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  1. Sep 15, 2011
    Whilst the RTS games of Relic Entertainement are brilliant I have to admit that Space Marine is a rather mediocre 3rd person shooter. Real depth and immersion never builds up, the story can be predicted and the rushing in waves of enemies get tedious. The animations don't look smooth and the small boss fights are ridiculously easy. Whilst I'm not a fan over cover systems in general this game could need one. The planet or environment in which you fight as well as the textures lack detail and the the mindless fighting gets boring fast. Being a fan of numerous other shooters I have to say Relic better continues their great work on the RTS sector of the Wh40k franchise. Expand
  2. Sep 18, 2011
    Game is nearly ideal! MP is a blast, as it's different than the regular FPS MP. This is definitely the sleeper hit of the year as it didn't get the exposure of some of the other games being released. Combat from melee to range is seamless and tonnes of fun hacking at Orks and then blasting them with your bolter.
  3. Sep 18, 2011
    I for one came into this game as more of a fan of Warhammer than of this type of game. I have watched my son play Gears of War, a lot, so I am familiar with that game for comparison sake.

    From the Warhammer perspective, this game does not disappoint. It pretty much plays like any good Space Marine novel. I enjoyed the story, while some may critique the heavy use of cut scenes. I saw it
    as a plus. Heck, i could have gone with even more extended scenes. I hope some creative souls out there get a hold of this game engine and use it to create some great Warhammer "movies". If you can make a cut scene, you can do a feature length Anime. ;-)

    The game play itself was reasonable. I found the same shortcomings that others have mentioned. Too close of a camera... getting killed while locked into a "special move" animation. I suspect that if a casual older gamer like myself can master the controls and make his way through the game without too much effort. Then someone like my son, a maniac 18 year old console gamer. Might find the game lacking enough challenge. That said, he likes reading the Warhammer books as well. He said "This game is Sick".

    I like the multi-player well enough. I think it needs to be "expanded" a lot. Different modes, and of course teh promised co op mode.
  4. Sep 19, 2011
    Great game, not perfect but a real blast to play. I've been having trouble lately finding a game to keep my attention, and Space Marine does that. the graphics are spectacular. The amount of detail that went into everything from textures, the main models and even units which you only see briefly like tanks were top notch. Killing Orcs in melee is great fun, and shooting their heads off from a distance results in an impressive explosion of blood. Just plain fun.

    Problems with the game: There are some levels where they seem to have forgotten to add enemies. There are several levels where you can run for up to a minute without encountering any resistance such as in the living quarters of the manufacturing facility. The game engine has a mechanic device that slows down time to introduce dialogue, you can't run during this period and it's done so that you can talk and absorb info from your fellow space marines, but I also had the game forget to revert back to regular time and only death could reset the problem. I assume this will be fixed in a patch.
  5. Sep 19, 2011
    I think this game is pretty good for a first outing in the WH40K shooter realm. I enjoy the hand to hand combat a lot, and the ranged weapons are great. However the game seems to be on rails, I was hoping for a more fluid world. The level ups for rage and melee weapons are nice too, but they fall short. The team mate AI is horrible. They might as well not be there. The jump pack is cool, however it is not an option to keep it, and that sucks as it is really fun to do the diving smash thing. Overall I gave this game an 8 because I was fully enthralled by the game and I am a 40K franchise fan. I do not play the board game however..... Expand
  6. Sep 19, 2011
    The single player is on the short side but I liked the variety of weapons and situations the game put me in. I liked the way the game made me use both melee and ranged weapons and by the end of the game I felt very powerful. Overall it was not a long game but the main point is that I had a lot of fun while playing.

    The multiplayer, on PC, is only as good as the host computer. Without
    dedicated servers some hosts are very poor. The good thing is that I get matched up quickly and i get good hosts most of the time. Time flies when I play this game and that has not happened for a while. Expand
  7. Sep 30, 2011
    From a single player perspective this game is amazing. They have designed an experience rich with the cannon of Warhammer that drops you into the world of the Space Marines. The controls were fast and easy to tune for faster game play at maximum difficulty. Although i found two drawbacks to this game... re-playability is not a main point for me. I found the repetition in redoing the identical thing rather boring. The multiplayer was effective although i find that its very unbalanced for new players. I highly recommend the game overall for an amazing experience. Expand
  8. Oct 4, 2011
    A good first effort from Relic making an action FPS, their love for the 40k fiction is evident. The campaign is good, the shooting and melee mechanic is fun. I hope they improve the dialog in the next game, it is way to sparse for my liking. These are battle brothers they should be talking to each other all the time. I also knock the for the fact that you can die during unbreakable animation which regenerates your health quickly becomes annoying. Expand
  9. Oct 21, 2011
    Overall a really nice representation of the Warhammer 40K Universe. Some of the material makes more sense to fans of the tabletop game. However the plot seems to drag on sometimes with too many inconsequential objectives before you reach the final goal. I felt it was worth the money, but then I am a fan of the overpriced tabletop game.
  10. Oct 22, 2011
    I really liked this game a lot. The blend of close combat and ranged combat is amazing. If you are a fan of the genre, there is nothing I have seen yet that brings home the feeling of being a Space Marine quite like this game does. I also like the multiplayer with the ability to earn ranks, skills and specialized looks, so why not a 10? Here is why: Single player game is VERY short. It's so short that you don't even really have time to get creative with the weapons before it's over. If they came out with some expansion material that was inexpensive or free, this game could be a 9 or 10 for me. Expand
  11. Nov 1, 2011
    A linear, though fun game with satisfying combat that is let down by a couple of points. A good feel for what being a Space Marine is like with a story line far more interesting than the poor Ultramarines movie that came out a couple of years ago. The combat is crunchy with a nice heft and weight to the melee options available, it also rewards timing and smart play more than I expected.

    The multiplayer is a lot of fun and the addition of co-op is much appreciated. Unfortunately the lack of dedicated servers is the biggest downside to the game. Being unable to start your own server is also a problem.

