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  • Summary: As TransFed Marshall John "Dutch" Cane, you've been assigned to suppress a routine clone uprising on the massive battle platform, Honour Guard. Little do you know, the clones have been exposed to a Xeno genome virus, which has mutated them into aggressive, grotesque aliens. Their plan is to control the platform so they can spread the deadly virus to the TransFed colonies and the rest of the universe. Your orders are to take down the uprising at all costs, even if it means destroying the Honour Guard. Features ten levels of intense side scrolling action. Blast through walls, ceilings and floors to discover secrets and power-ups. Choose from a variety of weapons: 20mm Pump-Action Shotgun, 8-meter Flamethrower, Plasm Rifle, Machine Gun, 8" NailGun and more. 360 degree range of firing motion. From Mutated beasts to alien insects, evade 14 different types of enemies. Collect "Modifiers" to power-up your weapons. Increase the level of efficiency, diversity, and damage or enhance your physical attributes: Health, Speeed, Bounce Shields, etc. [Majesco] Expand
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  1. Anybody looking for a good, mindless, old-school shoot 'em up, is going to be completely satisfied with this game. If you can turn your brain off for a while and just kill some bugs, then BlowOut is the game for you.
  2. It's an old school, side scroller that doesn't have a lot of depth or variation but it's loaded with action and at under $20, you could call it cheap.
  3. The game's main problem, aside from being strictly by the numbers, is the lack of a walk button. The character always runs, an dtoo fast for the game at that. [Jan 2004, p.65]
  4. It's not terrible, just rather pointless.
  5. Unfortunately, it offers very few thrills, and instead, an overly cumbersome control scheme and some insanely convoluted level designs suck just about all the fun out of what could have been an entertaining shooter.
  6. For the budget price, Blowout isn't a bad game, as it follows the rules of its genre very closely and, while offering little in the way of innovation, does at least feel like someone cared when they made it.
  7. It has its moments, like some neat lighting effects and some balls-out action, but it's marred too often by lack of imagination and solid control, not to mention too many moments of "let's press the elevator button".

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