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  1. Oct 25, 2014
    What drove people mad about this overrated game was its AMAZING art design & graphics, which are some of the best. The story is good enough although takes some twists that weren't necessary in my opinion, the racial focused story at the beginning was good enough to me.
    Voice acting is perfect, soundtrack is great, what lacks is the exploration element, too linear for me. and yes Bioshock1
    is ten times better, so if you need some bioshock in your life, play the first and then try this one! Expand
  2. Oct 8, 2014
    Bioshock Infanite is deffinately one of the best games I played of 2013 for its amazing ope world, beautiful visuals, solid gameplay, a perfect soundtrack and some of the best voice acting in a game. However I do have one problem with the game and don't hate me if you played the game but I found the story a bit confusing at times especially the ending where I could not wrap my head around it, but because of all the other good things about the game, I was really happy to have played it. Expand
  3. Oct 2, 2014
    A great FPS with a unique personality and awesome ideas. Different from Bioshock, ¿better?, I think that it is different, less dark. But the journey for Columbia is full of surprises and the possibility of travel with Elisabeth and the history is a very good point.
  4. Sep 23, 2014
    Ken Levine knocks it out the park once more. After the success of the first BioShock, you're expecting another mind-bending twist and boy does it deliver. The soundtrack and atmosphere is once again great, even if the combat is a little weak at points.
  5. Sep 4, 2014
    Graphics: 9.5 Gameplay: 9.5 Fun: 10 Controls: 10 Ease to Learn: 9
    Length: 8.5
    Re-play: 8
    Audio: 10
    Bugs/Glitches: some but not noticeable most times
  6. Aug 22, 2014
    Man, this game was pretty disappointing. The overall gunplay was better than the original, but pretty much everything else that made the first one interesting was gone, like hacking and stuff, for instance. It has the familiar Bioshock vibe, but the creepiness is gone. The atmosphere gets old awfully quick and the main character talking is a massive drawback, not to mention toting around a girl (like every other game released in 2013) that I never really cared about. The story was okay, but it lacked the punch that the original had. Of the 3 Bioshocks, this is easily the weakest. An average game at best. Expand
  7. Aug 11, 2014
    This game is completely overrated. Its not bad game - we can find thousands of FPS which are not as good as this game. Unfortunately this is Bioshock franchise so we have to use special optics to measure this one.
    If you are *Shock fan - preapare yourself for disappointment. There is no strategy, there is no hacking, there is no puzzles, you can carry only two weapons which are generally
    equal - pistol have almost the same power as machine gun so there is no need for tactics. Vending machines offers all necessary items in low prices - you don't have to think to much about money;)
    I will write nothing about the graphics as its just simply ok. But climate .... Its just so f***ng sweet.... geeez. There is no moment when you feel like rat in a maze, there is no fear, no sense of danger. In rest of *Shock series you were alone in the world full of beasts - here you simply dont care. This is just another FPS- nothing new, with world set up in the skies. Ive been so bored that I could not stand one hour with this game - have to take it one hour day by day ;) I bought it for about 15$ in bargain bin - and i think its worth 10$ - just for acceptable graphics and Bioshock nice name on front cover ;)
    Ant this game shows that "professional critics" are pay by game corporations - I could not find so called "review" with score about 60% - I do not believe that all of them liked Infinitie
  8. Jun 26, 2014
    A very generic FPS with a poor story, bland characters, terribly anti-climactic ending, and no replay value. Not only does the shooter gameplay offer nothing new, almost everything about this game feels hijacked from Dishonored which came out a year prior, whether it be the art style, the music and certain sound effects like the sirens, to the way the enemies move, it really feels like a copy and paste job; more than I have ever experienced from any other video game. Fun for a single playthough but that's it. Expand
  9. Jun 24, 2014
    After getting the platinum, the flaws of the games became increasingly noticeable. The game, while presenting an interesting (yet somewhat predictable) story, has major plot holes. The intertwining of time travel and different dimensions does not bode well for it. The gameplay, while fun, becomes quite repetitive and frustrating (on harder modes). Only a few guns are actually need to make substantial advances in the game. Overall BSI leaves the gamer sad (and maybe a bit confused and angry) yet glad the story takes a risk in the end. Expand
  10. Jun 17, 2014
    I didn't dislike the game, I enjoyed the atmosphere, Elizabeth, and the vigors, but I don't like it as much as everyone else seems to. I don't know why. The game just didn't click with me that much. The story really started to loose me at the end. That being said, it is still fun and you may enjoy more then I did.
  11. Jun 14, 2014
    I thought it was a brilliant game. I found the game play intuitive and the plot compelling. I was constantly wondering what was coming next and they often had incentives to explore the area and it is a beautiful world they created. Many people have problems with the ending and I must admit I was rather confused so I looked up potential solutions online and found one that made a lot of sense to me. I think most people didn't like it because it wasn't what they were expecting and they didn't want to give it too much thought. But I think it actually works. In any case I would definitely recommend renting the game or borrowing from a friend if not purchasing it yourself. Expand
  12. Jun 12, 2014
    Just wow. The story in this game is amazing, and you finally get to play as a character that is able to speak in a bio-shock game. That in it self is great, but for story building it is vital. You really get to know your character (Booker Dewitt) and you can really feel the bond that he and the game's 2nd character (Elizabeth) are forging through out the story. The ending of this game is one of the better i've ever seen, and it really leaves you thinking.

