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  1. With a total lack of practice modes, mini-games, or tutorials, the casual gamer may have trouble finding enough to do with this title, but hardcore tennis buffs and even those who just enjoy knocking the ball back and forth will appreciate the slick interface, fluid controls, and realistic gameplay.
  2. Its short list of options, buggy gameplay, and generally tepid presentation prevent it from being anywhere near as enjoyable as the game it's trying to emulate.
  3. They should force any athlete who lends their name to a game to at least play it for a couple hours. If such a world existed, this game would have never come out. This game is not even worth a rental and if you are still reading this, you must be extremely bored at work.
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  1. DennisK.
    Dec 22, 2003
    Since there are note many tennis games available, you take what you get. However, this game is disappointing when compared to Sega Virtua Tennis (Arcade version). I have not seen it available in Canada in PS2 format anywhere. Agassi tennis's control is problematic, with player often missing the ball completely. However, for CDN$25, you can't expect much. Full Review »
  2. JeffK.
    Oct 1, 2003
    This game is horrible. The play is very slow pace....even more so than Smash Court Tennis. If you try running and swinging at the ball, the CPU ignores your command and your counterpart gets a free point. Seriously, this game is not worth the $20 it your time and simply blow your nose with the $20 bill you were going to use for the purchase of this stinky title! Full Review »
  3. F.Y.
    Sep 20, 2003
    It rules.