    Overall a fun little game for everyone and a must buy for fans of the 40k setting.
  12. Nov 3, 2011
    This game is just plain fun. The up close and personal combat is done spectacularly well and the beautiful art work of the environments draw you into the scene. If you're a gamer like me who just wants to get on with the combat and gets impatient with extended dialogue, then this may be for you.
  13. Nov 5, 2011
    If you like shooters, if you like the 40K universe, if you enjoyed the look of the Dawn of War series, you will most likely enjoy Space Marines. It may not be the best shooter on the market today, but the scenery oozes 40K character and detail. When playing the single player campaign you should take some time to enjoy the scenery, how it matches the Dawn of War 1 & 2 look and how much detail there is - easily overlooked if you just run through the levels. The game developers eye for detail shows that they love the subject. The multiplay is interesting but suffers from balancing and match making issues, which bring down the average. THQ should take a close look at the more established shooters and redesign this part of the game, as it stands the multiplay is enjoyable, but not great. Note however that the balancing issues can be offset with smart playing and experience (not a challenge for the experienced fps player), just accept that you'll have to swallow your pride when a high xp players pops along to kill you in a single blow. Orcs would be fun in multiplayer, just a suggestion. I'd give it 8/10 as its stands today. Expand
  14. Nov 14, 2011
    The game itself is not bad. its fluid the gameplay but it feels poorly optimized. Its a fun game and bring all the warhammer feeling into it. but fails to make it playing as warhammer. RTS is a RTS and not can be turned into a FPS. this is Warhammer 40K : Call of Duty with Orks. 7 is a my score for this game. its fun and good to have a nice time, some blood and some shooting, but feels like a hybrid and maybe who knows if a sequel will learn from the mistakes of this game. if you find it at discount price like -50% go for it. Expand
  15. Nov 28, 2011
    Nothing but buyers remorse. I must say, when I bought this game, it came with great disappointment. The campaign lasted me roughly 5 hours, which when you dislike multiplayer in shooter games, is a steep price to pay for such little content. The coop modes werent out when I played the game, so I never got to experience those, but even with them I still would probably suffer from buyers remorse. This game just isnt worth the money paid, and no matter how much content was added, never will be. When this game goes on sale for cheap, like 10 bucks or less, it will be worth someones money. And it probably wont be until then that I have friends buy it, and can actually see how the coop is, since my friends made the smart choice, and didnt preorder the game. Expand
  16. Dec 23, 2011
    Adrenalized gun-play, twisting and weaving plot-lines, overwrought character development and a bombardment of on-screen displays, Warhammer 40K Space Marine is a magnificent piece of art. Game of the year.
  17. Jan 9, 2012
    Amazing game. Combat system is easy to get acuustomed to and a whole lotta fun! The campaign has a great story and the levels have a good difficulty ratio. But the most fun is in the multiplayer hands down! Probably the best multiplayer ive ever played. With the mix of the hack and slash and the range weapons, simply awsome and well executed ! A must have for fans of FPS with a lot of action! the campagin was just about 10hours and ive spend another 20hours playing multiplayer and im still not bored! Awsome game, totally worth it's value. Wait for a sale on steam if you dont wanna pay the 50 dollars ! Expand
  18. Jan 12, 2012
    I Absolutely loved the campaign for this game. The difficulty was perfect you had to look at your surroundings for areas which have good cover or a good spot to have a massive melee brawl. The boss battles were so much fun. They were not really for difficulty they were for pure fun. Gameplay was like a mix of halo and gears of war. You could roll around and it was in 3rd person. Insanely good responsiveness. The multiplayer is where it died. The plasma cannon literally ruined it. Where is the skill in that gun? You charge up and the hit a huge radius killing every enemy in it. Imagine a wraith from halo but with 10times the radius and faster travelling shots. Yeah that was the gun. The hammer i find had the dumbest perk. All it does is makes it stronger. A weapon which can already 1shot now has a much higher chance for oneshotting. I loved the classes. They were balanced. A tactical marine is the counter for an assualt marine/Raptor. the Havoc/Devastator is the counter for the tactical marine. And the raptor is the counter for the Havoc/ devastator. The game lacked in levels. A whole 5levels to play on for 2.5 months. There were no Dedicated servers for the game. I don't have the best internet but it isn't bad. And I was stuck at 3/5 bars the whole time. The game had a good skill level. If you were skilled (Which not to brag but I was better than most) you could easily top the score boards. Exterminatus was realeased and it made the game way to easy. I could go solo and get to wave 9on both arena's and bring home about 15k XP. thus making everyone lvl up super fast and getting rid of low levels. I would reccomend it if you like to play a game for about a month and then drop it and never pick it up again. Expand
  19. Apr 19, 2012
    This game is what I would call....simple minded. Nothing to solve, no real used of combat tactics, game feels like it lags (In single player!) on a top end PC. Multi-player is no better with the feeling of lag or use of tactics. I take what I said back about the game having no tactics.....Only has one....Spam your weapon and spam some more. It is not going over the top to say that this game is worse next to DOOM, talking about the first DOOM as well. This game just has a better look, that is it. Also yeah the story line.....typical and easy to guess. In short boring.

    From a game development view point this game was really badly coded. Case in point the lag feel, this is because the uses of particle effects is way over done. This is a mistake that even an novice game maker would not make.

    In short, taking a match to your money and burning it is a more productive use of it over buying this game. Your time has value, do not waste it on this game.
  20. Apr 24, 2012
    This game defies third-person-shooter and brawler mechanics. First things first: If you are a Warhammer 40k fan just like i myself am you will love every tiny little detail they put into it. The atmosphere, the level design with it's vast and huge buildings is near to perfect. And then you have to take this Scenario and put in highly aesthetic close combat which is even enhanced by one of the best control settings i have seen so far (if you are using a xbox 360 controller). Blending shooter Elements in an third-person-hack'n'slay is pretty hard to do but Relic did the job fairly well. So what else to tell you about this? the campaign is kind of short, i must agree, but that does not influence the incredible fun this game actually makes. if i had to write a review on the singleplayer mode only it would definetly get a 10 out of 10 since i only paid 20 Bucks for it. But there is also a multiplayer mode. Unfortunately this mode is stricken with balance-issues and a lack of internal match-options. If you are playing PvP you will most likely discover that player level and equipment matters. some weapons are plain overpowered others prove themselves to be obviously useless. And of course the level and the perks you have equipped will make you either inferior or highly superior to your enemies. Then there is also an PvE mode where u find yourself in an arena and slaughter waves of orcs. Problem with this mode is, that it is made for 4 players. And you can't even adjust the options to make it any easier when you are playing with 2 players. Nevertheless if you have 3 or more people and you are able to survive in the arena this mode provides a ton of fun. So to sum this up: 9 out 10 and one of the best third-person-action-games i have ever played. And it is even pretty cheap by now (~ 20 bucks on steam) so you should consider buying it. Expand
  21. Apr 25, 2012
    I'm a fan of sandbox games, and never enjoyed any game with a scripted story or campaign except Gothic(1). I wouldn't have liked this game either because the story is pointless and your on very tight rails.. but!, the combat is just so over the top with your space marine dishing out the most supreme ass-whoopings by the bushel. They nailed the most important thing they needed to, the melee mechanics, making this hands down the best hack n' slash money can buy. The guns have some nice diversity and pack plenty of punch, no complaints. The health mechanic of regenerating only on melee fatalities is a perfect fit for a space marine, no cover required. They also throw in a bonus power that refills as you get kills called fury. Fury seriously augments your normal powers and generates health while attacking which allows you to take out the elite orcs and bosses. I never got a chance to play Gears of War which this has been likened to but I've played a ton of games, fps's etc.. but this sets a new standard for virtual violence which I can't at the moment imagine how anyone is going to top. Multiplayer has been a bit of a letdown so far, didn't enjoy the maps I've seen or starting at a huge disadvantage to seasoned players who have the good gear. Regardless, I can't wait to see what they do next with this series. Believe the hype. Expand
  22. Jun 3, 2012
    Not worth more than $20 USD. Exceptional programming (besides occasional audio blips). Conventional, fun Warhammer 40k story. Entertaining, novel gameplay, i.e. combat system. Poor online multiplayer support (no servers, just peer-to-peer, so almost always laggy games); possibly sucks up lots of bandwidth! Wonderful environments. Unfortunate take-your-money DLC; game has been tossed away by developers. If you are a War. 40k fan, definitely get it. Expand
  23. Jun 30, 2012
    It very simply never measures up. It's bland, boring, and annoying. It offers absolutely nothing to the 40K fans, and plays like it's 2002. After 9 hours I was happy to uninstall and bemoan my poorly spent monies.
  24. Dec 7, 2012
    Ripping through hordes of orcs is a totally satisfying experience. The visuals and sound are amazing. If you want a little mayhem this game totally delivers. The story is B-movie style but the visceral action is what counts in this game. It is totally worth the sale price on Steam.
  25. Feb 5, 2012
    I've never rated any game a 10, but I have no problem doing so with this title. I guess it is an accurate rating as if I were to write this game myself I would change nothing. Well only one single thing actually, I would leave it up to the player as to whether or not my Space Marine would be wearing their helmets. They don't during the whole game. :P Other than that, this is a perfect FPS, better than any other I've played. It is different in combat tactics, the graphics are awesome and the story if great. The whole package is spot on from Games Workshops high standards. I am very familiar with the Space Marine Codex as well as Orks and the 40K premise and story line. To me this game NAILS it all perfectly. Bought it on sale too for $16.99, but it is well worth the full retail cost and then some. Love the visuals as well, they really bring the Warhammer 40K universe to light just the way it is on the books. I haven't even tried the multi player yet, saving that for after the campaign. Expand
  26. Oct 3, 2012
    I Got the boxed retail copy of this on release day installed and registered on steam, I actually tried multiplayer first and well.... lets just say I never manged to get to the single player within the first few weeks so I will just review the multi to begin with.

