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  1. Nov 18, 2010
    Good things first.
    + The story is adequately complex with a number of turns, and it goes with the whole style of the game. Without going into detail, I think Square came up with something exceptional here.
    + You better believe the aesthetics were brilliant, cutscenes no exception. Square's usual originality was apparent in the world of Ivalice - the sandsea, for instance, or the Giza
    plains becoming a swamp/marsh. Besides Penelo, who I thought was a bit flat, the voice acting was superb. I liked the royalty obvious in Ashe's voice, the down-to-earth quality of Vaan's voice, and I fell in love with the uniqueness of Fran's voice. Going from FF10 to FF12 there is definitely more graphical detail and polish all around.
    + The gameplay was not what I was expecting, which is a good thing in general. It has more elements than most games: Multiple types of magick, many technicks, quickenings/summonings, and gambits. There are 5 things each character can equp, and each combination has advantages or disadvantage, such as a ninja sword versus a dagger/shield. The six characters can potentially use any weapon and gain any ability with the License Board, much like the Sphere Grid in FF10, but where the Sphere Grid forces you to differentiate the characters first (ie: LuLu learns black magic, Yuna learns white magic, Tidus gains strength/speed, etc.) the License Board lets you change up their weapons and abilities at virtually any point in the game. Not better or worse - just new and different. The fighting system is a fresh update as well. While the gambits could automate the fighting entirely, you have the option of turning them off, so no complaints there. Where FF10 had a passive, turn-based fight system, FF12 has an active, real-time fight system. Again, no worse or better. Both are refined.

    Now for the critiques.
    - The characters themselves were great. They were obviously deep people with complex pasts and stories to tell. That much was clear. But those stories never came to light. 30 hours into the game, I was still meeting new characters, and I was still expecting guy/girl to hook up or someone to reveal some shocking truth. There could have been a flashback, a description of some special memory, anything, please! Before the final battle, I was still waiting for something to happen. Then the game was over. Nothing happened. My favorite character was Fran. Why? You get to see the village she's from, you meet her sister, find out why she's with Balthier. Besides that, Ashe is a princess, Vaan's a citizen of Rabanastre, Penelo is a friend of Vaan's (or a sister? Idk!). And that's all you need to know about them.
    - I know I said the story was good, and it is, but not entirely. FF12 really piles it on at the beginning with cutscenes and a guy reading paragraphs, which is incredibly rushed. Then it's Dalmasca this and Nethicite that...and Nethicite this and Nethicite that. It's like Star Wars in many ways. Brilliant, but it makes you wish you had a friend there so you could whisper, "Uh...what's going on again? ... Oh, so nothing's happened still?"
    - I felt like I was fighting the same monsters over and over, just with different colors with different names in different places.

