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  1. Nov 16, 2010
    one word : Breathtaking although that word is not enough to even eign describing it.
    it's an exemplary title and one that smacks of a developer at the peak of its game. From every piece of cover and set-piece thrown in fiendishly to catch you unaware, to the expertly crafted multiplayer maps and top quality cut scenes, it is clear that a innumerable amount of dedication and painstaking
    precision has been squeezed out of the team to help make this the PS3's crowning moment. 10 Expand
  2. Nov 25, 2010
    The problem with these AAA game titles is that once you've written the script, hired a cast of voice actors, created the cutscenes, hired a few historians for historical accuracy, consulted with art experts, brought in period costume experts, scored and recorded the soundtrack, green screened all the motion capture stuff etc, etc,etc... there doesn't seem to be much time or money left to devote to the actual gameplay.

    So what we are left with is the world of 15th century Rome, brought to lush life populated with interesting characters and so on - but with laughable gameplay, mostly consisting of triggering a mission, walking to the indicator on the map, find the target and hit x to kill him. Preferably where no one can see the act, but this game is so easy this time round that even if 20 guards attack you afterwards, it is no problem to fight them off.

    Of course, there's also the treadmill aspects always thrown into these games, combing the map for flags and treasures, a rooftop beat-the-clock race or two. Doing all these tasks is pleasurable enough in the context of the sandbox world, and can certainly be addictive as players are driven to achieve 100% completion on everything, but it's an addictive similar to playing Minesweeper, you don't need to think - you're on a treadmill. If you took out the sandbox world, and just chained the missions together, the game would be a laughing stock, there is no depth to the game mechanics/AI at all. Old games like Thief, Thief II, Hidden and Dangerous 2, were not as pretty, but they were hard, involved strategy and skill, and ultimately were much more satisfying. The same all style/no substance phenomenon has plagued Hollywood blockbuster movies for years now. When so much money is at stake - game publishing companies are traded on the stock exchange and CEO's interviewed in the Wall Street Journal - you don't want to take risks and experiment, you shoot straight for the lowest common denominator. It's unfortunate that the same thing is happening to the game industry, but with the budgets involved (the first two Assassin's Creeds brought in over $1 billion at retail, and AAA game budgets are in the 10s of millions) it's probably inevitable.
  3. Nov 16, 2010
    Well got ACB and have to say,im impressed well done Ubisoft... The story is the best yet in the series (well up until where i am) the multiplayer is huge and keeps you hooked for many hours.. Ezio is expressed like never before,so is the multiplayer.. for the new side which is as everyone knows is the multiplayer- it just keeps you guessing and one wrong move will have you lying on the floor dead.. The game is the best yet and can't yet for the next,Ubisoft really surprised me and hopefully the critic's!! I GIVE IT A 10/10!!!!!! Expand
  4. Mac
    Nov 16, 2010
    You have to get this game ! It's simply amazing ! Everything is improved and there is lots of new features ! A must have ! I definitely enjoyed everything about this game so far. It's just perfect !
  5. Feb 24, 2011
    I don't know where to begin with this one. Let me pre-face my next sentence by stating that I have played alot of "Infamous" on my PS3. Making the transition to Brotherhood, sucked. The controls feel unresponsive and sluggish. I can never quite get Ezio to do what I want him to do and this made the game extremely frustrating for me. I don't understand how games like Infamous and even Uncharted, hell, throw in some Prince of Persia, and how these games get the "Parkour" aspect of these games right, but it just seems off on AC: Brotherhood. I'm disappointed. Not only is this not really a true sequel, It just does more of the same. I found the hidden memory segments of the game to be to hard to figure out. Who knew that the number 48 was a chemical compostion of 'something" and I was supposed to know that, the mineral is what is found on Mt. Washington in N.H. which would lead me to the answer, and still make me have to solve one of those Da Vinci code like puzzles, and then send me to a round 2 of it, just for a fuzzy video clip of nothing. Ummmmmmm. Hmmmmmmmm. You really need to be a symbologist solve some of these riddles. This game was an utter disappointment to me. I know alot of work went into it, and I can appreciate that. All I can say is, anyone who didn't like the first two games, then stay away. Anyone that enjoyed the first two games and thinks this game is going to be the best and take you to the promisland, then you will be dissapointed, because all game is, is a very long expansion.pack to part 2. P.S. the multiplayer is tacked on and makes it almost impossible for any newbies to succeed. An instant turn off to anyone picking this game up late, and also becoming a problem with multiplayer games in general. Expand
  6. Nov 16, 2010
    This game is my game of the year, along with CALL OF DUTY BLACK OPS. I don't know if anyone ever could make a series this awesome ever. Any one who even likes assassin's creed just a little better do them selves a favor and pick this game up now!!!!