    Multiplayer: Um... this is what an infantry based wargame should be all about. Intense firefights where things like picking
    your spot & useing overlapping fields of fire actually mean something and running off on your own will usually get you mutilated, fortunately VOIP is built into the game itself. before we get to that the mechanics in Multiplayer work differently to single player. Probably the biggest difference is that Armour & health recharge/recover when you are in cover (like most squad based shooters) moving the game to a slighly more strategic cover based shooter.... sort of. We have the fairly standard multiplayer leveling up and unlocking system with their own tweaks and flairs, killstreaks unlock new armour customizations faster and so on. There are 3 classes to choose from and each as their strengths and weakness.

    Basically there is something for every occasion and I am sure there is a class there that appeals to everyone, although there is no support class. Thats because ammunition can be picked up from fallen foes and fallen battle brothers alike. At level 4 you unlock the armor customizer (before that you are stuck as an Ultramarine or a default chaos space marine) which lets you pretty much make your marine on either side look however you want using the armor components you unlocked, there are a lot of insignias & loads of colours to choose from and each individual armour piece can be coloured in multiple parts and individual armour pieces changed out as you see fit (so you can have Mk4 armour on 1 leg and Aquila armour on the other leg if you really want for example) they give you 8 slots on each team to make custom looks if you like to switch between them as you see fit & there are also a ton of Space marine chpters with preset armour sets you can then customize ontop of that (first 2 I made were Blood Angels death company and Blood Angels veteran squad armour). The level of customization is impressive and means lots to unlock later on. You can customize the loadouts of the 3 basic class slots & as you unlock the custom slots they let you decide which class to put in each of the 5 custom slots and let you configure the loadouts for each based on the class you picked.

    The weapons are fairly balanced although I found the default boltgun felt a bit weak at times in the begining but maybe I just took a while to master it. The unlockable weapons are not really more powerfull just different & usefull in different situations.

    It is not another COD or BF game nor is it meant to be, But it does feel like a squad based wargame and everything about it screams epic battles even though you are only playing with 16 people. If you ever played Dawn of war/ DOW 2 and thought "man it would be so awesome to be in that combat in a first/third person shooter" then Relic have granted your wish. Single player: its a gore fest and a lot of fun, the story and gameplay moves along at a breakneck speed for the most part & I found myself pushing further & further to see what would happen next. Around the middle of the game I found it getting repetitive with the same enemies over & over and I was glad when the story finally took a turn and presented new enemies to overcome.

    I found the last third or so of the game more challenging and fun although the format of the final boss battle was quite a letdown.

    Overall this is a great and while I enjoyed the multiplayer Vs gameplay significantly more the Single player & Co-op postions other people will find the opposite.
  27. Dec 24, 2012
    MUST play for WH40K fans. Thriling set battles, great visuals and some of the best sound effects. Sure it's linear to the extreme but it's fun. This game did not get a fair shake. I hope they make a SM2.
  28. Feb 20, 2012
    THQ deserves to keep the Warhammer 40k ip.
    The big question I always ask myself when I play a video game adaptation of something is "do I feel like".
    Lately alot of comic and movie adaptations seem to fail at this quite frequently (go play Thor or Green Lantern and get back to me) and in the past alot of great i.p's or franchises have been butchered in the video game department.
    Not since
    Arkum Asylum have I felt so much like the central character , and been so immersed in a familiar world. So in answer to the question in my opening statement...
    Wading into a horde of orcs with chainsword in one hand bolter in the other, I loved the seemless switching between mele and ranged combat. Controls are amazing , the single player is a work of art, and the multi-player is a blast and the co-op is some of the best I've ever played! Only thing missing is dedicated servers. DLC has proven worth it for me too with the Dreadnaught mode in MP and the Chaos Unleashed pack was a nice change up for co-op, slaughtering thousands of guardsmen instead of orcs (in most cases both at once) playing as Chaos.
    Space Marine was just what WH40K needed in the video game department and THQ has come through again.
  29. Sep 16, 2011
    @syrik It seems to me like you just go frustrated and quit with MP. You can mute people on PC in game by simply pressing the tab key and muting as you would in the lobby. That said, the PC MP could really use those options used in the greatest FPS games, like dedicated servers and push to talk, oh to never hear someone eat or yell BABY GET ME A SANDWICH..............................................The single player is short, but after playing Arkham Asylum I can understand why with this style of game they kept the campaign short. Most people loved Asylum, but after a while to me it became grappling, wait, one button kill, just as this game can simply be M1 M1 M1. However, I also found when playing SP that if you really work on trying to be a combat specialist and not just a rampaging juggernaut it takes a bit more skill and control besides hitting M1 M1 M1.............................................On the multi-player side, this game reminds me of CoD 2 in that the base of the game is very, very strong. With some more iteration this game could be come the third person sci-fi shooter. But that would mean not only putting in more PC control but also adding call downs like in modern CoD titles. In this way the game really could expand, however, I'm hoping that the MMO being developed runs in this direction, especially since newer PCs can push the LARGE, and that's an understatement, scope of this game's IP. Both in terms of number of races and such but also, scope in terms of HUGE battles which has little to no dead time, you should look up and see planes flying everywhere and pods dropping in and laser fire from unseen space craft in the sky. 40k is about nothing but war and this game is a great start but its still just Deathwatch in terms of numbers when it should be the Apocalypse expansion. Expand
  30. Sep 17, 2011
    This is the best action shooting 40k game in all time, considering this is only the second game of a shooter game. this is relics first shooter game - people out there who saying relic should go out of business and comparing to halo 1 its childish and gears of war would curb stomp the space marine, they dont know what they are talking about it. i give it a good score because needless to say its relics first shooter game and it certainly beats firewarrior, plus the 40k setting is spot on. i understand that relic didnt put as much potential as they should but the next game will ascend to the level and i wont be so nice to the next space marine if they fail to dash out more in the next sequel. now the good points of this game: overall a good storyline, though it maybe cliche but its a common start story of 40k and as long they bring out the important roles into it and make it awesome - with chaos and orks that is perfect! multiplayer, as i judge it is quite a competitive and diverse and tactical plus varieties! yes you start out poor and lower end weapons if you are new and fighting against people who have better stuff but thats the whole point. you must earn your way to the top, and with every weapon has a great mass killing spree and some has great disruption, and some of the starting weapons are still used by higher level players with perks added on. plus there is team work, sometimes my team lose badly because some stick together and the heavy weapons are like the artillery support and thats a good combo well unless if i come around corner and blindsight ya haha. anyways, yes, now the bad ones: glitchy, bad servers, limited modes and maps in mulitplayer, cheesy voice acting comparing to first dow which i still and love and play. also it can get really old really fast, but i have faith with relic that they can take this and makin it a better game and that wont happen til space marine 2 or whatever they will call it but i will exspect even more til then with more features and expanding the campaign and muliplayer capabilities depending on what or how much they are working at that time, hopefully not two more dow 2 expansions in two years. in conclusion if you have faith with relic, love 40k, and at least what another competitive or cooperative mutliplayer game, get it, if not, dont Expand
  31. Sep 20, 2011
    Campaign was fun but short, multiplayer is really fun and the various options and loadouts you can choose is good. Lag only a problem when the host has a bad connection.

