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  • Summary: Drop-in on a gnarly Fiddlesticks 30-foot wave of have fun sessions with Sandy Beach?s 3-4 foot sets as one of 9 world-class surfers. Packed with ultra-realistic moves, players will be stoked as they pull off round-house cutbacks, lippers, floaters, and catch unreal barrel rides. [Ubi Soft]
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  1. Be prepared to spend an infuriatingly considerable amount of time experimenting with the controls and learning the tricks. This, of course, is upsetting considering this is a sports title and a genre that doesn’t get much attention to begin with.
  2. Not a huge improvement over "Championship Surfer," but it is certainly much better than the PS2's other surfing game, the horrid "Surfing H30."
  3. 70
    It's plain looking, and it seems very basic in every way. So, there is nothing terribly next-generation about it.
  4. Sunny Garcia Surfing’s lack of gameplay and graphics make it a weak contender at best.
  5. The age of the engine is apparent, and the presentation and gameplay simply aren't up to par with those of more modern surfing games.
  6. 55
    Although an old game, Sunny Garcia’s Surfing can bring back some good old launch-title quality gaming goodness, and if you’re a fan of surfing games but haven’t checked this one out yet, it’s worth at least a hire.
  7. At its core, Sunny Garcia Surfing has the making of a good surfing simulation, but the final product is so barebones that it seems more like a technology demo than a game.

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