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Summary: X-Men: Legends is the first game to capture the complete essence of the X-Men by allowing players to control multiple characters that fight together as a team. The game blends the best parts of the movies, comic books in a fantastic new adventure that allows the you to develop your specialized powers as you succeed through your missions. Penned by Man of Action, a studio of comic industry veterans, X-Men: Legends begins with the rescue of a young mutant and takes players through an engrossing plot that could unite mutant-kind, yet destroy the human race in the process. Along the way, players will be able to assemble their ideal X-Men crew from over 15 of the most popular characters from the last 40 years, including Wolverine™, Cyclops™, Storm™, Nightcrawler™, Colossus™, Gambit™ and Beast™, to name a few. However, before players load-up their squad with heavy hitters, they will have to take their foes' abilities into consideration as certain situations may benefit from the abilities of specific X-Men. While Cyclops' optic blasts and Colossus' immense strength are great for clearing a path through hordes of enemies, players can opt to bring Wolverine and Nightcrawler along on a stealth intensive mission to help circumvent detection devices. Once the action begins, players can take control of any member of their squad and even execute multi-character combinations such as the famous Wolverine/Colossus Fastball Special. As they progress through the game, characters will gain experience points that players can use to upgrade the X-Men's abilities and even learn new fighting styles. [Activision]
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Rating: T
Developer: Raven Software
Genre(s): Role-Playing, Action RPG
Number of Players:1-4 Players
ESRB Descriptors:Blood Violence
Sound:Dolby Pro Logic II
Offline Modes:Cooperative
Cast Credit
Brian Pelletier Art Lead
Eric Biessman Voice : NYC Acolyte #1, Shadow Demon #1
Tom Odell Design Lead
Kevin Schilder Sound Supervisor
Gina Garren Artist
Jeff Butler Artist
Jeff Butler Assistant Art Lead
Matt Pinkston Assistant Lead Level Design
Robert Love Writer
Rob Gee Co-Project Lead
Steven Blum Voice : Wolverine
Richard Doyle Voice : Beast, Nuclear Tech #1, Acolyte #1
Andre Sogliuzzo Voice : Angel, Morlock Thief, Future Sentinel
Pat Lipo Co-Project Lead
Gil Gribb Technology Lead
Bobby Duncanson Animation
Keith Fuller Game Programming
James Justin Game Programming
Roger Bumpass Voice : Sentinel Scientist
Matt Prescott Morton Voice : Soldier #2, Mutant #3, Brotherhood Mutant #2
Mike Schulenberg Level Design
Jeff Dischler Game Programming
Michelle Arthur Voice : Moira, Female Prisoner #3
Jay Gordon Voice : Soldier # 1
Kris Zimmerman Voice : Female Civilian
Ryan Danz Game Programming
Peter Lurie Voice : Avalanche, Sabretooth
Dan Edwards Programming Lead
Jeremy Blumel Level Design
Zachary Quarles Music
Zachary Quarles Voice : Danger Room Computer, Shadow Demon #2, Male Morlock
Zachary Quarles Voice : Danger Room Computer, Shadow Demon #2, Male Morlock
Clem Samson-Samuel Level Design
Dan Vondrak Game Programming
Cory Carani Artist
Mark Klastorin Voice : Blob, Mutant Prisoner, Acolyte #3
Dan Hay Cinematics/Animation Lead
Dan Hay Voice : NYC Acolyte #2, Apocalypse
Mike Majernik Level Design
Masasa Voice : Psylocke, Female Prisoner #4, Screaming Woman
Nancy Linari Voice : Marrow
Justin Negrete Level Design
Derek Smith Artist
Utah Blaine Producer
Ellen Lurie Sound Designer
Leigh Allyn Baker Voice : Jean Grey
Becky Boxer Voice : Marrow
Cheryl Carter Voice : Storm
Blaine Christine Voice : Soldier # 4
Kathryn Cressida Voice : Debra Owens, Computer Voice #1
Gary DeLisle Voice : Mystique, Child Bishop
John Di Maggio Voice : Juggernaut, General Kincaid
Robert Atkin Downes Voice : Cyclops, Pyro
Nika Frost Voice : Computer Voice # 2
Bobby Holliday Voice : Emma
Erin Matthews Voice : Rogue
Darren Scott Voice : Iceman, HAARP Technician
Glen Angus Artist
Jason Chappell Artist
Mitch Cotie Artist
Rick Grossenbacher Artist
Jeffrey Moy Artist
Matt Oppreicht Artist
Will Edwards Art Asset Manager
Rick Lico Animation
Tony Gialdini Animation
Kris Peterson Animation
Brian Hagan Level Design
Simon Parkinson Game Programming
Armin Shimerman Voice : Toad, Male Prisoner #5
Patrick Stewart Voice : Professor Charles Xavier
Lou Diamond Phillips Voice : Forge
Earl Boen Voice : Colossus, Doctor
Danica McKellar Voice : Jubilee
Jeannie Elias Voice : Illyana
Dorian Harewood Voice : Shadow King
Tony Jay Voice : Magneto
Rick Worthy Voice : Acolyte #2, Man #2
Cree Summer Voice : Magma
Edward Asner Voice : Morlock Healer
Michael Gough Voice : Soldier #3
Dee Bradley Baker Voice : Nightcrawler, Multiple Man, Mutant Prisoner, Morlock Gua
Tom Kane Voice : Chuck Simms, Additional Voices
Greg Ellis Voice : Tecnician, Male Prisoner #2
Scott MacDonald Voice : Gambit, Sentinel #1
Matt Nolan Voice : Havok, Brotherhood Mutant #3
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#66 Most Discussed PS2 Game of 2004
#71 Most Shared PS2 Game of 2004