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  • Summary: X-Men: Legends is the first game to capture the complete essence of the X-Men by allowing players to control multiple characters that fight together as a team. The game blends the best parts of the movies, comic books in a fantastic new adventure that allows the you to develop your specialized powers as you succeed through your missions. Penned by Man of Action, a studio of comic industry veterans, X-Men: Legends begins with the rescue of a young mutant and takes players through an engrossing plot that could unite mutant-kind, yet destroy the human race in the process. Along the way, players will be able to assemble their ideal X-Men crew from over 15 of the most popular characters from the last 40 years, including Wolverine™, Cyclops™, Storm™, Nightcrawler™, Colossus™, Gambit™ and Beast™, to name a few. However, before players load-up their squad with heavy hitters, they will have to take their foes' abilities into consideration as certain situations may benefit from the abilities of specific X-Men. While Cyclops' optic blasts and Colossus' immense strength are great for clearing a path through hordes of enemies, players can opt to bring Wolverine and Nightcrawler along on a stealth intensive mission to help circumvent detection devices. Once the action begins, players can take control of any member of their squad and even execute multi-character combinations such as the famous Wolverine/Colossus Fastball Special. As they progress through the game, characters will gain experience points that players can use to upgrade the X-Men's abilities and even learn new fighting styles. [Activision] Expand
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  1. Positive: 38 out of 48
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  1. 92
    It is fast-paced, long, challenging, and beautiful to look at. The minor flaws with it are easily overlooked when one considers the whole package and realizes that this is probably the best X-Men game to appear on a console in the past ten years or so.
  2. 90
    The thing that immediately struck me when playing the game was the amazing amount of minutiae that's been included for eagle-eyed fans.
  3. The action-RPG element really gave Raven Soft the ability to expand on the characters and give you more control than you've ever had with them.
  4. One thing to keep in mind though is that this is indeed an RPG. Although it may not seem like one, it is and the games length reveals that very well. You will need to stick with the game for some time until you start to see the real fun start to shine through.
  5. Good for fans, but action-RPG gamers probably already have a better game in hand.
  6. The environments are expansive and varied, and you can interact (read: destroy) virtually anything you come across. The cel-shading effect is put to good use here.
  7. How is it possible to make a tedious game about the adventures of heroic mutants with super powers?

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  1. Dec 18, 2012
    A epic X-Men action/RPG

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