    Why a 6?
    The main reason I give FF12 a 6 and not higher is that after about twenty hours of playing, part of me wanted to quit. I'm putting 50 hours of my life into this game, basically spending 50 hours with the characters. I don't do that just to see the next beautiful city or a cutscene of old men talking around a table. I want to be immersed in it. Nobody spends 50 hours reading the Harry Potter series just to look at the pictures she puts at the start of each chapter. They want to know the characters, how they react to situations, how they came to be. Harry Potter is an example of good character development in addition to original and stunning surroundings. FF12 has the aesthetics, and it has good characters, but you never get to know them and it fails to bring you into the story.
    Besides that, I have few complaints. The gameplay is great, although it can become mostly automated, further disconnecting the player from the game. The visuals are great, and the music was good, though I expected more. FF12 is not your typical Final Fantasy, even if it does carry on features from previous FFs. It's a different style (think knight-era) which refreshes some of the same old typical things in Final Fantasy.
    Bottom line, it's worth a play through. But start playing this and then start playing FF10 and you'll see where FF12 is lacking (you'll also see spots where FF10 is lacking).
  2. Sep 28, 2010
    It's a bit late to write a review for this game for I'll just hop in the wagon anyway. It's simple, it's like Final Fantasy XIII, the breaks boundaries when it comes to graphics and gameplay, but snoozes on plot and characters. The score for Final Fantasy XII is easily one of the weakest in the series, but to me gamplay is the heart of all games, and Final Fantasy shines by giving us a similar to MMOPRG style gameplay. I just want to say that I give props to whatever game that's willing to take risk so Square Enix, good for you. Expand
  3. Dec 30, 2012
    My favorite game of all time. I'm still enamored by it, and find myself replaying it every other year. Great story, graphics, gameplay. Usually the reason people don't like this game is because of previous expectations, or because final fantasy fans are pricks who enjoy arguing about which is best.
  4. Nov 5, 2010
    The JRPG market has been dead and foul-smelling for a long time. Growing up in the 90's I first got my taste of their rpg's back when it was a fresh concept, with Final Fantasy IV and Phantasy Star I being my first, but it's a sad thing to see that their combat mechanics have changed in the way that evolution changes organisms...extremely freakin slow. In that time I've slogged through FF VI, VII, VIII, IX, X, and XI and with each new addition, I've felt the same way about their new "changed mechanics" for their combat: It still sucks. I don't know if the developers had a hair up their ass this time, but whatever the case XII is a refreshing new look at this series. First for me is that the combat was actually fun and strategic, as well as engaging. The ability to program your characters routines, via the Gambit System, is an excellent addition to help alleviate the grinding that inevitably dawns on a JRPG, but is still flexible enough to allow you to take control of your characters at any moment. Options is the key, as options can be taken or left depending on your tastes. So you don't have to use the Gambits if you don't want to, but it will always be accessible if you change your mind. This is good. Many people seem to hate the characters, and I do agree Vaan is pretty annoying at times, but in XII the main characters are less obvious. You play through the view point of Vaan, but you'll quickly learn that two of the other characters that join you are the true protagonists of the story. This didn't bother me one bit, and I found the characters to be really different from previous Final Fantasies, and although Penelo seems kind of a throw back, most of the characters are very human and believable. The story is very in-depth and more of one about nations vying for power, politics, and grey areas for motivations, which are all elements that I love. The pacing is pretty fast at times, although there are moments where it does lag and lose focus, but I think it servers as a good moment to side quest to break up the constant advance of the story. These side quests are obviously optional, so you could just rush through the story as quickly as possible, but I wouldn't recommend it. FF XII is as close to a sandbox as you're gonna get for a JRPG, and I really appreciated their attempt to not conform to typical JRPG standards. This is probably the most western approach they've taken that I can recall. One of the things that makes this game shine is the voice over's, which are amazing when compared to pretty much anything. The quality of the voices and the accents are interesting (I can never get enough of Fran's accent) and it makes you look forward to those moments when the characters speak. I can't say the same about the music, however. It isn't bad, but it isn't the best of the series, and sometimes I don't even notice it's there. Overall if you are interested in a non-linear JRPG, with open exploration, great combat mechanics, an interesting and highly political story, and a mostly memorable (if somewhat small) main cast, then this will make you smile. It did for me and renewed my interest in a decrepit and ailing series. (Insert obligatory Final Fantasy XIII jab here) Expand
  5. Nov 25, 2010
    Some people prefer the classic Pokemon style controls. Some people prefer full-free control. If you like one or the other, you will not enjoy this game's battle style. If you decide, however, to look past the quite annoying battle system in this episode of the never ending franchise you may just find, well... the storyline also sucks. While it isn't as bland as some stories, this video game just doesn't reach expectations. Maybe it is because the story of, say FFX, set the bar so high, or maybe FFXII's story is just overall dull. I recommend NOT playing this game to FF fans and non-fans alike. Expand
  6. Sep 2, 2012
    I will start off by saying that this game for me is definitely better than FF10 and FF10-2, but I wouldn't place it on the exact level as FF 1-9, mostly due to authenticity. FF 1 - FF 9 will always be a special set for me and I consider these games "classic." Final Fantasy 12 does a much better job than 10 or 10-2 in trying something new and not loosing all its authenticity. First, FF12 does look pretty nice on the PS2 and I do enjoy the new combat system where it is not as turn-based and you can move around while attacking. Also, even though the maps aren't completely non-linear, they do a much better job compared to 10 and 10-2. This game is a challenge for sure, you will get stuck in certain places and have to train to progress. There is nothing wrong with this, its the way the game is meant to be. Anyone remember how hard FF1 was at first? It was actually unbearable at certain points :) FF 12 brings in fresh ideas, but I am not a huge fan of the crystarium leveling and I think this is where I miss the other games the most. There are many people though that really enjoy this system, you may be one of them! I also have to say that I am really not a fan of the time spent on Cocoon, kind of a slow start to a FF game and this is the linear part of the game. If you are a fan of the series though, I believe they did make some improvements but they can even take it further. Expand
  7. Jun 12, 2011
    This game is terrible; its high metacritic score is the result of the name of the game and the producer. In reality, this game is ****

