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  • Summary: Building on the success of Karaoke Revolution?s groundbreaking and innovative karaoke video game experience, this edition will feature an all-new line-up of 35 hit songs, additional characters and venues and a new Medley Mode that allows for multiplayer gameplay. Karaoke Revolution Volume 2 expands upon the original game in the series, featuring seven new characters, three new venues and more than 30 new character outfits ? making it even easier for gamers to step up to the mic. Choose from a hit-filled catalog of well-known rock, dance, pop, and R&B tunes, including songs such as "Every Breath You Take," "Friends in Low Places" and "I Will Survive." Compatible with any PlayStation 2 headset/microphone peripheral, the games? proprietary voice recognition technology challenges players as they strive to become the next pop star. Real-time feedback is offered by the dynamic crowds that fill each virtual venue, either by booing you off the stage or cheering your every note. In addition to the original Training, Arcade and Karaoke Modes, Karaoke Revolution Volume 2 also includes an enhanced Showtime campaign and the new Medley Mode. With this feature, players can link up to 5 song clips together in rapid fire succession for a unique twist on multi-player karaoke competition. [Konami] Expand
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  1. The additions of a medley mode - two to five song clips in quick succession - and a one-song quick-play option are solid improvements as well....It's another must have for singers. [Aug 2004, p.99]
  2. 85
    There's been more than enough time for Harmonix to tweak the game's Vocal Analyzer to help avoid cheap tactics for getting high scores. Having said that, the game is still highly entertaining and quite enjoyable.
  3. The biggest addition I could ask for would be some sort of hard drive support for online downloads.
  4. The new modes feel more streamlined and the varied song selection works well, as well as complementing the original collection.
  5. With only 35 songs to sing along with, any real fan of karaoke will whip through them in only a few sessions.
  6. Enjoyable, but the basic appearance, limited multiplayer and some tedious tracks means Karaoke Stage 2 will always play second fiddle to "SingStar's" success. [May 2006, p.66]
  7. The game could basically stay the same for years, however, what this series needs is a more comprehensive song selection. More disks, each featuring specific musical genres so that I can sing some ZZ Top and not have to skip over the Snoop Dogg crap.

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