    Now this game is not just about the story, but it actually looks truly amazing aswell. Differing from the two other bioshock games, this one is a lot more colorful and a true joy for the eyes. Mechanics wise i feel shooting is a lot better in this one then say Bioshock 1 where i felt the recoil was just plain weird, here i didn't think any of it, meaning it's probably good as it is.
  13. May 29, 2014
    I think the story is really interesting. It was the only reason for me to play this game. Bud it is probably because this kind of games is not my cup of tea.
  14. May 13, 2014
    This is by far one of my most favorite games in the PS3. Playing through the game was like taking a plunge to a gripping novel. It hits all of the high notes and fits into my standards of being a great game. It has a beautiful atmosphere and great setting. It is set in bright Columbia, where it is full of references relating to such heavy issues like religion and racism, yet it has that sense of enjoyment like a carnival. It is also set in the skies. The story is confusingly great. Although it does not have a surprising twist like in Bioshock, it is still an amazing story that will leave your jaws dropping with alternate dimensions and head-spinning revelations. The characters are memorable and fantastic, especially Elizabeth. Booker DeWitt is also a great protagonist. He portrays as a depressed cop (or detective) who has nothing left to lose and has to pay all of his debts for one last mission. Even better is that at least he is not one-dimensional. He is not too depressed that he stays his pitch low but actually conveys emotions to the current situation and even makes decisions that is tough to even make as that specific character. Elizabeth is by far the best side character in a video game ever. She possesses traits that no other partner possesses. She is emotional yet does not seem one-dimensional. When I mean she is emotional, she expresses true expressions to the current situation of the game that will make the story more realistic like watching a 3D movie. I even just look at her when she says a dialogue. You don't have to protect her for she can protect herself. It is even mentioned in the game that you don't have to save her. She is ACTUALLY USEFUL by giving you health kits, salt and ammo. She is also a very memorable and enjoyable character. You would wish that she was not gone in your missions. Before its launch, they were afraid that she was that character that you have to escort to places and will just be an annoyance throughout the game, but surprisingly, she turned out to be one of your best partners ever in a video game. Other characters were portrayed well like Comstock, the Vox Populi and etc. Even the NPCs were portrayed well throughout the game. The gameplay was amazing. The added game mechanics were actually great game mechanics, even though there were only 2 (or 3 if you add carrying 2 weapons only). The tears were used in order to add more strategies in your gameplay. The skylines are my favorite. Not only it is a great and epic way to evade against your enemies, but you can also us Sky-Line Strike or Smash, where you can punch your enemies away from the freaking ground or even just punch them while riding the skyline. How awesome does that sound. The change of maximum weapons you can carry from 6 to 2 was actually kind of disappointing since I had to sacrifice most of my weapons and make decisions in which I will regret later, but there was something I realized about this new mechanic. This was actually a sacrifice to the developers of the game because since Elizabeth will give you ammo in the game, if they added no maximum weapon carriage amount, it will end up as she was giving you ammo to another ammo even though it was unnecessary. This is to make Elizabeth not an annoying character. Bottom line, buy this game. This is like Bioshock so if you like that game, buy this game. It will truly blow your mind. 10/10 Expand
  15. Apr 28, 2014
    The most overated game in years. The story is interesting but, the characters were flat. The gameplay worked fine and there were no bugs but, it felt restricted, linear and dull. The graphics were good when it came to things being seen far away but, up close nothing is that impressive. It's an okay game but, one of the best games of all time, you HAVE to be kidding.
  16. Apr 22, 2014
    There are no words that describe how flawlessly this game executes gameplay and story, and how well it mixes a great shooter with such an in-depth world. I had my doubts, definitely. I fell in love with Rapture, and it was hard to give up the dark, dreary, fallen city of hope for the flying city of Columbia, but I'm so glad I did. Bioshock blew my mind, it took me to a place I had never experienced with games. The big reviewers will tell you it drops off in the middle, but that wasn't the case for me, I loved every moment of it and I would give just about anything to live in that city (before Booker of course). I'd like to note just how great the acting is from Troy Baker and Courtnee Draper, it's remarkable. The graphics look sort of cartoony at first, but it doesn't stop you from being completely sucked into the world. Calling this anything but the game of the year is a crime. The soundtrack is spot on and the world is believable. Of course, like all bioshocks, it is darker than it seems and packs a large twist at the end. Without spoiling anything, I'll say that it's bigger than than the first bioshock, and will leave you thinking for weeks after you finish the game. Which is good, this game had huge shoes to fill, and everyone knew that there would be a twist, and that's why it had to be great, it wasn't a surprise anymore. But the execution is amazing. I've never been happier to revisit a game and write a review. While I may believe that this game if for everyone, there is a sure way to tell; play the fist half hour of the game, and if you're not completely swept away, then maybe it isn't for you. But I promise, the margin of players who won't enjoy this, isn't even worth mentioning. I spent the better half of four hours exploring the city. No guns, no problems, just a new city to explore, and I enjoyed it tremendously. I cannot begin to explain how great this game is and how I actually found sentimental value in it. Play it, love it, and keep it forever. Whether you're a fan of the Bioshock series or not, now is the time to jump into the masterpiece that is Bioshock Infinite. Try it out, and you'll understand. I'll see you in Columbia. Expand
  17. Apr 21, 2014
    Este juego puede hacerte pensar en muchas cosas, si hay algo más alla de la muerte o si la religión que profesas ha sido una farsa, ningun juego me ha hecho pensar esto desde el 1er Bioshock, que más puedo decir es perfecto y para cada lucha tienes que tener estrategia y te hace pensar (algo que no hacía desde el Doom haya en 1997) es la 5ta sinfonia de los FPS actual
  18. Apr 20, 2014
    the first BioSchock game is a masterpiece and with that being said, Infinite is even better than the first game. I was worried that the city of Columbia would be to weird of a change from the eerie city of rapture, but infinite came off with a different vibe completely that made Columbia's beauty work so well. one of if not THE greatest story in a game ever and the most mind bending conclusions and plot twist I have ever seen in game, movie, book or anything! not everything is revieled to you either, a lot of it is left to your interpretation. also, Elizabeth is my favorite female character in a video game ever, (besides clementine from the walking dead). the gameplay is awesome as well, brilliantly violent and creative since the game offers more weapons and plasmids, I mean vicors, to use than the other games provides you with your own strategy to fight foes in any way you like. this is my favorite game of all time, and I don't say that lightly, I have never enjoyed a game as much as I enjoyed this one. Expand
  19. Apr 16, 2014
    This game was absolutely amazing. I am not usually a FPS but I gave in for this game and am so glad I did. The story line especially that ending...that ending! Of course no spoilers plus how can you possibly explain how it messes with your mind. I loved it. I was very fond of Elizabeth. Quite a character and great it didn't really feel like an escort mission. Whenever the dear threw me some coin or ammo I would say thanks Liz. The visuals were the thing that drew me into playing the game but the storyline kept me playing. Outstanding. I am going to go for a second play through soon and I cannot wait to return to Columbia! Must get all those tapes... Expand
  20. Apr 10, 2014
    Like Bioshock 1 and 2, this game left a lasting impression for me. Playing it gave me a similar feeling to playing "Doom" for the first time. I won't go into too much detail on the story, because this is a review, not a synopsis, rest assured though, the story is very good. It provides a strong incentive to really kick some ass. And that's why Infinite is so well done: you feel like what you're doing has a purpose. It's not just a series of contrived objectives that gets you from point "A" to point "B;" the action has a very natural feel, as opposed to the heavily scripted, QTE games of today. This is a richly crafted game, with a very candid feel. Most importantly though, it's truly very fun, and it doesn't insult your intelligence! Best game of 2013. Expand
  21. Apr 2, 2014
    What an over-rated game this is, every body talks about the graphics of how wonderful they are, REALLY? I just don't appreciate a game that says that their characters are very human like, ARE YOU KIDDING ME? everything is like a bad drawing and the map limits on the player are simply ridiculous. It is a very GOOD and Complex Story that's why I don't give it a 0.
  22. Mar 29, 2014
    when i first bought this game i was a bit sceptic at first but what i bought was one of the best games ever the game lays in the genre i like to call story driven fps where the game uses amazing visuals and a deep and gripping story dont get me wrong the game has tromenduos action scenes leaving me in aww you play as booker dewit a man who is sent to collect a girl in the floating city of colombia where you unravel the secrets of the city the truth about elizibeth the gameplay is is amazing but can feel repetitive and predictible and the ending if you play this game to the end you will be left shocked and i almost forgot the sky hook system is superb but i feel as if the melee attacking on the scy hook was tacked on to try to ad a combat element for people who stay on these hooks all in all the game took me a little over 10 hours and that was on easy listen quick tip use the konami code to unlock 1999 mode where it is nvery hard this game is a blast and other than a few minorly small hicups in combat this game is a must buy Expand
  23. Mar 23, 2014
    While i tough the first Bioshock was strongly overrated and i hated the second one, i must say that this one is really impressing. The graphics are spectacular and the story is great.
  24. Mar 17, 2014
    The story in the game is confusing and half-baked, there is no chemistry in the characterisations, and the gameplay - that is, the shooting - is not fun at all, and is a slog to get through points A and B of the story. It has some nice art direction, but it also represents a lot of what is wrong with AAA titles.
  25. Mar 11, 2014
    I beat this game awhile ago, I recently just tried getting some more trophies for it...
    One thing I always hated about the other Bio shock games is, die had no consequence as you would start 2 seconds from where you died in a vita chamber... This was is similar, however if you die in this one you lose money, which is essential to upgrading your stuff and other things.. I really liked that
    much more than the vita chambers. The graphics are nice, the sound is good. Now the story to this game was ok, for me it was very much too predictable, I knew what would happen before it happened, including the "twist" at the end. The game has a lot of hard work put into it, it was not done by a lazy team that is for sure, considering a lot of devs nowadays are cash grabs...However the gameplay itself, was nice at first but it became really boring. Sure swinging on skyhooks and jumping off and murdering people is cool and all, but it just gets boring...rather quickly... I also beat this game on the hardest difficulty and I will add that the hardest difficulty should of been normal mode.. The hardest difficulty option was not difficult at all, anyone could do it...Now at first I was worried the elizebeth would be annoying, but turns out you are happy to have her with yu, she will give you items when you are low and she doesn't get in the way , the did this right as I have seen many other games fail in AI co op.. I give the game an 8. Expand
  26. Mar 10, 2014
    This was my first Bioshock game ever, so I cannot comment how good it is compared to the original... It's fine game, don't get me wrong and I've loved the world in a first hour or so, however - it's not that special. And it get's a bit repetitive after a while. You run, you'll notice tears, you know there is going to be a fight (with the same repetitive enemies over and over again)...

