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  • Summary: Without a mouthpiece, you will lose a tooth!
    Lace up your skates and get physical in NHL Face Off 2001. Choose from 30 different NHL teams, including the new Minnesota Wild and Columbus Blue Jackets, and battle for the Stanley Cup. Play as or against 13 retired NHL legends including Mr.
    Hockey Gordie Howe, Bobby Hull, Phil Esposito, Marcel Dionne and more. Four new play modes including Tournament, ShootOut, Practice and Draft combined with fast, fluid game play make FaceOff 2001 the hockey game for PlayStation2. Expand
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  1. The fact is except for a resolution bump-up, there is almost no difference between the PSX and PS2 ports of this title -- and that's a sad state of affairs given the extra horsepower under the PS2's hood. Kinda makes you wonder what that $300 you spent on the system bought you.
  2. 989 Sports has a long way to go to be competitive with EA Sports, but FaceOff 2001, although deficient in almost every category, is an entertaining game that is certainly worth a weekend rental.
  3. 63
    The player control is top-notch and the fact that playing it reminded me a lot of EA Sports' Genesis hockey games is a very good thing. But, the game's horrible AI, limited feature set, lack of a poke-check button, and unsightly visuals, ultimately kills its value.
  4. The fighting system is horrible. When is the last time that Jaromir Jagr fought Sandy McCarthy? Yeah that’s going to happen!
  5. The graphics aren't representative of what the PlayStation 2 is capable of, the gameplay is ruined by pathetic goalie AI, and the control options fail to meet minimum requirements.
  6. No matter how much one can hate the awful graphics the game does have a certain charm to it that is multiplied when you can get a party game going.
  7. Quite the insult to PS2 hockey fans. It's certainly not as good as NHL 2001, and that wasn't a great game..Poor 989 seems to be falling even further behind with old injuries and rusty skates. Someone definitely needs to check these guys.

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