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  • Summary: True NBA action once again returns to the courts with NBA 08 for the PlayStation 2. Featuring the third and final installment of "The Life" series, NBA 08 introduces "The Life, Volume 3", where players experience new challenges and storylines related to life in the league. In Vol. 3, NBA ’08 focuses on Coach T.'s final season, the dynamic of team unity, and the journey to create a dynasty within the NBA. More than 60 different game scenarios are available in The Life, and players will have the opportunity to play each of the five starting positions, making The Life the most compelling addition to any NBA title to date. NBA 08 delivers all-new play-by-play commentary as well as improved artificial intelligence (A.I.), an updated user interface, and new on-court and crowd audio to enhance the overall gameplay experience. Returning features include the Smart Shot Indicator, to provide a visual gauge of defensive impact, and the Power Boarding System, an element that offers a 3D approach to position for rebounds. Additionally, "Showtime Gameplay" is back, providing players the opportunity to manage and balance a variety of game time elements including temperamental crowds, eager teammates, and individual basketball skills. [SCEA] Expand
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  1. Sony’s NBA 08 is a solid basketball gamebut the actual gameplay isn’t as tight as its competitors. The lack of a franchise mode hurts the game and while The Life is still plenty of fun to play through, it may not be enough to pull the game up for most people.
  2. 70
    In NBA 08, on the PS2, the controller response sometimes feels a bit unresponsive and the animation gets a bit jumpy, especially when switching from ball carrying to dunking.
  3. 60
    This year, if you want to play NBA '08, you'd better make sure that's a Sixaxis or a PSP in your hands. You're not going to have a whole lot of fun with your DualShock 2.
  4. While you certainly can have fun with NBA 08, it’s hard to recommend it as a purchase.
  5. NBA 08 for the PS2 may be the last time we see The Life on the PS2. Unfortunately Volume 3 just felt too familiar to the last two outings, and we're expecting much more for the third game in the franchise.
  6. But now that the series is fully established, the gameplay seriously needs to do some catching up to the competition.
  7. "The Life" mode is intriguing, but unfulfilling, and although different, not worth the purchase price on its own. There are simply NBA games that look better, play better, and have more to offer fans than this game provides.

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