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  • Summary: Do you have what it takes to survive in college football's most hostile environments? For the first time in video game football history, the game-day atmosphere directly affects players' on-field performances. See if players have enough composure to withstand the pressure, and take advantage of key personnel mismatches with the new Match-Up Stick. Add in fan celebrations like the Gator Chomp or Texas Hook 'Em Horns and you'll see that NCAA Football 2005 delivers the real emotion, collegiate atmosphere, and traditional gameplay of college football. Electrifying Stadium Atmosphere: Watch the visiting team fight crowd noise when calling audibles and hot routes. Pump up the crowd and build up your home field advantage to take opponents out of the game. Build your team's stadium atmosphere to rank among the elite stadiums in the country. See, hear and feel the immediate impact from hostile environments like LSU?s "Death Valley," "The Swamp" at Florida, Michigan?s "Big House," and Nebraska's "Sea of Red." Deeper Dynasty Mode: Monitor discipline levels and grades to ensure your program's integrity, while recruiting promising high school athletes and converting them into skilled position players. Keep players happy with playing time or risk them transferring to one of your rivals in the off-season. New Gameplay Enhancements: Choose from new custom playbooks, offensive schemes, and defensive formations that include the 4-2-5 and 3-3-5 Stack. [Electronic Arts] Collapse
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  1. NCAA's Dynasty is the best "pure videogame" feature in any sports games. Pro franchise modes punish teams who succeed. Here, good play is rewarded with stronger recruiting power. More than any other sports game, NCAA Football plays like an RPG. [Aug 2004, p.18]
  2. It is far and away the most accurate representation of the sport that we have in gaming.
  3. In all, it felt like the players had a slightly lower center of gravity. This allows not only for a good running back to become extra shifty through better lateral movement (without even having to use the juke button), but it also gives defenders an extra punch to their hits. [July 2004, p.112]
  4. 90
    An ultra in-depth Dynasty Mode and online capabilities will keep you playing until NCAA 2006, or at least until the new Madden comes out.
  5. The lack of any direct competition seems to be taking its toll on the series as each year it feels like it's slipping ever so slightly in quality.
  6. 85
    It's so good, it makes me want to go out and tailgate in the stadium parking lot of a Big Ten school.
  7. While a few additions and upgrades may give the game a fresh and youthful appearance, underneath it all is the same old game that we've played for more than three years.

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