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  1. May 13, 2013
    Aliens: Colonial Marines is a disappointing game from Gearbox Software. There are some good things about this title however. The sound design and general art direction hits Jame's Cameron's masterpiece directly on the head. The game has been made with an obvious love of it's source material; there are a lot of little touches and references that will bring a smile to any Alien fans lips. Agonizingly, the few of the game's levels (most notably an unarmed stealth section and any mission that takes you through the alien derelict) are excellent and display potential that the game should've capitalized on. Unfortunately, Aliens: Colonial Marines is mired with faults. First are the famously bad graphics. More often than not, this looks like an upscaled PS2 game or a PS3 launch title at best. There is no excuse for such a shoddy looking game this late in a console generation. The plot is a complete disaster too. Considered cannon by 20th Century Fox, it's guaranteed to make any true Aliens fan groan with dissatisfaction. Jame's Cameron must be spinning in his grave... And he's not even dead! Worst of all, though, is the unbelievably bad A.I. Simply put, there is none. You can shoot an enemy in the groin and he won't make for cover. He'll just stand there like a dumb fence post. And as for the Alien queen! My experience of one boss battle was the queen just standing still in the center of the map, while I pumped every bit of ammo I had into her (ineffectually, I might add). She didn't attack or even move a muscle. What the hell?! So, don't expect good boss battles here, because you won't get them. The last piece in the Colonial Marines puzzle is the online multiplayer. The competitive options are actually really good fun. The graphics and A.I don't impact this portion of the game, and it's undoubtedly good fun to launch an alien across the map and maul off a marine's face. Likewise, it's fun to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with a buddy and stave off a bunch of aliens. Good fun, then. The story co-op makes for a decent time as well. All the faults of the single player are carried over, of course, but with a friend in tow they're less annoying. At the very least, you can laugh at that stupid alien queen together. So... Aliens: Colonial Marines. Fun in multiplayer or with a friend but VERY disappointing in single player. Expand
  2. Sep 17, 2013
    I am a huge Aliens fan but after seeing the reviews for this game I avoided the hell out of it and only picked it up when it was on sale on PSN for $9. Well Gear Box must have did some major patch work because what I played wasn't that bad. Now mind you it's still not a great game but it's not to bad I did enjoy it. Though it does if it's issues. First off graphically it looks very dated some thing I would expect from the first year of the PS3 Also why on earth I am fighting soldiers at ALL! Fighting the Aliens is great and a lot of fun especially in co op but fighting lame enemy soldiers in a Aliens game is not. Granted you do fight the aliens more but It should be all aliens and it would have been nicer for a bigger variety. Also the health system sucks When on the easiest settings you can die with in one second from a soldier is just whacked even if u have full health. The story isn't bad picking up 17 weeks after the movie needed and you will recognize some voices. The gun selection is great and spot on and upgrading your guns is also a nice touch. The sounds and music is spot on and gives it that aliens feel. The motion tracker kinda feels useless most of the time since u have to switch back and forth between that and your gun so I found my self rarely using it. The AI which I heard was a major problem in this game must have been fixed because the aliens are fairly good the soldiers how ever are dumb as a box of rocks. The battle with the queen alien also felt a little anticlimactic with you basically just doing button pressing. I mean come on I want to shoot her dead with my guns. The online though is good bit of fun with marines vs aliens and it switching up every match so you get a turn at each plus you get all kinds of upgrades and can unlock different alien types to play as. All in all Aliens CM isn't that bad since all the patching. I would say if you had my position and did not wAnt to touch the game Ny where near $60 when you heArd all the horror stories about it which I am sure they all were true when this game came out. I would say now is the time to give this game a chance. Expand
  3. Feb 15, 2013
    Yea, yea, yea. Same Aliens game but this one is absolutely a huge blow to fans of the Aliens movies. I thought this was going to be a decent shooting game, but after I saw the bad reviews, no way I won't have to go to GameStop and spend much money to put this in the bargain bin. Colonial Marines, one of the 2013 terrible games just like WarZ that needs to get a bull hammer. I bet Wade Barrett could use his move and smash this game into bits. Expand
  4. Mar 23, 2014
