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  1. Play Magazine
    So finally, after all these years, we have a gameplay-perfect home version of Alpha 3....and you even get every previous game in the series for free. [May 2006, p.44]
  2. 90
    Comprehensive and complete, this is the rare retro collection worth the price of entry, and it's one that should grace the shelf of every fighting library out there. It's also a great reminder of what Capcom was once best at, and what they could conjure once again if only they'd put their minds to it.
  3. THIS is the way Capcom needs to treat their arcade ports. We can always use more games in a collection, and the fact that the game is a little skimpy on extras (thus toning down the whole anthology aspect), it's still a killer collection done right.
  4. This anthology presents gamers with arcade ports of four incredibly popular fighting games, for better or worse.
  5. The only thing I can say in particular is that I love the addition of Gem Fighter.
  6. Unless you're totally averse to 2-D graphics, you definitely need to add Street Fighter Alpha Anthology to your game library.
  7. 85
    Street Fighter Alpha Anthology is a canonical addition to any fighting game fan's game library. For the listed price of $29.99, Street Fighter fanatics couldn't ask for more. With the addition of Gem Fighter, friends and family members will be holding Street Fighter Alpha tournaments and trash-talking each other in no time.
  8. It would have been nice if more frills had been added, and the lack of online play is somewhat disheartening, but overall this collection of some of the best 2D fighting games ever released is a welcome addition to the PlayStation 2 library.
  9. Ultimately Street Fighter Alpha Anthology is a treasure trove of SFA memorabilia. Sure, there is quite a bit more Capcom could have done to get the collection just right, but what they have given us is very good.
  10. Playing fighting games offline was the way of the world a few years ago, but now it's disappointing that this collection is offered only on the Playstation 2 with its minimal online tendencies.
  11. Despite the lack of any real innovation and a couple of missing specific features, Capcom has put together a solid package here in Street Fighter Alpha Anthology.
  12. The gameplay is there, but with the power of the PlayStation 2 there was potential to do a lot more. New features, new modes, new characters, or even updated graphics; Capcom could’ve given us a little more.
  13. A dream come true for Street Fighter Alpha fans.
  14. PSM Magazine
    Street Fighter Alpha Anthology packs a lot of kung-fu fighting into one handy package, making it an excellent excuse for inviting your fighting buddies over for a brawl. [July 2006, p.84]
  15. 80
    So, for those wondering if it's worth their time, Street Fighter Alpha Anthology is a great game that compiles all of the super-popular Alpha games from the PlayStation era.
  16. 80
    Though it's unfortunate that Capcom hasn't shown much production value by omitting retrospective features and other historical content, Street Fighter Alpha Anthology still plays great despite its age and the number of times we've seen these games before.
  17. Despite little quirks here and there, it's still one of the definitive fighting collections out there, and the inclusion of the insane Super Gem Fighter MiniMix alone should warrant a purchase, just to see fighters do some wild stuff to get the victory.
  18. With amusing unlockable bonuses and three (and a half) solid, good-looking games, you'll get plenty of mileage out of this one if you have the bare minimum one like-minded friend who makes playing fighting games worthwhile.
  19. 80
    If you're a fighting-game fan, this title is definitely worth a look and at $30, is a decent investment as well. Now if we can only get Capcom to work on a Versus anthology.
  20. 80
    This isn't a perfect collection by any stretch: Alpha 2 Gold's enhancements are negligible, and online and Alpha 3's great console modes are nowhere to be found. Still, Alpha Anthology is a lot of Street Fighter fun for around $30.
  21. Typical compilation title, you’ll either love it or hate it. If you love everything Street Fighter, you will love this collection. If you have never really been a fan, there is nothing in this title that will make you change your mind.
  22. Street Fighter Alpha Anthology isn’t going to make a believer out of you if you already hate the series, but it is a welcome addition to the library of any fighting game fan.
  23. The one drawback is the control which screams for an arcade stick as the PS2 controller just honestly doesn't cut in terms of directional control.
  24. To put it simply, Street Fighter Alpha Anthology is what you would expect; a complete, comprehensive presentation of the Street Fighter Alpha series. In other words, it will give you some good fighting times, while never representing either the best or the worst of Capcom's work in the genre.
  25. One of the finest series of fighters has been compiled with due care and respect, and will instantly bring back memories for those that recall shoveling coins in the arcades, challenging any pretenders to the throne.
