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  • Summary: Choose your gun, enter the range and steady your nerves. Take careful aim and fire. NRA Gun Club puts over 100 true to life guns in your hands to test your shooting skill. The traditional 1st person shooter now has a different perspective – NRA Gun Club is void of violence or blood. Choose your gun from over 100 licensed and faithfully recreated firearms. Challenge your shooting skill in a wide variety of environments and ranges. Aim and fire at a vast array of targets including flying sporting clays, poppers, bull's eyes and more. Unlock new guns, environments and challenges. Officially endorsed by the National Rifle Association. [Crave Entertainment] Expand
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  1. NRA Gun Club may be useful for demystifying gun ownership for wannabe weekend warriors, but it sure as hell doesn't qualify as much of a game. Even with its sub-$20 price tag, NRA Gun Club is just too overwhelmingly dull to take seriously.
  2. NRA Gun Club's awful gameplay and presentation make it an effective though unintended antigun message: Guns are boring.
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  1. PatrickM.
    Dec 12, 2006
    NRA gun club is a fun game for the most part. But I would have liked to have something other than timed shooting.
  2. GarrisonO.
    Sep 10, 2007
    This game completely sucks!!! The presentation in nothing but lazy (There's no sound at all until you begin a shooting match!), and the gameplay is SO BORING!!! Collapse
  3. BobJ.
    Nov 5, 2007
    I was happy to see a FPS that doesn't have too much violence, but this game is really bad. there is nothing to really like.
  4. Brian
    Jan 5, 2008
    It could have been a good game, but its too hard if not impossible to even beat the first board so it sucks. SOME of the mini games are OK, Ill give it a overwhelming thumbs down. Expand
  5. Dec 22, 2012
    Instead of calling it "NRA: Gun Club, they should've been naming the game "NRA: World's Dumbest A**holes." Just because they can still get away with all the gaming controversy shenanigans doesn't mean that everyone including the White House should be involved with violent video games. This game is beyond violent and they should've rated this piece of crap an M rating instead of E. Don't buy this game for at least 1 cent a day. Expand