    Ok, lets get one thing out of the way first. I am a HUGE fan of Aliens! It is a great film that really paved the way for a lot of the great sic-fi that we continue to see today! However, i don't really think i was prepared for how big of a disappointment this game was. I wanted so much to like it, but as the game drug on and on with no real engaging story to keep me interested it was hard to keep myself playing. Now there are a few things to enjoy about this game. For one the presentation is not half bad and the easter eggs from the film that you stumble upon every now and again are pretty cool. The game also has a pretty cool opening sequence as well as a horror sequence in which you go without any weapons, which is without a doubt the high point of the experience. In the end if you are a fan of Aliens and you can find this game for five bucks by all means pick it up. Aliens: Colonial Marines is not a completely unplayable experience its just for the most part not a very good one! Expand
  5. May 25, 2013
    I waited 6 years for this game to come out and all I have to say is: WTF!!! Its almost as if Gearbox had no idea what the they were doing with game! Terrible story, A.I., graphics, and MP! This game is a complete disaster from beginning to end and Gearbox should have the kicked out of them for ruining one of the best franchises in history! this game!
  6. Mar 11, 2013
    Whilst Aliens: Colonial Marines refuses to be anything more than a bog standard FPS, it's a serviceable one. Using Aliens' signature weaponry feels authentic, and there are slight moments of unease, especially when using the motion tracker. It's just a shame that the atmosphere feels watered down by dull-if-authentic environments and some very weak textures. In the end the failure of Aliens to stand apart in a swarming genre of familiarity, Aliens can't find room to create its own sense of enjoyment. Expand
  7. Sep 22, 2013
    graphics are ok. the single player is pretty bad. mainly because of the A.I. the best part of the single player is finding the legendary weapons. the multiplayer is much better by comparison. while not the best multiplayer out there. it's alright, and reminds me of DS2 multiplayer, only more fun.
  8. Feb 12, 2013
    This game is horrible do not buy it. I am currently returning my special edition. This game is plagued by horrible controls for Aliens in multiplayer, also they never win because of this.
    Graphics are horrible, this could be excused but isn't possible with all the other flaws.
    A.I is rubbish both marines and aliens. I'm no fanboy but the original AVP or 2 is way better than this.
    played multiplayer and singleplayer, not co-op there was no need the flaws were enormous.
    Save your cash or get dead space 3 instead or xcom they rock compared to this.
  9. Feb 25, 2013
    I wasted $60 of my hard earn money and 30 mins of my life.I was expecting this game for many years so it comes up with such a great disappointment. The kills don't look realistic, there are motion glitches on the aliens, repetitive game play, terrible multiplayer system. The thing i enjoyed was a big alien startling me and being cautious at the sewers, of course reviving the places of the movie; but after that, its predecessor aliens vs predator, its way much better than this huge mistake that will sink the aliens franchise Expand
  10. Feb 12, 2013
    The previews looked really good but honestly the gameplay is horrible and the plot is embarrassingly dumbed-down. Also, the graphics only look good in the advertising. There are tons of glitches. The coop is actually okay but that's about it.
  11. Jul 3, 2013
    I do honestly believe that, though this isn't a particularly good game (AT ALL), it isn't as bad as the people say. Though it isn't good, it's average at worst. I think that 3.3/10 is a little bit under expectations, and I think it's because people were expecting more from the game. I think people got over-excited, and as a result they are having a little bit more of a negative reaction. This is by NO MEANS a good game, but it isn't as bad as people say. Sure, the graphics are bad, there are some glitches, and O'Neal is a tosser, but apart from that it's nothing more than a rather generic science fiction FPS. Expand
  12. Feb 13, 2013
    This is my single player review of Aliens: Colonial Marines. First off I had high expectations for this adaptation of this great franchise Aliens. For me this game fell short of a acceptable pass. Graphics needed more time to be polished although most of the game takes place in dark mist rooms/areas. Storyline has a simple take to it as does the movies so no big surprise. Voice acting could have been better (mouths don't resemble words coming out of mouth). Characters are unknown and really don't make me fall in love with any of them. Might have been better if they used character from previous movies. The positives are: I love the motion scanner for a gadget, weapons sound authentic, new type of Aliens, if you like rankings this game has it and creepy atmospheres. Another reason for me not to get excited for FPS. Maybe the game license to this franchise needs to be changed for a better result. Expand
  13. Feb 14, 2013
