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Summary: An attempt to rewrite history gone terribly wrong, Lord Zetta the ruler of netherworld brought destruction upon himself. When all seemed lost, three evil overlords appear before Lord Zetta to help him recreate his world. Now Lord Zetta wages war on a new world to become the supreme ruler once again, while the three overlords entertain themselves by creating more trouble for Lord Zetta. Players assume the role of Lord Zetta to command an army of determined fighters to reclaim what has righteously been his, the netherworld. Gamers will battle enemies ranging from vicious demons to determined soldiers with both modern and ancient warfare. Slash your enemies with the good old broadsword or blast your way through with the deadly rocket launcher; the choices are yours. Makai Kingdom introduces a new summoning system referred to as the INVITE system that summons your facilities that contain army units to the battlefield. Every facility summoned to the battlefield will contain your troops that are then deployed to battle your hated enemies. In Makai Kingdom, battle maps are randomly generated, offering a new gaming experience every time you play. With unlimited variations of maps, gamers can expect countless hours of game play. [NIS America]
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Rating: T
Developer: Nippon Ichi Software
Genre(s): Role-Playing, Console-style RPG
Number of Players:1 Player
ESRB Descriptors:Language Mature Sexual Themes Mild Fantasy Violence Sexual Themes
Cast Credit
Ayako Saso Music Composer
Takayuki Aihara Music Composer
Ken Sugawara Guest Illustrator
Yoshinori Kobayashi 3d Effects Designer
Yoshitsuna Kobayashi Game Designer/World Setting
Tenpei Sato Music Composer
Sohei Niikawa Scenario Writer
Sohei Niikawa Scenario Writer
Ryoji Yanase Programmer
Takaaki Shamoto Programmer
Shinichi Ikeda CG Character Design Director
Shinichi Ikeda Director
Natsuko Hagimoto 3d Map Designer
Aki Iwamida 3d Map Designer
Akira Ito Voice Data Editor
Koichi Kitazumi Executive Director
Takehito Harada Character Designer
Yoshinori Yamamoto CG Character Designer
Yasuhiro Morita CG Character Designer
Hitoshi Yoneda Guest Illustrator
Masashi Ueda Guest Illustrator
Shunya Yamashita Guest Illustrator
Satoshi Ito Guest Illustrator
Tomomi Ozaki Guest Illustrator
Yasuhiro Nakura Guest Illustrator
Hiroshi Takaki Music Composer
Hiroto Saito Music Composer
Ryo Sakai Music Composer
Tamia Terashima Music Composer
Tsuyoshi Kaneko Music Composer
Mahahiro Yamamoto Chief Programmer
Atsushi Murata Programmer
Koutarou Inoue Programmer
Shoya Furuta Battle Scene Programmer
Youichi Shinoda Battle Scene Programmer
Yasaku Nagayasu Battle Scene Programmer
Takashi Hasegawa Event Scene Programmer
Masato Misaki CG Character Designer
Masato Misaki Event Scene Programmer
Hidenori Watanabe Event Scene Programmer
Youko Kubota Event Scene Programmer
Daisuke Kobayashi CG Character Designer
Daisuke Morishita CG Character Designer
Daisuke Morishita Logo Designer
Miyuki Wakabayashi CG Character Designer
Kiyoko Takeda CG Character Designer
Masako Hiramatsu CG Character Designer
Yoshinori Koboyashi 3d Map Designer
Hiroshi Oonishi 2d Background & Monster Designer
Hiroshi Oonishi 2d Background & Monster Designer
Kentaro Furusyo Sound Manager
Daisuke Jinbo Sound Effects Designer
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#53 Most Shared PS2 Game of 2005