    Story is good, atmosfere is briliant - but I don't think it deserves 1010.
  27. Mar 9, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Gameplay got repetitive before the end + linear story + non-intuitive AI = no replay value. unique graphics and story make worth a play through, but no real reason to play it again. And as lauded as the immersion factor was, so often Elizabeth was supposed to be having some deep emotional moment, then mid dialogue is like "look booker 10 cents!" This was a good game, worth experiencing once, but no way does it belong in the discussions of best of all time.Not sure how people are justifying 9s-10s, bet its the same people giving those scores to Infamous. Maybe I'm drinking the wrong koolaid after playing truly great series like mass effect, metal gear, half life, fallout, elder scrolls, zelda, and gta/red dead, I found this game to be insanely overrated. Id go back and play any game from those series before thinking about playing through this again. Expand
  28. Mar 3, 2014
    First half of the game was a joy to play, fun to explore and great to experience. However, the second half of the game feels like a completely different game and becomes repetitive and tedious. After just a few battles after the transition into the more generic run and gun gameplay sections, it like more of a chore and less of a pleasure to carry on playing. The story was the only thing that made me carry on until the end. Won't be playing this game again any time soon. Expand
  29. Feb 28, 2014
    My honest opinion is this game has a unique setting. It doesn't have many huge differences from bioshock infact it lacks some of the great customizable skills or atleast to me all the skills seem exactly the same with new visuals. The AI is terrible I know everyone said how great the AI was but to me she always got in the way and tells me to take crap at the most inappropriate times and if you don't do it right away she forgets about it. It would be nice if i could finish killing the guys before being bothered for crap like that. I've ran into too many enemies that stand infront of you and do nothing. Including many times when unlocking safes/doors where she would run in the wrong direction then teleport to the safe. The guns feel bland and nothing special unlike previous games. The only good thing about your companion is her talking/story to keep you from shooting yourself from boring game play. The entire skyrail feels like i'm playing batman.. since its the only good use for it is jumping on enemies for easy kills. Besides the story nothing new. The story is what saves this game, Unique and memorable characters and unique visuals. In terms of gameplay its fallen short its mindless gameplay which really is press this button and win. The attempt of adding strategy with tears really just makes things easier for anyone that knows how to press a button. Many tears which for some reason only appear after you completed a part of the story even though you already been to the same map. Adding no variety on how you fight each battle. Since its the same tears for the same battles. The visuals were amazing the map design not so much the levels were small clunky full of dead ends and nothing to explore unless told to by elizabeth. Lots of invisible walls preventing you from collecting items/money. I enjoyed the 1st,2nd and 3d but sadly the thrill of bioshock gameplay lost its excitement the 3rd time around. You will only play this for the story, You will not remember anything about the gameplay. I suggest watching a let's play than actually play the game you will be more relax and drinking beer/snacks, because if you play this You will get annoyed by the buggy ai and lack of new gameplay. Expand
  30. Feb 25, 2014
    best game ever if you haven't played this your life means nothing
    i mean you can not say that is was a bad game anyway this was the best best game i have ever played wonderful story awesome ending and you are just bioshocked when it ends!
  31. Feb 23, 2014
    Hopefully the studio is closing and they'll never make another crappy COD clone ruining a franchise like this. From the original and excellent System Shock 1 and 2 and the very good Bioshock 1 then it was all downhill until this awful piece of software combining a very confusing story without any purpose with a Call of Duty play style. Avoid.
  32. Feb 22, 2014
    Best Bioshock to date. I know many people will disagree with me, but this game shocked me like nothing I've ever played before, even surpassing the shock value of the original. The game starts off fantastically, offering a bit of a nostalgia effect for old fans. Where as you took the bathysphere down to an a "hellish" place, you take an elevator up to an almost "heavenly" place. Not to mention that the opening sequence is was so beautiful, it was probably the first time I've ever stopped to in awe, to look around and take in what I was seeing. The combat was a bit repetitive, but was fluent, and definitely felt better than the first two games. They also manage to throw in those horror elements the games are known for that you wouldn't expect from a city like Colombia.
    Enough about that though. The two things I think most people are wondering about are Elizabeth and the game's story. Well, Elizabeth is an amazing character, unique in almost every way, and she makes it feel like it's not an escort mission, but that she's been you're partner from the beginning. Seriously, now that I've seen what a god follower can do, I plan on going lone-wolf the next time I play a game such as Skyrim or FNV.
    Finally, there is the story, and let me tell you, this game delivers. From that amazing opening scene I mentioned earlier, to the ending. Oh boy, that ending. Never has any form of entertainment shocked me like this ending did, with a plot twist that even topped the original Bioshock's. And it still gives me the shivers on my 3rd playthrough. Game of the year, and one of the best of the generation.
  33. Feb 14, 2014
    Bioshock infinte is a master piece sucking you into the world of Columbia right from the start but with a confusing middle it makes you feel that the narrative gets a little messy but the music,stunning visuals,and exicting world are enough to keep most engaged.In all bioshock infinte is a great end note to an even greater series and you this is not one to be avoided.
  34. Feb 9, 2014
    This game... This freaking game is amazing, PICTURE PERFECT. Having being the second Bioshock I've played, I was expecting something like Bioshock 2. But when I tried the game myself, it was bright and colorful. Gameplay wise its the same as Bioshock 1&2 but you can only carry 2 weapons at time. This was annoying yes but you learn to work around it. It actually makes it more engaging when your in the middle of a fire fight, your out of ammo on both your weapons, you can pick one of the weapons an enemy dropped and use it. The music is nice, not really my taste seeing as how the music is 1910s. Storywise, UGH!! CAN NOT GET ENOUGH OF IT!! This game is a must have. I recommend it for ANY gamer out there who loves to think and get engaged to the story Expand
  35. Feb 9, 2014
    Another piece of art game for BioShock. Lovely story and enjoyable game play just like BioShock 1.
    I have no takes on the game except for the auto save points that I wished to be more frequent and after each fight.
    The story has an interesting twist. New elements added to it that made it that interesting.
    I loved the Sky-line ride and fights.
    I finished the game and now replaying it on
    1999 mode to get the platinum. Totally recommended if you don't have it. And it's great that you don't have to play any previous BioShock games. It's totally new set.
    But if you wish to just play BioShock 1. Skip 2 as it has nothing to add.
    Any case you need to play this one if you are FPS gameplay fan.
  36. Feb 8, 2014
    First off let me say. No PC gamer here but, I think this game probably would play better on PC. Now to get that out of the way, platform choice will not ruin this great game. This game has a great story, characters, and premise. Elizabeth the character you are with 90 - 95% of the time sold this game totally to me. She is the most helpful and best AI companion you will EVER see to this day. The creation of Elizabeth was a true gaming achievement, that is after all makes this game most worth wile. The shooter aspect of the game is lacking to say the least but I think it didn't totally ruin the game, also another pet peeve is that the middle section of this game carries on FOREVER. Other than that BUY THIS GAME. You will not regret it, if you have a good brain in your head Expand
  37. Jan 31, 2014
    It is no doubt this game does very well on gameplay with much more weapons, abilities and enemies than the first Bioshock. This does not only mean improvement in quantity but also in quality because All these more are well functioned so you can enjoy killing in various ways for more fun.

    The trade off is the style changes a lot from the first Bioshock, which makes me a bit disappointed
    . This one is much more inclined to action adventure (yet still very firm-noir), while the first one is more psycho-horror.

    Another thing the game does very well is that the artistic and layered environment is always changed in different chapters, thus sustaining you excitement and curiosity, while the story is very weak, which I almost didn't care about.