  7. Nov 17, 2010
    best game ever made buy this right now if u like any of the last 2 games made well actually buy it because it is the best graphics i have seen and there is so much stuff to do just in the story mode which will take u so long to do and plus their is online so buy noW!!!!
  8. Nov 24, 2010
    I can't praise this game enough it's the closest I've seen a game get to art. It's a beautiful masterpiece and it's had me hooked since I bought it. Can safely say you will not regret investing in ACB can't wait for what ubisoft do next.
  9. Nov 25, 2010
    The game is definitely worth its standalone price tag, however I have to agree with some other reviews on its recycled content that is from AC2, but the story is good enough to cover that up. I would also give it a higher score if it was for xbox or PC, but again any game that is not designed with PS3 in mind will often be full of bugs that needs quite a long time to iron out. The multiplayer is innovative and addicting, but unfortunately its interface is left much to be desired, making it hard to use any other features except the "Play Now" button..

    Pros: Good story, great multiplayer, same gameplay we all know and love
    Cons: Recycled engine and AI, buggy system, Interface would be touched up to smooth things out
  10. Feb 1, 2011
    Each new title of the Assassin's Creed saga continues to amaze me. The breathtaking graphics and overall complexity of the game is stunning beyond belief. The deep plot and the new and brilliant multi-player game-play is outstanding and is the best I have ever seen. The thousands of man-hours on this amazing title has been more than worthwhile. In my opinion it is the best game on the market and a must get title. Expand
  11. Nov 17, 2010
    This is Brotherhood, not 3 so if it feels like more of 2 or 2.5 well i think that is exactly what Ubisoft intended. It is more of Ezio and it definitely continues the overall story with Desmond and Abstergo but only gets a bit more out there. Some people have been worrying about the overall mystery getting a bit more complicated in this one but i feel that since it's not a true sequel that we should just sit and contemplate what will happen in the inevitable Assassin's Creed 3. This installment is great and it's not just 2 in a new city. The battle system has grown with improved options and is all the great things from the past game plus a bunch more fun. Also the missions and side missions aren't the same from 2, some exact duplicates but many new things to try and explore. Also the story missions are just bigger and better with i felt like much more diversity. Also at first Rome i thought wouldn't be as impressive as when i was playing through 2 but in the end it was by far greater! When people say it is huge, they mean this city is freaking HUGE! Also the city improvement system is great! and far more involved and satisfying than simply upgrading the villa. Knocking out the bad guys, burning down their towers and then building up the run down area with beggars into a bustling market place with fine women running around is not only noticeable you can remember doing that and being glad you did. then going to the shop to upgrade your armor and feel like you are just that much closer to greatness. The whole overall experience is deep and fun. more of what 2 brought us but that is by no means a bad thing. but with it's own unique feel and options when playing. Brother improves this series and keeps it as one of the top franchises of the times! if i had to pick one bad thing about this game is the same pop in textures that have been seen in the previous games, but with such big cities is not a game killer at all. and it is less noticeable when you are in tight corridor areas or on tight streets. the plus of it too is when the textures pop in they are simply gorgeous. also i wanted to note that the character models seem much improved in this game, much more detailed and less noticeable polygonal shapes. also look cleaner with nice self shadowing that looks almost real, or at least almost Hollywood! oh and this is all before you dive headfirst into the brand new multiplayer! the multiplayer experience is not only a breath of fresh air but executed in great detail. the tense situations of finding who you have to kill and hiding from your killer is awesome. my only minor complaint is as perks and upgrades unlock it does give higher level assassin's a clear advantage over new ones. but it doesn't completely make the game weighted in their favor they just have more options then newer people do. but overall i never felt annoyed or completely overpowered i just felt compelled to get more kills and level up to get that ability of whatever they just did. example early in multilplayer i got smoke bombed and i wondered how to do that, but then a couple of levels later i unlocked it and said, oh that's how! so overall minor minor nit pick over a truly fresh and fun experience. I think i will go play some more now, so if you want to catch up in the story and catch up with my levels on multiplayer go get this game now, definitely a must have for any fan of the series. new comers, i would recommend getting at least the 2nd first just so in single player you aren't totally lost. but i definitely give this game a 10/10 Expand
  12. Nov 27, 2010
    i have mixed feeling about this gaeme. on one hand it's amazing yet on the other i feel as if i've been cheated out of a great experience. story wise it's very solid and i enjoyed it but the ending alone made me both mad and antsy to await the next game. they put just the right amount of side quests to make it somewhat worth wild, but in the end it is still just an add on to assains creed 2. they should have made this a dlc and sold it for 20 dollars. online is the same story. i came in with tremendous expectaions and was dissapointed. don't get me wrong. online is probably the best part of this game yet there are so many things wrong with it. i don't want to spoil it but go and see it for yourself. i want to give it a higher score but i just can't. Collapse
  13. Feb 9, 2011
    adds nothing new, boring go here-kill x-repeat quests, story and characterisation is shockingly poor, especially the ending. please, please, please, please, PLEASE - do yourself a favour and skip this one, or if you just have to get that free-run-jump-off-building-stab-guy feeling, just go back and play II, its not like you will notice the difference
  14. Feb 3, 2012
    I played this series I don't like Illuminati based Games, whether it's right out there or Subliminally being brainwashed. I will for one not fall Vitim to the Illuminati and there Feeble attempts at Mindcontrol. I rate this game what it Deserves a Big Fat 0
  15. Nov 22, 2010
    This game is one of the most entertaining games this year! sure its a "Part 2" of AC2. but that's why its not called AC3. It keeps what made AC2 great and added a few fresh ideas. There is always so much to do and explore. The story is great and and missions can be done numerous ways. Graphics and sound is amazing. And ROME.... WOW... the architecture and detail is incredible. This is a Must Buy!!
