Under the Skin PlayStation 2

  • Publisher: Capcom
  • Release Date: Oct 12, 2004

Mixed or average reviews - based on 30 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 2 out of 30
  2. Negative: 8 out of 30
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  1. 45
    Quirk enthusiasts will be disappointed, mainstream gamers will only find more to support their suspicions about those "weird" games, and Capcom is in danger of believing that small, strange games like this won't do well.
  2. AceGamez
    Sure, it can get repetitive, but then again, with only a few maps to play on, this isn't a problem. Unfortunately the game suffers from lack of content, which is a crying shame; if it was longer or had more modes then I would have been over the moon.
  3. Cheat Code Central
    Much like a Weird Al song, UTS is a novelty from beginning to end and you might find that the novelty wears extremely thin after a couple of hours (in my case, much less time was needed).
  4. Under the Skin is refreshing but it's let down by its erratic camera and the whole experience eventually wears thin.
  5. Electronic Gaming Monthly
    A tough but unrewarding arcade-action game that's fun to look at and worth checking out..for about 10 minutes. [Nov 2004, p.144]
  6. It’s the type of game that begs to played in short intervals, as a lack of gameplay variety causes the game to wear out its welcome rather quickly.
  7. Where "Gregory" and "Joe" were as often inventive and ingenious as they were incomparable to anything else on the shelves, Under The Skin's clever thinking dried up before it even made it off the blackboard.
  8. 40
    Unlike the sublime, budget-friendly "Katamari Damacy," this game sells for full price. It may be worth a rental, but Under the Skin proves that being simple, weird, and quirky just isn’t good enough on its own.
  9. Game Informer
    The dreary level designs and overly repetitive gameplay sours the overall experience. Also, for the love of God, please stop with the coin collecting. It's over. [Oct 2004, p.136]
  10. Better suited as a free online Flash game than something sold at retail. It fails to live up to its odd premise and relies too heavily on being offbeat, ultimately turning into more of a cute diversion than a full-fledged game.
  11. It does get repetitive fairly quickly and once you've explored every level from pirate ship to casino, you might get a little bored.
  12. In practice the repetitive nature becomes all too tired, all too quickly. The fact that you never really see anything new after the first 10 minutes of play is one that does grate.
  13. It's an interesting idea to play the part of the invading alien, and there's a very colorful, bizarre visual style at work here, but the single-player game is short, the gameplay is simple, and the game just doesn't seem to go anywhere.
  14. 50
    In part, Skin wants to be a party game, but the multiplayer modes do very little to expand on the solo game. You'll find run-of-the-mill split-screen competitive modes and the occasional variation on tag, but the underlying mechanics are all identical to what's in the solo missions.
  15. Well, it's not all that wild and/or wacky. In all actuality, it's kinda mundane and uninteresting.
  16. While the game is indeed quite rare, its repetitive gameplay quickly wears out its welcome. This is too bad really, since the game looks nicely unusual and some of the levels can actually be fun.
  17. The problem with Under the Skin lies in the fact that no matter how far you advance in the game you’ll still be doing generally the same thing over and over. Once you’ve seen the different methods of freaking out the populace, that’s all there is to see.
  18. GMR Magazine
    A good concept with fun trappings, but it doesn't quite have enough going on under teh surface. [Nov 2004, p.108]
  19. 60
    A fleeting novelty. There simply isn't any substance to backup this idea.
  20. netjak
    It’s a sad waste of programming, and I still shower twice daily in the hopes that the stench of the game will come off. It’s ultimately like a fungal infection on DVD – foul-smelling, painful, and a relief to dispose.
  21. Official U.S. Playstation Magazine
    Besides a few special items, the replay factor offered more repetition even in the additional tag and trial modes. [Nov 2004, p.130]
  22. Play Magazine
    A game teeming with possibilities. Too bad it's stuffed into essentially an arena-battle format where the goal is just to score points while competing against the clock and other opponent. [Oct 2004, p.77]
  23. PSM Magazine
    For its first hour, the game is good for a chuckle. Trouble is, it quickly becomes repetitive and furstrating. [Nov 2004, p.94]
  24. The game shows a chronic lack of progression, which eventually leads you to question whether or not the admittedly imaginative concept should really have been made into a videogame at all.
  25. Genuinely funny in places, groan-making in others – Under The Skin is a bizarre concept that could have been really good fun. Unfortunately, it needs a few more strings to its bow, as the final package feels very much like it could have been named "One Trick Pony."
  26. The variety of stages and the variety of pranks is what makes Panic Maker such a fun experience. In what other game can you throw pies at a casino waitress, exorcize zombies and use spring loaded punching gloves to knock people into walls? The quirkiness of "Under the Skin" goes far. [JPN Import]
  27. 50
    Raccoon City, the site of one or two zombie infestations in the past, is a playable level in the game.
  28. Unfortunately, the erratic camera is annoying and the game too quickly becomes repetitive.
  29. While some levels are a little staid, others, the Vegas-themed level and Racoon City in particular, are riotous, with the latter requiring you to steel a rampant Nemesis' coin stash. Charming as Cosmi's grin.
  30. Weekly Famitsu
    9 / 8 / 7 / 7 - 31 silver [8 Aug 2004]

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  1. DavidM.
    Sep 30, 2006
    Awful game terrible.
  2. Oneechin
    Dec 26, 2005
    I LOVE THIS GAME! They should have more levels adapted from popular movies though and more funny and authentic levels. Please manufacture and I LOVE THIS GAME! They should have more levels adapted from popular movies though and more funny and authentic levels. Please manufacture and market more games like this! Maybe a sequel under the skin 2!. Full Review »
  3. MatthewR.
    Oct 14, 2004
    The game is a bit simple but i think it is a grate game to pass the time on.