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Summary: The series that took racing from tracks to the open urban streets is back, and the stakes are even higher. Midnight Club 3: Dub Edition delivers insanely fast, open city racing in Atlanta, San Diego, and Detroit, complete with 8-player online competition and the most comprehensive vehicle customization ever seen in a video game. Drive the hottest licensed real life SUVs, import tuners, muscle cars, choppers and luxury rides, and trick them out with the latest rims, trims, and upgrades just like in the pages of DUB. Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition has more speed, more choices, and more chrome than any game has ever packed under the hood. [Rockstar Games]
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Rating: E10+
Official Site: http://www.rockstargames.com/midnightclub3/
Developer: Rockstar San Diego
Genre(s): Driving
Number of Players:1-2 Players
ESRB Descriptors:Mild Language, Mild Violence
Sound:Dolby Pro Logic II
Offline Modes:Competitive
Connectivity:Broadband Only, Online
Special Controllers:Keyboard
Online Modes:Competitive
Number of Online Players:8 Players Online
Cast Credit
Tom Shepherd Networking Support
Mark Robinson Technical Director
Craig Duman Lead Sound Designer
Chris Perry Visual Effects
Eric Smith Producer
Sam Houser Executive Producer
Gary J. Foreman Chief Technology Officer
Scott Stoabs Lead Artist
Ryan Broley Lighting
Ron Suverkrop 3d City Artist
Mary Ann O'Leary Senior Artist
Glen Hernandez Producer
Jeremy Jessup Audio
Marshall Ross UI/FE Artist
Kouros Moghaddam Lead Vehicle Artist
Jeff Whitcher Sound Design
Alan Wasserman Director Of Development
Steve reed Chief Technology Officer
Eric Lin Character Models
James Graham 3d Vehicle Artist
Alex Horton Art Director
Dan Houser VP Of Creative
Matt Clyne Lighting
John Wang 3d Vehicle Artist
Bobby Milly Character Models
Navid Khonsari Motion Capture Director
Mark Garone Producer
Kirk Boornazian Cinematography
Gilbert Sandejas Designer
Mark Beazley Stats And Networking UI
Alexander Ehrath Networking Support
Daren Bader Creative Director
George Davis Lighting
Race Lancaster Designer
Ted Carson Lead Programmer
Ted Carson Opponent AI
Gunter Erhart Career AI And Game Logic
Ben Padget Visual Effects
Devan Hammack Garage And Race Editor
Chris Coffin Rendering And Effects
David Etherton Technical Director
Mauro Fiore Lead Designer
Troy Bowman Designer
Marc Fredrickson Design Department Director
Marc Fredrickson Environment Designer
David Hong Art Director
Wade Schin Technical Artist
Mike Nagatani 3d City Artist
Jae Kim Concept Artist
Mark Loperfido Sound Design
Yeon-Seon Kim 3d City Artist
John Zurhellen Prodution Team
Jeffrey J. Roorda Vehical Dynamics And Play Control
Will Paredes Tools
Robert Suh Tools
Jonathan Spane Pedestrian AI
Garret Flynn Lighting
Jeffrey Pidsadny Environment Designer
Judy Henderson Casting
Noelle Sadler Prodution Team
Kerry Shaw Prodution Team
Mike Bagley Designer
Jeff Junio Designer
A.J. Shaw Designer
Dave Stinchcomb Designer
Michael Currington Lead Programmer
Tim Laubach Lead Programmer
John Gierach Tools And NAV System
Gabriel Liberty Tools And Engine Programming
Ken Murfitt Replay
Fredrik Farnstrom Additional UI Support
Russ Schaff Additional Tools Support
Edgar Acedevo Lighting
Kelby Fuchs Lighting
Patrick Jamaa Lighting
William Kidwell Lighting
Kirk Cummings Lead Animator
Tom Carrol 3d City Artist
Hank Jiang 3d City Artist
David Riewald 3d City Artist
Frank Silas 3d City Artist
Deanne Vye 3d City Artist
Andrew Wilson 3d City Artist
Jun Choi Animator
T.J. Chuckry Animator
Nhan Vo Animator
Jason Castagna Concept Artist
David Finlay 3d Vehicle Artist
Jeff Garstecki 3d Vehicle Artist
Brad Nelson 3d Vehicle Artist
Scott Smalley 3d Vehicle Artist
Joshua Bass Art Department Director
Joshua Bass Character Models
Ben Herrera Character Models
Jerome Lacote UI/FE Artist
Todd Moulton UI/FE Artist
Pete Charron 3d City Art
Andrea Rottenberg 3d City Art
Dave Mershon 3d City Art
Rob Howard Lighting
Christian Kjeldsen Sound Design
Steve Von Kampen Audio Support
Jay Ranek Senior Producer
Yomal Perera GAPA
Tom Hiett Production Assistant
Nathan Carlin Physics
Justin Link Physics
Jack Miller Audio
Joshua Breindel Audio
Sean Macaluso Business Development Director
Lance Williams Senior Lead Analyst
Brian Alcazar Lead Analyst
Birdman- Cash Money Records Narrator
Dexter Tillis Motion Capture And Voiceover
Kiff Vanden Heuver Motion Capture And Voiceover
Vaneik Echeverria Motion Capture And Voiceover
Maryam Parwana Additional Motion Graphics
Nicholas Montgomery Dialogue Recording
Associates Casting
Terry Burland Casting Casting
Chez Casting Casting
The Talent Shop Casting
Eli Weissman Prodution Team
Phil Poli Prodution Team
Michael Bagley Game Designer
David Barrera Motion Capture And Voiceover
Jamie King VP Of Development
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#24 Most Discussed PS2 Game of 2005
#66 Most Shared PS2 Game of 2005