Mixed or average reviews - based on 22 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 4 out of 22
  2. Negative: 3 out of 22
  1. Not an unexpected sequel but still a very good game.
  2. 78
    If you think mech customization and boost-filled battles sound like your cup of tea, Armored Core does deliver on those parts.
  3. Armored Core: For Answer has it hits and misses.
  4. It's not perfect, but Armored Core: For Answer is a definite step up from the previous few iterations in the series.
  5. The latest Armored Core makes up for the series' lack of progress by simply being fun to play.
  6. The game is solid, looks good and plays well, but it just has a "feel" that's not for everyone.
  7. Armored Core for Answer is another meaty entry for a niche franchise with a loyal group of followers.
  8. Solid Mech action combined with more technical blabbering than the average gamer is likely to appreciate. For all that, it's still a cool game. Certainly not made for the broad masses, but cool.
  9. FROM knows how to build some great action based “Mech” games and again they did a great job here and while it is far from perfect it is an excellent choice for action gamers who are looking for a kick. Armored Core for Answer is more then a rental but maybe not a buy for some gamers.
  10. Although the franchise needs clearer improvements, for Answer is a title that will captivate fans of the mechs. The incorporation of a cooperative mode brings a nice add-on, and the customization continues being one of great the attractiveness of the Armored Core series.
  11. I appreciate the realization of scale in the game, and the overall fun you get out of just blowing things away with the different weapons you can toy around with. I'm not sure if there's been enough improvements here to appease fans, but as a player that hasn't been immersed in the Armored Core universe for a bit, I had a pretty good time.
  12. Basically, play it for the multiplayer, or don’t play it at all. [Dec 2008, p.110]
  13. 65
    The twitchy mechs and boring battles combined with the blandness of the graphics makes For Answer a difficult game to recommend. So we won’t. That section in Metal Gear 4 was more fun than this.
  14. The customizing of your own Mech, the good looks, the amount of weaponry, and decent story are all positive features of an average installment in the Armored Core-series. The missions and bland surroundings get repetitive after a while, and the fact that nobody plays the game online is a real letdown. All in all, Armored Core for Answer breathes mediocrity.
  15. Armored Core: For Answers isn’t able to persuade in any aspect. The story isn’t irrelevant and the missions are boring and too difficult to be fun. Graphics also suck.
  16. Armored Core: For Answer could have been a great game with a bit more terrain variations or something that added to the gameplay, but this is not the best mech game out there and your should probably rent instead of buying.
  17. We should expect more. [Jan 2009, p.82]
  18. It's not even technically impressive. [Jan 2009, p.103]
  19. What's so strange about For Answer is its trading of extensive customization for actual gameplay. Sure, you can build the ultimate mech, customizing it to your heart's content, yet when you actually play the game, you realize its shortcomings.
  20. 42
    The game does provide a few improvements, bringing revised flight controls and new cooperative mission modes, but For Answer lacks what a great series needs in order to stay relevant: progress.
  21. In summary, Armored Core: For Answer is a bland game that only exhibits brief periods of satisfaction, namely blowing things up, amidst its numerous flaws. For Answer has some particularly testy controls, poor mission structure, aggravating battles, and a complete lack of flair in its levels.
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  1. Jun 15, 2013
    Worth playing. When you get used to the controls, you have one of the most chaotic games out there. Story was, for the most part, good. I did however have a lot of aggravating levels. The story, in my opinion, is not as good as silent line, my favorite game in the series. Other than that, this game is something everyone should at least rent Full Review »
  2. Oct 5, 2010
    PS3 - If you like giant mech robots, flying all over the place while blowing things up, with over 40 different kinds of weapons, this is the game for you. Graphics are stunning, there are 42 missions and parts to unlock for doing hard missions + arena challenges, many different parts to build your mech, and a wide area to do combat in. I gave it a 9/10 because there weren't enough weapons + parts in my opinion, but that is the only reason. Full Review »
  3. edwilson
    Sep 24, 2008
    this is the kind of game i've been waiting for. a classic,
    technically, and a modern masterpiece. the movie sequences have been created
    with what looks to me to be some of the most impressive graphics engine ever. the actions and the plot are two important things for me in several ways and this game nails both in extremely well done ways. i am more than content with this game. ...stoked! Full Review »