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  • Summary: You no longer have to wait for league night to enjoy the fun of competitive bowling! Taking the game to a whole new level, Strike Force Bowling features authentic real time physics in an easy-to-use arcade style control. Pins never quite fall the same way twice, bowling balls react according to a combination of spin, material and lane friction. Noise of the alley getting on your nerves? Take your game on the road! Knock over skull-tipped pins on the pitching deck of a pirate ship. Play under the watchful eyes of the Sphinx in ancient Egypt. Bowl over tiki heads at the end of a pier on a tropical island. These and other exotic locations await! Six unique play modes keep things interesting, including Skins, Golf, Challenge and Practice modes, as well as Open and Tournament play. Choose from eight high-polygon players, complete with their own animated reactions to gameplay. Bowling styles can be customized according to strength, accuracy and curve. [Crave Entertainment] Expand
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  1. It's certainly not a realistic bowling game by any stretch, but it is fun and with up to four players it not bad to have to whip out at a party or if you just want to throw a few games. Good job.
  2. I spent a few good hours with friends from the ages of 17 to 48 playing this game, and everyone had a total blast.
  3. It’s highly addictive and just plain fun, which is why we play these games in the first place.
  4. The game fails in the simple task of capturing the excitement of actual bowling. [July 2004, p.112]
  5. 40
    Strike Force is as undesirable as games get, not that it's horribly broken. The game is always so many steps below mediocre, the typically enjoyable pastime of beer and bowling becomes a frustrating and equally tiring endeavor.
  6. How difficult it is to get your ass to a real bowling alley and play a damn game? C'mon man, this is ridiculous. Next thing you know some developer is going to come out with a videogame of a videogame.
  7. Poor graphics, weak audio, and mind-numbing gameplay add up to a game that would be a bad buy if they were giving it away.

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