    Overall a good experience, just wish for longer solo player campaign.
  32. Sep 24, 2011
    GOOOOd GAAAME!!! The combat system with the range system works as well as I would hope, and there was enough diversity in the weapons that it kept me interested. Overall, Space Marine is a good game...
  33. Sep 27, 2011
    This game had me hooked off the bat. Immediately as you begin playing your dropped into the mist of action and right away your already hacking and slashing your foes. I realize there is a lot of lore behind Warhammer 40,000 from a gamer perspective I enjoy the game play mechanics. It gives you the best feeling of what a space marine would be like. Using a jump pack is superbly fun I knew it was going to be good but I spent hours and hours of simply dropping on top of my foes and finishing them off in melee combat. At the same time if you prefer range combat you can easily work on that and for working on that specific class you gain perks to help you out. A survival coop will be released soon and I sure as hell cant wait to get my hands on it after all many games become really big because of coop game play. Another thing is if relic continues releasing maps and game modes this game will last even longer which is a plus since Relic has been known to release these kinds of things in the past. There are still a few things that could have been taken into accountability the levels feel a little linear not too much freedom unfortunately also it only held me for about a good 12-13 hours campaign wise. Which if I do say so myself is longer then most of the other games I have played but overall this game was quite successful in capturing the audience of Warhammer 40,000 fans and luring new fans into the fray. Overall it is a fun and good game I will keep playing this and so long as it has support such as future DLC's and maybe one day allow modding support I will keep playing this game. Expand
  34. Sep 28, 2011
    This game. Oh my god, this game. I took a look at it (before I downloaded it) and thought it would be like the other Warhammer games. Was I wrong. I downloaded it, and got in, and I was completely spellbound by it when I got in. It had a feel like Gears of War, with the over-the-shoulder PoV and the creatures you fight, as well as the weapon change screen, and like Halo, with the UI, shields/health system, and the resemblance to those nasty little Grunts. I absolutely love(d) this game and hope Capt. Titus brings us to a sequel. Expand
  35. Jan 5, 2012
    This game is good. If your a fan of Warhammer 40k then i dont think youll be disapointed... i played the board game when i was a kid and this was the first games workshop game i played since. Since then ive bought the dawn of war series due to this game (which is awsome but thats a diff review), its fun..but only if you know or like the warhammer 40k series, like do u know what a vox is? or an Inquisitor? if not it would probably be a bit confusing...the reason i give it an 8 is because the battle music isnt great and all you fight it orks and chaos marines, but the chaos are only in the bitter end.. no eldar or anything else, but ya, a good and fun game...again only if u know the warhammer world, otherwise youll be hopelessly confused and kinda dissapointed in my opinion. Expand
  36. Sep 22, 2012
    I enjoyed this game from start to finish. Great story, great game mechanics. You will never get bored with this game (just talking about the single player campaign). The multiplayer aspect of the game, I see it as a bonus. And those who say this game ain't hard or too easy.. you choose which level of difficulty you want to play the game. Great game even for a year old game! Loved it!
  37. Feb 5, 2012
    Way better then I thought. The Single Player is awesome but no freedom in it, executing an Ork to gain health is awesome. The physics are quite realistic and fun. Multiplayer, however is a different story. Exterminatus is the best feature of multiplayer. You and a group of people (be it your friends or random people) must defend yourself from tons of Orks and capture control points. However the Versus mode is quite challenging. I've seen level 2 people with combat knifes fight against level 90 people with thunder hammers, I personally suck at versus but I'm pro with Exterminatus. This is a really good game and is worth it. Expand
  38. Nov 16, 2011
    Enjoyable Single-player, not Oscar material but it fits in with the material its working with, it pretty does what what you would expect from a game like this, it is perhaps on the short side. Multi-player is enjoyable when it works but is sadly much enjoyment is slowly killed off with the very poor p2p match-making, lag is abundent and often leads to mean deaths and miss kills. Multi-player game modes are very limited and not really going outside the normal team deathmatch, flag capture modes which get repative quickly. Overall however the game after a while has little real replay value, once you mastered the Ranks in MP there was little left in SP to justify playing for long periods outside the occasional dibble. Expand
  39. Feb 6, 2012
    If you are a fan of testosterone with a dash of adrenaline you won't be disappointed by this title. Not many games make you feel like a total badass from square one, but this game does it splendidly. Fun combat, impressive visuals and top notch sound work. The only real downside is that it gets a bit repetitive, but in bite size chunks "Space Marine" is a real treat!
  40. Feb 5, 2012
    The game is what it is, an action movie masquerading as a computer game. If you like point-and-click hack-and-slash games, then this game is for you. It's not innovative, it's not ground-breaking, the graphics aren't spectacular, but you can have a ton of fun if you don't put a lot of hopes on it being the next big thing in third-person shooters.
    To be honest, I was kind of hoping for an
    action RPG, but basically you just find all of the items you can use in the game and the game decides at certain points to make various items available to you (as if to say, "Hey! You'll need these items in the upcoming mob/boss fight!"). The story is typical Warhammer 40,000 fare: an ork invasion leads to something more sinister! If you've played either Dawn of War game, you'll see the story coming. But once you get the jump pack and the hammer, you'll wish that was the whole game experience. There's nothing like flying up into the air and then swooping back down into a group of orks and then pounding their skulls into mush with the hammer. Unfortunately, the jump pack sequences are too short and too few.
    I don't really play multiplayer, so I'll leave those reviews for those who've tried it, but it seems like it's getting upgrades. It's pretty much Space Marines vs. Chaos Space Marines in death matches and capture points. They also have a dreadnaught add-on that seems like it could offer a new aspect of gameplay for people (but it's a DLC add-on, so you'll have to pay for it). If the game's on sale, go ahead and get it. It's good for the lower price.
  41. Dec 31, 2011
    A very nice action game based to warhammer 40k world. Very nice and smooth gameplay, fantastic graphics, and an epic music. The only negative is that there is not so much different enemies.
    The game has and a very good multiplayer mode but with not too much maps
  42. Feb 5, 2012
    Felt a lot like Gears of war..which my girlfriend loved, and I disliked greatly. GOW is big hulking soldiers with big guns aimlesly walking around stupid and pointless maps killing masses of bad guys. What makes this game MORE interesting is is Dawn of War element. I really enjoyed DOW and it was neat to see the races that I played with in that game. Tired of hearing all the Imperial Guardsmen in the game tell me over and over "hurry, get over to this place, you must stop the orcs!" Poor Plot. You can't jump until you get cracks in the ground and rubble slow you down a lot. Also, I felt like I just wanted to get past the level I am on so I can get to the next level so I can start to have some fun. Finding new weapons was fun..running out ot ammo was not. Felt like I was always having to use the crappy pistol until I found ammo..and ammo is has to be because you aren't allowed to carry enough and you go through it so quickly.. Terrible drama element to get excited to find basic ammo so you can use your basic weapons.