  26. Play UK
    One of the best fighting games ever, hampered by one of the worst fighting-game controllers ever. [Issue 141, p.91]
  27. 80
    A good package of great fighting games that has it where it counts. A no-brainer purchase if you're interested in 2D fighters, worth a look for anyone else.
  28. 80
    Gem Fighter for giggles, Alpha for nostalgia, Alpha 2 to see how a few critical tweaks can re-unite divided fans, and finally Alpha 3 for the whole caboodle and sheer pleasure of 2D fighting perfection.
  29. Official U.S. Playstation Magazine
    Just an all-around great collection, and fighting fans should be thrilled that Capcom was willing to give these great fighting games the treatment that they deserve. [Aug 2006, p.75]
  30. PSM2 Magazine UK
    A decent collection, but they may as well have left "SFA" and "SFA2" out because "SFA3" is better than both of them combined. The best Street Fighter experience on PS2. [Aug 2006, p.68]
  31. Indeed, where each title on the disc has its own relative strengths and weaknesses, every one of them is perfectly playable and enjoyable even alongside more recent releases.
  32. AceGamez
    So, if you fancy six classic games with arcade tweaks included, six pieces of time, six morsels of gaming history, then look no further than Street Fighter Alpha Anthology.
  33. Buy it, play it and love it as that’s what the Street Fighter games are all about.
  34. It’s accessible to players of all skill levels, and Hyper Street Fighter Alpha adds something that even veterans who own the SNES and PS1 classics will want to check out.
  35. Controls are incredibly precise, although real Street Fighter diehards might want to ditch the joypad and invest in an arcade controller, such as NubyTech's Street Fighter Arcade Stick or an X-Arcade.
  36. There are some great character designs and backgrounds (most noticeably in SFA2/SFA3). There are also some great character animations.
  37. As for this new collection, it's a fine deal for Street Fighter fans, who'll probably find that these games still have that magic touch, whatever it was that made them so fun and addictive, even after all these years.
  38. Game Informer
    Well, to use a tried-and-true reviewer cliche, fans of the series will love these straight-from-the-arcade ports, while players weaned on 3D fighters will continue to wonder why the Street Fighter series was ever considered a big deal. [July 2006, p.106]
  39. The graphics for all of the installments presented here are virtually arcade-perfect. The controls, too, are spot-on. I do wish the audio had more punch and diversity, but it sticks close to the arcade originals.
  40. It's a fun trip down memory lane, but it makes you seriously wonder how much longer Capcom is going to repackage decade-old fighters instead of giving us "Street Fighter 4."
  41. There's a lot of hidden extras in this game, and despite a few slight omissions, this collection delivers what it promises on the box. If you're still in love with the Street Fighter Alpha series then this collection is a required purchase.
  42. Regardless of Street Fighter Alpha Anthology’s gaming value, it does a wonderful job of showing how a fighting series evolves from a slow and skitchy brawler, to a fast and fluid fighter.
  43. Games Master UK
    The icing on the violent cake is the Dramatic Battle mode, which allows three-man fights for those really epic throwdowns against the likes of M. Bison and Akukma. [July 2006, p.64]
  44. If you’re a devout Street Fighter fan, chances are you already picked Alpha Anthology up. Folks who are fans of the fighting genre in general can’t really go wrong either, especially with the $30 price tag.
  45. Official Playstation 2 Magazine UK
    Despite its pedigree, there's not enough here to prise open our wallets. We're sticking with "Street Fighter Alpha Max" on PSP, thanks. [July 2006, p.91]
  46. The Alpha games feature special counter moves, and more characters and combos with each progressive title. The main question is: do you want to spend 20 quid on this collection when you've probably already got most of the titles in the loft?
  47. The Alpha titles offer a dramatic battle setting which pits two against one and a survival mode, where a character fights battle after battle until he or she dies. Fun times.

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Generally favorable reviews- based on 14 Ratings

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  1. JuanG.
    Aug 8, 2006
    For people who ages are between 25 and 35 this game will bring back memories of the arcades. Fighter fans, you will love this game.
  2. JohnnyGoodwin
    Mar 15, 2008
    I love this game, but since arcades are a dying breed there's no longer any head to head human competition. Thats what made this game soI love this game, but since arcades are a dying breed there's no longer any head to head human competition. Thats what made this game so popular. The omission of online game for the playstaytion 2 series renders this game totally useless, Thus my rating of a 1. Just one more in the series collecting dust. Full Review »
  3. Sven
    Jun 21, 2006
    You gotta love that Dragon Punch!