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  • Summary: A third person action-adventure, "Brave: The Video Game" expands the tale beyond the movie's storyline. Gamers can play as Merida, an expert archer and heroine, and in the console versions, players can also play as other entertaining characters from the film. In addition, they will be able to go on quests through a magical world and solve puzzles to uncover secrets. Expand
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  1. Sep 17, 2012
    Overall, though, I found Disney Pixar's Brave to be fun! Actually, I found the game to be more entertaining than the movie. I think kids and adults can enjoy it, though I don't see too much repeat play after one has beaten it.
  2. Aug 6, 2012
    Those kids who have enjoyed the movie will have a great time controlling the brave princess, and probably will play the game twice to discover all its secrets. It will hardly attract another type of players, but it is above average game, and a good movie tie-in.
  3. Jul 20, 2012
    I have to admit I was pretty impressed with Brave. If you have a child that enjoyed the movie, were a fan of the movie yourself, or are a parent and are looking for a fun family friendly game you can play with your kids, then Brave should be right up your alley.
  4. The robust character progression is your first clue that Disney isn't dumbing down the formula, the second arrives with the puzzle sections. Some of them are fairly taxing, as they require a lot of doo-dad flicking and switching between the three 'solver' bears at your disposal. Kids may get annoyed. [September 2012, p72]
  5. Jun 26, 2012
    I commend Disney Interactive Studios for not treating this game like it was some cross-promotional item related to the film. You can see that the development team at Disney Interactive Studios really wanted this game to work and break out of the stereotypical movie-to-game mold that has been well established over the years. It has some really fantastic positives with weapon and ability upgrades (and easter eggs), but it still failed in some areas. If you have younger gamers in the household then you may want to consider this title for purchase.
  6. Aug 29, 2012
    Its visuals might be reminiscent of the PS2 era but underneath lies a surprisingly solid gameplay. [10/2012, p.70]
  7. Aug 19, 2012
    Ideal for a younger audience who will not mind the extremely easy and quite repetitive gameplay.

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  1. Jun 1, 2014
    Graph has no good (something I did not expect Pixar) and also has a strange history. The biggest plus point of the game is the gameplay, and simple yet fun and natural combinations of combat. Collapse
  2. Jun 23, 2012
    Firstly this title costs less than $49 on Amazon. Additionally, I knew I was getting a $20 Amazon Credit for Pre-Ordering and 8$ Movie Voucher and was planning and Saw the Movie 6/22/12. I also have the Move, and was hoping for more Archery like the Sports Champions Archery. The playstation move is only required/used for the min-games involving target practice and timed target practice in 3 sections of 5 challenges I achieved gold in all but one in about 20 minutes. I only used one Move Controller, it didn't indicate to me support for two move controllers. I've only completed one of what appears to be 8 areas of the main game. The game does contain spoilers to the Pixar movie. Since It took about 30 minutes for me to complete a section I assume the games overall length to be 4-5 hours. Replay-ability for completing the game on a higher setting or for making sure to earn enough 'coins' to upgrade everything is possible. I was playing on Normal, I might change to a higher setting as it seems normal is geared to younger players [Pre-Teen] The game starts with the main plot of the movie, than stretches it out. The CGI cut scenes are wholly inferior to the movies animation, but the drawn storyboard cut scenes are well done. The mechanic is simple with a Diablo like pulled back third person camera, the characters and levels are quite well rendered, and the mechanics are smooth albeit not very challenging. The puzzles scattered periodically are also targeting the pre-teen arena for difficulty. For trophy hounds willing to turn the difficulty to 'Brave' it's probably an easy platinum. I'm enjoying it so far, it's definitely worth a rental or a discounted purchase. Expand
  3. Dec 18, 2012
    I have bought this game on, I have expeted a bad game, but not, it's a very fun game a very enjoyable, and on Brave difficult it's challenging, not bad, not bad at all. One of the best Tie-in I have played.
    PS: the graphic are very poor, but in a game the graphic it's not important.
  4. Jul 8, 2012
    I bought this for the PS3 because I have it hooked up to the large 54" HDTV and wanted to see Pixar stunning graphics that stand out. Unfortuanately, the game graphics are substandard compared to video games nowadays. Being a videogame released based on a summer blockbuster, you can expect some lack of quality due to being rushed, and this game is the epitomy of the criticism heaped on these types of games. The cutscenes are basic concept art drawings with uninspired VO. The concept is extremely simple and too short to even look forward to playing again. The advertisement lies about it being a two player game because the two player is only used in the archer mini-game that requires the PS Move device (two of them in fact for a total of a $100! No thanks). This game is one better to be left on the shelves at the store because my kids (7 and 6) are completely bored with it. Expand