    The most disappointing thing is that the introduction of psycho power of the heroine to bridge different worlds (Do you remember in the trailer where the heroine relives a horse and transfers an incoming train?) was the most anticipating aspect for me, but ends up with just some cheesy weapon transfer ability in the real game execution. It seems the dev has a good idea at first, and then just cannot figure out how to well integrate it into gameplay. Plus, even in the cutscene, the psycho power is never showed again if I still remember it.
  38. Jan 31, 2014
    You might want to read explanations after playing the game. It left me barely grasping the connections, only partly satisfied by getting the main 'reveal', but wikis have helped me see the whole genius of the plot and concept. Never before this game have I played a game with such intricate logic, combined with such a deeply philosophical understanding of existence. Just take everyone's word for it, but be aware that you may not be smart enough to figure out the intricacies and see the full value on your own. The gameplay is solid BTW, fun fast-paced shooting, and interesting audio collectibles strewn throughout the virtual marvel that is Columbia. If it wasn't for the story, I wouldn't consider a second play-through. But man, it's now when it makes sense that I want to discover the game. One downside is that Elizabeth is mostly not used actively in the gameplay. That had more potential. Expand
  39. Jan 22, 2014
    The original BioShock is a true masterpiece. I did not think that it could be topped in any way. BioShock 2 gave me some hope, though it did not satisfy me the same way that the original did. But, with Infinite, Irrational has truly given an equal to the original. This game truly has next to no flaws. The gameplay is so smooth, with the 8 Vigors and the different guns mixing seamlessly to provide combat that is as satisfying as you would expect from an Triple-A game. The story, though a bit confusing near the end, still drew me deeper into Columbia, a city that, just like Rapture, feels as though it is reality. The issues of racism and exploitation of the working man are drawn in a sharp picture, that leaves you thinking for hours after the credits roll. Ken Levine and Irrational Games have done yet another video-gaming masterpiece, that, along with the original, can be shown as prime-example of video games being more than just 'shooting people'. Expand
  40. Jan 22, 2014
    Absolutely incredible game. This was the first of the BioShock franchise i've played and it has easily become one of my favourite video games ever. The graphics and locations are stunningly beautiful, and the gameplay is great. The story itself keeps you interested till the very end. All in all, a masterpiece.
  41. Jan 21, 2014
    Simply one of the most entertaining and fun games I've ever played on my PS3. It's a blast to ride down a skyline shooting up bad guys and using superpowers to get out of sticky situations, upgrading weapons and powers make the game fun and offers different play options and styles.
    The story can be a little convoluted but it's still a lot of fun and more thought out than 90% of the stuff
    out there.Graphics and settings are nice to look at, great package all together. No multiplayer but honestly it's not about that, if you want multiplayer look elsewhere. If you want an awesome fps game that cares about it's singleplayer and wants to take you on a ride, get this game. Expand
  42. Jan 21, 2014
    If you expected a game that is a lot like the originals, think again. The latest installment of the Bioshock series gives a bit more of a fast paced shooter, rather than a strategic "Horror-Shooter". They have simplified many mechanics (such as hacking no longer being there) to the game, but this does not make it bad. This game is simply it's own game, rather than a game feeding off of the old game's success. I'm glad for this, even though I prefer the originals. The series changes from being mostly about the city and the powers. While in Infinite, the powers known as Vigors are simply there to assist the player, rather than being a large plot point. Infinite is much more character heavy. The characters matter much more than they did in the original. Overall this is a great game, with changes that make it it's own game, making it fresh and new. Though I do wish that they will do more with Rapture, other than just DLC. Expand
  43. Jan 18, 2014
    Very disappointed. Vigors were boring, weapons the same. I liked having a sniper, but otherwise boring combat. Apparently, I was the only one that saw the "surprise" twist at the end, but doing so made it that much worse. I mean Comstock alludes to Booker's secret, and Booker's reaction enforces it. I still can't fathom why people like this game. I beat it, and I feel sad that I wasted time doing so. Of course, some people didn't like bioshock 1, and I loved that game, so I suppose everyone's different. Expand
  44. Jan 18, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. A beautiful game. The floating city of Columbia may be the most vibrant and stunning environment we've ever seen in a video game. Solid gameplay, a story and extreme twist that is bound to give you a headache, and dynamic life-like characters. I'm not sure if a game has ever had as much as an impact as this game had on me. A perfect game. 10/10
  45. Jan 18, 2014
    Fun, and awesome.
    The story was at most pretty good and without giving away spoilers: It gets CRAZY, the PS move support felt more like playing CoD on Wii, and there were some frame rate drops, if you are a PS Plus member, luckily this is free until a certain time.
    Still I would highly recommend this.
  46. Jan 15, 2014
    Second one is better ! All i'm saying Second one is better ! All i'm saying Second one is better ! All i'm saying Second one is better ! All i'm saying Second one is better ! All i'm saying
  47. Jan 14, 2014
    I played this game as part of the Instant Game Collection available for free to Playstation Plus members.

    Boring. Painfully dull. Takes forever to pick up speed and when it does, there's not much there. I feel like this game has been done before, only better. I don't understand this game's appeal or its universal critical acclaim. Even for free, I can't endure another moment.
    Sorry, I don't get it. I'll give a couple of points because it looks great, but that's all that's there for me. Expand
  48. Jan 13, 2014
    The setting is amazing and rarely used, the combat is solid with the powers as an ideal addition but the heartpiece of Infinite is its story. Its complex and gets you emotionally.
  49. Jan 13, 2014
    This game isn´t my top Game of the Year like for most people is, because for a journey full of uncomfortable themes, a great deal of emotions and taking place in a beautifully imagined city, even if the ending was very well executed, when I think about it, I ultimately find it to be silly in the end. But don´t let this that change your opinion about the game: it´s an amazing FPS shooter all the way. The story is told in a beautiful manner, because it strikes you at times, and it makes you care for Booker and Elizabeth, who are probably the most conspicuous duo that I´ve met so far. But for the villains, I prefer Andrew Ryan over Comstock, and Songbird wasn´t given a major role in the game, just a tool device, because we don´t explore him enough. Gameplay is engaging and fun, I think even more engaging than the first Bioshock because of the context and, primarily, the Vigors. The enemies are well designed and quite intimidating, like the Handyman and the Patriot. The Skylines are lots of fun, adding a great feel in this floating city of Columbia. Elizabeth aids you in combat, throwing at you health, ammo and salts when you desperately need it; I just wish Elizabeth was given a gun at combat, because that, aside of making her help you more, it would have given her a trait as a intelligent, courageous and strong woman trying to survive the Vox Populi and Comstock´s men alongside Booker, not someone who hides and throws stuff at you. Now, I originally intended to give it an 8 in the overall, but with great protagonists, a superbly crafted city, an engaging combat, and lots of achievements in storytelling (this gave it an extra point), there´s no doubt that lots of game developers might take this game´s storytelling as a model for future games. Expand
  50. Jan 2, 2014
    Bioshock Infinite is a fantastic game and one of my favorite experiences of 2013. The floating city of Columbia, with its extremely vibrant artistic design and old-timey feel reminiscent of Disney World's Main Street, is one of the most memorable video game worlds to explore. I loved walking down the street listening to a barbershop quartet and watching the different floating islands weave throughout the clouds in all their majestic glory. The story is also nearly unrivaled in all of video games, starring Troy Baker as the lovable yet mysterious Booker DeWitt, a former Pinkerton agent tasked to finding and retrieving a girl named Elizabeth to repay an old debt. While the chemistry doesn't come close to matching that of Joel and Ellie in The Last of Us, both lead characters are extremely memorable and leave a lasting impression long after the credits roll. Elizabeth herself is a technical marvel, interacting with the environment to not only instill an incredible sense of realism, but also aid you in your journey by providing vital ammunition and health kits when your inventory runs dry. This trick is unbelievably useful to the player during tough fighting sequences, along with Elizabeth's special power of opening tears into other dimensions and pulling in useful allies or new weapons to manipulate. All of these benefits make Elizabeth one of the greatest sidekicks ever conceived, especially when considering her charming innocence but surprising cleverness, as seen by her philosophical quotes and lock picking abilities. By establishing two incredible leads, Irrational Games has crafted an experience that warrants multiple playthroughs, especially when the ending puts the entire narrative into a whole new perspective. The graphics also look gorgeous, but more of on an artistic level rather than a technical. Again I find myself comparing the game to the Last of Us, whose superb facial animations and movements cannot be beaten.
    On the downside, Bioshock Infinite has noticeable flaws. While the combat is engaging, it does get extremely repetitive during the midsection of the story. It feels like your standard formula of walking to a room, shooting up enemies, rinse and repeat. The skyline system, which was intended to spice up gameplay by changing combat locations and offering new shooting locations, are nauseating to use and make it impossible to lock onto your targets. In addition, I found myself rarely changing guns or Vigors, drinks that offer special combat powers, as the ones provided for me in the beginning were powerful enough to get me through the game with ease. Instead of enjoying the gameplay, I tried rushing through levels just to advance the incredible story. While there are several other nitpicks (not being able to fight the massive Songbird, overwhelming numbers of foes with little ammunition, a repetitive overall soundtrack, background characters that ruin the immersion by repeating their actions) I could focus on, none of them truly detract from the experience.
    Bioshock Infinite is a game that needs to be seen to be believed. The atmosphere is unparalleled, the lead characters are unforgettable, and the ending will leave you begging to return to Columbia for another adventure. While some aspects of the game need fine-tuning (especially in the gameplay department) and it falls short of the high upper class of gaming, it is still one of the best adventures I've ever played in a long time. There's definitely a better game awaiting in the sky.

  51. Dec 30, 2013
    I think bioshock infinite is the most overrated game of this gen it's truly a nice game specially the storyline but still farbehind TR,TLOU,GTA V and even DmC
  52. Dec 25, 2013
    Bioshock Infinite is a brilliant shooter with great gameplay innovations, unique and amazing graphic style and great visuals. The story is original and interesting but with a little but. Spoiler alert! When I finished the game I thought that the story was amazing but when I started to think and ask some questions... the story falls. In the end when you stop that one decision from happening(birth of Comstock) you realise that all that character development and story was all for nothing. Sure Comstock will never born but Booker is still the same person. Booker is still willing to sell his daughter, drunk and gambler. And I have to say that I didn't see the Bioshock1 plot twist coming at all. And I have to say that I am not a genius but in Infinite when you see Elisabeth opening a rift and you see Return of the Jedi movie... Time travel! So I was able to predict some conclusions about the story. The story could have been so so much better because themes like hypertime and timetravel opens so much doors. Expand
  53. Dec 25, 2013
    I have finished the first bioshock and the second. i found the first game to be a great concept that was realised immaculately. There was very little to fault and i played it through several times on different platforms. The second bioshock gave me the novelty of playing as a an all powerful big daddy, and although at times you felt a bit over powered it was still a great game. I have been waiting for 3 or 4 years for infinite, excited about what the dev team would come up with this time round, expecting greatness. Well i have to say I'm glad i didn't buy the game straight away and decided to wait till it was cheaper because this game is awful.