    The problem arises on many fronts.

    Firstly, the main character, Vaan, sucks. Indeed, he, along with Penelo, were shoehorned into the game late in development because they had concerns that the original main character, Basch, was too manly for the
    Japanese. It shows. He is basically uninvolved with the story and uninteresting in general, and he basically stands back whenever story sequences occur and is completely irrelevant. He should never have been in there in the first place.

    Secondly, the pacing of this game is abominable. You run for hours and hours for a fifteen minute bit of dialogue, then do it again. At one point, you go through four or six huge areas just to get to the next plot point; it is simply awful and you lose all interest in the game.

    Thirdly, the gameplay is bad. The game is insanely easy and boring in its ease, and indeed, you can turn on gambits and cruise through the whole game - your input is barely required, really, and that is just bad.

    Fourthly, the bonus content, such as the extra bosses, are just meaningless grind fests with millions of hit points which take hours to kill but are uninteresting in being fought; they just are an endurance challenge, as they are not particularly difficult to beat, just incredibly time consuming.

    All in all, this game is bad, and marks the start of Final Fantasy games just not getting it.
  8. Jul 3, 2011
    I like the visuals and everything about the game. It's the work put into it that leaves me catching some "z"s. I definitely think there is too much work for too little of a plot to actually spend my 80-100 hours of gameplay on.
  9. May 27, 2012
    A masterpiece game. One of my favorite final fantasies and favorite games of all time. You feel like everything happening in this world is happening in real time. You really care about your characters and the outcome of their journey!
  10. Nov 22, 2012
    some people say this game is bad......... WHAT!? most of the things they say are opinion, like "I DON'T LIKE IT BECAUSE THE BATTLE SYSTEM IS DIFFERENT" yeah its different and its BETTER. square enix tried to give us a new battle system that actually made sense, before you were forced into a battle after taking a few steps which was ANNOYING. it wasn't too bad, but i'd say this battle system is BETTER. another thing, people complain about the soundtrack saying it was not as good as previous games................ heres something you should try........... TURN UP THE VOLUME! Expand
  11. Sep 17, 2012
    One of the most controversial Final Fantasy game (for its battle system) but (probably) the best Final Fantasy game ever made and one of the best video games for PS2.
  12. Sep 14, 2010
    A lot can be said about this game with comparison to its predecessors. The Final Fantasy series has always traditionally excelled in the areas that make a great rpg, particularly in bringing to life memorable characters and a compelling story. But in virtually every area where FFX, for example, succeeded, Final Fantasy XII categorically fails. At the heart of every story is a protagonist one can root for, and an antagonist to root against. This game has neither. In fact, the entire ensemble is lifeless and one-dimensional. At best, it glosses over Vaan's and Balthier's backgrounds as the convoluted plot flounces about like a headless snake. The voice acting is adequate, though the script itself is weak, and the dialogue, affected and clunky.

