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  • Summary: Beyond our world lies that of the Elemental beings, the Arcana. These mighty spirits offer their abilities to the Maidens, those rare humans who are able to communicate with them. Long ago, our worlds were connected. However, the two worlds unexpectedly split apart, and a dimensional boundary was formed between them, separating our world from the Arcana. Seeking to harness their energy, the mysterious Mildred Avalon is trying to form a rift in the boundary and merge the worlds once more. Should her plan succeed, life on our world will never be the same again. Only the Maidens, with the help of their Arcana, can prevent her from bringing an end to all humanity. An all-girl fighting spectacular. Battles heat up with 11 beautiful female fighters to choose from. Customize your fighter's skills. Arcana add new attack and defense skills. Build your combat strategy by selecting from 11 different Arcana to pair with your fighter. Supreme vertical action. Take your fighting skyward! Huge battle maps let you rain down punishment on your opponent with air dashes and homing techniques to create devastating aerial combos. Includes the original Arcana Heart and the remixed Arcana Heart FULL, and offers four different modes: arcade, story, versus, and training, as well as a gallery mode filled with unlockable extras. [Atlus USA] Expand
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  1. There's no denying the market for Arcana Heart: it's a pure fanservice, all girl-on-girl fighting game with such delightful anime clichés as a robot girl with huge boobs, a kimono-clad girl (and sisters) with huge boobs and an apparently lesbian end boss with (wait for it... waaaaiiittt...) big boobs.
  2. 83
    While it borrows unabashedly from several other titles, the game does a great job of providing its own fun and unique flair.
  3. 83
    A charming cast, great fight mechanics, diverse play styles and tons of depth make this a fighting game you don't want to miss.
  4. 80
    Creepy though she might be, it’s fun to school your friends with a 10-year-old in a swimsuit.
  5. It is not the best looking or most fluid fighting game out there, but if you want a solid title, then Arcana Heart delivers. It has all the right mechanics, and satisfactory audio and visual qualities.
  6. Arcana Heart is a solid 2D fighter with a unique style that sets it apart from any other fighter you may have played. The controls can be a little iffy at times, but theres a good amount of depth involved in the battles even beyond the Arcana addition.
  7. An enjoyable, if guilty, pleasure. [June 2008, p.75]

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  1. Nov 8, 2013
    Great game, very in depth. Feels like a mix of Third Strike and Blaz Blue, so if you like those titles and/or are into Japanese loli fighters, you'll adore this game.

    Be warned: It's VERY technical.

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