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Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 38 out of 41
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  1. 84
    There are more moves to choose from here than in any other game of recent memory and the attention to detail aimed at fans (expect references to Jarella, the Pantheon, and issue #102 among others) is a great touch.
  2. Sure, it isn't the deepest, longest, or most technically proficient game out there, but fans of the comic book are sure to have a blast smashing their way through every destructible obstacle the game throws at them.
  3. Game Informer
    By zeroing in solely on the catastrophic potential of the Hulk (no Banner stealth garbage this time), Radical has succeeded in providing a depth to demolition that similar sandbox titles have yet to achieve. [Sept 2005, p.97]
  4. The camera can be a little obstinate at times, but the game is very easy to pick up and learn to play. The developers made certain that the joy of this title is in playing the game, not mired in trying to learn how to play it.
  5. Sure I love the Hulk and I love this game but I can overlook a bit of gameplay repetition. At least it's the kind of gameplay repetition that I want repeated.
  6. The essence of the Hulk – his chaotic power and affect on normal civilization – is captured perfectly.
  7. 90
    It's one game that's worth the price of admission. Not only is it a great action title, it may very well be the best superhero game for current-gen consoles.
  8. Sure, the Hulk is really just a one trick pony of destruction, but what a satisfying pony ride.
  9. 80
    Hulk isn't quite the stellar action vehicle it could've been, but it's got more than enough solid fun to justify a purchase. If cathartic obliteration is up your alley, you'll find plenty to enjoy in Ultimate Destruction.
  10. 85
    Although far from perfect in terms of pacing or narrative, it provides a huge free-roaming playground in which you can let loose and just have fun breaking stuff with scant regard for the overall point of the game.
  11. The game designers set out to capture that thrill of tearing off on an unstoppable temper tantrum and they nailed it.
  12. The audio design is superb in its relentless ferocity, yet quite detailed and subtle at times as well.
  13. 80
    It's leaps and bounds above the mediocre, movie-based Hulk game, and smashes itself a niche in the genre.
  14. Even with no multiplayer, Hulk: Ultimate Destruction is a game that is well worth the time.
  15. AceGamez
    The missions are varied enough to keep you going and take advantage of what makes the game fun; if you like classic beat 'em up games like "Final Fight" or "Streets of Rage 2," then Ultimate Destruction is a game you can't pass up; mindless, destructive fun that has never been done better than this.
  16. Play Magazine
    Radical has wisely left Banner behind this time out and opted for a Spidey/GTA-type free-roamer - Hulk-style - and is it ever a thumping good time. [Sept 2005, p.56]
  17. Pelit (Finland)
    Makes you really feel the power of Hulk. Destroying everything is fun, but in the long run it tends to get a bit boring. [Oct 2005]
  18. The game does an excellent job of not only providing an enjoyable gameplay experience, but also of capturing the spirit of the Hulk.
  19. Electronic Gaming Monthly
    Quite possibly the best superhero game to date. A slow start soon gives way to "God of War" intensity that takes of and never looks back. [Sept 2005, p.108]
  20. 80
    Comic book fans will be enthralled with it, and so will anybody else looking for a cheerfully violent action-adventure. It may not be earth-shatteringly original, but it makes up for this by delivering plenty of earth shattering in other areas.
  21. Simply smashing... Hulk is easily one of the best superhero games, mainly because it feels like Radical took the subject seriously, rather than treating the game just like another licensed title. [Sept 2005, p.88]
  22. There may be a balancing issue between the Story missions and the free-roaming fun of bounding across the environments, but Hulk is definitely the most impressive interpretation of a comic-book character's adventures yet.
  23. If you're one of those people that enjoys causing mayhem in "Grand Theft Auto" more than playing the missions, or you like swinging around New York for hours in "Spider-Man 2," then you'll love The Hulk: Ultimate Destruction.
  24. Computer Games Magazine
    Quotation forthcoming. [Nov 2005]
  25. If you buy no other action game this year, spend some green on big, green and ugly.
  26. If you don't mind mindless destruction (accompanied by a good Hulk story), then Ultimate Destruction will appease the rage within.
  27. The storyline, despite being written by former Hulk writer Paul Jenkins, isn’t particularly strong or well told, despite the fact that it’s more than faithful to the Hulk’s comic strip roots.
  28. Almost the best superhero game on PS2, but let down by the fact that - when you get down to it - we've seen it all before. Still, you should definitely give it a shot. [PSM2]
  29. A real crowd-pleaser of a game, offering tons of uncontrollable chaos and nifty, evolving gameplay to keep comic book fans and action gamers thoroughly involved. It's not a perfect superhero opus, but Ultimate Destruction is still ultimately fun.
  30. This may be the greatest Hulk game ever established. With a number of underachieving variables, it's just not the one that will change comic book gaming forever.
  31. 90
    The accompanying *PING* sound effect when you hit the soldiers in the head still has me rolling.
  32. The only thing more fun than watching Hulk cut loose is actually being the one controlling his every outburst. Ultimate Destruction is a rare comic-to-game adaptation that perfectly captures the Marvel comic style.
  33. The fluid animations, the massive amounts of destruction, the excellent comic-influenced roots; Radical went above and beyond the call of duty to bring what can quite possibly be considered the best comic book-based video game ever.
  34. But it also has a compelling Story mode, written by former Hulk scribe Paul Jenkins, who gives the big guy a reason to use his considerable crushing skills.
  35. While perhaps not quite as good as "Spiderman 2," The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction still has enough staying power to make all pretenders to the throne green with envy.
  36. 100
    It captures the spirit of the Hulkster to a tee. Bounding building to building across cities and leaving huge craters in your wake is more addictive than gambling...The game’s ingenius side challenges are an absolute ball.
  37. Leisurely plucking helicopters out of the sky can be immensely satisfying, as can grabbing a handful of trees to toss around like darts, damning the consequences.
  38. For once, believe the game's name and hype - this is an almost endlessly entertaining game with tons of fun and gratuitous destruction.

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#59 Most Discussed PS2 Game of 2005
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Generally favorable reviews- based on 37 Ratings

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  1. BobS.
    Sep 13, 2005
    The closest you can get to being Hulk without dying yourself green and ripping your clothes up.
  2. jaksona.
    Sep 2, 2005
    The best game ever made of all time even in 3007.
  3. michaell.
    Sep 2, 2005
    This the best game ever ane every body in the world love this game because it's lot of fun just go and get it now!!!!! the best game everrrr!!!