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  • Summary: Incorporating six game modes, Smash Court Tennis Pro Tournament 2 offers center court action for novices and experts alike. Players can create their own character in Pro Tour Mode and work their way up through the ranking system by winning major tournament trophies and collecting points. In Arcade Mode, players advance through three difficulty levels as they compete in the Grand Slam tournaments. Exhibition Mode allows players to select their desired playing conditions (number of games, sets, difficulty level, characters, venues) to play a singles game or team up with up to three other players for a doubles match using a Multitap for PlayStation2. In Challenge Mode, players must complete several mini-games to unlock more challenging stages. Players can alter the camera angles in Spectator Mode to become a spectator and watch CPU players going head-to-head. For newcomers to the Smash Court series, the Tutorial Mode provides a step-by-step tutorial session, while novices can learn to use the variety of shots and serves including topspin backhands, half-volley drop shots, lobs, smashes and pinpoint passing shots. [Namco] Expand
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  1. While tennis games do have a set type of person who will like them, Smash Court Tennis Pro Tournament 2 performs so well that I can’t imagine anyone disliking it unless they want a much simpler version (in which case buy the original Smash Court Tennis for the PS one).
  2. There’s a load of gameplay here, and it’s too bad there’s no online component or Memory Card battle feature for those who want it (hint, hint).
  3. 8 / 8 / 8 / 8 - 32 gold [Vol 812; 9 July 2004]
  4. But it lacks long-term appeal, and so, its final score likewise suffers. As for SCPTT2 outdoing Pong, after 20 years, people still play Pong, but by the end of 2004, very few will play Smash Court 2.
  5. It does a lot of things right, good graphics, multiple play modes, originality and solid on-court action. The pro tour mode is fantastic despite its frustrations. It is refreshing to see some originality in a tennis title.
  6. 70
    Even with the clever new “missions” and spruced-up visuals that make watching a ball go back and forth worthwhile, control is the most important part in tennis; and in this game, Smash Court faults once again.
  7. My biggest problem is the fact that you can't hold down a shot button to pre-load a swing - the computer takes the backswing for you - something that seems contrary to the way most tennis games have operated in the past. [July 2004, p.115]

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 6 out of 7
  2. Negative: 0 out of 7
  1. SteveS.
    May 12, 2006
    Best tennis game on the PS2. Gameplay was very realistic and smooth. Graphics were good as well. Plus there are quite a few real top players which feature in the game which is an added bonus. Overall an extremely fun game, especially if you have someone to play with/against. Expand
  2. TimL.
    Jul 7, 2004
    I think its the best game to hit our tvs .My best bit was when i was hewitt and i won a match with five aces.
  3. LukeB.
    Jul 4, 2004
    It has extrodinary graphics. It is really fun to play and doesnt get boring.
  4. SI
    Jul 19, 2004
    This is the best and most realistic tennis game yet! Superb gameplay and very enjoyable! By the way, you can choose BETWEEN Mission Mode (has turning points) *OR* Normal Mode (it plays as you would expect) for the Pro Tour Career Mode. In Normal Mode, you play the match normally as you would expect, with no turning points. Just change it in the 'Settings' menu. Expand
  5. [Anonymous]
    Jun 16, 2004
    More realistic and less 'arcadey' than Virtua Tennis 2. SCT2 is enormous fun and has great depth with its intuitive controls, ball control and gameplay. The best tennis game yet for true fans of the sport. Expand
  6. ChrisH.
    Jun 7, 2004
    Much better than Smash Court Pro Tennis 1 (with it's incredibly hard learning curve) - this one gives you more control over the placing of the ball,and you need to develop your technique to stack up the wins.It's the most ATP-Official title around.Very good as a multiplayer.Make sure you check out Virtua Tennis 2 first though - it's hard to pick between these two (I'd still probably go for Virtua Tennis 2 as the best - it was even better on the Dreamcast!).Roll on Wimbledon ! Expand
  7. BenM.
    Jul 9, 2004
    I was really looking forward to this game. The gameplay is great but the stupid 'turning point' feature in career mode bugged the crap outta me. I just wanna play the full match. Expand