    Played for about 4-5 hours...single player and was fun until now. Could have been so much more.
  43. Feb 21, 2012
    Buy it for the Multiplayer, we have, in our community about 20 people who have the game and on any night, now in Feb 2012, we can shoot out a Steam announcement for the game and play the most awesome MP ever!

    Peer to peer isn't ideal but with friends from the same country (Australia in our case) it can hardly be faulted.

    The visceral, bloody gameplay with the diversity and depth of
    weapons and perks makes the game so satisfying. We consider the default DLC to grab, the Chaos Unleashed pack (adds awesome new Exterminatus missions where you kill humans and orcs as Chaos marines) and the Dreadnought pack. But it now, tell your friends, get it cheap is GREAT value and trusted site. enjoy Expand
  44. Feb 27, 2012
    As a big fan of the WH40k universe, a game like this is long overdue. Outside of dawn of war, most wh40k games have been mediocre at best. The biggest strength of the game is how you really do feel like a giant genetically engineered superhuman in power armor (aka space marine). I felt like a super bad mofo ripping through orks and chaos in hand to hand combat. Graphics and sound are also very good. Now to the stumbling blocks...... Story is pretty forgettable and predictable. For a world that is under massive attack it sure can feel empty most of the time, you will stomping through empty environments through a good portion of the game. Why could they not have more parts where you fight with other imperial guard units? Hell the best part of the game is the fight on the bridge with fellow space marines and it is SO SHORT. There is no co-op through the campaign which is very disappointing! The multi player is so laggy and broken at times I wonder what the point is? There are no dedicated servers and you will find that the host migrates so much that it can be unplayable. When it does work it is pretty fun, when it works...... Finally all the pointless DLC is a real slap in the face when the multiplayer issues are so glaring, the only DLC worth anything is the chaos unleashed pack. For a game that could have been so much, it is a tad on the disappointing side. While I highly recommend the game for WH40k fans, I can't really recommend it to other people which is the vast majority. Expand
  45. May 24, 2012
    A decent action game and pretty much the only choice if you want a Warhammer 40,000 title in this genre. It's actually quite good for a first-time developer (Relic's merits being from RTS games). Straightforward gameplay with no real flaws, decent if unsurprising campaign. Multiplayer was very active for a month or two and then dwindled away, as it had little content on release. More modes and co-op were added later but too late as most players had moved on. This was a bit disappointing as it could still be lively with better early support. Still worth it at a sale price, IMO. Expand
  46. Jul 16, 2012
    The single player is awesome, but the multiplayer is also really good with extras not just tacked on. The first time you go in to brace stance with a Heavy Bolter you KNOW you're in WH40K.
  47. Sep 13, 2012
    Repetitive environments, but high replay value. Very fluid combat in MP and enjoyable canon SP storyline. -1 point for lacking MP maps; although the control point mode is very enjoyable/replayable. DLC is acceptable but the lack of players means you'll need some good luck or a STEAM sale weekend in order to actually experience it fully. Exterminatus is excellent for non-competitive players, but most perks can only be unlocked in PvP which is disappointing for those non-comp players. Expand
  48. Oct 10, 2012
    Good game, has a fun single player campaign and online is very fun. You can just jump into games with other players and play both vs. or co-op. Really underrated game, got it off steam sale and have since bought quite a bit of the DLC.
  49. Nov 28, 2012
    If you are a Warhammer 40K fan you have to play this game. If not I still recommend trying this game out.
    Not your typical shooter. I find it pretty innovative on many levels.
  50. Jan 1, 2013
    Early couple of playing hours I was really annoyed and felt dizzy by the un/intentional camera slow motion, and game story was forgettable. And then intense hack-and-slash combat sparked the game and I mmediately started second play-through. My character was killed quite lot and even though I felt frustrated I kept going back to beat the game. For $7.46 this game is worth playing!
  51. Jul 18, 2013
    Warhammer 40,000 meets Gears of War gameplay? Hell yeah! That's what my initial reaction was years back when the first in-game footage was released on youtube. Space Marine had an extreme amount of potential to be a rich RPG with lots of depth. It failed nearly in all aspects.

    Was it because of time constraints? Lack of experience from Relic for building this kind of game? Not enough
    staff? We may never know. But what we do know is what the result is. Average trash.

    A great introduction of the 40k "there is only war" motto into this type of gameplay. Massive (though empty) environments. Lots of different art assets used. Excellently captures 40k gothic feel. Animations average to above average. Sound quality above average. Character models are accurate to the lore and look fantastic.

    Unfortunately the good things stop there. One of my biggest gripes about modern RPG's is they usually start you off as a total badass, warrior of the universe from the very beginning. From second one you literally walk around & have people stare in awe at you when in reality the player has done nothing to earn this feeling yet. Space Marine does this.

    Relic had a good chance at RPG lore-friendly elements like character progression, armor/ability upgrading, vehicle combat and more but failed miserably. Instead the entire game is a grind your teeth on-rails experience with unlimited ammo. After every encounter there is ammo boxes everywhere & all weapons available. One wonders why they even put ammo boxes there in the first place and instead just give you unlimited ammo, it would be the same thing.

    Next up is enemies. There is less than a dozen enemy types in game. It ranges from a few ork types to chaos guardsmen, marines & deamons. You would think the different enemy types forces you to change tactics but it doesn't. For example some 'Ard Boyz orks carry big metal shields. A grenade will take care of them but if they get too close just spam melee attacks and you'll be able to finish them off just like any other.

    Melee attacks literally have 1 chain animation for each weapon and although cool at first, gets boring fast when it is all that's available. Melee weapons range from chainsword, power axe & thunder hammer. I couldn't tell much difference between them except sword is fast/weak, axe is medium/medium and hammer is strong/slow. It really doesn't make much difference in the end.

    The only way to regain health is by executions, but you can still be damaged during the animation. This leads to unnecessary frustrating events especially on the hardest difficulty which I played twice through on where you die while trying to regain health.

    The story was weak & uninspiring. Captain Titus or the other two marines we're boring & stale. Some of the things they said made sense but I felt no attachment to them. I guess its hard to make likable characters based on warriors engineered for combat.

    Ranged combat is fun and visceral. Melee combat is very simplistic & spammy. They had great opportunities to really make an incredible 40k game but in my opinion its a fail. The recently announced Warhammer 40k: Eternal Crusade mmo says they are using Space Marine as inspiration. I can only hope they take the good things (which are few) from this game and leave out the bad.

    All in all Space Marine is an average game. It is simply an on-rails linear shooter that does not come close to matching the standard set by Gears of War 3. Only the most hardcore fan of the 40k Universe could play this game and walk away saying it was a great game. I'm a huge fan of 40k but I can see that this game was not made to it's full potential.

    It's worth a torrent if you're bored one afternoon.
  52. Feb 21, 2013
    An obviously fantastic game Imagine that when Gears of War meet with the Warhammer 40K All the gore and blood spreading around with it's brilliant combat controls.....and also with the masterpiece soundtrack!
    What else could i say This game is awesome! By the way,there is a totally FREE DLC Exterminatus mode(Survival mode) download in this awesome game How can anyone refuse it Just
    go buy it and love it Expand
  53. Dec 19, 2012
    TL;DR Mindless linear action, a good base for the franchise to start from, but still has its problems.