    After reading the negative press, the majority of it is fair and the rest of it is B.S. to put it blunt this is a 6 or 7 game nothing less and nothing more. The highlight of the experience is multiplayer and the saving grace which I will get to last. First of all this is a AVERAGE shooter that does nothing to standout while taking zero chances which is a disappointment considering the source material. You would expect from an ALIENS titled game to have suspense, scares, tension and sadly none of that is there. What you get is a linear action movie set experience with a narrative that unfortunately raises more questions than it answers. The good in singleplayer and all throughout the game is the Aliens atmosphere. This game sounds 100% like the movie from the guns, music and original actors. Also worthy of a mention are the fantastic settings that seem like they were ripped right out of the movie and that goes for both offline and multiplayer levels. I would also like to mention the weapons and gadgets you use are fantastic and an Alien fans dream. So while it may look and sound like an Aliens movie thats where it ends. As previously mentioned the storyline just flatout sucks. I wont get into the story maybe you would like it but to me it was very disappointing considering how long they had on this project. To make singleplayer even worse are the AI that are so poorly programmed that you would think they came straight out of 1986! This is not a challenging game at all due to the AI behavior even on the hardest setting you can breeze through this. Graphics are also a major problem in all aspects of the game. One moment you can be looking at some eye candy and the very next see textures that look almost as if they were created in a kindergarten class by two year olds. Finally there are a quite a bit of glitches you will find the majority of which for me occur with the games animation system, im talking very awkward movements occasionally. Now its a real shame that almost every review I have read neglects the multiplayer mode. Online play is FUN! I cant stress it enough, the games competitive modes simply work and are a blast to play. Not to mention the DEEP customization options that are offered are unparalleled in any other shooter currently released. Nothing like customizing my marine from head to toe with the gear I want him to wear and then customize his guns with alot of nerdy Alien tech gear! Aside from the Marine gameplay you have the main selling point for multiplayer when you play as a killing machine, the Aliens. Nothing comes close to stalking a group of marines from the roof, leaping onto the floor and wrecking havoc. There are only two flaws which need to be fixed for the multiplayer modes. The first would be the lack of any kind of host migration, if you kill the host to many times if he quits out match is over. Secondly the up and down graphics transition to multiplayer but for the most part are better however there is one level in particular that looks so so bad until you roam around the map and load all the textures in up close. Honestly there is a decent amount of lag as well online and could be match killing depending on the host. In closing Aliens suffers from trying to please the mainstream to much, if only it would have stuck to its hardcore fans we would have the ideal Aliens game... hopefully we can get a proper sequel to this game and the Aliens franchise if gearbox/sega do not get dumped. Expand
  14. Jun 20, 2013
    Aliens: Colonial Marines............ah.................I liked my experience playing it. I don't know, the weapons reminded me of the movies and the models of the Xenomorphs are quite accurate. Also, I loved playing co-op with my friends, even with the glitches taking effect (it might have actually made it more enjoyable.) This game, it's not a good game. But it is VERY nostalgic. The environments are nice, actually quite beautiful on the PC version. But the paper thin story and HORRIBLE voice acting does infuriate me. Not to mention the terrible animations. Xenomorph gameplay is quite satisfying, however. I'm going to say it: this game is below sub-par, but just above bad. This game is like the Forbidden Fruit of the gaming community. You'll have a decent experience but will be shamed. SHAMED!!! Expand
  15. Feb 19, 2013
    This has to be one of the most heartbreaking reviews I've ever written. But here goes. Aliens: Colonial Marines is average. It plays like a low-graphics Call of Duty with xenomorphs stitched onto it like a circus freak act. Single player should have been epic on a scale of the movie but detailed references here and there don't make up for a lazy, hashed campaign. Aliens sometimes just run at you on Hardened difficulty. What happenned to the promising and intelligent AI we were shown at E3? Multiplayer is the redeeming factor, otherwise I'd give this game a 3. Its damn fun to play as a xeno with three different character classes, and marines can be compulsive too. Pity that there is some SERIOUS lag going on in pretty much every game I played. It hurts me to say this, really it does. This game was so eagerly awaited by aliens fans such as myself, and it just freaking disappointed. Dont waste your money. Expand
  16. Feb 13, 2013
    I usually only play a campaign once (I'm not easily enough amused to allow another unless it has branching story lines/character customization such as an RPG) and I enjoyed this one. I would probably want a friend and a few beers if I was to enjoy occasionally play through it again, easily enough since it allows you to fully coop the campaign split screen
    or online.