    Sound is one of XII's meagre strengths, with lavish sound effects and a reasonably well-written score (Dalmasca Eastersand's sweeping Williams-esque theme a rare treat). The graphics are also to be commended.

    Gameplay has suffered considerably in this overhaul of the series. I personally found myself plumbing through relentless waves of enemies without ever having to actually perform any action manually. It is as if they encourage the player to take as passive a role in the 'experience' as possible. And that ain't gaming, Joe. It is just proof that change is not always preferable (or necessary).

    Square Enix, you really dropped the ball with this one. Back to the drawing board, here's hoping!
  13. Mar 1, 2012
    One of the best directions this series went. Final fantasy XII has what i consider the most enjoyable combat/gameplay/freedom of the entire series by a insurmountable margin. The European shades and character designs clash perfectly with the hint of japanese that peeks out. If my viewpoint had weight, I would suggest they keep this as the next gen look/feel. The world feels grounded and makes the magical have a context - instead of making everything over-the-top and never having the power of that transition between the two. Basically, this game does everything so much better than other final fantasy games except one super important thing - the story itself. It's a little lacking, and the connection to the characters is a little less significant throughout the coarse of the game. World - 10/10 Gameplay - 9/10 - Story - 7/10 Expand
  14. Oct 7, 2011
    Let's start with a very simple sentence: this game is BORING! Let's start with the plot: even though i didn't follow all of it in 10 hours, I still really didn't get a single bit of it mainly because of the "main protagonists" being extras (literally, Vaan can be kicked out of the plot, and probably nothing would change. I think), and also for the fact that it's kinda boring in general: a good story should hook me into it, but not even my friends could understand it. Second, the gameplay: they said this is a great final fantasy due to the fact they 1) removed random encounters (surely a plus) 2) lots of subquests 3) the combat system. With the exception of the first, I gotta say that this game is more like an the wrong ways, because subquests should be a part of the game, NOT the main part of the game: you'll do constantly subquests because you NEED money, and you'll just lose interest in the game because you'll need to grind!. Right, since it looks like a mmorpg, you need to farm money in order to buy everything (but you need to unlock them first...), and they really are overpriced in my opinion. All this makes this game extremely slow, boring and unappealing. And at last...the combat system. People said the gambit and the fact you could move "freely" on the battlefield was the best thing of all. Yes, you can move freely while fighting. Yes, you can use gambit to improve fighting. No, it's not action-based; it's still turn-based. This detail made me really annoyed because it was the same system used in old final fantasy, except that you had to move too in order to attack...that's where gambit comes in, letting your character be controlled by orders, so he attacks by I'm letting the game play for me now. In general, I don't understand why they had to make this system a "hybrid" when they could have just go for normal turn based (or a proper action-based), since you'll do the same thing as in the other final fantasy games or any other turn-based rpg, and yet people say this is one of the best. Don't even wanna start bragging about the fact that the 6 character are also virtually the same (they can learn the same spells, armor, skills: everything!), so I'm gonna say this: try it if you are a nostalgic, skip it if you're looking for something more fun to play. Expand
  15. May 20, 2011
    First things first. The story sucks, its all kings and queens and castles, urgh! it's almost as bad as FF9!! The characters are also quite poor, Balthier being the only decent one. That however is where the bad points end. The gameplay is everything that a great FF should be. A massive world to explore, to be able to go anywhere you want, LOTS of side quests, LOADS of character upgrades through licenses, new weapons, amour you name it. Plenty of grinding to be done, and a game that will eat up your time. In terms of gameplay, it is everything FF13 wasn't!! The battle system was fine. It was essentially the same as FF7 or FF8, but you could move around. This however did not really effect the battle at all, so its a moo point!

