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  1. Oct 7, 2013
    Ok now before i Even begin let me just state that i am a hard core Armored Core fan and have been with the series for over a decade. so you know now your getting a fan's opinion of this.

    AC: verdict Day is the follow up game to V it runs the same engine so the core game its self is largely the same so i wont go into too much detail about it later on. Instead i'll focus more on the new

    Armored Core: Verdict Day is a mech simulator game in which players design their own Armored core (AC for short) from the ground up with a large varity of parts (legs, core, head, arms, FCS, generator, boosters, left and right arm weapons, shoulder-mounted weapons and support systems) and pilot these in story missions and online play against other players and their AC designs. possible AC configurations can range from light weight speedy mechs to heavy weight tank tread AC and everything in between and with over 25 different types of weapons and hundreds to chose from you'll be able to tailor your AC to your prefered combat style.

    Verdict Day seeks to maintain the focus the previous game had on multiplayer action by building upon its old system and aliveating some of the fustrastion of the previous game. Verdict features a new Persistent online mode called the Verdict War where three factions fight for control of the map. Players upon starting the game are ask to either create or join a team of players and then select one of 3 main factions to side with for the war. Players also have the option to play as mercenaries and fight for any faction as they please. Each verdict war last a week season or until one faction controls the map completely. the winning faction wins the ablility to run special boss missions in between the season downtime which give players a reason to want to win. and factions can be changed at the begining of each season. The combat in the verdicts wars plays very similar to ACV in which you attack territories lower their base points then invade for the capture. the improvements such as better matchmaking and UNACs(will go into more details on UNACs later) make the verdict wars very much enjoyable to play. the game also retains free battle which are seperate multiplayer lobbies.

    In addition to the Verdict Wars, the new UNAC system which is similar to the A.I AC in AC:silent line is quite the marvel. UNAC or Un-Named AC are A.I controlled AC the players can bring along on either world and special sorties(Verdict war missions) and story missions. UNACs are unlocked after reacher a certain point in the games story mode and can be use to fill in missing player spots in the available game more. the game offers a number of default UNAC to choose from, however players can create their own customs UNACs if the standards arent working for you. the UNACs feature a highly customizeable and adaptive A.I that can be upgraded in 2 ways. either spending in game currency to lvl up different aspect of combat or more interestingly, you can feed it combat data from any player in one of you world sortie operation log. Unlike A.I teammates or opponets in other games. UNACs are every fair and fair and very viable. having a team of UNACs is not a disadvantage in its self and they can pose quite a threat if their A.I is upgraded properly.

    Verdict Day has a slightly new story mission format with a total of 60 missions 10 story and 50 side missions. as always in an armored core game the story is more of a means to earn cash then to find something truly entertaining. missions layouts are simple you either have to destroy all targets in the combat zone or eliminate other AC(s) the story is there but nothing to impressive. but player are sure to find several missions that they will enjoy quite a bit. also story mode supports full 2 player online coop or UNAC support once unlock. upon completion the game offers several hardcore modes that will challenge even the most grizzled veterens

    AC: Verdict Day also features and Expansion of parts you can use to customized yours and your UNACs ACs. with part types returning to the series such as weapon arms(arms that are weapons in them selves) and shields. a multitude of weapons ranging from rifles, gatling guns, sniper rifles, laser rifle cannons, railguns, missiles CIWS bomblets E war systems missiles, Ultimate Weapons etc.

    and now for the best part the cons.
    verdict days does nothing to improve on its lack luster and unintuitive UI which has been a prime concerns for many. also the games lacks a tutorial that explains anything outside of combat there are a few tool tips but they do not explain things very well. Overall the games new player experience is piss poor. the story missions ramp up in difficulty very early on and unless your skill as a pilot improves quickly you'll need to have help on most missions past 20.

    AC:VD is a game designed with its fans in mind and while returning fan with feel right at home
    newcomers may feel alienated but dont let that discourage you

Mixed or average reviews - based on 18 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 4 out of 18
  2. Negative: 1 out of 18
  1. Dec 4, 2013
    Armored Core: Verdict Day will be thoroughly enjoyed by those fans that appreciated the online mode in the previous installment of the saga. For the rest, the scarce number of new elements, paired with its classic high difficulty, can really constitute a deal-breaker.
  2. Nov 14, 2013
    The appeal lies in the customisation options and the complex online battle system. [Issue#141, p.120]
  3. Unsexy visuals, thin solo, and menu heavy. Only the hardcore won't look for the ejection procedure. [December 2013, p81]