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  1. 95
    When you compare Winning Eleven to "FIFA 07's" PS2 effort, it wins by a large margin -- particularly as it's the best-playing sports game on the system.
  2. Even with some recycled content, and the bland menus, Winning Eleven boils down to one key aspect that no other soccer title has; great core gameplay.
  3. Faster, slicker, with countless new animations and creative possibilities: Winning Eleven 10 has made its predecessor feel robotic, stiff and altogether redundant. [July 2006, p.133]
  4. Winning Eleven Pro Evolution Soccer 2007 is the least evolved Evolution yet, and ironically, in literal comparison, probably the best. It's still the only game GR's UK staff plays every lunchtime and talks about all day.
  5. Some truly mesmerising play will be had, but more importantly Winning Eleven 10 will see the old grimace of concentration replaced by a big daft grin. Roll on PES6 - it's sure to be even better. [JPN Import]
  6. Honestly, Winning Eleven 2007 is so fun we can almost forgive Konami for "Bomberman: Act Zero"...almost. [Apr 2007, p.82]
  7. There doesn't seem to be as much to learn this time and feels more like a simple update than usual. Still, "WE 10" is the best footie game around, no contest. [JPN Import; July 2006, p.86]
  8. 90
    It's still not the prettiest game on the block, and frankly, the lack of the German league is a huge peeve, but the core gameplay is very much intact, and razor sharp as ever.
  9. The tweaks that Konami has made to the match engine have produced a more refined game, but there's not a hint of the revolution attempted by EA Sports in most annual FIFA updates. There are also only a handful of new features, chief of which are eight-player online support, an increase in the number of licensed teams, and an international challenge mode.
  10. 86
    It's a great soccer game. Still, it's disappointing that Konami continues to rest on its laurels in the graphics, sound and presentation areas of the game, although the gameplay remains fluid and fantastic. Despite the numerous flaws, WE remains the best soccer option on the console.
  11. While it doesn’t change up the formula too much, Winning Eleven 2007: Pro Evolution Soccer 2007 offers plentiful options in replay value. Can someone pass along word that Konami needs to improve the graphics dramatically next time around?
  12. Overall a solid sports title that surpasses EA's FIFA franchise.
  13. Once you get your gaming fingers moving to the beat of the gameplay you will realize that Winning Eleven: Pro Evolution Soccer 2007, ugly or not, is still KING of the soccer field.
  14. Serious soccer fans will appreciate the editing features of this game while non-fans will enjoy the gameplay.
  15. As solid as the 360 version is, as a longtime player I still prefer the PS2 version. Even on a rain-soaked pitch, it feels faster, and the d-pad controls feel tighter. [Mar 2007, p.99]
  16. The game is looking better every year, and controls are getting sharper.
  17. 79
    When it comes down to it, if you want to play with all the official teams and have a more energetic presentation of soccer, go with FIFA ‘07, but if you want a more in-depth and natural representation of the sport known as football everywhere except North America, then you can’t go wrong with Winning Eleven Pro Evolution Soccer 2007.
  18. 78
    We love it, yes, but it's just way too similar to the previous game to warrant a purchase for anyone not completely in love with the series. [JPN Import; Issue 141, p.92]
  19. Overall WEPES 2007 is a fun game, but I was expecting more – new additions, a graphical makeover, better audio etc. The ability to link to the PSP version of the game is nice, but I doubt many people will use it.
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Generally favorable reviews- based on 19 Ratings

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  1. Jan 6, 2014
    Pra mim o melhor título de futebol da época. Full Review »
  2. NjoiF.
    Apr 22, 2007
    FIFA 07 is MUCHHHH BETTER. I'm sorry but there is on way around it. How in the world can anyone think that pro evo is better??? awfull graphics ,sound and arcadish gameplay means that it does not compare to Fifa's realism and amazing visuals and audio. End of discussion Full Review »
  3. RaulB.
    Mar 7, 2007
    How can people even compare FIFA soccer to Winning eleven? Some people even say that FIFA is better! Those people probably haven't even played winning eleven or maybe they are just and don't want to try other soccer games. This is by far the best sports game ever made. Even though there aren't many changes from the last game, this game is amazing just like any other winning eleven games out there. If you like soccer, by this game. Full Review »