    To say I'm disappointed would be an understatement, this cookie cutter, glossy shooter is no better than a retarded cousin of bioshock one. Excuse me if that sounds politically incorrect. I can relate the disappointment infinite has brought to the appointment i felt playing Fable 2, after having played fable 1 many times over growing up thinking fable 2 could only make the franchise better; how wrong i was.

    Anyway, whats specifically wrong with bioshock infinite is the confused storyline, and the terrible gameplay. The AI is stupid enough to leave you sighing at every battle, there's rarely a challenge, the guns are boring and combat feels clunky. This game is literally grinding through boring uninspired battles, and things start to get repetitive all too quickly. I stopped half way through my first play through as i could actually feel my life being wasted by dumbed down game play. I wouldn't recommend this game to anyone and i want my money back.
  54. Dec 23, 2013
    This game is absolutely amazing. Great graphics, epic story, incredible soundtrack, AMAZINGLY fun and entertaining gameplay with a ton of options in combat, only issue I have is that it is incredibly short. In my first playthrough on hard mode it only took me around 12 hours and 1999 mode only added an extra hour to my gameplay time. But this game is a must own on any platform.
  55. Dec 22, 2013
    BioShock Infinite is a masterpiece in storytelling and one of the best games I have had the pleasure of playing. At its core lies a first-person shooter that plays out very well, with a great range of weapons, as well as "Vigors", which provide the player with special attacks and powers to combat enemies. Graphics are incredible, the somewhat cartoon-like art style and bright colour scheme breathing life into the game's setting of Columbia a city floating among the clouds and giving it a distinct vibe that perfectly reflects the themes of the game. What most impressed me about this game, however, was its masterful storytelling and wonderful characters. I was hooked right from the get-go, and the way in which the characters had been orchestrated and the story that unfolded before me felt intense, enjoyable and, mostly, believable. The game's two protagonists, Booker DeWitt and Elizabeth, are exceptionally well done and work terrifically well together. I invested a lot in these two characters and was determined to see their story right to the end, and when it did end, oh boy. What a finale! I won't spoil it, but I can say I won't be forgetting it any time soon. Seriously, though, this is a game I would recommend to just about anyone, even if it does have a few flaws (but then, everything does). BioShock Infinite is not the most perfect game, but it comes damn close. Expand
  56. Dec 20, 2013
    Welcome to the true FPS game, this game is a masterpiece. The fact that Booker is as a real character instead of a character who has no name and does not talk is awesome. The relationship between the two characters is amazing and the story is truly a work of genius, at the beginning of the game the player has no idea of the turns the story takes. Combat is ingenious and skylines are fun in a combat situation, the vigors are awesome powers that Booker can use. In terms of graphics this game is a masterpiece, Columbia is an amazing city where the player is able to spend hours contemplating the landscape. I never gave perfect score to a FPS game, but here you can forget everything you know about an FPS game, the Bioshock franchise is simply the best FPS ever. Expand
  57. Dec 8, 2013
    Loved it! A very unique FPS, the journey through Bioshock Infinte was epic there's a lot of action and i mean a lot! The graphics are very good though there are some strange blured textures i've encountered on both Ps3 and 360. The sound and the music is excellent the gameplay is fast and perfect. The story... ahh well the story is Bioshock Infinte's biggest strength and weakness or flaw whatever, while it's very engaging and it grabs you from the very beggining later on it gets very strange and hard to follow all that parallel universe crap got me so confused. in other words it's a mindf**k! Other than that the game is amazing and the campaign is very long for a fps definitelly a must buy! 9.6/10 Expand
  58. Dec 8, 2013
    In my opinion this game is pretty good, but not great, the gameplay was kinda boring and columbia for me seemed like it was there so they could slap in a new city, but with those issues it still had a fantastic and believable story, great graphics, and while the gameplay was a litte boring the shooting is still decent, this game is good, just doesn't deserve the reviews it got
  59. Nov 28, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Bioshock Infinite opens very well. The set design, voice acting and atmosphere are incredible out of the gate.

    Of the three, only voice acting continues to thrive by the half way point. Set designs move from vibrant and interesting to the same green-blue and black grittiness of the original Bioshock. The sets coupled with miniscule enemy variation lead to monotonous battle sequences for pointless plot progressions.

    Much of the game is making excuses not to follow up on the theming we were promised. We fetch a key from a mad man to set up Booker's remorse, run around some factory in an extremely drawn out fetch quest that never really culminates, we run around chasing a ghost to open a box that ends up being pointless and then the American exceptional-ism and classist commentary get dropped for disconnected sequences that feel like a retreat to vagaries.

    Characters are likable but the game is sort of a slog.
  60. Nov 24, 2013
    In a nutshell: this is the best game I have ever played ever, and one of the best games you and I will ever play. It is perfect. It is raw, unadultarated and makes no apologies for it, yet it is beautifully balanced in every way. The mind-bending vistas of Columbia, the "Repunsel-inspired" story, the creative cause and effect combat that has become so classic to BioShock and then there's the really special little gem called Elizabeth... I didn't know AI's could be this human, honest to God she has more character in her severed "pinkie" finger than the entire human race put together. BioShock Infinite has something for everyone, no matter how big or small everyone can connect with this masterpiece on some level. But really the only reason BioShock Infinite gets 10/10 is because I can't give it 21/10. Expand
  61. Nov 21, 2013
    I was hesitant on picking this game up at first. The game is a bit cartoonish, but for some reason it's super-violent. Very strange combination. But the story is fantastic and the characters play off of each other well. The game is very different from the original Bioshock, but it still feels like a Bioshock game.
  62. Nov 13, 2013
    Good game. A little overhyped, but good nontheless. The story is great and makes you want to keep playing to find out what will happen next. It will also leave you thinking for a while after the credits start rolling. Gameplay wise it's a pretty standard FPS with a couple of original ideas such as rail riding thrown in. I personally found some of the longer shooting sequences boring and just wanted to get on with the fantastic story. Expand
  63. Nov 9, 2013
    Attention to details is unsurpassed in this game. Graphics are rich and beautiful. This game deserves 10 out of 10 in every category. I highly recommend this game.1
  64. Nov 7, 2013
    - Lovely characters
    - LOVELY soundtracks
    - LOVELY Visual

    - Gameplay felt boring and repetivive

    - I have not played any other bioshocks but i felt that this game was a very strong start to get me into the franchise
  65. Nov 2, 2013
    OMFG!!! This game is amazing.

