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  • Summary: Get scouting tips from coaches like Florida's Billy Donovan, Kansas' Roy Williams, and UCLA's Steve Lavin; New Emotion Meter lets big plays and crowd energy affect how you perform; New courts include fieldhouse and stadiums; Use one of over 130 real teams or create your own. [EA Sports]
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  1. The realistic gameplay and sound makes NCAA March Madness 2002 not just a playable basketball game but a fun basketball game as well.
  2. Where March Madness doesn't compete is in the game play respect afforded to the big timers - "NBA Live 2002" and "NBA 2K2." The game has a slower pace and a less hurried feel than real basketball.
  3. May leave gamers feeling a bit unfulfilled because of the lack of features and game modes.
  4. The out-of-control sliding physics are present and accounted for, causing more turnovers and frustration than is healthy for anyone to experience.
  5. Where’s the freaking Dynasty mode? [Mar 2002, p.138]
  6. The game is easy to beat and short in replay value. This is one disappointing effort.
  7. After delivering the best beer-guzzling entertainment to dorm rooms last year, this half-assed sequel plays worse than Dick Vitale’s toupee.

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