• Publisher: Atari
  • Release Date: Mar 14, 2006
  • Also On: PC
User Score

Mixed or average reviews- based on 62 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 39 out of 62
  2. Negative: 18 out of 62

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  1. Oct 8, 2010
    Driver: Parallel Lines is a great driving game and defiantly an improvement over the last Driver game, Driv3r. The game play is better; most of the missions involve driving rather than on foot section shootouts, the driving physics are slightly better, you can now shoot while driving in a vehicle and theres more to do in terms of side jobs. Unlike past Driver games where you take control of Officer Tanner, you take control of someone called TK which possibly means that Driver: Parallel Lines doesn't follow after Driv3r and is more of a spin off. One great thing in this game is that you can now customise your vehicles that you bring to Ray's garage and put body kits, bullet proof tyres and performance parts on them. The vehicle damage that was awesome in Driv3r is back and the vehicles are more controllable now. There are a variety of missions to do in the main single player campaign and include more driving and chasing criminals missions than Driv3r which is more like it (it is a Driving game after all). There are also side missions which were lacking in Driv3r, like bringing cars to a garage via a tow truck, hitman missions and races to participate in. The city that Driver: Parallel lines is New York which is nicely detailed and is huge. DPL is more polished than Driv3r as well; there are fewer glitches, the graphics look a little bit better as well and the police AI is much better in which they won't get stuck behind a wall or go into super speed just to try to keep up with you. The great selling point of this game is the dual era in which this game is set in. About half of the game (in NYC) is set in 1978 and the second half is set in 2006 which is great because then you can drive old cars and newer cars and experience New York city in different era's. At times though, Driver: Parallel Lines does feel like your playing a Grand Theft Auto at times and there is no multiplayer mode either. However, Driver: Parallel Lines is a great driving game that definatly puts the Driver series back on track. Expand
  2. Aug 31, 2011
    Don't let the awful Driv3r put you off this. It's got nice graphics, good selection of cars, all with much better handling than the arcade physics found in the PS2 GTA games. The shooting is decent, and the drive-bys are better than GTA due to a lock-on and you can still control the car well. Melee combat is practically non-existent. Story-wise, it's again nowhere near the monster that is GTA but it's a pretty good story of revenge, characters are average but i did like the protagonist, TK. He's got more personality than Tanner anyway. It has some decent car mods and missions are fine. All around good game but it doesn't have the depth of GTA. Expand
  3. Jul 25, 2012
    Driver: Parallel Lines was a game, what I needed. I can feel like a real driver. New York, two eras, freedom and awesome cars - these factors are the best in this game. It's better than Driver 3. It's not an another copy of GTA - this made me very happy. If you like driving games - I recommend you this one.
  4. Apr 29, 2011
    This game is alright. Sure, it was doomed being a sequel to one of the worst games of all time and it didn't look much better in the trailers but hey, its still a fun game. The graphics and textures are still lame. The cutscenes actually look really good, but it shows that Atari spent more money developing the cutscenes than improving the game. The game is set in 1970s NYC, and has an awesome soundtrack and a realistic representation of the city. There aren't as many weapons to choose from unlike the typical GTA game, but the grenade launcher is a LOT of fun. One unique aspect of the games story is that one portion is set in the 70s and the final portion of the game is set in the 2000s, so the vehicles are a mixture of vintage and new, which is fine by me. The AI is still insanely dumb, which makes for some very easy missions. All in all, a slightly better version of Driv3r. Expand
  5. Jan 27, 2014
    Driver Parallel Lines is an amazing driving game from reflections, This game has a brilliant storyline and character development. The driving is so smooth and enjoyable in this game that i can just sit back and cruise 1970s New York listening to amazing songs. That brings me to my next point, the soundtrack. The soundtrack in this game is phenomenal, with the likes of David Bowie and War in the 1978 soundtrack plus the Audio bullys and Yeah Yeah Yeahs in the 2006 soundtrack. The cars are brilliant in this game, they are all easy on the eye (especially the Cerrano, Zartex and the Andec) Overall this game is brilliant, it derserves praise. so called 'PRO' reviewers like Gamestop sicken me with thier review calling the story "flat" Expand

Mixed or average reviews - based on 41 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 15 out of 41
  2. Negative: 0 out of 41
  1. It's a compelling tale, which is more than backed up by some fly graphics, cool soundtracks and smooth gameplay.
  2. I get the impression that far too much effort was put into locking up a great soundtrack.
  3. It could piss off fans of both Driver and GTA due to the unoriginal gameplay and shift in direction but there's no reason the average gamer can't have a ball with this game.