  16. Nov 20, 2010
    Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood is basically Assassin's Creed 2: Part 2. The two games feel like a whole, with the bridge between the end of the AC:2 and the start of Brotherhood being somewhat of a half-way point. I say this because they're about the same in length and have almost identical game mechanics. The new features aren't entirely impressive but don't take away from the original experience, which is fine, it's almost as if it were one game only split in two. The only shame is that Italy has slightly lost its novelty. I would have loved to have seen a new world fit with a new leading assassin, and less dated graphics (in cutscenes mainly, the gameplay graphics are quite a bit better). That said, Ubisoft are definitely doing their job in perfecting the series. All I can say is bring on Assassin's Creed 3. Expand
  17. Nov 19, 2010
    This is one of those game that I am only giving a "10" rating for because there is no option here to give it an "11". Absolutely Amazing. Ive beaten the entire game and am working on unlocking everything else. I have played the multi-player as well, but the story mode is so good I have been tryin to milk every ounce of play out of that before I get involved any more in the online play. If ever there was a reason or Ubisoft to exist, it is this. Expand
  18. Nov 18, 2010
    Assassins creed brotherhood is amazing. The story isnt quite as good as last time but its still one the best stories around. The side missions are improved, the lairs are far better than the tombs which were still good. the multiplayer is fun and its also pretty unique
  19. Nov 23, 2010
    There were a few glitches though but i guess when your busy with it all the time you eventually forget it.Sometimes the controls were a bit slow and didnt react but i got over it.Overall It was a great game
  20. Jan 18, 2011
    I was a disappointed with AC Brotherhood. The story is very lacking compared to AC2 and there were a ton of game play problems. The controls were no where as tight as the were in the second game and the camera seemed to have a mind of its own during the most inopportune times. I was really disappointed that the developers only took a year to make this game. It really showed in the overall quality of the game. Sure it looked great, but with a poorly written story that had a stupid ending and issues with the game play and camera. I would not recommend this game to anyone until the price dropped under fifteen dollars. The developers put out a game to make money and didn't put in the extra effort to give gamers their money's worth. Reminds me of the major screw-job that IW did to gamers with MW2. Expand
  21. Nov 17, 2010
    Easily the best AC game to date, story is continued right after the ending of Assassin's Creed 2. Feels like there is a lot more content in this then the previous AC games which is good in an open world based game like AC. Graphically wise the game still looks great, about 10 hours in I had frame rate drops in crowded areas. Regardless doesn't appear to happen often.
  22. Nov 22, 2010
    This version of the series is the greatest release, yet again Ubisoft has delivered a excellent product. It got a lot of variety and has a-lot of new game-play. The variety in the game with the training mode, the ability to buy stores and have your own little business. The new achievement system for each mission where you can get 100% synchronization in certain conditions also brings a great challenge to the game. Game-play is as great as always, even now the developers have added more functionality to control your assassin the fun factor is greatly improved.
    All the extra new features, variety and game-play of this game has boosted it to be one of the best games Iwe ever played!
  23. Nov 17, 2010
    This is clearly the best Assassin's Creed of the series. It's a step up in every way. Fans out there HAVE to play this one. Parachutes and new gadgets are included and the Desmond story side is much more explored. Nothing is true, everything is permitted! It definitely deserves a 10.0. What are you waiting for, go get the game already.
