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  • Summary: Take to the skies as Cael Cyndar, the powerful and heroic Dragon, through sixteen single-player and cooperative campaign levels. Features eight unique and fully interactive environments and six unique head-to-head multiplayer levels including Egg Hunt, Feeding Frenzy, and Dragon Duel. [3DO]
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  1. While the aerodynamics of dragon flight and combat tease you almost immediately, the game becomes repetitive quickly enough not to distract you from the plain graphics.
  2. 62
    For casual gamers, this game will prove to be frustrating, and for hardcore gamers, the gameplay itself isn't broad enough or deep enough to keep them interested.
  3. The average, barely-passable shooting antics of Dragon Rage are a nice match to its mediocre graphics, mediocre sound, serviceable control and very tempting low asking price.
  4. The game can be fun at first, but that fun quickly dissipates as the same basic formula is reapplied again and again, and you'll soon realize that if you've played the first level, you may as well have played the whole game.
  5. It ain’t all that great to look at…[and] the controls can be rather awkward. [Feb 2002, p.40]
  6. Utterly unremarkable in every way possible. [Mar 2002, p.105]

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