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  1. An ambitious but successful interactive adventure that blurs the lines between motion pictures and video games.
  2. In online, single player, or cooperative play, perform slick maneuvers like rooftop bike jumps, and earn “Bond Moment” points for unlockable weapons and levels.
  3. The most impressive feature of Everything or Nothing has to be the visuals. The game makes gamers feel like they are in the middle of James Bond movie while providing top notch graphics.
  4. EA Canada has done a stellar job in taking the Bond license and creating an experience that is right up there with watching the multi-million dollar budget movies.
  5. The shooting levels definitely benefit from the 3rd person perspective but the targeting controls could use some more work.
  6. Offers an intense, action packed experience that ties in a nice selection of varied gameplay aspects to ensure the game never gets tired.
  7. This is by far the BEST. BOND. GAME. EVER. And I say that without a doubt in my mind.
  8. 90
    The first great translation of everything that makes James a 00 agent, and it's perhaps the best console Bond yet.
  9. Perhaps best of all, however, is the way each level has multiple paths and solutions, not only during the 3PS (3rd-Person Shooter) elements, but also during the fantastic driving levels – which utilize the Need for Speed engine – where you’ll often have an option between Bond’s various automobiles (yes, including the Aston Martin), or the Q-Bike, and even, on occasion, a helicopter.
  10. From the beginning of the game it's obvious that EA has gone to extremes to ensure that it feels just like the movies, and it really pays off.
  11. A third-person action game that blends shooting, driving, and other types of action together in a seamless fashion, delivering an awesome experience that puts you in 007's shoes better than any game to come before it.
  12. The game can be a little easy at times, and the short levels hurt the flow of the game, but if you’ve been a fan of 007 on the big screen or on a console, you won’t be disappointed by his latest outing.
  13. The over-theshoulder style does allow for the seamless integration of glossy scenes to drive on the plot and add a more genuine movie-like feel to the game.
  14. 90
    Across the board, the slick environments, cut-scenes, and character faces shine, although some of the animations are awkward, particularly when 007 runs. A great title song by Mya, strong voice acting, and booming sound effects complete the package.
  15. Besides making a fantastically epic and over-the-top ultra-Bond flick, EA snuck in a little something called "a fantastic game" into the mix as well. [Apr 2004, p.97]
  16. Not only is it dripping with production values, not only are the action sequences intense and the control spot on, but it NEVER stops being fun. With the hefty amount of challenge and unlockables, replay value is also extremely high.
  17. The level of replayability should keep you occupied for months and this is the version you have to have if you are a multiplatform owner, simply because of the special online co-op play.
  18. The sound effects and musical score (24's Sean Callery) really help the game give it more of that old-time Bond feel with mixes of classical Bond music.
  19. Packing serious star power, astounding production values, and surprisingly entertaining gameplay, Everything or Nothing delivers on all relevant counts, providing for a rousing escapade that ranks among the best to feature Her Majesty's finest.
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  1. Mar 17, 2014
    Some thought that a Third Person Bond Game would be a media disaster. However, Everything Or Nothing brought a whole new experience of 007, adding better dialogue, AI, and action. In 2004, games were not expected to be as good as this one. It is definitely the Best James Bond game ever made. Full Review »
  2. Jan 20, 2013
    Best Bond game since Goldeneye. Its not a FPS, but a 3rd person game. It is the most exciting movie style game I've played since Enter The Matrix. Some of the playable sequences, like the motorcycle highway chase were insane. Make sure you play it on easy mode however. There are tons of levels and some are unplayable on harder modes for some reason. The gunplay can be a little stuffy, where its difficult to take on more than 2 guys at a time, but it is worth learning. It is fun to explore and it has pretty good graphics for 2004. The gadgets and vehicle levels make this game. It is obvious this was inspired by many of the Brosnen movies. If you are a fan of Pierce you will love this. They could have made a real movie out of this one. Full Review »
  3. Dec 27, 2012
    While the graphics may look a bit aged, Everything or Nothing still lives up to the greatness that a 007 game should be. A completely original story, a 3rd person perspective, and enough missions and unlockables to keep you busy for a while, this game will entertain any bond fan, no matter their age. Full Review »