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  1. One of my favorite World War Two video games on any system, if the couple of glitches were fixed it would be my favorite over Call of Duty on the PC. But for your home console, buy this great game and enjoy it. Hopefully they are working hard (after a vacation) on Brothers in Arms: Battle of the Bulge which is the last big fight the 101st was part of in World War 2.
  2. Unlike other games, Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway brings you into the action making it feel like more than a simple game, it becomes a believable journey into the heart of a war.
  3. Brothers in Arms: Hell’s Highway is an intense and powerful shooter.
  4. The game offers so much, from an engaging emotional story to showing the brutal face of war. Easily one of the best WWII based shooters.
  5. Brothers in Arms returns with its third episode, and it does it demonstrating its healthy status in its debut in Xbox 360. Despite not having many differences with the previous games, this is an exciting and intense game; a title that could have turned into the best one of the saga if it was a little bit more polished. Even so this is a totally recommendable title for shooter fans, because of its treatment of the war with the respect and the depth that it deserves.
  6. The beautiful landscapes complement the gritty combat, and thoughtful cinematic techniques breathe life into the engaging characters. Despite the somewhat spotty story and sundry oddities, Hell's Highway is a game you should consider playing twice.
  7. The game has two main targets in sight – people who like hardcore, realistic tactical shooters and people who like World War II. While the latter group will get more out of the game than the former, there’s still enough intelligent design, still enough realism to appeal to both equally.
  8. While there were a few graphical issues within the game, World War 2 has never been told with such passion and quality.
  9. World War II is coming back into your living room with Hell's Highway, a solid, squad-based tactical shooter. Aside from some minor glitches and a lack of decent multiplayer the game is stunning, with a movie-like story that is gripping and emotional. A must buy for WWII shooter fans, and fans of the series.
  10. The game’s strategy-based team ordering will definitely take some getting used to, but gamers who master the game’s mechanics will definitely find a sense of accomplishment in Hell’s Highway.
  11. A thinking man’s shooter, it just might rejuvenate your interest in the World War II genre. At worst, it will give you a good story and gameplay, not to mention a hefty challenge along the way.
  12. It's definitely worth picking up for not only shooter fans, but those that enjoy a little bit of strategy with their action. You won't get away with run and gun tactics on this title, and it's easily one of the better representations of squad based combat I've seen in a game since the original Brothers In Arms.
  13. The fantastic storytelling coupled with an equally impressive score though will make you forget your grievances with the finished product, and there are just enough extras in the campaign to make completionists return a couple times to get them all.
  14. Brothers in Arms has come up with a great sequel – at least for people who played the first game. For all others it is hard to follow the story and you should definitely know that you face the peak of the story in Hell’s Highway. Graphics convince, but the sound does not. The gameplay is somewhat linear and there are only a few challenges.
  15. Operation Market Garden may have failed to end the war early for the Allies, but Gearbox's newest entry in its Brothers in Arms series largely succeeds in delivering a gritty story in recounting the struggle through the eyes of its characters. Unfortunately, the rough edges can occasionally dampen the otherwise entertaining gameplay, and multiplayer issues keep this title a strictly solo experience over the 10 hours that it will take to complete it.
  16. Bar the jarring Action Camera, there's not a lot wrong with Hell's Highway. Rather, there's a lot good with it. It's an intelligent game made by adults for adults.
  17. 80
    While there are some definite issues, the single-player game is a lot of fun and the story is engaging (though it could be a bit confusing to new players). Unfortunately, we were a bit let down by the multiplayer, which wasn't as good as it was in the previous games.
  18. A strong and compelling entry in the Brothers in Arms series but it’s also a slightly flawed sequel that could have been so much better on the PS3. Still, even with its glitches, inconsistent visuals and so-so online multiplayer, this game has enough standout moments to be an enjoyable ride down a bumpy highway.
  19. One of my favorite things about Hell's Highway is the fact that you can spend as much time commanding your squads as you do actually shooting enemies yourself.
  20. The game itself might also turn people off with it’s realistic combat, so I definitely recommend everyone rent it before a purchase, but that doesn’t detract from the game’s achievements.
  21. With an emphasis on squad-based tactics, it’s equally a strategy game. It’s a little rough around the edges and multiplayer is generally forgettable, but with a poignant story, believable characters, and intense and varied battle scenes, it’s a single player experience well worth enlisting in, even if you think you’ve had enough of World War II.
  22. While it’s not a rupture from the series roots, this is still an excellent experience, thanks to a thrilling story and a group of characters that can touch the player. The tactical nature of the gameplay is still a distinctive approach in the World War II genre. [Oct 2008]
  23. Ubisoft’s war drama is gripping and brings some new features to the battle, but they fail to have an impact. A must-have for BiA-veterans.
  24. The most authentic WWII shooter yet, but often at the expense of fun. [December 2008, p.72]
  25. A competent tactical shooter blessed with a dedication to narrative rarely seen in shooters. If Gearbox can build off this success with more inventive gameplay, the series has a chance of overcoming the boredom that curses so many WWII titles.
  26. 78
    Managing to deliver an emotional story and a big body count with lots of explosions.
  27. The story is deep and for those Brothers In Arms fans that have followed and played the other games in the series franchise, many things are answered.