  24. Nov 17, 2010
    This game is simply AMAZING. It is the BEST game in the series, one of the best open world games EVER, and it is definitely in my top 5 for 2010, and it is easily one of the best games of this generation, do yourself a favor GO BUY THIS GAME! Trust me, its worth it. Whenever someone says that games are not art, just show them this game and prove them wrong, this game is THE definition of art,period. The story is very,very good, immersive, and engaging, the graphics are MIND BLOWING for a game with such a huge world, and you will NOT want to put your controller down until you beat it. The single player story is over 20 hours long and there are a TON of side missions to keep you busy, and once you're done with the story, there is also a multiplayer mode, which fits PERFECTLY into the AC universe and makes total sense, and it is very FUN, easily the best third person online action game that I've ever played, it is THAT good. plus there are a ton of maps, modes, and characters that every time that you start a new match it will feel very different! YOU MUST BUY THIS NOW!! Expand
  25. Nov 19, 2010
    I got this and i have to say its a pretty good game. It has alot of new gameplay elements to it and its filled with items that will help you for your experience playing the game. Even though the storyline to the second Assassin's Creed is better, Brotherhood is on my Top 10 list of favorites.
  26. USG
    Nov 20, 2010
    About good as the last game, Assassin's Creed II, with compensation for features lost in II. It feels more like an extension to II rather than a new title, which is probably what the developers wanted. The mission synchronization adds to some mission difficulty, but killing people was made significantly easier. The game feels more focused on the main story. This can also be attributed to being in a single city, which has great variation. I'd say the graphics are about the same; maybe a little better. The multiplayer adds a little more to the game, but not that much (especially after playing the multiplayer beta). The game mechanics could still use a little tweaking, it's sometimes easy to make mistakes and fall off a building and such. Expand
  27. Nov 24, 2010
    This game is absolutely brilliant. Of course you will still feel an air of 'deja-vu' in terms of sluggish camera controls on Lara Croft style jumps left and right as in AC2 but the game is absolutely gorgeous. Rome is wonderfully modeled. The multiplayer is a very good addition and is freshening,
  28. Nov 25, 2010
    Well one would to describe Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood; PERFECTED. Everything that AC2 had that wasn't perfect is now fixed, the only thing that I can say that is not perfect is the controls. Now don't get me wrong the controls in Brother aren't bad but some of the time they can make you jump or move somewhere you don't want to move or jump to . The big new feature is the online mode, and I must say that is a TON of fun to play. It can get really intense at some moments and is a lot of fun with some friends.

    All a round Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood is a excellent game and in my opinion is a possible candidate for Game of the Year.
  29. Nov 28, 2010
    Fabulous. The Guild mechanic is awesome and easy. The combat is greatly improved and, well, the climbing is just the same. The story line is also amazing and really gripping and side quests are much cooler. Buy it. If you don't, you haven't lived.
  30. Nov 28, 2010
    At first site the game seems like only a Expansion , The first few minutes seems as if it is still Assassins Creed 2 . Upon the game getting deeper into the story you see that there is more to it ,it may seem like the same game but it is well worth every second of it this is by far my favorite game this year. From all the new weapons and story line new faces old faces the game is just AWESOME.
  31. Nov 27, 2010
    i have mixed feeling about this gaeme. on one hand it's amazing yet on the other i feel as if i've been cheated out of a great experience. story wise it's very solid and i enjoyed it but the ending alone made me both mad and antsy to await the next game. they put just the right amount of side quests to make it somewhat worth wild, but in the end it is still just an add on to assains creed 2. they should have made this a dlc and sold it for 20 dollars. online is the same story. i came in with tremendous expectaions and was dissapointed. don't get me wrong. online is probably the best part of this game yet there are so many things wrong with it. i don't want to spoil it but go and see it for yourself. i want to give it a higher score but i just can't. Collapse

Universal acclaim - based on 59 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 57 out of 59
  2. Negative: 0 out of 59
  1. Jul 8, 2011
    Recommended to fans of the franchise and also to newcomers. While the single player campaign is entertaining and offers a lot of content, the multiplayer mode is only average. It's a nice goodie, nothing more. The atmosphere, the localization and the videos are pretty well done, which let the player forget time and play hours.
  2. Feb 25, 2011
    Assasssin's Creed: Brotherhood has great atmosphere, beautiful visuals, and overall excellent craftsmanship… Just don't expect anything new beyond the multiplayer.
  3. Assassin's Creed Brotherhood is a more than a worthy addition to the series canon. The similar setting of renaissance Italy will trick folks into assuming this is a half-arsed expansion, but honestly, this feels like Assassin's Creed 2.99. Don't be fooled by Brotherhood's cunningly familiar disguise. Mark it as a fresh target, pounce and take it down. [January 2011 p66]