Generally favorable reviews - based on 32 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 25 out of 32
  2. Negative: 0 out of 32
  1. 100
    A top-quality production on every level, and is arguably the best hack-and-slash game since the original "Golden Axe."
  2. From the spark of a parried attack, to the whirr of a blurred blade slashing through the air and a kick that knocks opponents back and off-balance so the killing blow can be struck, this game is a visual delight.
  3. Sometimes the fighting gets so intense, you can feel the fate of Middle Earth weighing down on you more and more wtih each blow. [Dec 2002, p.111]
  4. It’s filled with action, and has enough RPG elements to keep it interesting (although the replay value would be subdued for a non-fan because the extras are for the fans).
  5. A solid pick - especially for players who enjoy nonstop action - that lives up to the expectations set by the movie on which it's based.
  6. 90
    Two Towers isn’t perfect, and it’s pretty far from groundbreaking, but it’s undeniably awesome to delve into such an authentic representation of this universe and whup some orc backside.
  7. The last level at Helm's Deep is possibly one of the most incredible-looking levels I've ever seen in a game...It's simply breathtaking. [Dec 2002, p.163]
  8. I've never experienced so much in the way of trimmings from the source material. [Dec 2002, p.61]
  9. Hack'n slash fans and Tolkienites will go nuts over this.
  10. 88
    Should appeal to nerdy D&D chicks and foxy fantasy fans alike... Brainy babes who dig "Myst"-like games need not apply.
  11. Easily one of the most striking titles of the year.
  12. The graphics are excellent in this game and I noticed no slowdown even with lots of Orcs on-screen at a time.
  13. 83
    Good, twitchy action-fun. Based on the movie, this fast-action style beat-'em-up is well adorned with great supporting elements from quality sound, graphics and other movie-related resources.
  14. Though not the deepest action game we've played, it's well worth the time for 'Rings' fans and action game gurus alike. We're not completely satisfied; the game is much too short, and is in dire need of a second player.
  15. A gaming experience that works with - rather than exploits - the source material. [Oct 25, 2002, p.82]
  16. 83
    May be the best directly movie-based title I've ever played. [Jan 20003, p.42]
  17. A basic hack-'n'-slash game, albeit a really good one. [Jan 2003, p.174]
  18. Fans of the first film will definitely want to pick this one up, but those who enjoy action games in general will also find a lot to like here, in spite of the game's short length.
  19. Anything bearing the valuable Lord of the Rings license will sell well. Happily, there's more to this beat 'em up than just the license. [Feb 2003, p.93]
  20. 78
    A good game to rent for a rainy weekend; you’ll certainly get $5 of fun out of the game, and you should be done with it one way or the other by the time it needs to go back.
  21. With so much chasing and fighting in the movie, the scrolling slasher genre seems ideal. However, the result is a simplistic and repetitive game. [PSM2]
  22. The shortness of the game is partially forgiven by the richness of its production.
  23. Despite the logic issues, the lack of a two-player mode, and the utterly disappointing "secret" level and character, I still consider the game to be a success.
  24. 75
    It's somewhat short (maybe five hours per character) and isn't the best action game you'll ever play, but it is the best action game based on "The Lord of the Rings."
  25. The action is quality and the story is told, even if in small portions and with very little in the way of depth.
  26. The game, as a whole, doesn't feel totally balanced. [Holiday 2002, p.32]
  27. It’s fun while it lasts, but requires relatively little skill – just an iron will and determination to progress through 16 lavish, on rails, scripted levels.
  28. Only its short length (a meager 7-8 hours) and lack of multiplayer support keeps The Two Towers from overtaking Koei’s “Dynasty Warriors 3” as the system’s best mindless hack-and-slash action/adventure.
  29. Perhaps the most impressive aspect of the game's delivery is the sound, which is some of the best ever.
  30. The graphics and sound (enhanced by the actual voices of the movie’s stars) were well-rendered and intricate indeed, but players soon grew bored with repetitive thrusting and parrying against evil Sauron’s monstrous hordes.
  31. It isn't so attractive after you sit down to play it. Still, the glitz and intense combat can make you forget that there is no substance here for at least a few hours.
  32. With graphics prettier than Arwen and gameplay shorter than Bilbo Baggins, The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers ends up a mixed bag.
User Score

Generally favorable reviews- based on 57 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 29 out of 35
  2. Negative: 3 out of 35
  1. Jul 9, 2011
    While not the worst movie tie in game, I have played better, it can be the most frustrating game in the world at times, but I found myself coming back to see what each new level would bring, and what new things I would get to unlock, this game puts you in the biggest battles of the first and second movie, and you'll notice characters and locations from the movies, and during some cutscenes it will use clips from the movie which is cool, and popular enemies will come back as bosses, and there are a ton of interviews and artwork to unlock which any fan can appreciate, and you get some secret missions and a secret character if you level grind, while this game has a lot of good things any fan of the movies can enjoy it does have its flaws, the sword sound effects are bad, and it can be brutally difficult at times, but eventually gets easier after you level up your character, but that isn't as easy as it sounds because you can't go back and replay levels you've already beaten with a character, if you want to play through it again you have to use one of the other characters, but after you level up your character things get easier, and the last three battles are particularly epic, I made it past the last battle by the skin of my teeth, all in all if your a Lord of the Rings fan you will enjoy this but I really can't see anyone but the most hardcore of fans really putting all the effort you need to into this game. Full Review »