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Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 3 out of 22
  2. Negative: 9 out of 22
  1. A groovy game surround by a "so what?" story. Here's hoping the inevitable sequel will see both aspects "get it right" at the same time.
  2. Graphically, the cutscenes are very stylish, exhibiting some striking sequences and Gigeresque character desings... Despite its shortcomings, I was charmed by Galerians: Ash. [Mar 2003, p.83]
  3. The graphics are really good ... but the similar color scheme in most places hides things well. In addition, some solutions are really vague, and can ultimately lead to a lot of running around.
  4. It’s certainly different, is very unsettling and, if you’re into Manga-esque narratives, then you’ll love it.
  5. Get past the weak graphics and there's a stylish, original adventure game here, especially for fans of the first "Galerians" - to which this is a much improved sequel indeed. [Mar 2003, p.42]
  6. Ash does a wonderful job of establishing an eerie, dystopian world where Dorothy's evil still slingers. [Mar 2003, p.71]
  7. While the story is complicated and filled with reprehensible creatures and people, it loses something in the retelling.
  8. 59
    The game's reliance on padding is its biggest sin. Since there are very few environments, the designers force you to explore every nook and cranny of each one repeatedly, from every direction.
  9. Not only a surprisingly difficult game, but it's also a fairly boring one... With a little more polish, Galerians: Ash could have been something special.
  10. Had some potential, but thanks to mediocre gameplay and a rather incomplete storyline (both products of poor developing execution) Galerians: Ash has "bargain bin" written all over it.
  11. The gripping story line is the only reason to struggle with a frustrating and monotonous combat system, to wander in repetitive environments, and to suffer through predictable gameplay. [Mar 2003, p.116]
  12. 50
    But while putting the psychokinetic kibosh on telepathic geeks is fun, the endless wandering and backtracking hell is a straight-up drag.
  13. The ominous industrial-soundtracked wanderings change from tense to boring and finally kind of infuriating, as you find yourself being forced to visit and visit and re-visit again areas you've already cleaned out.
  14. 44
    Call it what you want, but I'd call it dull. There are just too many problems and too little to do in the game to make it worth anyone's time.
  15. The antiseptic chill of the game eventually takes its toll as well, finally sending this monotonous five hour experience into the deep freeze. [Mar 2003, p.65]
  16. The game makes you suffer the stress of not knowing what to do or where to go and that makes for very uninteresting and uncomfortable gameplay.
  17. The repetition of the exploration, the game world, and the unsatisfying combat leaves Galerians: Ash failing to engage at any point.
  18. I’d rather replay the boring parts of “Code: Veronica X” or the entirety of Agetec’s “Disaster Report” (a shitty-looking survival game we’re also reviewing today) than suffer through one more minute of Galerians: Ash’s broken gameplay and uninspired gameplay ideas.
  19. I can't remember the last time I experienced this LITTLE fun playing a videogame. Bad pacing and poor level design have a lot to do with this. [Mar 2003, p.103]
  20. I tried playing sober for the first few times, but I just couldn't get into it. It took a bottle of wine and a few shots of Southern Comfort to inspire me to play long enough to come to the conclusion I've come to with this game: Galerians: Ash feels like one bad hangover.
  21. What it has gained in control it has lost in style and pacing.
  22. 25
    Why can't the hero run in a straight line? Is he drunk? [Mar 2003, p.43]
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  1. Ghostreviewer
    Nov 2, 2007
    I have very strong, yet mixed feelings, for the Galerians games. The plot is without a doubt one of the best I have ever seen in the sci-fi or horror genre (better than most movies out there). If you enjoy a good story and nothing more from a game, this alone will kill hours upon hours of your life. The main problem with Galerians Ash and the Galerians games in general is that the gameplay is a complete mess. I appreciate the attempt to put a twist on the traditional survival horror gameplay but controls this archaic are simply unacceptable. I wish I could score this higher, as there is much potential behind it. Sadly though, as much as I enjoyed the story, I just did not enjoy the game. Full Review »
  2. Cain/Rion
    Jul 28, 2005
    Yaoi!!!! it was so awsome when Ash kissed Rion!!!!!!! i was like holy ****!!!!!!!! ^^ i LOVED the game and how you could go and Rewatch the movies!!!!! ^^ Full Review »
  3. Cain
    Aug 4, 2004
    The game is good and it really is the story is horrifying, the graphics is better(not as good as DMC or Onimusha though) and the fighting style is different(you dont just aim and shoot but you must also think of a good way on how to bash the enemy with ypur "psychic Ability") i have also played Galerians on the ps and both games are hard, sometimes boring(really boring), with some hard enemies but understand the plot deeply and see how horri2fying and good it is(the only good thing about this game is the story). Full Review »