    If you can over look the horrible story (and I know that is an important element) and bland characters, there is a great a large enough game to make that forgivable! No FF7 or FFX, but most RPG fans will find something that captures their attention in this game
  16. Dec 6, 2011
    The best game of my gamer life. Final Fantasy XII has a rich world, amazing party and beautiful graphics. Haters gonna hater but the majority liked this game. Just look at 92/100 and 77/100 on user score.
  17. Jun 24, 2013
    The gambit system is the best KI system to date. You can tell your characters exactly what and when they should do something. The battle system by itself is also very good having a nice tempo and style to it. The world is bigger than in previous ff´s and beautiful. The OST backs the atmosphere of the game having some really nice tracks in it. Easily best RPG in the PS 2 Era.
  18. dz9
    Jul 27, 2011
    I'm going to start my review with the checklist that each RPG game, and Final Fantasy games in particular have to pass. Great cast of characters, immersive world, engaging story, strategic combat, and a good open feeling (but in FF's case, an open yet linear guidance) with presentation. Characters- This is one of the only FF games where I can say I liked every cast member, most FF games only produce 2-4 good characters whereas FF13 only produced one...but this game everyone added their own twist to the story. However, there was one character who fell flat as compared to the others, and sad to say, in this one, it was the main character Vaan. His role in the story is rather irrelevant, especially when you compare him to characters like Cloud, Tidus, and Zidane. Don't get me wrong, his voice actor was great, and he is favorable, but as the main character, he went a little limp. Immersive world- the world of Ivalice is great, maybe not as gorgeous as some of the environments in FF10, but Ivalice is definitely a win. As far as the engaging story...well... this may be up to opinion. Whereas most FF stories are completely "out of this world," and the main characters are chosen to save the realm from one great villain, this FF title focuses more on a "down to earth" approach, for example: most plot points are more politically based with a slight mix of fantasy, whereas its usually the other way around. This may be a killer to hardcore fans, and don't get me wrong, in its essence, it's still not the greatest story Square could've came up with, but it still is deep and engaging with only a few pacing problems. Combat- the combat in the game may also be a killer to hardcore fans because of the lack of the traditional turn base combat. But in its core, it still is turn based, and the new look and feel is exactly what FF needed. However, the gambit system in the game could use some work, gambits range from malfunctioning, annoying, or too easy. Also not at its best is the license board. The license board is basically the sphere grid but with way more freedom to level up as you please. Which sounds good, but without the strategy guide, you can be leveling the completely wrong way and the game never truly gives you any guidance in this department. And to me, the biggest drawback to the combat is the lack of guidance, every weapon is different and have their perks and disadvantages to them....which is a good, but the game never actually tells you anything, and again... without the strategy guide, the overwhelming customization with the license board and armory may in the end, ruin your experience. Freedom- This game is rather linear as compared to earlier titles, but not enough to make the gamer feel "constricted," and is definitely no where near as linear as FF13. Side quests are about "half in half," half of the hunts and other side quests are fun and entertaining, whereas the other half is boring and confusing and are barely good enough to endure. In the end- FF 12 is a great game, sure it has its drawbacks and flaws, but most of them are minor and permissible. The Good: FF12 has great customization of the likes that previous FF games have never even seen, great graphics for a ps2 game, a good cast of characters, great innovation to the combat (but could still use some work), and an above average story. The Bad: FF12 never really teaches the gamer how to utilize the customization options, the main character is rather stale, half of the side quests are more than lackluster, and depending on the gamer... gambits may be best to keep off. Honestly, this is not Square's best title, you will definitely be able to distinguish between the quality of this title, and the likes of FF:6,7,9,& 10. However, this title is definitely worthy of its name and shows great innovation and promise for the future of Final Fantasy (excluding 13) Expand
  19. Jul 14, 2012
    Another miss-score Final Fantasy XII is awesome and done the best out of all FF titles on PS2 for its epic story and FMV's which help immerse players into the game
  20. Feb 20, 2012
    When all is said and done with the Final Fantasy franchise, I won't be surprised if VII and XII still stand out to me as the games that completely consumed me while I was playing them. Granted, it took me a couple tries to establish any momentum with this game (but that's fairly common for me). Once I did, I fell in love with the gambit system. It has become the measuring stick by which I judge every combat mechanic in a game that goes beyond needing a single player and single character to accomplish everything. I wish ever MMO I played let me set up a FF12-like gambit system for as many characters as I need to fill out a party or raid. Any game that does....just reminds me how much I loved FF12. I finished all but the last hunt (as I could only stomach one four-hour attempt, only to have it end when a rez didn't happen quickly enough while the guy was one-shotting the group), which is more effort I've put into a non-MMO since FF7. Near perfection, this game's only shortcoming, from my perspective, is the vacuous story that was heavy on pageantry and light on having a point. Expand
  21. Aug 25, 2012
    A game people seem to either love or hate. I loved it, loved the characters, story and more importantly gameplay and the world you explore. I disagree about the music from some comments, as i thought it was excellent and matched the zones perfectly, Feywood is a great example, plus the different weather was a great idea and how it changed areas. Lots of exploring to do and some places are shockingly hard if you stumble upon them too soon, which makes for a challenge. The best since FFVII, and different armour and weapon bonuses. Great game. Expand
  22. Aug 26, 2012
    This is one of my favorite final fantasies, it has a rich storyline, some memorable characters (but i don´t really like Vaan, Balthier is my favorite character in the game though), the battle system is one of the best in the series, it has a good musical score, and the graphics are amazing.
  23. Nov 19, 2012
    FFXII creates a sensational world to travel through with it's excellent music always adding to the atmosphere. Very absorbing. The combat system is fresh and gambits allow the player to customize as much or as little as desired for more complex or simple combat. The primary story and character development are subdued for a final fantasy game, but there is a surprising amount of detail involving npcs and lots of rewarding sidequests (especially hunts), which allow you to explore the vivid and vast world of Ivalice. Expand
  24. Dec 6, 2012
    Final Fantasy XII is easily the black sheep of the Final Fantasy series, the battle system is radically different, the story and characters take a backseat to the world at large, and the whole operation has much more in common with MMORPGs in general than the Final Fantasy series in particular. Needless to say, your mileage may vary.