  28. 76
    While many of the franchise's traditional gameplay elements return, such as the tactical controls of squads, so do the issues associated with those controls. Tie in some questionable visuals and AI issues, and you have a title that's good, but not great.
  29. 75
    Hell’s Highway would have been better received had it made its original street date, but the multiple setbacks have caused it to be overtaken by other games. A disappointment to say the least.
  30. 75
    The squad based gameplay is otherwise what you would expect from one of the better WWII franchises. The feeling of watching your team pull off a precisely ordered flank and flush maneuver is still as rewarding as ever, and something that most WWII games can't match.
  31. Flawed squad mechanics and a crutch-like suppression system undo the game's historical and voice-acting achievements.
  32. 75
    It's not essential playing, but Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway does offer an insightful and thoughtful take on the Second World War.
  33. Brothers in Arms: Hell’s Highway is a decent WWII FPS that fails to separate itself from the pack but still offers some relatively accessible and somewhat realistic entertainment.
  34. 70
    It doesn’t do what it says on the tin, doesn’t break any barriers and is mildly dull as often as interesting but when you’re in the middle of crossfires, your squads do what they’re told and you know that you’re about to blow up a whole mess of Nazis, it’s pretty good.
  35. Inconsistent, but the tactical play will appeal to some. [Nov 2008, p.68]
  36. Your guys occasionally act stupid, the final stage is lackluster and multiplayer is your standard squad versus squad affair, but Hell's Highway is the most cinematic WWII game on the market and worth the 10-15 hours to complete.
  37. It hasn't quite got the gung-ho brilliance of "COD" or the set-piece pop of "MOH," but a few hours in you'll be happy to have Brothers on your side. [Nov 2008, p.110]
  38. A nice evolution of its predecessor rather than been a true revolution of the developers efforts from last gen.
  39. Brothers in Arms: Hell’s Highway provides an emotionally charged story that will draw you into the battlefield, but some lackluster AI, visuals, and online play will take you right back out.
  40. Both the story and gameplay arcs seemed pedestrian with the story focusing on character development and a revelation that wasn't particular compelling, and the gameplay never cresendoing to a big payoff ending. [Dec 2008, p.74]
  41. Brothers in Arms: Hell`s Highway can only be recommended to fans of the series, because of its mixture of strategic and frenetic action this game will not please fans of any to those two components. Still, it is not a bad game but loses to the competition and only fans of this series will know how to appreciate it.
  42. In the future, when people look back on this period in videogame history, Hell's Highway will stand as a fitting memorial to some of the best work that developers were accomplishing in the WWII genre, even if its dream of a perfect synergy between story and gameplay may have been a bridge too far.
  43. Aspiration got the best of this title - it ultimately promises more than it delivers.
  44. 67
    The problem is that Hell's Highway doesn't make me care about the characters as much as the other installments did.
  45. 65
    Brothers in Arms seems to wish they were cool enough to eat lunch with Band of Brothers and ends up taking itself all too seriously. It is an earnest backdrop for a game in which the "fun part" is supposed to be blowing people into tiny bits.
  46. 60
    The game is an intense shooting gallery, despite the repetition, yet the set-up, landscape, and gameplay feel so familiar at this point that it borders on boring.
  47. Gearbox has made a game that is stable and complete, if hugely unrefined in places, with an under-exploited but sound core of tactical squad combat. [Nov 2008, p.93]
  48. Online multiplayer in Hell’s Highway depends too much on your teammates adhering to their assigned roles.
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Generally favorable reviews- based on 65 Ratings

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  1. Jan 29, 2012
    This game was well worth the money, with an ever growing boring fascination that developers and fans have with multiplayer games, this is theThis game was well worth the money, with an ever growing boring fascination that developers and fans have with multiplayer games, this is the game to get if you want a game with an engrossing story line that you can really get in to. Alot of shooters now focus on modern conflicts which are mostly made up but this focuses on a real life airbourne division that really did go through hell in operation market garden. The dissapointment with this game is that its supposed to be a tactical shooter but there are little tactics involved, its all relatively easy. Also I dont get the to be continued message at the end as that is now four years old and no sequel. Full Review »
  2. AlexC
    Jul 23, 2009
    This game is really good. I like the strategy involved. However, the controls can be the reason that you die frequently, as they areThis game is really good. I like the strategy involved. However, the controls can be the reason that you die frequently, as they are complicated and pressing the wrong button can mean certain death. Also, the graphics aren't up to COD4/WAW quality. That said, the game is still really good and brings something new to the table. Full Review »
  3. RobB.
    Dec 12, 2008
    Utter rubbish, this game is a complete flop! The original games gave you various different ways of completing your objective, this one Utter rubbish, this game is a complete flop! The original games gave you various different ways of completing your objective, this one dosen't. The Germans can pop up and score a headshot without aiming and can shoot round walls! The MG42s only aim at you, the squad AI is dumb beyond belief. This game has nothing whatsoever in common with the game footage released prior to the games launch. The story is rediculous. None of the missions were worth playing once let a lone twice. The online is an embarrasment to gaming. This game shows that while we have "next-gen" consoles we still have "last-gen" game developers. Avoide this piece of woodwork! Full Review »