    The game started of good, and the flying city of Colombia is interesting to say at least. When I played this game I had not played any other BioShock games, but now I have started to play BioShock 1.
    Graphics in this game are not made to look realistic, but both art style and graphics are gorgeous. And the extreme amount of gore just helps the game on the
    way. The combat and shooting mechanics are very fluid and fun to play with.
    But what really blew my mind with this game was the ending. And without spoiling it is going to leave you with questions and I thought about it for the entire credits before I fully understood it.
  66. Nov 1, 2013
    If you are of those people who are looking to play a commercial fps, please be away from this game, it has a complicated story, different mechanics compared to other shooters, and it has no multi-player, but if you are looking for great solo experience, intriguing story, incredible game design, funny game-play mechanics, beautiful visuals, in short, a excellent game experience; well this is the game you wanna play. Expand
  67. Oct 25, 2013
    Bioshock Infinite would've been my first Bioshock. But I decided to play through the original Bioshock first, since it came with Infinite as a downloadable bonus. After I finished Bioshock, I played through Bioshock Infinite right after so the first Bioshock would be fresh in my mind and so I could compare them. I am happy to say that while I prefer the first one, Bioshock Infinite is one of the best games I have ever played. The graphics in this game are BEAUTIFUL- seriously, everything looked amazing. The city of Columbia always felt alive and vibrant, even when you were fighting people. Where Rapture was dark and gloomy, Columbia is bright and colorful, which is a welcome change. Don't get me wrong, I loved Rapture, but I liked Columbia better as a city. Gameplay wise, Infinite controls well, and the mechanics of using visors and shooting are solid. The best part of infinite, in my opinion, is the story. I was not expecting anything this deep and intricate. Booker DeWitt (the character you play as), and Elizabeth, the girl you protect, are great characters, and they help the story in a bunch of ways. The ending of the story is one of the most though provoking endings I've ever experienced, and I implore you not to spoil it for yourself before playing. The only reason I like The first Bioshock better is because it just appealed to me more. While I didn't like a rapture as much, the game made me feel scared and nervous, which is exactly what it was supposed to do. It had great survival horror elements, and the enemies in that game were scary as HELL. That game was so dark, and I loved it for it. That's why I liked Bioshock better. That doesn't mean I didn't love Infinite, though. Infinite is, as I said earlier, one of the best games I've ever played. It is worth the buy. Expand
  68. Oct 22, 2013
    Although this game is waaaay different than the first two Bioshocks, it is still an amazing game. It earns the 10 it gets. The visuals are just breathtaking,the gameplay is smooth and fast, the characters are kind of meh but some are amazing, the story will keep you wanting more and the overall feel is nice. It's GOTY worthy and worthy of your money.
  69. Oct 19, 2013
    Very pretty, very fun. However, when you a game tries so many new things you can't help but see the Vigors are essentially useless in this game, not very effective and unnecessary. The two gun carry limit severely hinders the game by causing players to stay with guns that are well rounded rather than specialized weapons. When your player is afraid to carry around an RPG for an enemy that may or may not show up, you've up. I steered clear from big guns and precision weapons because of how much of a risk they were to carry. The story flip flops everywhere but eventually ties up pretty nicely, save for a few major plot holes that will most likely go ignored because of the suspension of disbelief the game maintains quite excellently. Most of the difficulty is cheap and does not allow for much strategic implementation of tools, (see above), most fights consist of hiding behind cover to recharge shield and out lasting enemies in a battle consisting of constantly giving out and soaking up damage. There was no real smart way to defeat enemies. Enemies are not specialized, they are brutes, bigger brutes, and even bigger brutes. There was no special way to deal with enemies you just kind of shot at them until they died. Story and characters are where this game puts most of it's focus, and it's... kinda underwhelming. Booker is a stereotypical anti-hero with a dark past and Elizabeth is kind of bland. Comstock is not a devilishly smart villain, he's just a racist religious nut with an army of thick headed brutes that are also racist. The only interesting characters are the Lutece twins; their quirkiness and obscure goals really made a lot of the game for me. Yet, with all of these boring characters the game makes them seem special, it makes you care about these characters, and that is quite a feat. The ending is heart wrenching and will leave you feeling empty inside for a few days. This game is quite a milestone for the nature of games as art but we still have quite our ways to go. Overall, worth it's price tag. The thing this game does well is fun. Some of the difficulty is I would recommend medium for optimal enjoyment, but yet it finds a way to be loads of fun. Expand
  70. Oct 16, 2013
    Beautiful world with an engaging story, but I found the gameplay to be rather lack luster, with fun moments too far and few between. I've played the other two Bioshocks as well and so far my opinion on them remains the same, worth renting and playing through once, then sending it back on its way. To me they just don't have any replay value, it's a great one time experience though.
  71. Oct 7, 2013
    Bioshock Infinite does not break the same ground that System Shock and Bioshock 1 did, but does streamline and refine most the gameplay mechanics. Shooting and Powers are much better this time around falling more in line with modern shooters. The negative is lack of diverse enemy types and poor AI. The setting, story, and wonderfully voiced characters are a much bigger part of the experience and by the end you'll genuinely feel for the characters. Without spoiling anything, the ending is one of the better ones in gaming in recent memory. This game is worth your time! Very excited about the next Ken Levine game. Expand
  72. Sep 25, 2013
    High quality story and production, the sky hook system is a pain to use and choosing tears to open doesn't work and just gives away that the enemies are nearby. These drawbacks are balanced by the great things transferred over from the original Bio shock, however it also makes you miss the things that aren't. The sky city of Columbia is worth visiting for its art and atmosphere.
  73. Sep 24, 2013
    Combat overkill ruined the story and any fun in exploring the world. Watch a few youtube playthroughs and you'll get the gist of what I'm saying as you hear the let's players noticably sigh as they enter yet another area/shooting gallery filled with goons and realise that ALL of them must be killed. When it comes to gameplay mechanics, subtlety is not this game's forte.

    Shame because
    the world and story seemed quite interesting.

    Very over-hyped, overpraised and technically and mechanically lagging well behind many of today's AAA games.
  74. Sep 20, 2013
    This is another story were I was emotionally invested in seeing the ending, and without any spoilers it did not disappoint. My only grip with was its game-play ya it was good but it lacked a lot. For one it was not hard to play it was fairly easy. Towards the end it got tedious to play it got a bit repetitive. Not a lot of gun variety when that is your primary source of killing fools. And why couldn't I hold more than two guns? With that being said I still loved the game and would recommend it to everyone with a PC Xbox or PS3 Expand
  75. Sep 16, 2013
    This game was definitely interesting. To start, I will say that this is the first Bioshock game I played in the series, and I have since played 1 and most of 2, and for the first impressions of the series, it does some things unbelievably well, but falls short in just a few areas that I find personally annoying.

    This is one of the best stories I have ever seen in an arena-style shooter,
    one that blows away the story of the first 2. Throughout the game, you will come across many memorable moments that may seem completely detached from other parts of the story, but the ending ties all of these weird scenes together. I will not spoil it, because if you have not played it, you will not see the ending coming. It's an idea that is so out-there that I am very surprised that developers have found a way to implement it into a video game.

    The things that bothered me about this game was the gameplay, and how it seemed repetitive. There is not much, in terms of gameplay, that would separate it from other arena-style shooters such as Quake or Unreal Tournament. There are vigors, which are similar to plasmids in the first 2 games, but these seem less effective in this game, and so it just becomes a generic shooter at times. Also the end "boss", if you can call it that, was extremely frustrating, and seemed like an unnecessary spike in difficulty right before the epic ending. If they had found a way to prevent these monotonous sections of shooting and the bs end "boss", this game would have easily been a 10/10.
  76. Sep 14, 2013
    I love everything about this game. First of all the gameplay is absolutely great; it never bored me. The characters in the game are amazing too. Elizabeth is an absolutely brilliant character. From all game characters, Elizabeth is the most human-like yet, who really brings emotion into the game. As the game progresses you caring for her and her feelings. Also Robert and Rosalind Lutece are outstanding characters. In fact, they are my favourite characters of the game, above Elizabeth. Their witty comments and their mysterious nature makes them incredible interesting.
    What really makes this game a true masterpiece is its story. Reading about the history of the characters and the city is very interesting and gives you more insight on what's happening around you. But what makes the story really that amazing is that BioShock Infinite has the best ending of all games I have ever played. Its unpredictability and genius is just amazing. I don't want to spoil anything, so there is not much more I want to say about the ending. Just play the game and you will see yourself.
    I really recommend getting this game.
  77. Sep 9, 2013
    The game is a beautiful world to discover and explore and amazing graphics but they needed more likeable side characters and little more back story for Comstock, Elizabeth and booker but it is an awesome game
  78. Sep 2, 2013
    Not sure why all the fuss about this game. I got the game and I think it's OK nothing special. The gameplay is pretty plain and the game in general is just not exciting. I wouldn't recommend this game to people there are many other games that are spectacular. Avoid.
  79. Sep 1, 2013
    it's Perfect in quite a few ways, amazing characters, flawless visuals, great gameplay, great story & a beautiful world. i didn't play the first game, nor the second, played Infinite simply because a friend told me too, & i was blown away. the story & difficulty curves are prefect. yes the story is a bit complicated but that adds to the whole experience
  80. Aug 30, 2013
    Bioshock Infinite is a great game. Not better then the original and the game feels like some other game but still feels like Bioshock. The Voice acting is superb. I mean it's excellent. I think the game is a little over rated. I mean yes it's great but it's not really amazing. Still a great game though.
  81. Aug 23, 2013
    A story that keeps you hooked till the jaw-droppingly deep ending, gameplay that's so deliciously violent and graphics that don't always look great, but it's sure fun to look at. I'm serious. That ending will leave you in deep thought for days.
  82. Aug 20, 2013
    This game is a true masterpiece of gaming.
    The story is the best I have seen so far in a shooter and maybe also the best story in a game ever.
    The graphics are good and the art design is unbelievable great. In addition the combat feels better than in BioShock 1 or 2. The AI Elizabeth uses works without problems and maybe makes her the best companion in a game yet.
    This game is one of
    the best games of this decade and my favorite for Game of the Year.