    First of all, if you're expecting a well written story filled with meaningful dialogue and characters that you'll remember, you might want to stop now. What you're going to get is a third-person hack and slash bloodfest while playing as one of humanity's bona fide badasses. The story
    is nothing to remember, just your basic "save the world" with a twist thrown in. The characters are about as emotional as a sack of bricks and play the most basic archetypes. The world itself is nothing to look at, just a human foundry planet with dead bodies littering the landscape. After that, Space Marine begins to shine.

    You are guaranteed to feel like a Space Marine, this should be undoubted. When you crash into a group of Orks with the jetpack and start swinging the Thunder Hammer, there is no better feeling. The combat is quick and decisive, and simple yet rewarding at the same time. I did say the combat was mindless, however, that doesn't mean that you are simply God and can walk through the game. There will be parts where you die a couple times, figure things out, and carry on, which is nice. There are times where you feel overwhelmed but you end up powering through it and can't help but think "damn, that was awesome!". The transition from ranged to melee is also amazing, and one does not make the other useless luckily.

    I did not delve much into the multiplayer, however, it is not perfect but is still a good feature at the same time. The customization is also great, but parts can only be unlocked with multiplayer. Overall, it is a fun experience for anybody, fan or not, of WH40K.
  54. Dec 27, 2012
    ARE YOU KIDDING ME? This game is amazing--I had passed it over sale after sale but finally went for it. I regret all the time I've lost that I could be playing this game.

    It's fast, vicious, and DAMMED FUN! I play with an XBox 360 controller on my PC and this game controls GREAT! The graphics are astounding, the combo system a blast, I love the mechanics of the game, the story-line, the
    true to WH love. The animations and gore are just BRUTAL and totally fulfilling for any gamer who's fond of some hardcore combat action.

    I can't advise people enough to at the VERY least play the demo--you'll be hooked and curse these ridiculous meta-critic scores that skewed such an amazing game down.
  55. Dec 30, 2012
    I knew about Warhammer 40k but I had never actually played the Dawn of War or the table top game. This game went on sale one day for $7 and all I can say is that I would have been glad to pay $60 for it. A GREAT story line and an amazing combat system. A great action hack and slash game mixed with a third person shooter. Instead of a cover system (Gears of War) you're forced to get up close and personal with your enemy be it an Ork or a twisted and corrupt Chaos Space Marine in savage and bloody battles! And it has a great story and really good characters. And the voice work is pretty solid as well. The graphics are REALLY nice. The characters look like their table top counterparts. Even as you and your fellow Space Marines move through the battlefield, the very ground shakes (due to them wearing a 2 ton armor set). This game literally changed me as a gamer and got me into the Warhammer 40k franchise and I LOVE it. I have NOTHING negative to say about this AMAZING game. And the multiplayer is top notch! Balanced, fun, action packed, fast paced, and overall better than many other games out there. Don't let this game go by. You'll regret it. Expand
  56. Sep 22, 2012
    I like this game, i really do. I gave it only 8, for dead multiplayer and short gameplay, campaign could be a bit longer. Combat system is brilliant, melee weapons are pure pleasure to use. Everything runs smooth, no technical issues, controls are responsive enough. Graphics is nice and music is solid. Definitely worth its price.
  57. Aug 10, 2013
    First the good. The seamless integration between range and melee combat makes combat fluid and enjoyable. The variety of weapons is nice and largely well balanced. While there aren't a lot of graphics options for PC, the visuals and effects are good and the game performs smoothly without devouring a lot of resources. Controls with both gamepad and mouse and keyboard work perfectly and are very intuitive.

    Now the bad. The game is short and not very replayable. The multiplayer fell way short of expectations. Peer to peer matchmaking means a load of lag. While this may be ok for THQs RTS games, it makes the action oriented Space Marine nearly unplayable in multiplayer. In order to get the most out of multiplayer (access to all modes and characters) you will need to let THQ nickle and dime you with DLC packs. So much superfluous DLC it's just nauseating. Since THQ is now defunct, multiplayer is no longer getting updates, though it still works as far as I know.