    There are some negatives...The story isnt going to blow anyone's hair back, it has a pretty straight forward delivery that is not quite the circus showmanship that the "what about the story" buffs gravitate to. The graphics look like they are 4 years old and there is not a whole bunch of John Woo/Michael Bay type sliding/double jumping/bullet time fancy effects...It is however dark and moody, so such things would ruin the gritty atmosphere and grim action/horror that the game succeeds at, despite the occasional clipping graphics. I can see how single player buffs that ignore multiplayer and just fanboy out on the campaign and presentation, playing it over and over again collecting every little speck of dust hiding behind a urinal, might ho hum, then turn their nose up.

    I watched the Alien movies and enjoyed them, especially the first two, which probably adds to the enjoyment as they provide additional context to the story throughout the game's numerous tie-ins during the campaign, so my view of the single player experience might be a bit more positive than those who haven't, but, what so many people, including IGN seem to be completely failing to realize is that...

    This game's multiplayer is COMPLETELY FREAKING AWESOME and is really the main course of the meal here. Scoring this game based soley upon its single player experience is a crime because it is the most fun, unique, and actually team work oriented multiplayer game I have played since the Left 4 Dead games. I will be honest, I was turned off a bit by the reviews myself, so I cautiously gave this a test rent. I have been addicted ever since it slid into my disc drive (and that RARELY happens to me). I am buying it tomorrow and I whole heartedly recommend it to all Alien buffs and/OR multiplayer fans.

    I would offically say the camaign is a 6.5 and the multiplayer is a 9.
  17. Oct 25, 2014
    This wasn't a great game. The story was so bad. The characters weren't developed enough and remained bland throughout the campaign. Plus, the AI is terrible and the game just didn't look as good as it was did before release.

    I'd say only get this if you're a die-hard Aliens fan. If not, I simply can't recommend this.
  18. Apr 11, 2013
    If this game wasn't called Aliens colonial marines you could be tempted to leave it be and play something better. However.. This game IS called aliens colonial marines and is the licensed sequel to the movie aliens my personal all time favourite. So even with its multitude of glitches and frustrations I am giving the game a ten. Only because I want the franchise to continue. Having said that I would hope that developer gearbox never ever ever again gets their clumsy digits on a top shelf product. A better dev would have been ubisoft or activision god forbid perhaps even Bioware or the devil incarnate Ea. Anyone in fact just not Gearbox, their company slogan should be 'Gearbox, whatever goes in will get mangled beyond recognition'. Expand
  19. Feb 27, 2013
    I'm glad I rented this game, because Gearbox were lazy jerking off while making this game. This game took like what? Under 5 years to make?!?! So, the gameplay is just bland as hell and the hitmarkers are just weird. The storyline takes place after the movie "Aliens" and it's an ok storyline to take place after Aliens (the movie) The graphics, oh gosh, the graphics are like playing a Wii game on a PS3 System, Seriously?!?!?! 2013 and developers are this lazy?!?! The game is also buggy as hell, and is just really terrible. But with the customization with guns, attachments and more can make the gun whatever you want so that's nice what Gearbox did. The multiplayer is decent, you have TDM, Extermination, Survivor and Escape. You can pick Xeno's between Solider, Spitter and Lurker. The multiplayer is actually fun and can make you rage a bit, but it's actually better then Campaign. So, what I think about this game is about a 2/10. Expand
  20. Mar 7, 2013
    I won't waste time retreading the same ground everyone else and point out one simple fact, it's made by Gearbox.

    Gearbox is and always has been a mediocre game developer. Their big claim to fame is borderlands which is essentially if you put world of warcrafts boring quest system into a wasteland, put it in first person mode, then tout how it has millions of guns but the fact is 1 out
    of 10,000 are actually an upgrade (repainting the same crummy pistol 5,000 times doesn't make 5,000 different guns) and finally start pimping DLC for the game before it even releases and then keep releasing more to nickel and dime your customers to death by turning a 60 dollar turd into a 100 dollar turd. They also made duke nukem forever which as we all know is a giant steaming pile of you know what and is a god awful abortion from start to finish. The best games they actually made were the brothers in arms games which aren't as terrible as those other two games but its still incredibly sterile, generic and uninspired. BIA is your basic mediocre WW2 shooter and nothing else. They have a few other games under their belt but they are all titles no one really cares about and faded into obscurity as soon as they were released. Bottom line is Gearbox is a terrible game maker and this is a terrible game.

    Now for a quickie about colonial marines.

