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  • Summary: In 2013, the U.S. Army will implement the Integrated Warfighter System (IWS), evolving what we know as the modern soldier. IWS combines advanced weapon systems, satellite communication devices and enhanced survivability into one fully integrated combat system. The IWS program has been developed to meet these new threats head on. Now, it can be tested on the battlefield. Following an insurgence in the heart of Mexico City, the U.S. Army's most elite Special Forces team is deployed to the center of the conflict to regain control of the city. Greatly outnumbered but fully equipped with the IWS, this elite team is the first and last line of defense on the battlefield. They are the "Quiet" professionals. They are the Ghosts. Gain access to the future of military technology. Using a fully integrated combat system with cutting-edge weapons and revolutionary communication systems, gamers embody the soldier of the future. Based on actual U.S. Army research, the Ghosts give gamers a realistic view of how war will be fought in the next decade. Use the revolutionary Cross-Com, a communication device powered by satellite technology. Attached to the soldier's monocle, the Cross-Com provides full situational awareness and command of the battlefield. Command the Ghost squad and remote allied forces and drones, and direct artillery and air strikes. See what the squad sees and receive visual and auditory intel from allied forces and unmanned drones. [Ubisoft] Expand
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  1. Unfortunately, all that's beneath the complex briefings and tactical-sounding objectives is some rather standard shooting. [June 2006, p.50]
  2. There comes a time when you should just move on. I think Tom Clancy games and the Playstation 2 should go ahead and part ways. The system just isn't powerful enough to do what I think UbiSoft really wants to do with their games.
  3. A game that just can't keep up with Clancy's ever-evolving war zone. [July 2006, p.80]
  4. The PS2 game was never going to compete with the Xbox 360's graphics, and neither did anyone expect it to. What we didn't anticipate was a completely dumbed down version that doesn't seem to know whether it's a straightforward first-person shooter or a tactical war game.
  5. Laziness of the worst kind, this is a charmless shadow of the next-gen version. There are plenty of better shooters available on PS2. [May 2006, p.82]
  6. 37
    Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter is a very bad game on the PlayStation 2. It's terrible from a technical standpoint, and nothing else about its design really brings it out of the gutter.
  7. It's a sloppy, rushed port of a game that deserved better. [July 2006, p.77]

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Score distribution:
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  2. Negative: 6 out of 10
  1. JohnM.
    Mar 14, 2006
    best game yet on the 360. Graphics are great and the gameplay is absolutely AMAZING, I love the cross com it gives a whole new strategic view of things in this kind of game. this is definetely a instant classic. Expand
  2. PaulD.
    Feb 24, 2006
    Awesome game, amazing manueveability!
  3. KieranG.
    May 24, 2006
    the game is really good the graphics might not be perfect but the company put alot of efort into makeing people happy if you dont like get an xbox 360 i would like to see you do any better you are all ungreat full i enjoyed the game. Expand
  4. JacobiwanS.
    Oct 26, 2006
    This game has it's place: 10 years ago. It's terrible, acting like a poor Wolfenstein or Goldeneye in graphics, with even worse mechanics and animation. Right off the bat, I noticed that enemies all seemed to be missing about 1/3 of their animation frames, making them appear as if they are "lagging" across screen. It's this choppy enemy movement, coupled with the poor aiming controls and lack of (intuitive) shot physics that make even the possibly entertaining shooting (as nothing else in this game is too well done or entertaining) not fun. So, with it's downfall in action, the game also boasts an incredibly linear level structure, with a bland, boring, and very Win95 "Maze" screensaver feel to the surroundings. I do not recommend this game to anyone. Collapse
  5. Elin
    Apr 11, 2006
    Warning if you purchase this game you either are complete douchebag or for some odd reason you enjoy half assed games that share the same name of certain x-box 360 shooter. Not a single copy of this game deserves to be bought. The disc is worth being a coster. If that isn't enough to convince let me just say the graphics are terrificly awful, crap linear corridor to corridor shoot the retarded bad guys gameplay and while your at it you might want to shoot yourself. Expand
  6. RonnieT.
    Apr 9, 2006
    Graphics are square, controls are sluggish, team work is minimal, no voice control, weapon choice too small, missions are repetative. All in all a dissapointing game that has unbelievable video clips. Expand
  7. RyanT.
    Sep 1, 2006
    A horrific game. The X-Box 360 version is really good. The playstation 2 version is puke on the screen.

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