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  • Summary: The Samurai Warriors are back with a vengeance and a new lineup including six legendary samurai- each with their own storyline and powerful new weapons. With the debut of Mercenary mode, the new battlefields of “Okehazama” and “Shikoku”, and new Charge attacks, even you have more reasons to come back and join the fight! 6 new samurai with original scenarios featuring: Toshiie Maeda, Katsuie Shibata, Kojiro Sasaki, Gracia, Yoshimoto Imagawa and Chosokabe Motochika. Conquer the new battlefields of “Okehazama” and “Shikoku” 2-player Co-op in Story and Free modes, plus 6 difficulty levels. As a mercenary leader, hire other samurai, complete missions to earn rewards. Use characters from SW2 in SW2XL game modes. Increase growth level maximums. Unleash new Charge attacks and 5th weapon. Play SW2’s Story mode, Survival mode and Sugoroku with SW2XL’s new characters. [KOEI] Collapse
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  1. A continuation of a series that is past its prime. With the ability to import people, places, and things from the original game, it literally steals from its past. This series will not move forward until it stops looking back.
  2. In fact, for casual Warriors players, it may even be better to have not played the first game, as the main game probably will make you less likely to want to play the new, but not all that different, content.
  3. 53
    Xtreme Legends is just more of the same, on top of an already repetitive and mostly overused concept.
  4. Those of you tired of the franchise's repetitive button-mashing gameplay, stale features, and dated presentation have plenty of better action games to choose.
  5. With such monotonous gameplay, the excellent RPG elements used to pimp out characters proves to be useless.
  6. A poor excuse for an expansion from a poor excuse for a sequel from an utterly knackered series. [May 2008, p.82]
  7. 33
    Assuming you have dipped your feet in the pool of endless Dynasty Warriors content, it's almost absurd at this point to have to pay 30 bucks for either the PS2 or Xbox 360 flavor of what is barely more than preconceived, half-assed, tacked-on downloadable content.

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  1. Mar 12, 2013
    Play this game. The reasons for good reviews are not the same as why people play games. The diverse player options will keep you interested. Buy, don't rent! Expand

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