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Summary: Uncover the Horrifying Truth. Set in the show's seventh season, the fear begins when Mulder and Scully travel to the small Rocky Mountain town of Red Falls to investigate a string of unusual murders linked to ghost sightings, the undead, and other paranormal phenomena. The agents then pursue an inhuman killer to a secret research facility in the Siberian wasteland and finally into the depths of a buried alien spacecraft. If they survive, they will unravel the mystery of the black oil and prevent the alien colonization of the planet...for now. The X-Files: Resist or Serve contains three horrific, interwoven episodes created by the Executive Producers of The X-Files. The game features authentic X-Files characters, music and storyline, voiceovers by David Duchovny, Gillian Andersen and the rest of the original cast, and unique DVD-style bonus material containing exclusive commentary and interviews. [Vivendi Universal]
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Rating: M
Developer: Black Ops Entertainment
Genre(s): Adventure, Third-Person, Sci-Fi
Number of Players:1 Player
ESRB Descriptors:Blood Mild Language Violence
Sound:Dolby Pro Logic II
Cast Credit
Justin Butler Audio Programmer
Joey Kuras Sound Design
Rudi Kammerer Tools Programmer
Michael Field Art Director
Brian Sanchez Animator
John Ployhar 3d Artist
John Botti Executive Producer
Jake Cotton Sr. 3d Artist
Brian Bradshaw Game Programmer
Neal Addicott Audio Programmer
Kim Haines Sr. 3d Artist
Ivan Bouinatchov Animator
Randy Mills 3d Artist
Mike Laygo Animator
Jose Villeta Development Director
Kyle Riccio Additional Game Programming
Heather Barclay Lead Game Programmer
Jesse Burneko Game Programmer
Alexandra Getty Game Programmer
Rob Kohout Additional Designer
Rob Kohout Game Programmer
Brayton Mattheson Game Programmer
Kelly McCarthy Game Programmer
Jerrod Putman Game Programmer
David Tsuchiyama Game Programmer
Owen Brand Tools Programmer
Tim Berry Additional Game Programming
Anthony Carotenuto Additional Game Programming
Steve Duan Additional Game Programming
Garret Foster Additional Game Programming
Matthew C. Harmon Additional Game Programming
Doug Kuppinger Additional Game Programming
Keith Thompson Additional Game Programming
Kirk Lambert Lead Designer / Producer
Seth Kleinberg Designer / Associate Producer
Cole Harris Additional Designer
Narry Cinelli 2d Artist
Mike Lomibao 2d Artist
Chris Barnes 3d Artist
David Grega 3d Artist
James Haywood 3d Artist
Heather Poon 3d Artist
David Turner 3d Artist
Maggie Langley Lead Animator
Eric Hulser Animator
Richard Sternberg Animator
Mike Trull Animator
Sam Ware Animator
Christy Arnold Animator
Jake Geiger Animator
Jeremy Kromberg Animator
Gerald Jo Animator
Jeremy Page Animator
Carlo Surla Animator
Dmitir Terletski Animator
Jessica Budin Line Producer
Miguel Ortiz Video / Audio Editing
Tom Schnauz Writing
Whitney Edwards Additional Writing
Gennifer Hutchinson Additional Writing
Jen Johnson Additional Writing
Fil Barlow Concept Art
David Duchovny Agent Fox Mulder
Gillian Anderson Agent Dana Scully
Mitch Pileggi Walter Skinner
Tommy Tallarico Audio Director
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