Arthur and the Invisibles PlayStation 2

  • Publisher: Atari
  • Release Date: Jan 9, 2007

Mixed or average reviews - based on 22 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 7 out of 22
  2. Negative: 3 out of 22
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  1. It’s very well-made; it just fits too well into its mold: the middle-of-the-road move conversion.
  2. Because of its high production values, fans of the movie will undoubtedly enjoy this movie tie-in, but the epic scope of the adventure is hampered by the unoriginal gameplay.
  3. An enjoyable mix of puzzles and platforms, Arthur & The Invisibles is better than perhaps expected, thanks to that level of variety. Certainly one for fans of the animated movie to go through as they wait for Arthur to arrive on DVD in a few months time.
  4. I was pleasantly surprised with Arthur and the Invisibles. It steals acrobatic fighting and platforming elements from "Price of Persia" and contextual button pressing finishers from "God of War."
  5. The title remains mediocre in most categories, and there really isn't anything remarkable here.
  6. 65
    It just gets repetitive from time to time and suffers from average graphics and annoying British accents.
  7. Games Master UK
    Accomplished if unsurprising, and beter than we expected it to be. [Mar 2007, p.78]
  8. Official Playstation 2 Magazine UK
    A platformer with promise, but it makes the gamer work far too hard for the few moments of magic that it provides. [Feb 2007, p.68]
  9. PSM Magazine
    To make matters worse, the game has some spotty A.I., repetitive combat, and some irritating portions that can be made even more so by the camera. [Mar 2007, p.86]
  10. Let's just slap a score and a verdict on the bottom here and we can all forget the game ever happened.
  11. Good graphics and intelligent level design help to make this a worthy enough companion to Arthur's elaborate adventures on the big screen.
  12. Hitting numerous switches, pushing blocks and battling easy opponents gets old fast. Arthur's definitely better than most movie licensed video games, but not by much.

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#99 Most Discussed PS2 Game of 2007
#25 Most Shared PS2 Game of 2007
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  1. Apr 7, 2016
    This just so happens to be one of my favorite movie licensed video games. I loved the gameplay, the music, well, pretty much almost everythingThis just so happens to be one of my favorite movie licensed video games. I loved the gameplay, the music, well, pretty much almost everything in it, to be honest. Full Review »