    The single player experience is worth it for both action game fans and Warhammer fans. Outside of that, there is no reason to play this game.
  58. May 16, 2012
    Whilst the bloody and gory combat is exciting and fun with blood splashing everywhere on the screen. It is one of the few above average parts of this game. Luckily you will spend ~90% of the game doing this.The story could be more interesting but it wasn't bad. The game is entirely linear with no plot choices to be made at all, I think a few choices here and there could have made the plot a lot better. The multiplayer continues the great combat except without all the blood (as there are no orks). Overall I would recommend this game to a friend. It is a fun exciting game purely for the combat. Unfortunately if you are looking for a deep stoery you most likely will not get it here. Expand
  59. Jul 6, 2012
    Not spectacularly innovative, but fun in places. The game is a little one-dimensional in that there are only three enemy types - Orks, more Orks and Chaos forces, gameplay ranges from "go here, shoot that" to "go there, shoot this". Multiplayer is a much-needed addition and offers deathmatches as well as co-op style matches. Possibly offers more for the WH40K fan than to those who are unaware of the Games Workshop franchise. Not a bad buy but would recommend only doing so if found for under £10.99. Expand
  60. Oct 15, 2013
    This game really offers anything interesting or fun only to Warhammer fans. The pacing is terrible, with frantic hack-and-slash followed by endless corridor walking while you are listening to dialogue that is only added flavour. As a Warhammer 40,000 fan, I sort of liked the short adventure of a single marine, even if the plot was so obvious and seen so many times before that it was almost insulting. The voice acting is decent, art is great (it is Warhammer, after all), sounds and music very good. Still... you are not missing anything, if you won't pick this up. Expand
  61. Nov 22, 2013
    Space Marine is a decent, satisfying bone crunching hack-and-slash shooter coupled with nice graphics and let down by its single player modes linear gameplay, dull environment and short longevity Warhammer 40K fans will like Space Marine but should grabbed in the Steam sales at 75%+ off.
  62. Mar 7, 2012
    Bad first: It is simple and a bit short and the multiplayer has no dedicated server service but nothing else is wrong with the game. It is a very fun SP gameplay and also MP makes ton's of fun. Just perfect for some stressless hours of splattering your enemys with a big smile on your face.
  63. Mar 28, 2012
    I have really been enjoying playing this title. While I have never been into the board aspect(s) of the Warhammer Universe I own each of the PC titles beginning with Dawn of War, and to be honest this was a nice break from the "usual". I am hoping for future updates to squash many of the little bugs, albeit none critical on my rig, to truly make everything more seamless, and hopefully also address smoothing out and, or creating more consistent frames per second in many scenarios. Trust me my rig can handle any of the modern titles, in fact I am still waiting for a title to truly utilize all the PC powa I have waiting to ambush Dx11-plus titles with textures, and polygons running amuck. Yet, overall I have recommended this title to my friends and look forward to continue progressing through this cinematic FPS playstyle! Expand
  64. Sep 12, 2014
    Well done graphics and storyline. Follows accurately in the Warhammer universe. Diverse amount of weaponry, and cool graphical interactions with the melee weapons. Aiming and movement are fine as well.
    Game was a little too short, but not overly. The only real letdown was the final battle (which consisted of the hero fighting the villain in a cutscene that only required pressing the right
    key at the right time to continue winning the fight (think Star Wars: The Force Unleashed cut scene attacks, or Just Cause 2 when trying to steal a vehicle).
    Worthwhile game though.
  65. Nov 18, 2012
    The exterior backdrops are mostly impressive, while the interior are so bland you might ask yourself is this still a demo version. Based on the SP I found it a fun game in most parts when you get certain equipment boosts combined with melee and run and gun tactics the combat blends rather well together.
  66. Jul 1, 2012
    This game is nothing truly spectacular, but it's solid. Definitely worth the 7.50 I paid for it. Some notable strengths include the intense, fast-paced combat and the portrayal of the Warhammer 40K universe from a Space Marine's perspective. Notable weaknesses include the linear, hedged-in gameplay, the healing system, and the fact that the power hammer weapon, when equipped at the wrong times, makes certain areas extremely difficult to beat. Expand
  67. Jun 30, 2012
    The idea would have been so great! But this mindless button smashing and control point system, to watch, listen, go, kill BEFORE you can fix your error is sooo stupid. Thats why I hate console games and ports for the pc. Take Einstein's brain and put a mouse's in his head instead. Thats console... And this was developed by RELIC (CoH, DoW 1-2). You need no brains, no tactic (even if you try, you fail - you cant spare ammo, if you're full granades and press E, they disappear in thin air...).
    Soo weak game for a so good universe (thats the 5 points I gave), from so good developers... They obviously needed the money... Or I dunno...
    (Check box for spoilers? For this game? Lol.)
  68. Dec 11, 2012
    If you played the Warhammer 40k strategy games you're gonna love it for sure, but even if you didn't play any Warhammer games before you're gonna love the campaign. I played so many games in my life, from Final Fantasy to Amnesia, so I can say that this game has a really solid story better than most of the games that came out in 2011/2012. You really get into the story and how the Warhammer world feels and you really get into your character you play. Along with a great story you get a combat system with a lot of action, you have a lot of weapons to choose from and every weapon has some pro's and con's so you need to choose what fits you the most. You actually also feel some progress with every new weapon and upgrade and don't feel like you get some useless junk you're never going to use. It actually gets pretty challenging when you get almost an endless horde of enemies storming at you, it's a hack and slash but you can die easily sometimes if you don't shoot some other more dangerous enemies first. You get also quiet a lot of different enemies from the very weak you can kill in one shot to the tank that smashes you to death in 3-4 attacks. I can't give any review to the multi-player because I didn't played it yet, I rather enjoy a single-player campaign with a good story than multi-player but maybe I'm gonna give it a try sometime. I give it a 8 because it's better than a lot of other hack'n'slash games out there and quiet underrated compared to others, but there's still a lot of potential that could have been done in the game, like upgradable armor and skills like in the Warhammer strategy games. Expand
  69. Jan 15, 2013
    This is only a review of the single player campaign. I thought it was quite enjoyable. Combat was fun and fast with really good cinematic effects, love those slow motion executions. The game was devoid of any tedious elements and kept the pace going solid right up to the end. I completely disagree with the guy saying hallway shooters are dated. Most "freedom" added in games is just a bunch of tedious garbage that adds nothing and slows the pace of the game down. There's no inventory in this, no crafting, no skill points, no secret rooms, just go and kill. Sounds perfect if you ask me. The control wasn't 100%, there's a couple funky issues due to the fact that this is a console port, but nothing game breaking at all. Mostly the melee is a tad difficult with mouse/keyboard. The mouse aiming was solid and that's usually the biggest culprit in console ports. They do a good job of making you swap between melee/ranged as you can't reload while things are hitting you. I liked the heal mechanic quite a bit which involves executing an enemy. The first negative review you read here complains about how you keep getting hit while you're doing this execute, ya well no **** buddy. You're supposed to use it on the last guy or last 2 guys, not wade into combat trying to heal. Plus by the end of the game you can usually use your fury cooldown to heal if you're in trouble. It's not an issue at all. The ending was satisfying which is pretty important IMO. The story was nothing special with some relatively predictable twists but solid enough to carry the game onward. It took me about 12 hours to get through the campaign. Expand
  70. Jan 7, 2013
    A somewhat disappointing experience in the end. The game is just an attempt to make money off Warhammer 40,000. It is aimed at the current WH40K fanbase, and is unlikely to earn it any new fans. The graphics are average with somewhat uninspired environments, but there is a large amount of gore, which is nice compared to all the "kid friendly" shooters these days. The sound effects are good and the voice acting, too. Story, although predictable for any WH40K veterans, is good enough for a game like this. The gameplay combines (rather simple) melee combos with third person shooting which, refreshingly enough, doesn't utilize the cover system. Combining those two with great levels of gore, the player can see what it's like to be a Space Marine, rather than modern games' generic sissies sitting in cover half the game. The game's first big negative is the amount of wasted RPG and sandbox potential.With the RPG elements lacking entirely and the whole game being set on a single planet with very little visual change between linear levels. The second negative is the shameless money-grabbing i.e all the pointless and overpriced DLC that should have been in the game from the start. When everything comes together, you have a decent TPS which gets a lower score because it could have been so much more, had the developers not taken the easier path just to make more money. Expand
  71. Feb 19, 2013
    Combines third person shooting with third person hack n slash pretty well. While the melee combat isn't as deep as games like God of War, it's still very fun to hack up tons of orcs rushing at you. There are tons of enemies that it becomes over whelming, which adds to the difficulty. While the gameplay is great, graphics look really good, and music fits well, this game really lacks story. I felt like I was just moving from one section to another just to hack up more orcs with no real purpose behind what I'm doing. If the story were more engaging, this game would be an easy recommend, but it's still worth checking out for the gameplay. Expand
  72. Dec 24, 2013
    A highly under-rated entertaining action game. Pros -The 40k universe is well pictured and as expected revolves around the unsubtle epicness of the franchise. -The RPG elements nicely supports the action part of the game, rather in-depth visual personalisation and decent class/ability/perk unlockable system -Great multiplayer in all its variants, co-op arenas, tdm, ffa etc. -The gameplay action and feel of power is just brilliant and makes all the fun, especially in multiplayer. Expand
  73. Apr 13, 2013
    On discount it's really worth picking up. Everything feels WH40K, movement has good weight, weapons are fun to use and melee combat is integrated excellently. Most shooters that have some type of melee attack have it as a emergency move for the purpose of having something to do when out of ammo. Not in Space Marine, it's part of the game and knowing which enemies you should spend time smacking around vs shooting makes the game that much more dynamic.

    Jump pack storm hammer? OMG best thing ever. I think they knew this and it only happens a couple times in the game, but if it was always available, I don't think I would have used anything else. Too much fun.

    However, it is linear and with everything in the WH40K universe to choose from, they could have done so much more. So -1 point for being too linear and -1 point for missing it's potential. But really fun and satisfying experience overall.
  74. Ndi
    May 20, 2014
    I wish this game had no multiplayer. So many poor reviews, simply because MP was lacking.

    It is a great SP game, and it gives, IMO great immersion. Games can either go for great mechanics, a great story, excellent graphics, and manage to be good games. There are great games out there, but it doesn't have to be a masterpiece to be a good game.

    If you get a Space Marine game, you pay
    to be the fury of the Emperor, incarnate. The purpose of this game is to make you feel like the Emperor's finest, and it does. It doesn't need the best graphics ever to be a GOOD game. And it is, it is a good game.

    It has good sound, good immersion, nice kills and a good overall feel to it.

    Now, it had poor controls (way too many buttons for a PC). Jump and smash-land should be same button. Double-tapping keys should have implemented dodging, instead of more buttons. Holding Melee should have been stun, and lo and behold, they fit on a mouse and directional keys instead of having 11 controls (I have an older version of the game, maybe they fixed that).

