MLB 2005 PlayStation 2

  • Publisher: SCEA
  • Release Date: Mar 16, 2004

Generally favorable reviews - based on 36 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 26 out of 36
  2. Negative: 0 out of 36
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  1. 79
    The problem is that MLB 2005 brings absolutely nothing new to the table in terms of gameplay.
  2. Compares favorably to the other baseball games that are currently on the market, especially if online play or a franchise mode are the features that matter most to you.
  3. While you can't help but grimace at some of the game's texturing and awkward batting stances, the gameplay package is as solid as can be. The fielding interface is especially praiseworthy, and in my opinion, this year's best. [Apr 2004, p.96]
  4. The nice thing about MLB 2005 is the customization factor. For example, if you are batting, you can dumb down the controls so all you have to worry about is timing. See the pitch, time it, swing, and hit it. But for the true fan, who seeks to be totally immersed in the game, you can take over complete control of the batting.
  5. The key is MLB doesn’t concentrate on doing just one thing right, it maintains doing all things very well and in the end I can’t help but give MLB 2005 my pick for best baseball game this year.
  6. 75
    It's still not quite on the same level as the highly polished "MVP Baseball" from EA Sports, but it's nowhere near the cellar dweller it was last season.
  7. A decent baseball game and is genuinely better than the last offering, but you get the sense that the developers are more spending too much time with cute bonus features like the EyeToy support and headset commands rather than focusing on ways to improve the gameplay.
  8. 90
    MLB 2005 has a great tactile feel - in your first trip to the plate, you'll notice right away how much the ball moves like it should coming off the bat...Will have strong appeal to diehard baseball fans. [May 2004, p.88]
  9. Much better than last year’s title by leaps and bounds, and comes closer than ever to presenting a challenge to EA and other baseball titles.
  10. 80
    It's what's on the field that counts, and even with some AI hiccups, the gameplay predominantly delivers. This is a solid, fun ball game. If the same forward leaps are made for the next outing, it will be batting cleanup.
  11. Play Magazine
    Animations are silky smooth and the over 3,500 personalized animations put the realism over the top. [Apr 2004, p.73]
  12. More for the casual sports gamer than the hardcore sports sim fan, but it has a lot of nice features that will make that first group quite happy with it.
  13. Electronic Gaming Monthly
    Up from the depths of the minors a year ago, MLB 2005 is starting to look like it belongs in the bigs...Maybe next year, 989, you'll go all the way. [May 2004, p.96]
  14. 70
    It's a drag that some serious AI issues still plague the simulation, but the EyeToy interaction and ball physics make MLB 2005 worth a look. A readily available online component even alleviates some of the AI tics.
  15. It’s amazing how much difference a year can make and MLB 2005 is a perfect example. MLB 2005 might re-kindle your devotion to the franchise.
  16. Official U.S. Playstation Magazine
    The graphics need work, but no other game lets you really play as you. [May 2004, p.99]
  17. Computer Games Magazine
    While the actual gameplay doesn't look as nice as it probably could, the sound is well done and the game's commentators have plenty of good quips. [May 2004, p.12]
  18. If you look at where the series was the last time we saw it, the turnaround that the MLB series has experienced is amazing.
  19. PSM Magazine
    Despite incredible depth and improvement, hardcore baseball fans will be frustrated with the game's AI failures. [May 2004, p.37]
  20. The sound and graphics are much improved over MLB 2004, but there were an assortment of strange graphic tics that drove me absolutely nuts.
  21. The refreshingly new approach to the game play in this one makes it among the best baseball games I’ve ever played!
  22. From the bottom of the pack, 989 Sports has brought it's Baseball series from the brink of horrible, and just made such a turnaround. From online gameplay to a dynamite graphics, I would be unfair and wrong if I didn't give this game the score I did.
  23. A good choice for the casual baseball gamer who focuses more on multiplayer and online versus solid deep franchise play.
  24. The game isn't quite on a level with EA's "MVP Baseball 2004," but it does compete (which is saying a lot when you look at last year's installment) and it's fully capable of providing you with hours of entertainment.
  25. netjak
    Just a couple steps away from being a great title.
  26. With great visuals, fine audio, pleasurable online and solid gameplay, MLB 2005 is a recommendable purchase for any PS2 baseball fan.
  27. GMR Magazine
    Overall, everything feels responsive, scores and stats come out realistically, and the atmosphere just feels right. [May 2004, p.84]
  28. A remarkable turn-around, MLB 2005 manages to combine depth of play with ease of control for a solid baseball title that stands out against the competition.
  29. For the features it has, though the same as others on the market, and for it’s ability to just give you a good time I give this game a 7 out of 10.
  30. Yes, there are quirks here and there, but the single player modes like Career and Franchise are exceptional for this title. Online play is implemented extremely well.
  31. The biggest and most important adjustment to the game is on the home run hitting. They are much fewer than in last year’s version and that is a huge plus.
  32. The total package isn't as technically impressive as "MVP," but the lack of major flaws makes it a more enjoyable experience.
  33. Entertainment Weekly
    For the ultimate in ego gratification (yours), MLB 2005 lets you use an Eye-Toy to digitally paste your face onto the body of a young rookie. [16 Apr 2004, p.L2T 19]
  34. With a graphics overhaul (989 Sports: think louder and brighter with your color scheme) and more forgiving gameplay, MLB could be comparable to High Heat Baseball in its depth.
  35. Yes, this game is better than "MVP Baseball 2004" by EA Sports, Acclaim's "All-Star Baseball," and "ESPN Baseball."
  36. Overall, the presentation and gameplay of MLB 2005 combine to form one of the best baseball titles we've seen in years. This is a huge success story for 989 Sports.
User Score

Generally favorable reviews- based on 9 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 6 out of 8
  2. Negative: 0 out of 8
  1. ShellyF.
    Jun 20, 2005
    This game is very,very good the graphics are good and the stadiums are very good.
  2. BrandonC.
    Aug 3, 2004
    This game is probably the best game ever!!!!!! I love this game! I love exhibition, because of the trading you can do.
  3. RandyH.
    Apr 23, 2004
    I liked everything about this game except no player editor or create- a-player. It's too hard to get your rosters to look right. Example I liked everything about this game except no player editor or create- a-player. It's too hard to get your rosters to look right. Example Raul Mondesi is on the Diamondbacks and Randall Simon is on the Cubs and no matter who I offer them they won't make the trade. If I pay 40 bucks for a game I'd like to be able to make my rosters as they really are. Full Review »