    FFXII is set in the world of Ivalice, originally seen
    in Final Fantasy Tactics and Vagrant Story. Ivalice is a huge, boring, uninspired, ill-defined fantasy world filled with dozens of races that lack personality and charm (none of whom join your party anyway), and interesting, but painfully pastiche art design. FFXII seems to take the Star Wars prequel approach to world-building in that it operates under the pretension that you Expand
  25. Mar 24, 2013
    The FF XII storyline is one of the best and most mature FF storylines. The story isn't melodramatic or geared toward preteen girls. The dialog in the game is beautiful. The music is beautiful. The gameplay gambit system is fun enough although perhaps not interactive enough. I've played a lot of PS2 games (especially via PCSX2), but I keep coming back to this game in particular. I'd have to say it's by far my favorite PS2 game. Expand
  26. Jul 12, 2011
    this FF game just didnt do much for me the story i felt was very weak . the voice acting was ok atleast. the combat system i didnt care much for it was almost like they where tryin to hybred FFXI into this . the summoning magic system sucked . i made it all the way to the final boss area and just got bored with it all and didnt feel like finishing it mainly because the story didnt hold alot of intrest for me and thats so key for me pushing foward. i thinki the only reason i made it that far was i was in denial that the story wasnt very good and wanted to believe it was really gona pick up. Expand
  27. Sep 22, 2010
    All of it's elements combined Final Fantasy XII had the potential to be an amazing game, just like those before it, and from a gameplay perspective it is a worthy title. It makes some great changes to the standard role playing combat system that just plain work and leave you wondering why it hasn't been done before. Considering the gameplay combined with the visuals FF XII is one of the greatest games you could pick up for the PS2. However unlike the series titles before it FF XII doesn't have a story or characters of nearly equal quality and in the end it's only the lack of story and poorly developed characters that hold this title back from being as good as the Final Fantasy games that created the hordes of fans the series enjoys. If you play this game looking for an epic story with great characters it pains me to say that you will be extremely disappointed. However if your looking for a game that you can play for hours on end and not necessarily be sick of by the seventy hour mark you'll find that Final Fantasy XII certainly delivers. Expand
  28. Oct 15, 2010
    I don't want to seem like I just hate the newer Final Fantasy games, but honestly, I really don't know how this game got the high scores that it did. Sure, the game is presented beautifully, but after a few hours in, this game begins to fall apart. The cast of characters in this game is definitely the worst of all Final Fantasy games. No one has a personality. If I had to choose a person who came closest to having one it would maybe be Balthier. Everyone's emotions for doing something in the story are told to you, either by the characters themselves or the narrator. No one actually makes you feel for their cause through their own expressed emotions or actions. As for the story itself... it seems like there's this big conflict going on in Ivalice, yet the characters are running back and forth in the desert, having no part of it. The music in this game starts off strong, but after playing the game for a while, they all seem to blend together and end up just as dull and lifeless as the characters and story. The graphics are its only high point, which are exceptional for a PlayStation 2 game. The new battle system they added is an iffy one, considering that you can get the game to essentially play itself. However, it was an interesting addition, but I feel that the Active Time Battle was fine, so there was no reason to fix/change it. The license system however, is just... awful. It gives you no sense of direction at all, so you could end up wasting points early on in the game that could affect the development of your characters abilities early on in the game. Arguably, Final Fantasy XII is the worst game in the series. (Final Fantasy XIII is a contender as well) Expand
  29. Oct 5, 2010
    This is the best final fantasy in almost every aspect, its even artistically superior to XIII, however its not the best overall, because the story and characters plays a fundamental role in Final Fantasy and this entry fails in that department, there is a lack of side quest and minigames that not involves kill monsters, and sidequest that add pieces to the story.

