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  • Summary: Based on Spielberg's futuristic thriller, Minority Report is the only game that lets you relive the movie experience, immersing you in a sci-fi action/adventure with weapons and devices straight out of the movie. Set in the near-future 2054, you are pre-crime officer John Anderton - head of an elite police squad able to predict and apprehend murderers before their crimes can be committed. [Activision] Expand
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  1. There is much less blood and gore in this game than is usually seen in games of this nature and those looking for a game with a story line with not all of the killing will find this game a welcome change.
  2. Its boring, unimaginative combat lays shame to the fact that Philip K. Dick (whose short story the movie is based on) came up with a pretty original idea to write about.
  3. Each level just feels like the last level.
  4. Too bad those psychics couldn't have predicted how lame this franchise would turn out, they might have been able to stop it long before production started.
  5. 50
    A game full of lousy gameplay and poor visual effects that will only make you ask, “Why?!” ... Clearly belongs in the bin of horrendous movie-to-game translations.
  6. Uneven presentation and its incongruence with the spirit of the movie make it just another bad licensed-property video game.
  7. For starters, it's boring...You generally just button mash as quickly as possible and hope that the cops fall down before you do.

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