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Mixed or average reviews - based on 32 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 22 out of 32
  2. Negative: 4 out of 32
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  1. AceGamez
    By far the most engrossing game released so far this millennium.
  2. 100
    If deep, engrossing simulations are your thing, 'specifically space sims - X3: Reunion is your pot of gold at the end of the interstellar rainbow. X3 has it all - a gripping storyline (that you can ignore if you like); wide open, truly free roaming game play; jaw-dropping graphics that will make you stop you in you ion tracks; and some of the most hardcore, in-depth game mechanics we've seen in quite some time.
  3. One of the few games that has the power to engage your imagination with pretty pictures, then actually live up to your imaginings when you get your hands on it. Bring back the bloody internal docking next time and it'll probably be the first game in ZONE history to get 100 per cent. [PC Zone]
  4. The eye candy will lure you in, the gameplay will keep you intrigued and the free-roaming feel will keep you occupied for hours. X3 – Reunion takes the X franchise to new heights.
  5. It is a larger and more ambitious title than the previous games, which is no easy feat as the X series has always been thought of as particularly ballsy.
  6. You have to really be into this kind of game to truly appreciate it otherwise you might just declare it as boring. It's a thinking man's game, not as deep as chess but there are certainly a lot of elements to juggle around in your head.
  7. The sheer expansiveness of the X3: Reunion universe will draw you back again and again, each time offering something new and exciting. You’ll never run out of goals to meet.
  8. Pelit (Finland)
    An amazingly deep and sophisticated space trading simulation. It is unfortunate that the game was released prematurely. Keep those patches coming, Egosoft! [Jan 2006]
  9. Nearly perfect in regards to its presentation, almost MMO-like scope and endless gameplay.
  10. The open-ended feeling of X3 will appeal to many who like to be able to do their own thing, while the lack of direction might turn off others.
  11. X3 is a great game, but if Egosoft grasped the challenge and offered immersion of the type seen in "Freelancer" and similar ship handling, combined with its own beautiful and complex universe, then we might finally have a game that deserves to called the new "Elite."
  12. A by-numbers sequel that doesn’t dare to do anything too drastically, but when you’ve got the trading system of the X series and the astounding visuals of X3 it’s hard to complain too much. EgoSoft needs to sort out the issues however that are currently blighting the title.
  13. 80
    X3 is the most complex simulation of its kind, yet. It has more commands at its disposal than a Las Vegas lounge lizard has pick-up lines. So dropping you into this universe with nothing more than a few incomplete pages of listed and occasionally incorrect key and mouse controls just doesn't cut it.
  14. games(TM)
    By far the most engrossing and beautiful space game on the PC or any other format. [Christmas 2005, p.104]
  15. 80
    X3: Reunion is a game that gamers will absolutely lose themselves in for months and even years without running out of things to do.
  16. PC Gamer
    It also takes tremendous patience to grow your commercial space empire to a healthy payoff stage, but for many, that's part of this franchise's allure. [Feb 2006, p.90]
  17. It’s great if you want a chilled out, thoughtful experience that’s slow paced almost all the time, but if you fantasise about pursuing a life of white knuckle action and adventure against those great looking backdrops, you’re SOL.
  18. The best part of X3: Reunion is ultimately doing your own thing in space.
  19. Being such a huge fan of X2, I was very disappointed in X3. If you can get past the controls and storyline then this is can be a awesome game for you, its just too bad these parts are so bad.
  20. 75
    If you can get past the intial complexities or are already a series fan, this game will keep you in until X4 is released.
  21. The vastness of X3 means its replay value is extremely high. For gamers looking for an offline version of "EVE" or a slightly more cerebrally taxing version of the popular "Freelancer" then X3: Reunion might just be the very thing you need.
  22. 75
    X3 – Reunion is bigger, and visually more impressive than any of the X titles that preceded it. However the game play can be very repetitive and you can lose interest unless you are a dedicated player.
  23. If you’ve played the previous games in the series, X3 is certainly a no-brain purchase, as it trumps previous installments in every way.
  24. X3 features more of the open-ended space exploration and trading of the earlier games, and it has a gorgeous graphics engine; just don't expect a riveting story.
  25. Bolder souls, as interested in commerce as they are in combat, can buy with much greater confidence.
  26. PC Format
    All the freedom in the universe and nothing much to do with it. Prepare for a slog. [Christmas 2005, p.88]
  27. Probably the single thing I dislike the most about X3: Reunion is that I’m ultimately left with exactly the same impression I was with X2, in that it adds a bunch of cool stuff and helps expand the universe further, but still is a concept badly in need of higher production values (though I will credit the game with having excellent music) and extreme amounts of refinement.
  28. A testimony to computer gaming brilliance crippled by a premature release.
  29. Again, it's not that X3 is a bad game, or that it isn't fun - it just isn't done. Though this sort of thing isn't anything new to the PC gaming world, X3 takes it to a ridiculous degree. If developer Enlight ever resolves the problems with X3, it could be one of the best space simulators to hit the market in years.
  30. Computer Games Magazine
    The most maddeningly convoluted gaming experience this side of Derek Smart. [Feb 2006, p.67]
  31. Computer Gaming World
    X3 sometimes morphs into a derivative on-rails shooter during scripted story missions. [Feb 2006, p.74]
  32. 30
    The experience of playing this game can be roughly compared to swimming through a pile of sewage to get to a diamond ring. There's a great game buried in the coded-up wreckage that comes out of the X3: Reunion box; it's probably not worth the effort to dig for it, though.
User Score

Mixed or average reviews- based on 304 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 72 out of 130
  2. Negative: 46 out of 130
  1. Dec 31, 2014
    An incredible game burried under a horrific launch where the game was unplayable out of box. Yes, the game really did not play at all... forAn incredible game burried under a horrific launch where the game was unplayable out of box. Yes, the game really did not play at all... for anyone, out of box. The game needed almost a full month before it was stable enough to be called playable and by then the reviewers had already skewered this game in the reviews and rightly so. Even I am deducting 1 point from this, otherwise stellar game, due to the poor condition it was in at release. It was unacceptable.