    The story is nothing short of fan fiction written by someone who cannot write but still posts to their blog and believes themselves to be a great writer. It's kind of like how a young girl will take pictures of furniture sitting in a shadow in black and white and then think they are really deep and brooding for taking such artistic photographs when in fact it's just garbage. They tried to wink at the fans so hard their eyes have fallen out because of it. Everything about it feels very amateur, boring and forced. It feels more like they did a sci-fi channel original aliens movie, or something that went direct to video.

    The game is buggy as you can get. I've flown out the side of things and floated high in the air stuck. I've had allies that would stick in walls. Hell I found out in section you were supposed to be stealthy starting out and I just ran past every alien and once I passed them they forgot about me and I finished a level without firing a shot. I see environmental objects get stuck in things and so on.

    All the pretty and cool looking screenshots and videos I've been seeing for over a year from now weren't from the same game they released. You can easily find comparison videos showing the game released looks just awful compared to the "in game footage" they showed in the past.

    Multiplayer is very sterile and pretty much what you'd expect. It's so boring in fact that multiplayer will be a ghost town in 2 months.

    The game play its pretty much call of duty. It's just a mix of "it's the last stand....again" and "quick run through fast as you can" with some boring corridor stalking in between.

    I could go into great depth, I could go on and on naming other things I didn't like but you can read other Amazon reviews and see exactly what I've got to say.

    So really if you must play this, wait till its 10 dollars. Trust me it won't take very long before it gets there. And next time, don't pay full price for a Gearbox title.
  21. Feb 16, 2013
    They cut out a part of the single player and are selling it to you as dlc even though you already bought the $60 game.. Rent it like I did if you really must play; You'll understand soon enough.
  22. Feb 12, 2013
    Where do I even begin. Did Gearbox even TRY when they worked on this hunk of crap? The graphics are awful. The gameplay is clunky as hell. The story is just pathetic. They nailed the sound of the game for the most part, but that's the only thing I'm going to give credit to. This was just a cheap gimmick to cash in on the Alien name. Listen to me when I say, STAY AWAY. I wouldn't even wait for it to hit the bargain bin. Don't support the developers when they give us something this awful. Expand
  23. Feb 12, 2013
    Fantastic game! Will play daily. Its refreshing to see other publishers follow THQ's successful business model of great quality games for fans. Cutting out a big part of the single player to sell as DLC will be well received and can't wait to buy that too.
  24. Mar 25, 2013
    It's a real shame about this game. We all wanted a cool Aliens game. We didn't get one Simple. Characters are dull and unrealistic. The story slides along at a horrible pace, and the gameplay is so repetitive you may as well watch it on a video. The interesting thing about this though, is that the main complaint about this game is the graphics being severely outdated. Although I feel this is the games only standing point. The lighting is used in such a way that makes you feel 'alone in the dark' if you will. You really get some intense moments, but unfortunately you are always taken out of that stress filled experience by some other sloppy piece of game design. So you never really get that full package at any point in the game. I find myself going back to this one, even after I've finished the campaign and played a hefty amount of multiplayer because it really is the only playable Aliens game out there. Which is sad because it was so disappointing. This game has been floating around the developer world for years and the amount of companies that had their hand on this, it turns out Gearbox hardly made a damn thing. So to Gearbox, we have faith in your game making ability still, but you lose -5 respect points for splashing your name over the box. As you did with Duke Nukem Forever. This game as a whole is around a technical achievement of 5, but as for the asking price of 90 bucks and the terrible lies with the tech demo... I'd have to say 4/10 Expand
  25. Feb 16, 2013
    Do you really readind reviews like this The critics are getting PAID Try the f*cking game and if you like it buy it P.S. Its not a bad game its around 5-6/10
  26. Jun 14, 2013
    never bought this game, I rented it instead. I thought Alien was suppose to be a scary series. This game wasn't scary, the only part where it was scary was when you had to be quite and if you made noise the aliens would come at you. The AI would get in your way and either not shoot, or not follow you. I had many times where the stupid AI would block me from getting by and not even shoot the aliens. The atmosphere for the game is there, but it just feels like they rushed this game because of the movie release. I new going in that this wasn't going to be a good game, that is why I rented it so I could see for myself. Do not buy this game, you probably will not be happy with it. If you simply must try it, then by all means rent the game. The only thing fun with this game is if you get out the beer and every time the AI does something stupid you have to drink. You will be very drunk, I suggest you buy a case of 48 just to be sure you wont lack any beers.. Expand
  27. Feb 12, 2013
    I got this game on Saturday, and must say, its not a top job considering the hype and years spent on this title. They could have nailed it with a little more effort/love. Having said that I love what I have played. Like most who will buy this title after the reviews, I love the 1st two Alien movies. The graphics are fitting for the scene and im yet to see any slow down or tearing (I've been looking). The sound and music are outstanding, the atmosphere equally. If I wasnt such a big fan of the franchise or I was looking for this to be the best game since sliced bread........I would have scored it at 5/10, but as it stands, im just loving the game as a jump in and play for what it is. A solid 8/10 from me, but thats just my opinion, but as it its my cash paying for the game.......that's all that counts I guess. Lol. Expand
  28. Oct 2, 2013
    Where do i begin here....? The plus: aliens. The negative: everything else. I've been looking forward to this game since 2008, and after seeing the E3 2011 demo I was blown away. I believed all the hype behind it and wow, was I dissapointed. When compared to the E3 demo the first thing that was noticeable was the lack of quality. Graphics looked like a N64 game, the lighting effects where absent completely, the sound effects are 100% aliens, the main complaint here is the horrible story and the level design decisions. Without spoiling anything, the story was supposed to be set between Aliens and Alien 3 to tie up some loose ends and it can't even do that. Once you get passed the way the game looks, the buggy final product and unreliable A.I. I felt like I was babysitting my computer partner the whole game, and that's without the frustration of the game glitches and bugs. Bad graphics. level design, weak voice acting, false promises, and broken levels and gameplay make this easily my worst game of the year and the last time I'll believe all the hype behind a licensed product game. Expand
  29. Feb 23, 2014
    I will start off by saying two things 1. By the time I played this the game had been patched multiple times and 2. I did not pay full price (I got it 2nd hand for £5)
    The game was just about o.k for the price I paid if I had paid the full £40 I would be annoyed.
    The game does not look great the AI is buggy as hell freezing in mid air and often doing nothing they very quickly loose there
    fear factor.
    Online co-op has parts where your team mates teleport around the place your npc team mates fire at walls for no reason and some times just flat out abandon you.
    After all the patches and they still can not get it right I would consider suing them to at least for my money back.
    But if you absolutely love the aliens franchise and find it cheap (they are not hard to come by now) it is not a bad way to kill a few hours.

