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  • Summary: The well known Hollywood hero, Stuart Little, returns in his most exciting adventure yet! Stuart, the tiny mouse adopted by the Little family, has charmed everyone with his cheerful personality and heroic exploits. After an unfortunate accident, George’s school photo project is ruined and Stuart must save the day by recapturing these pictures. Travelling all the way to New York, Stuart will need to enlist the help of his friends, Snowbell and Margalo, if he expects to finish this adventure in one piece. [Sega] Expand
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  1. This game is so good that I consider it one of 2005's sleeper hits. It doesn't present much of a challenge for adults, but when it comes to entertaining children Stuart Little 3 is golden.
  2. Absolutely not a title I would recommend to any kid already playing other platformers like Mario, Ratchet and Clank, or Sly Cooper.
  3. What initially seemed a rather mundane movie/ game tie-in, is actually quite fun, and will captivate kids with its simple gameplay and colourful graphics.
  4. As kiddie-friendly games go this is quality stuff. [Nov 2006, p.140]
  5. 60
    Exactly what a kid’s game should be. It combines an array of genres and re-works them so that gaming newcomers will be able to get the hang of the action in a non-threatening environment.
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  1. DovB.
    Jan 1, 2006
    Who ever gets this game will be in heven when i played i just played the whole day trust me it is the best game ever.