    On to the game in its current condition.

    The Good:

    - Huge Open World
    - Excellent Economic Simulation for a Video Game
    - There are tons of ships... so many I cant keep count
    - Ships have different designs and usages
    - You can fly all the ships!
    - Tons of awesome mods! Many are professional quality.

    - You can play how you want to play. Kill an alien race that annoys you. Build an economic empire with factories, freighters and trade routes. Invade enemy sectors. Be a pirate. Capture ships. There is tons to do.

    The Bad:

    - Blatant copy of X2 with very few to no meaningful upgrades except to graphics
    - Quests are too few and very repetitive
    - The main plot remains buggy to this day
    - Plot remains poor with little to no attention given to it
    - AI is not good in combat and needs serious modding help
    - Learning curve is steep and tutorials are non-existent.
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  2. Vitez
    Jan 30, 2010
    The best and most addicting game ever. I've been playing it since the release, and didn't get bored of it. Those who gave it low The best and most addicting game ever. I've been playing it since the release, and didn't get bored of it. Those who gave it low scores simply don't realise that this isn't a game where you push "Start" and suddenly you're the "supreme ruler of the universe who is best in everything". This is not an FPS where opponents die after one shot but you survive everything. X3 takes time to get into, thanks to the huge universe, the variety, the freedom etc etc. Storytelling is a "bit" clumsy, but you don't have to follow it. I have high expectations for games and X3 jumped over it and flew straight to the stars. This is not Elite or Privateer, nor EVE; this is X. Comparing it to other titles is useless, and comparing it to EVE is stupidity at its highest..Egosoft was always friendly eversince I registered there 5 years ago, and always helped me (unlike other developers who say "I'll get on in ASAP" and never respond. So, if you don't want a GOOD, but the BEST space game, then I recommend Reunion. Full Review »
  3. PeteNA
    Nov 15, 2009
    For overall clarity of understanding the game rates a bit low. It's not that it's impossible, nor is it even complicated. Rating a For overall clarity of understanding the game rates a bit low. It's not that it's impossible, nor is it even complicated. Rating a game based on how complicated it is is just silly. If you can't understand it, it doesn't mean someone else can't. Chess is complicated for many people. That doesn't make it a bad game. No, what I mean by "clarity of understanding" is simply how well the game explains it's complications. For instance it's a bit tricky to navigate your way through certain menu options. At times it's a bit like shopping at Lowe's hardware. Certain items simply are not the aisles you would expect them to be in. The same seems true at times with X3: Reunion. I spotted a review from a user giving this game a zero (0) rating simply because the controls "could not be reconfigured to invert the mouse X axis." I'm sure Glen looked for that option, and probably didn't find it, but it does in fact exist in the game. The problem is the way the menus are broken down it's not under the heading most gamers would look for. For game play itself, the actual flow of the game and the abilities of the player to immerse themselves in the universe of X3, I'd say the game is impeccable. During play there is a sense of really being there. And when reality becomes suspended I personally feel "if only it could really happen!" Now that is suspension of disbelief! Another downfall of this game, and it can be a major one, is the tricky messaging system. Some messages that one would feel are key are left out of the message log. Now, most players will complain about this, and even I find it annoying as I have been spoiled by games like "Fallout 3" and "Oblivion" as well as others that keep very detailed "quest logs" The thing is us old school gamers should know better! We should be keeping notes on important quest details! (I'm 42 myself and I've been gaming since ZORK was a baby!) In fact I think the designers did this intentionally. No, not to make some of us moan and whine. I think they did it to make us THINK. You remember when gaming took thinking if you're older than 25. If you're younger than 25, I apologize, but yes at one point we actually did have to think to play computer games. We had to take notes by hand on paper with pens in order to remember what important things NPCs had said, or what details we had read in some note or on a sign. Other than the fact that this game has some glitchiness with the quest system at times (for instance your quest targets simply not being there when you get there and n o explanation then or later as t to why!) it really is worth the money you pay to play it. Speaking of which, I see a review by a man claiming to have pirated this software to try it. You know, I'm probably not the only member of law enforcement who reads these boards. Fortunately for you I'm just a local patrolman. Finally, in parting, let me say this: Reviewing a game you haven't even done more than play an hour of is not really a fair rating. Please keep in mind that when you read individual's reviews. Many of the people who rated this game on this page simply got frustrated within a few minutes or hours because they couldn't understand the game. That is not reviewing. That is ranting. And while some of those rants may help people, at least try to be fair. Granted, it may save gamers with low tolerance for thinking from buying this game. Full Review »