014
    Overall the War Thunder tank battles are great even at this early stage.
  2. Aug 7, 2014
    War Thunder rules the air but the lack of polish hurts, as does the dull ground warfare.
  3. Jun 20, 2014
    With strong visuals and convincing audio backing it up, I thoroughly enjoyed the time I spent inside my P-36 Hawk, and its generous free-to-play model never got in the way.