    The music is good but not
    the most memorable. the battle system is great , funniest grinding ever in a final fantasy, the character customization system is good enough but could be better Expand
  30. Jan 16, 2012
    Many fans of Final Fantasy will bash this game because of its dramatically different Gambit battle system. While this is definitely unlike any Final Fantasy game you have experienced, the Gambit system really is an extremely well done battle system that even went on to inspire games like Dragon Age Origins. If you take the time to learn it you will appreciate the strategic aspects of planning your battle commands beforehand but in the event you really do not like the battle system, Gambits can be turned off for a more traditional Final Fantasy style of gameplay. Once Gamebits have been turned off, the battle system becomes Final Fantasy except with a controllable character and seamless battles, both of which are enormous improvements to the game. I fear many people have dismissed this game far too early, and if they had taken the time to appreciate the mechanics of the game they would have been able to experience one of the most intricate stories and deep characters ever created in a Final Fantasy game. Expand

Universal acclaim - based on 64 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 61 out of 64
  2. Negative: 0 out of 64
  1. The story soars, but not so often. The dungeons are long and meandering. The gameplay is effective, but not engrossing. It's a staggeringly well-made game that throws more at you than any other RPG on the PS2... but well-made doesn't necessarily mean "fun."
  2. This is absolutely my favorite Final Fantasy title, a claim I probably would have laughed at two years ago when rumors about the game’s battle system began to circulate.
  3. One of those rare games that can be appreciated by both hardcore and casual fans alike, Final Fantasy XII may very well be Square's last great adventure, and a fitting sendoff, for the PlayStation 2.