    The good- The smart gun say no more
    The bad- Short and a terrible ending
    The ugly- The AI makes these creatures look like you should not fear them but pity them
    4/10 Quite simply not very good.
  30. Feb 13, 2014
    I hate this I really hate this. I love aliens and I will not stand for this. Graphics are awful. The AI is brain dead completely. Oh and get humans with guns why? There are 11 missions 1 was suppose to be a tutorial but never got a tutorial at all mission 11 is a 2min "boss" battle 3 are focused to aliens which are the shortest missions too 3 are human focused which are longest 3 are mixed but the aliens die in like 2 seconds so it really this " call of duty : I suck and I ripped you off." Multiplayer is something that ether is a lot of glitches, buggy, low connection, or has one sided maps. Oh and in single player you get grabbed guess what quick time event that is impossible to die from almost. I want to cry right now while I'm typing this. Co-op you don't need it its too easy even then you just feel like 4 gunners not a unit and no changes that would be more interesting also the other 3 players cant talk. I completed this game on the hardest difficulty in 3 hours alone. Ok there are a few good things the collectables are good which include Easter eggs and legendary weapons. Also the soundtrack is awesome that person deserves to be praised. Backgrounds are pretty good I wont lie. They added new weapons that fit perfectly into the arsenal. Yeah that's it nothing else nothing but shame and disappointment. Oh right I forgot to say heat seeking bullets yeah human enemies have those its sad. Also the story sucks. The characters personalities are whiney, oh boo ho, there already dead, and oh no that happened and I'm speaking calmly. Don't buy it just don't. Expand

Generally unfavorable reviews - based on 25 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 0 out of 25
  2. Negative: 16 out of 25
  1. As a shooter, you’ve been here a hundred times before. As an Aliens game it suffers the pressure of the legacy on which it’s built, and the story is diabolically woeful. Game over, man. [April 2013, p72]
  2. Mar 24, 2013
    The representation of the xenomorphs is the game’s most damaging failure. They’re just not dangerous enough, reduced by a first mission deluge into a swarm of targets bearing the shape of a familiar, once-horrific symbol of death. But they have none of that pop icon’s grace or deadliness.
  3. Mar 21, 2013
    Buggy, ugly, and somehow unfinished after ten years...A huge disappointment. [Issue#229, p.68]