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Summary: Winning Eleven 7 International features 100 teams, 21 stadiums, new player models and key additions to the Master League. Winning Eleven 7 also utilizes a custom designed engine that allows for great flexibility and customization. Upon entering a match, players will find incredibly masterful gameplay, beautifully rendered stadiums and picture-perfect player models. While on the field, players will experience true-to-life gameplay, with carefully tuned A.I., realistic pace and balance. [Konami]
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Rating: E
Developer: KCET
Genre(s): Sports
Number of Players:1-8 Players
Offline Modes:Competitive Team Oriented
Customization:Editing Tools
Cast Credit
Andy Emery Voice Production & Direction
Satoru Nakata Sound Programmer
Nozomi Akimoto System Programming
Shinji Kimura System Programming
Norikazu Miura Music Composer
Michihiro Ishizuka Executive Producer
Hiromasa Kano Stadium Cup Design
Keiichi Ikeda System Programming
Steven Parker Voice Production & Direction
imohore imai Sound Engineer
Seabass Takatsuka Game Programming
Seabass Takatsuka Producer
Eiji Suzuki Game Programming
Eiji Suzuki Program Director
Tadakatsu Izumi Game Programming
Ken Gotou Game Programming
Yoshikatsu Sone Game Programming
Ryuji Hagiwara Game Programming
Ippei Game Programming
Shin Tsuchiya Game Programming
Manabu Furuya Menu Programming
Hideo Kimura Menu Programming
Tetsuhiro Honjo Menu Programming
Tomoaki Miyagawa Menu Programming
Kenji Sakayanagi Menu Programming
Isuke Menu Programming
Hideto Tamura Menu Programming
Satoshi Koyama Menu Programming
Masaki Yoshino Menu Programming
Kazuki Araki System Programming
Tadaaki Tsunashima System Programming
Hidenori Komatsumoto System Programming
Teruhisa Sakamoto System Programming
Munemasa Toshikazu System Programming
Katsunori Onuki System Programming
Yasuyuki Satake System Programming
Kakichi Koji System Programming
Shin'ichiro Yamazaki Motion Design
Tatsuya Tanaka Motion Design
Kei Masuda Motion Design
Satoshi Gentem Suzuki Motion Design
Youz Fujishiro Motion Design
Hitoshi Ohtomo Motion Design
Tatsuya Ishida Motion Design
Takashi Onishi Motion Design
Hatsumi Naoya Design Director
Hatsumi Naoya Model Design
Nagai Model Design
Keiko Suwa Model Design
Shintaro Kumakawa Model Design
Kenta Takahashi Model Design
Tetsuya Takeda Model Design
Kazuya Kitamura Model Design
Takashi Iwamoto Model Design
Keiko Matsumoto Model Design
Akiyoshi Chosokabe Stadium Cup Design
Nayuta Tocashiki Stadium Cup Design
Masaya Sato Stadium Cup Design
Hikasa Takeo Stadium Cup Design
Akira Kosuge Stadium Cup Design
Masayuki Watanabe Stadium Cup Design
Aiko Oono Graphic Design
Kaori Hirata Graphic Design
Yukiko Nishimura Graphic Design
Mie Furuhashi Graphic Design
Takashi Shirae Graphic Design
Mina Morita Graphic Design
Seisuke Yasunaga Graphic Design
Atsunori Kato Graphic Design
Makoto Toyama Opening Movie
Yoshinori Sekine Opening Movie
Akira Sawa Opening Movie
Kosuke Soeda Sound Director
Ishizu Hironami Sound Programmer
Tomoo Sekine Sound Effects Creator
Sayaka Yamaoka Commentary Designer
Tatsumi Adachi Commentary Designer
Takeshi Iwakiri Commentary Designer
Olivier Deslandes Voice Production & Direction
Jon Kabira Commentary (Japanese)
Tetsuo Nakanishi Commentary (Japanese)
Peter Brackley Commentary (English)
Trevor Brooking Commentary (English)
Cyril Linette Commentary (French)
Stephane Guivarch Commentary (French)
Wolff Christoph Fuß Commentary (German)
Hansi Kuepper Commentary (German)
Luca De Capitani Commentary (Italian)
Massimo Tecca Commentary (Italian)
Guillem Balague Commentary (Spanish)
Roberto Martinez Commentary (Spanish)
Shinji Enomoto Executive Producer
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#30 Most Discussed PS2 Game of 2004