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  • Summary: When the creators of eye-candy-laden PC hits Expendable and Incoming start working on a racing game, it's a pretty sure bet that it will boast some rather impressive effects. While Wild Wild Racing may not turn heads in the same way Gran Turismo 3 does, it does look good; and if there's one thing the UK developers like Rage Software are known for, it's creating a solid racing experience. Picked up from Japanese publisher Imagineer by Interplay, Wild Wild Racing has since seen overhauls in the physics, control, and speed. Gamers can ride in nine different vehicles, and race in several global locations during different hours of the day such as night, dusk, and the late afternoon. The game boasts a solid 60 frames per second, and the over-the-top effects that Rage is known for. Control is all analog, meaning even the D-pad (as well as the traditional analog buttons) responds to pressure; the harder you press, the sharper the turn and the faster the acceleration and braking. Expand
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  1. 78
    And of course, it looks so prettttty.
  2. Nice graphics and physics and a number of secondary features make for a satisfying ride, but it's ultimately lacking in the innovative thrills we've come to expect from Sony's highly hyped machine.
  3. A more complete gameplay model with refined controls could have made this racing title of the launch, excluding "SSX" of course.
  4. The gameplay is nothing special, but not terrible either. The graphics and audio however are well below what we should expect on this system.
  5. Lacks any real punch and stands as the quintessential middle-of-the-road off-roading game.
  6. Underneath its dated graphics and insipid BGM/sound effects there is a very fun and challenging racing game in need for something special to justify its existence on PS2.
  7. With better racing games, like "Ridge Racer V," "Midnight Club," "Smuggler's Run" and "Moto GP," there isn't much need for an average off-road racer.

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