    I recommend playing the game on hard difficulty because normal is way too easy. Players who want a more challenging experience should try 1999-Mode.
  83. Aug 19, 2013
    Definitely one of the best games put there for PS3. I've never played Bioshock 1 or 2 as I thought they were to scary (sic). But I think this is just about perfect. Still, not a game for sissies but a great experience whatsoever.
    The story, the gameplay, the graphics, the weapons, everything looks, feels, and is god in this game. Although the story gets a bit difficult to keep up with
    sometimes it is still a great story that is so deep and interesting. Add to that the (now famous) Elizabeth who enchants this game so much that I simply can't imagine any game getting this close to a perfect companion ever! You simply can't help but admire her and all I wanted was to get to know more of her story!
    This game definitely deserves a spot in the hall of fame, 'cause it's simply just GOOD!
  84. Aug 18, 2013
    I loved this game, it confused me at the best of times but thats whats the best part of this game, its an amazing shooter that ties in amazingly to an ending that makes you sit and think, my nitpick would be around a bit of repetitive scenery, but thats all. Its like the first one and not like the first one in so many ways, the ending is one thats unforgettable and makes you think back through your journey to tie in small things that had such a big impact in the end.

    its a fantastic story, a fantastic game and well worth buying.
  85. Aug 8, 2013
    This bioshock is ten times better than the overrated original. It is actually a fun shooter with more fluid controls and a great story with a huge twist that you won't want to miss. Although I enjoyed it very much it isn't as amazing as most say and if you don't care too much about story or characters then I can name ten shooters way better. Overall a good game.
  86. Aug 8, 2013
    Few games can be as engaging and imaginative. Bioshock Infinite's setting is unmatched as far as world building is concerned. The story and characters are diverse and allegorical. The gameplay is fun and innovative. I laughed, I cried and I kept thinking about this game long after the credits rolled. A must buy.
  87. Aug 8, 2013
    Bioshock Infinite is a game that will stick to you long after you finish it. Irrational games has made a game that will never be forgotten. I believe that the goal of developers should not be to create a game to play, but a game worth experiencing. And that is exactly what Bioshock Infinite is. An experience.

  88. Aug 7, 2013
    Bioshock Infinite it's not just a great game. Most of all is a great story adapted with perfection to gaming. The characters are memorable and Elizabeth takes the prize of the most charismatic and the best AI sidekick of all time. The setting is to say the least epic. A city in the sky at the turn of the 19th century? Not even George Lucas would have thought of this (Or did he?). The gameplay is not innovative and i think that the tears could have had more to it than simple refills but these are minor problems since the story is so powerful that you just want to keep playing to see how it unfolds. Infinite shows that the Bioshock universe can also be one made of light without losing his identity. Expand
  89. Aug 6, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I was a huge fan of the first Bioshock game. Its story and setting were compelling, truly alive and stood out as something fresh and interesting, which more than made up for its uninspired gameplay mechanics. During my stay in rapture I felt right. I was an ordinary man, lost and out of his element, forced to survive in a beautiful and terrible, alien world. Every audio-log I found, every room, every character added another piece to the incredible mystery that was rapture and the games big reveal was not only in-keeping with the world, but surprising enough to genuinely impress me. Bioshock Infinite had none of these things. There was no facet of this game which could hold a candle to its predecessor.
    Not only did the audio-logs (one of my favorite features in Bioshock) fail to add to the story, they failed to provide any information at all. The supporting cast was almost non-existent. From Jeremiah Fink to Daisy Fitzroy, none grew or changed as the story progressed, even Booker/Comstock had no goals beyond violence in order to control Elizabeth. Speaking of the only character you ever learned anything about, Elizabeth played a pathetically subservient role in both the story and gameplay, constantly requiring Booker's help to survive and even his permission to open locks or tares (the only things she can do). The story's climax and resolution failed to add anything to the story or develop any of the characters AND managed to retcon itself and the entirety of the rest of the game up to and including the only thing it managed to do even partially well. Which brings me to my high-point in the game: Colombia. While it lacked the mystique and life of Rapture it was, nonetheless, breathtaking. There have been few games that have created such a visual spectacle. Yet just like its inhabitants, it was empty. In spite of the fact that it was supposed to be a city of thousands, brimming with life, it felt far more dead than a the ruined and blasted Rapture ever did. Neutral npcs would stand still and repeat the same tasks for hours with no reaction to Booker's presence and would suddenly vanish without a trace once combat began. As the game progressed the world became increasingly empty and repetitive. While some levels like the Hall of Heroes mixed things up, the game never really changed in tone or appearance. Then comes the gameplay. Combat has been my low-point for every Bioshock game, but considering 2K had FIVE YEARS to improve upon it there is simply no excuse. The fact that it has degenerated is just a nail in the coffin. Unlike plasmids, vigors were almost entirely useless with the only Possession ever serving a practical use. The AI was dense and could be easily outwitted with tactics as simple as circle-kiting and wall-banging, even hard and "1999 mode" only served to slow the game down. One nice addition were the sky-lines which managed to add a little bit of novelty and speed to the combat. Yet the game also managed to add absolutely nothing to the franchise in terms of player decisions or consequence of action, something which it lauded itself on upon launch. My final, and perhaps greatest, complaint comes from the game's lack of immersion and interesting lore, there was simply no universe in which Colombia existed. Every enemy only exists as a different thing to shoot at, none of the advanced goons have any real reason to be in Colombia (with the exception of perhaps the patriot) and are never fully explained within the universe. Elizabeth's powers grow and shrink, expand and contract only as the game requires and the gameplay and plot potential of her tares goes completely ignored. Overall this game is one of the worst I have ever played and a stain upon the honor of one of my favorite franchises. I truly hope 2K and its affiliates aren't blinded by all the praise this game has managed to acquire as it could very well lead to the stagnation and death of a great franchise.
  90. Aug 4, 2013
    Game of the year? For what?
    The gaming experience is nothing special and the biggest complaint for this game is it creating an average fun experience until you get to the end of the game where the waves upon waves of enemies are ridiculous, etc. How they make the first 38 levels fine and then all of a sudden bump it to ridiculous lengths is beyond me. And this is on hard, not even the
    hardest level. Soooooooooooooooo dumb. The game is fun; nothing special. Game of the year is hands down The Last Of Us; good game, but definitely overrated as well. Expand
  91. Aug 4, 2013
    The gameplay was fluid and at the same time extreme, the story had depth and was complex unlike a lot of fps games these days, the graphics were absolutely outstanding, and finally the soundtrack gave it that 1900s touch. Bioshock Infinite is one of those games where you sit, paralyzed on your couch, after having finished the story, still digesting the series of events that had just happened. Simply beautiful, one of my favorite games I've ever played. Expand
  92. Jul 31, 2013
    The hype kill me with Bioshock Infinite, I keep thinking about what I'm agree with Meristation analysis. All the time I kept thinking about "what could have been" So many things that came out in 2011 NOT LEAVE trailers.

    For example Elizabeth trying to cure a horse and suddenly I remember doing a tear to help I figured I would get electric horses and real horses they would do some
    empathy with Elizabeth, but no cigar out electrical horses.

    Well, neither helps give Elizabeth beyond ammunition, items or open tears out there. In one of the trailers I remember her into a sort of ball made of objects and water, and then Booker's electrified and thus the throwing. I remember that in fact it toward a kind of storm. None of that happens. In that scene I think it came out well and was one helluva Handy Man. None of that happens at the end.

    Another thing I did not like is that in the trailers of 2011 showed us a much more vivid Elizabeth, talking more, interacting more with expressions for each situation that made her look more realistic. In the final game has passed that I can be frightened by X situation, the Songbird or I know, and right next second have the face expressionless as a doll. In the trailers when startled by Songbird remained scared and then he was passing the shock naturally as you speak. Here it happens all at once, a second is scared and the next like a doll expressionless. It is pretty seedy and the script is quite noticeable, quite contrary to what they showed in the trailers.

    I remember that we saw in the trailers also played with a head like a puppet and was coming down to see different things. The behavior is similar in the final game (without the puppet scene) but quite far from what one imagined with what is shown. In fact sometimes approaching objects and is watching them, or tells you that there is no such object, but it plays with nothing, gets nothing. I also hoped there would be more dialogue. Dialogue with Elizabeth is bad, but I expected much, much more.

    All this was perfectly possible, there was no technical impediments or anything. What I think is that they did not want to spend more time putting more Scripts Scripts put more dialogue or the character to do more things. Because that is what is most required time. Perhaps the intention was to put all that Irrational at first, but a matter of time left him out and in the end we left with a half-Elizabeth.

    At the end I am left with the feeling that it's a mediocre game, artistically not impressed me, but neither is a "God" of games as many people have seen you preach or like myself thought it was coming along all the trailers they were going to launch.

    Bioshock Infinite is mediocre, no NOTHING brings neither in terms of narrative, nor in terms of gameplay, everything has been done before and BEST.

