Mixed or average reviews - based on 38 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 19 out of 38
  2. Negative: 2 out of 38
  1. 78
    Developer Media Vision's cast of characters is overly likeable, the visuals are the best that the franchise has seen so far, and the puzzle-solving and exploration elements are really fun... it's just too bad that the potentially-awesome battle system wasn't hampered by bad enemy balancing and poor AI.
  2. With optional boss fights and side quests, there is tons to do within Wild Arms 4 to make you keep playing.
  3. It consistently provides innovations for the series but nothing to distinguish it among its RPG peers. [Feb 2006, p.107]
  4. 70
    If you don't mind the half-baked jumping puzzles and tired character development, you'll find plenty to sink your teeth into.
  5. It would be easy to score this game as plain mediocre. After all, it essentially works, displays a misguided and seemingly half-hearted attempt at innovation, looks pleasant enough, passes the time and will likely meet the low expectations of its surprisingly large fanbase. But should such calculating mediocrity be continually excused?
  6. The character’s irrational beliefs make the story impenetrable, and the rest of the game doesn’t hold up well in the face of the PS2’s RPG library.
  7. Wild ARMs 4 seems to be the complete opposite of the standard RPG, as it's the gameplay, not the story, which kept me playing.
  8. It provides a somewhat engrossing, predictable plot, and a steady flow of battles, puzzles, drama and rewards. Unfortunately, the lack of more interesting ammo leaves this gun firing blanks.
  9. 60
    WA4 is uneven, wavering uncertainly between "totally offbeat" and "utterly trite."
  10. The battles are unchallenging, but complex. The story is trite, but entertains. The exploration is fun, but easy.
  11. Even though I have great respect for the combat system Wild ARMS 4 employs, the game just has too many flaws to bring it above average.
  12. It comes as quite a pleasant surprise that Wild ARMs 4 is actually better in regards to its platforming, adventuring and puzzles than it is its combat, but when considered altogether these parts equate to one finely crafted and unique RPG that fans of both the series and the genre as a whole would do well to pick up.
  13. A passable distraction amid higher-profile titles rather than a direct competitor to the smoking guns of the genre. [Dec 2006, p.120]
  14. Essentially Wild ARMs 4 is an average RPG that half-heartedly tries to add a couple of new ideas, but these additions aren't done well enough and don't change the RPG formula enough to warrant much attention.
  15. This new installment will totally baffle fans of the series. With its gloomy postindustrial setting, moderately complex platforming bits, and surprisingly different battle system, WA4 bears little resemblance to its charming, Wild West-themed predecessors. Once you get beyond that initial shock, though, you'll actually have a decent time.
  16. Overall, the game’s interesting storyline and intriguing locales make it worth a look if you’re an RPG fan.
  17. The fourth in the series continues with what works, featuring standard turn-based RPG conventions, with a bit more twist and strategy in combat.
  18. Wild Arms 4 evolves a little compared to other titles in this genre, but infantile graphics and immature, uninspired sections hinder it's full growth into JRPG-post-puberty. After all, coming of age ain't as easy as it seems to be.
  19. Having long since outlived its usefulness, the Wild Arms series has gone, with this entry, from merely banal to actively irritating. With such a wealth of RPGs getting translated nowadays and more companies than ever eager to get into the act, it's about time this appendix was removed.
  20. 78
    Get on with eliminating the scaly, sometimes squdgy, monsters that have randomly attacked. [Issue#146, p.94]
  21. While Wild Arms 4 isn't as wonderfully still makes returning to the weary world of Filgaia for the fith time far more enervating than it has any right to be. [Apr 2006, p.93]
  22. All it needs is a little refinement. [Feb 2006, p.74]
  23. The biggest folly, however, is that instead of building upon the establish lineage that fans have come to expect and enjoy, Wild Arms 4 breaks away and tries to be something wholly different, and in so doing succeed only in alienating existing fans.
  24. It's going to slip under the radar for most people, but it is worth the effort. It's a lot of fun to play due to the battle system and dungeon mechanics and even though it wanders too far into the realm of role-playing stereotypes at times, the plot and characters are reasonably enjoyable.
  25. Wild Arms 4 may not be the next big thing in RPGs, but it brings a whole lot of chips to the party. With a truly engaging and original story and some creative storytelling, combined with one of the most interesting and strategic battle systems seen in years, Wild Arms 4 is well worth checking out.
  26. There's even bullet time. We kid you not. [Jan 2007, p.84]
  27. Number four in the series is one for the hardcore Wild Arms fans; the rest of us will wait for the next Final Fantasy as usual.
  28. The game features a sweet new battle system that has great potential for future installments, as well as platforming sequences that break up the monotony and some unconventional design and story ideas.
  29. The game strikes a good balance of old and new.
  30. A hodgepodge of ideas that work pretty well together, and at least give this series a fresh direction after many years of the same old stuff.
  31. One thing that will never be said about the Wild ARMs series of RPGs is that they’re all cookie-cutter games.
  32. 90
    Story problems aside, I really enjoyed Wild Arms 4. It is one of my favorite games in the series, just for the gameplay alone.
  33. I wish the game was more challenging so the innovative battle system would’ve been fully taken advantage of, however in reverse it could also be argued that because of the lacking difficulty the game is in turn more accessible to a wider audience.
  34. Respect is due for trying something different. [Dec 2006, p.94]
  35. For veteran RPG fans, it’s a typical RPG with a few fancy innovations so many won’t be as impressed. But if you want to save the world from havoc (again), here’s your chance.
  36. For an RPG, I would expect better characters, something mildly interesting in the story and original landscapes, but here this is pretty much as average as you can get.
  37. With an interesting story, innovative combat system, customization, and fairly strong sound and graphics, Wild Arms 4 makes for an exciting adventure into the world of Filgaia.
  38. Instead of the tired RPG formula Wild ARMs 4 offers a lot that’s new to the genre like platforming and the hex battle system. If only the storytelling mechanics were up to par Wild ARMs 4 would be a surefire hit.

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