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  • Summary: Combining an atmospheric, psychological thriller narrative with stealthy exploration and intense shooter action, Second Sight gives players control of a character endowed with incredible psychic abilities. The game offers multiple approaches to completing levels either via stealth, dramatic gunplay, psychic powers or a combination of all three. The ability to psychically influence characters and remotely manipulate objects and individuals provides for a totally fresh gameplay dynamic. Second Sight opens with John Vattic, the player-controlled lead character, as he awakens from a coma in a U.S. medical facility where he has been subjected to traumatic surgery and experimentation. He doesn't know his name, he can't remember his past, all he knows is that his only hope for survival is to escape and unravel the mystery that has led to his imprisonment. Haunted by flashbacks, which are experienced as fully playable episodes within the game, and shocked by the discovery of his own psychic powers, the player takes Vattic on a search for his past and uncovers a fatal chain of events leading to a sinister conspiracy. As Vattic explores his present and past, the game weaves between these two different time periods, which run through the game as a dual-narrative. The player-controlled actions of the past Vattic have consequences in the present -- allowing a unique interaction between the player and the narrative of the game as Vattic's destiny is changed. [Codemasters] Expand
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 32 out of 48
  2. Negative: 0 out of 48
  1. Fantastic little touches abound, adding up to a firmly cohesive, engagingly structured, marvelously imagined setting to explore. [Oct 2004, p.67]
  2. Forced stealth quibbles and slightly iffy physics aside, Second Sight's offering of a decently complex story (or as complex as you're going to get for an 8-10 hour action game) with a couple of twists and a silky smooth, high-budget presentation is one of the best Free Radical has pulled off to date.
  3. While the game does many things well, it doesn’t do anything particularly remarkable.
  4. If you're looking for a finely crafted, thought-provoking story to go with your psychic phenomena, look no further than Second Sight. [Nov 2004, p.128]
  5. Midway's "Psi-Ops" does do a better job of implementing psychic powers and building gameplay around them, but Second Sight's characters and story make it worth your time.
  6. If "Metal Gear Solid" and Second Sight were at school with eachother, Second Sight would dress the same way, dress the same way, and wear the same clothes, which is a great shame.
  7. It’s almost unfortunate that the first couple hours of Second Sight are really good. You won’t care that the action is too easy or that the A.I. is dumber than Teddy Ruxpin because the plot is good and the characters are interesting. But by hour six or so, the plot loses its mystery and the gameplay holes become increasingly frustrating.

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  1. TheRightHonorableSirGrahamKristopherMiles
    Oct 16, 2004
    WooooHOOOO! Holy ****! A GrEaT story, complete with enough blood and guts to satisfy, enough mindless gun-slinging, and best of all, psychic @$$-whooping! Only thing is, the graphics are a teensey bit dated. Who cares? NOT ME! Like I said Before, WoooHOOOO! Expand
  2. Jan 1, 2011
    I still look back at this game years from now when my dad told me to buy it, best money ever spent on a radical really did a good job on this game honestly I liked the storyline and the gameplay had just enough action. Expand
  3. TrevorO.
    Jul 11, 2005
    One word : OUTSTANDING! Best game I played last year by far! Good graphics, great gameplay and, stone me, what a story!
  4. M.Black
    Jan 14, 2005
    I've bought about 20 games (give or take) in the past year; Second Sight is one of the best among them.
  5. Jul 26, 2013
    Second Sight is about a bald man with a red eye waking up in a secure facility, John Vattic finds he has these mental powers, he must search for clues; info on what happened and work out how he ended up in the state he's in, and he knows he was on a mission in Russia. So, this is also what the game's about: Vattic was on a mission with a squad a while ago, to get to a base under Dubrensk, find this old man called Professor Grienko, who has spent the past 50 years researching, I can't really explain it though, it's to do with psy though, related to psychic powers, and he has children with them. The team Vattic was in was not the only one looking for him, but also the Russians, and whatever happened in the mission, it went wrong and Vattic ended up where he his. The story is amazing! and the voice acting is excellent. There are times where you have to work out what to do, sometimes you will play a more stealth approach to avoid the alarm going off, there are computers that you will use in most levels, you will change the past as you get flashbacks as you play through the game. Also the way the game is amazing and the levels. I do have some problems with this game though, what they did need to work on more though was the levels, some of them are short, "Conspiracy" for example, they have put a lot of effort into the quality of it, the setup, design and music, but all you do is a couple of things and that's it, and physically not big. When you finish the game, you just won't really comeback and play this game much, and you don't get any rewards for example not having to wait to recharge your psychic powers, have all powers in the levels where Vattic hasn't worked then out yet, nor is there a survival mode. There are times where you have to work out what to do, sometimes you will play a more stealth approach to avoid the alarm going off, there are computers that you will use in most levels, you will change the past as you go through flashbacks as you play through the game and freak out security guards with your mind bending powers, there is also a possession ability, where you can take control of other people, which is fun. Second Sight is a very unique game, unique story amazing plot, awesome psychic gameplay a must play game, download if it's available on PlayStation marketplace. Expand
  6. Jun 8, 2013
    Released at about the same time as Psi Ops (that also featured the use of physic abilities) Second Sight is the superior of the two largely thanks to the quality of its storytelling. The player takes on the role of John Vattic who awakes from a coma to find himself trapped inside a government facility with no memory of who he is or how he got there.

    As the game progresses he gradually discovers that he has a number of psychic abilities and these of course play a huge part in the gameplay whether it be in solving puzzles or defeating enemies. The fact that these powers can be used pretty much as often as you like does arguably make the game a little easy but since it is such fun to test out each new power it doesn't really matter. Aside from the odd difficulty in highlighting the correct target when using your abilities the controls are also well implemented and after a bit of practice become quite intuitive.

    Alongside the psychic abilities the game also features a selection of high powered weaponry such as shotguns and machine guns. These are a little too easy to come by at times and the game can often be played as a straight first person shooter but that would really defeat the purpose.

    In the end while Second Sight may have the odd flaw the interesting story and excellent implementation of the psychic powers makes it a game that is certainly worth playing.
  7. KeithL.
    Apr 13, 2005
    Worst game I ever played. Really bad. The game controls really bad. If you want a good game with psychic powers get PSI-OPS: Mindgate Conspiracy. That a good game. Expand

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