    And these things (controls, checkpoints, etc) keeps it from being a GREAT game. But it is a GOOD game, and I recommend it. I heard people say 50 dollars. I recommend you get it cheaper. Right now it's 20E and I say go get it.
  75. May 20, 2013
    As it stands now, Multiplayer is brutal and almost unforgiving to new comers, How ever it has its enjoyable moments, Exterminatus is enjoyable,though some recent bugs have started to annoy. Campaign is enjoyable and fun, the story is well written with some amazing art work and characters. But as Multiplayer stand currently, 41 level cap and weapon buffs severely punishing new players, i can not give this game a 10/10 how ever it wholly earns its 7. Expand
  76. May 28, 2014
    The problem with Space Marine is the same as many games out there in these days: its way too simple, easy and linear. They game needs a better combat system, one more challenging and intense. Harder enemies, less ammo, no regeneration of health, bigger variety of enemies and variety of weapons since all of them are the basic guns of almost every shooter out there (shotguns/snipers/lasers/mgs). Those are a few of the things I missed for this game. I like the idea of including melee combat, but its way too OP, i dont remember enemies counter attacking my melee attacks. I also missed the kind of gore that make a difference in gameplay, like in Ninja Gaiden. I would like to see the game to be a bit more tactical, make a real use of your companions, like giving them orders. Also, why not a reloading/jamming system as in gear of war. It is a good game for a low price if you are into action games. I really hope Relic bring us more, Warhammer universe have a lot to offer. Expand
  77. Jun 30, 2013
    Take combat from Arkham Asylum and make it worse, then take combat from Gears of War or any of it's clone and make it worse. Now combine those two and you have Space Marine. The gameplay is at some points great fun and at some points simply tedious. The other thing I found to be wrong in this game was the direction of cinematography etc. I don't think the game knows what it wants to be. The WH40k universe is famous for being a dark and gritty place, but this game is neither that nor gratuitous tongue-in-cheek action. While that isn't bad per se, it just leaves the same bland feeling about it all that the so-so combat does.

    On the technical side, I found it the game to be more or less excellent. And despite the fact that the game is perhaps too short, the plot actually was pretty solid and fitting to the universe.
    If you're a fan of the WH40k franchise, you'll likely find the game good, even great. If you aren't though, be prepared for a... not bad, but not so good either show.

    One thing worth noting is that this is actually the developer's (Relic Entertainment) first non-RTS title, and for a first effort, it IS really solid. If there ever is a sequel made by the same studio, I'm expecting great things from it.
  78. Aug 29, 2013
    Space Marine is a brilliant game based on one of the best and most popular table top games.

    Relic has created a game which not only captures the atmosphere and brutality of the universe but delivers a competent story with enjoyable gameplay.

    You play a space marine captain sent to investigate a planet which has fallen silent. You soon discover the planet has fallen to the green tide
    of Orks.

    The gameplay is smash the hell out of the Orks with awesome powerful melee weapons and blast them in the face with huge guns, the gameplay loop of smashing hordes of Orks to not only heal and pull off special moves works brilliantly.

    You feel powerful and can pump more points into the play style you prefer.

    The multiplayer is fun with a lot of unlocks but the P2P system on the PC functions adequate at best and normally most games one or two players are lagging like crazy.

    You can pick up Space Marine quite cheap now and it is real bargain.
  79. Dec 31, 2013
    A fantastic game which left me sitting there thinking 'is that it?'. It's way too short which is a great shame considering the quality of game play it offers.
  80. Jun 2, 2014
    A solid third-person-shooter mixed with hack/slash. Graphics are good, Lore is accurate [minus the inquisitor being the same size as a space marine] , and controls feel good. . .really good. This is brought together with great sounds, making you 'feel' like an instrument of the Emperors wrath. I also really enjoy hearing the different sound for the remaining bolts in the magazine, giving an audio cue of your remaining rounds without having to look.
    It does have its flaws, though. For starters, I am disappointed by the lack of graphic options. It always looks great, but I want the warm feeling of controlling the options. Also, the combat is not very deep, making the game feel repeatative at times. You could argue that it being a "hallway shooter" with limited freedom is a flaw, but it's still fairly standard practice in shooters. It does feel cramped at times, though. And limiting SPOILERS; while I felt the final battle had an anti-climatic end.....I really couldn't suggest something better without breaking lore/tabletop rules.

    Also throw in good steamworks multiplayer and horde co-op that still has a surprising amount of players for 2014.
    If you like sci-fi shooters, you can't really go wrong with this. It goes on sale occasionally on steam, so you can wait for the seasons if $30 is too much. If you are a fan of the Warhammer 40k universe you should already have this game.
  81. Jan 16, 2014
    The game is unique in its own way. Playing as a space marine in 3rd person I didn't mind, great game play experience. The things I found odd and kind of stupid in the game was the process in getting your health back. indeed sometimes its no problem. but in some situations where there is no cover and your getting blasted by guns and and hacked by axes I found it hard. also I was playing it on hard. The weapons are great and the story is good. the graphics are brilliant at most stages of the game with allot of different things to fill in the landscape such as dead bodies, blood, etc gives you the atmosphere of war. I feel like most of the time that the main character you play does most of the killing seems like the other marines and imperial guard does very little damage. Never the less a good game to show you the might of a space marine captain. Expand
  82. Mar 23, 2014
    Fantastic solo campaign, its a really great warhammer game. I would have liked a better cover system but the different events and boss battles make a big difference in breaking up the sometimes monotonous and linear level design. I cant talk about online or Co-op but hopefully soon.
  83. May 2, 2014
    A mediocre game from all points of view, very predictible and non-fascinating storyline, repetitive and out-of-sync gameplay intensity, and I can't even remember listening to some nice music. You don't even care about your character, or any character in the game, or what happens, generally, you're just a killing machine on the lose, going as fast as you can while hoping to see the situation improving during the game, but it never does. This game is the ultimate example of mediocrity. Expand
  84. Aug 18, 2014
    Killing things has never felt so good. Looks good sounds good. Story boring as all hell, but doesnt mean the game is. Every swing of a chain sword and every shot feels heavy and deadly. You see the pain it causes on your foes with blood going everywhere and you send them flying.
  85. Dec 27, 2012
    ARE YOU KIDDING ME? This game is amazing--I had passed it over sale after sale but finally went for it. I regret all the time I've lost that I could be playing this game.

    It's fast, vicious, and DAMMED FUN! I play with an XBox 360 controller on my PC and this game controls GREAT! The graphics are astounding, the combo system a blast, I love the mechanics of the game, the story-line, the
    true to WH love. The animations and gore are just BRUTAL and totally fulfilling for any gamer who's fond of some hardcore combat action.

    I can't advise people enough to at the VERY least play the demo--you'll be hooked and curse these ridiculous meta-critic scores that skewed such an amazing game down.

Mixed or average reviews - based on 34 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 20 out of 34
  2. Negative: 0 out of 34
  1. Oct 31, 2011
    The campaign requires an interest in 40K, while the basic multiplayer modes are fun for all. [Dec 2011, p.67]
  2. 60
    The only thing rising Space Marine from the grey pool of mediocrity is world of Warhammer 40.000 itself. Rich story background deserved more than a linear hack'n'slash game. [Oct 2011]
  3. Oct 27, 2011
    A solid debut in action genre for Relic and a must-buy for any Warhammer 40k fan. [Nov. 2011, p.61]