    I'm a big fan of bioshock 1 for me is the masterpiece. On 3 disappointed me for many reasons, one who has completed Hype crushing the AI ​​as I find Elizabeth is just kidding, it's nothing we have not seen before, gives ammunition! that breakthrough. To me it is an empty and dull game, with secondary characters and personality lacking animation, AI talk about Elizabeth, as you will have given it to her for all the other characters are without power, you see the population static and made of porcelain, in the same position all the time, no life, walk into a bar and shoot and no one moves, an AI shameful recently credible around you. All highly mechanized, automated, directed, did not feel at any time the sensations of BioShock 1 a moment if only in the moment you return to Rapture.

    But the trailer for 2011 has killed the end game, because that was pure interactive show which nothing remains in the final game. In my judgment, that is to trick players.
  93. Jul 29, 2013
    one of the best games of this generation, and prob one of the best of all time, the final was amazing, words cant explain the epicness of a ending like that, no gamer should avoid a game like this one
  94. Jul 29, 2013
    This is surely one of my favorite games ever. It was only an average fps and the graphics only seemed amazing due to the lighting, but I'll give those any day for a spectacular setting and a masterpiece of a story. Its true some of the game is like watching a movie, but those parts can be refreshing after massacring people for hours just preceding them. Buy this game. Although it has some flaws it is still one of the best games made in a long time. Expand
  95. Jul 29, 2013
    Most disappointing game of the year

    Gameplay: The game involves you shooting a lot of people while using powers (vigors) to dispatch of them. This may seem like fun but enemy AI has got to be some of the worst I have ever seen, if they're not busy running towards you they're either running in circles around an object or they're standing on one spot making them easy targets, this seemed
    like it would make the game easy but every enemy is a massive bullet sponge and will force you to scavenge during the battle while someone charges behind you with a shotgun. Almost every weapon is useless and you will find yourself keeping the same two weapons for the whole game since they are the strongest out of all weapons. The same goes for vigors here (Bucking Bronco itself is all that's really needed to win). All of the exploration from previous Bioshock games are missing here and this game becomes mostly a corridor shooter, the only exploration involved is the use of lock-picks to open doors for more items but these don't really keep anything special. There is gear that can be found and added onto your character and can change your abilities such as making your melee strikes stronger but you'll hardly be worrying about these apart from when you find your first one. The sky-hook system isn't that good either; while the controls are good when riding it there is hardly any use for them, every combat section can be beaten without them since death isn't much of a penalty in the game apart from losing money. Also the game sometimes doesn't realize that you want to ride them even when you're right underneath them looking up so then you're left jumping up and down like an idiot. Elizabeth's AI is helpful as she will help find stuff throughout the game from ammo to salts (for vigors) to health packs and money, she will never get harmed during combat which is a good thing as it keeps the game from becoming an escort mission were you'd be panicking about the enemies banzai rushing her as well as you. Elizabeth can also make tears at certain points in the game which will help you during combat, these tears in reality make more weapons show up and even machines that will help you by shooting at the enemies and distract them. Combat is typical shooter overall but can get dull and repetitive especially in one chapter that requires you to fight the same boss battle three times in a row.

    Story: The story starts off very well and can be intriguing. However there is plenty of things wrong with it. I understand that the game is set in a time period where racism was accepted in the world however this subject matter isn't executed in a good way, it is seen in a complete good/bad manner with no middle ground at all and this becomes very noticeable by the middle act of the game. Even worse though without giving this arc in the story a proper resolution it is instead forgotten about for another story which involves Elizabeth's tears. This is when the story starts to fall apart because not only is there no sense of society falling apart there is now a story which soon becomes full of plot holes and cliche's which hardly makes any sense. Every character in this game is either unlikable, moronic or underdeveloped, Booker DeWitt isn't a character I enjoyed playing in fact I started to despise him more and more as the story progressed. Comstock is a contender for the lamest villain of all time and Songbird is hardly in the game at all. The only character that I did care for was Elizabeth which is a shame because it is her reality tears that cause most of the stories problems and with all of the plot-holes present it's hard to like her when you don't even know what the hell is going on. There are a couple of twins who show up and while they seem peculiar and funny at first I did just want to shoot them by the end of the game.

    Graphics: The graphics are the best thing about the game, there is a crazy amount of detail to every location in the game with only a couple of dull corridors. Every character has a great amount of detail and emotion in all of their actions and the effects from the vigors look cool when they are used which is awesome.

    Bioshock Infinite isn't the greatest the game of all time sadly which is a shame. Part of my disappointment comes from how different the product has became during the whole development. If you have watched any demos or trailers for the past 2 years and can't wait to use features or play moments that were shown in them. Then you will be just as disappointed as I am, virtually nothing from these demos happen and I feel rather cheated at the fact these never showed up in the final game especially when these demos claimed to be actual gameplay. For every good point about this game has there is always a dozen problems holding it back. If you are new to Bioshock I would greatly suggest you take a visit to Rapture in the first two games rather than join Columbia no matter how nice it looks up there.
  96. Jul 28, 2013
    Lets just say, this game is truly a masterpiece, The graphics, storyline, combat, and the mindf@#! moments all make this game worth every cent, I certainly will play this again, and again.

    BUY IT!
  97. Jul 27, 2013
    I always thought that Metal Gear Solid 4 was the greatest game ever made for the PS3, a game that was perfection from beginning to end...then I played Bioshock Infinite...and now I am seriously forced to consider which game is better. Bioshock Infinite is an absolute masterpiece, a game without any flaws whatsoever!!! The gameplay is exciting, the characters are ones you actually want to root for, the city of Columbia is amazing, and everything ends in perhaps the GREATEST ENDING THAT I HAVE EVER SEEN IN A GAME!!!! I cannot stress enough how great this game is!! It is truly an innovative experience! Expand
  98. Jul 26, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I'll do a list of things that I enjoyed and follow it up with a few of my complaints.

    I really enjoyed the setting. The city of Colombia is very detailed and has a lot for the player explore. The combat system is true to the Bioshock series. The diversity of the enemies makes the combat much more challenging and fun. The voice acting is top notch. The AI is very good as well. The Skyhook offers an interesting approach to both the combat and navigation of Colombia.

    While the voice acting is very good, I feel like having a main character that speaks takes away from the game. The introduction of the alternate dimensions in this game definitely hurt the series in my opinion. Although it isn't a commonly used plot point, I feel that it doesn't really have a place in video games. Songbird would have been a very cool mini boss of sorts, but was wasted in my opinion. It could have played a much larger role in the story.

    All in all, this game was very deserving a positive rating despite a few short comings in my opinion. You have to judge what is there, not what isn't, and what is there is phenomenal.
  99. Jul 24, 2013
    Would give this game a 8.8/10...
    A brilliant game that will certainly go down as a classic of our generation however, it is not without its flaws. The game has a strong story with a great ending and twist that even few movies could say are better and the characters are stellar and well written. The voice acting is sublime and the core game play is relatively good.
    The issues do however
    stick out, especially if playing the game is played for long periods. The combat can be repetitive and tedious and their is far too much back tracking for a game of this scope. I played the game on medium and it was far too easy but suddenly the last battle on the ship was almost impossible without a tip from the net. The inclusion of Elizabeth's tears made combat bit more varied yet the same things kept being rehashed and a bit more variety and creativity would have been nice. Another minor gripe for me is the power ups/plasmids. They aren't explained at all like in the first game and don't seem to belong along with being relatively useless for most of the game as guns just seem to be a better option throughout.
    The game does have beautiful visuals however, and the world is very well thought out and made. The music is sublime and it creates a brilliant and intriguing atmosphere at the start and becomes eerie and creepy towards the end.
    I have to confess that this is not the best Bioshock game as that crown is definitely still with the first one, but this is still a game that you should definitely not miss and is worth playing even though there are minor issues I pointed out.
  100. Jul 24, 2013
    Just have to pull the user score up. This game becomes fantastic, especially once you get to the ending. It may sound strange, but the ending make the game over all from well done, to "something we'll talk about in 10 years".

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  1. May 27, 2013
    In an infinite universe, anything can happen, but in Infinite's, the specifics are what get you.
  2. Apr 23, 2013
    One of those rare games that speaks to the player on a personal, emotional level with a thought-provoking, mature storyline set in one of the most amazing worlds conceived in a game. Plus, it's a wonderful FPS with deep, tactical combat. Essential. [Issue#230, p.66]
  3. Multiple dimensions and a clever scenario with a surprise around every corner make it difficult for us to explain our enthusiasm without spoiling the story. Only the extended ghost chase (literally) halfway through the game drags on a bit too long. [April 2013, p.74]